The NBA Player who Floyd Mayweather Jr. THREATENED to KILL!

Apr 28, 2019
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The NBA Player who Floyd Mayweather Jr. THREATENED to KILL!
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  • LOL the Warriors stopped wearing those uniforms like 3 years before Draymond was even on the team. He really thought that McGreggor was a big enough fan of his to rock his jersey in a uniform that he never even wore. Then he told McGreggor to kick rocks, but CMG was like “What? I don’t even know who TF you are. This is my CJ Watson jersey. Leave me alone, go ask your boy why I got it on. Then don’t talk to me anymore.”

    Joseph Van HornJoseph Van Horn27 days ago
  • Thats a CJ Watson Jersey Who the fuck are you? AAha ha ha ha ha.........

    Uncle QuackUncle Quack27 days ago
  • Floyd is a lot smaller than I thought he was standing next to Nate he looks small, what? like 5 ft 4 about 135lbs?

    Uncle QuackUncle Quack27 days ago
  • Lool green got roasted damn

    don romantikodon romantikoMonth ago
  • floyd is btich... bc he beat his women up and treat them like property instead of humans.. he mad at her for during the exact thing he does.. eff him pussy and Green can kiss it too how you a man but u rock with a KNOWN woman beater.. fr fr brah.

    MrBulithsMrBulithsMonth ago
  • Wow I'm honestly blown away. Never caught this.

    Jermaine EventJermaine EventMonth ago
  • I thought that McGregor wore a Jason Richardson jersey

    Peter RamosPeter RamosMonth ago
  • Lol Nate Robinson looks like a giant with Floyd🤣

    Mark Deniel OdevilasMark Deniel Odevilas3 months ago
  • You forgot to mention that Mcgregor told Draymond that he dribbles heads off the floor not balls. This is no game here kid.

    DylliPickle aDylliPickle a4 months ago
  • Comments are not about the story they're about Draymond getting embarrassed

    Lovre MarovicLovre Marovic4 months ago
  • All that and he still lost

    sl_20_04 _sl_20_04 _4 months ago
  • I wish floyd mayweather ended cjwastons career for that

    Jericho John RonesJericho John Rones6 months ago
  • hahahahahahhahahaha for time time.

    kahoy musikakahoy musika6 months ago
  • Many Pacquiao

    Andrei bruckAndrei bruck7 months ago
  • Warriors are trash

    Ghost Killa99Ghost Killa997 months ago
  • awesome work dude

  • Didn't his baby mama just die in March 2020..

    Lorraine RLorraine R7 months ago
    • Yea R.i.p

      JabariJabari7 months ago
  • not even the bandwagons who just started watching basketball would purchase a DG jersey foh with that.

    erik jordan turnererik jordan turner7 months ago
  • Draymond what a nobody

    William_ WalmartWilliam_ Walmart8 months ago
  • This women died this month RIP

    Mike TysonMike Tyson8 months ago
  • She's ugly tho 😂

    Anime HunterAnime Hunter8 months ago
    • She died

      JabariJabari7 months ago
  • Draymond really thought lmfao

    Infinity MixtapesInfinity Mixtapes8 months ago
  • To see that she is dead now

    Moonrock head q3Moonrock head q38 months ago
  • Lol McGregor is a master at getting choked out

    Mohammed SaidMohammed Said8 months ago
  • Rip...#Josie

    Truth TellerTruth Teller8 months ago
  • .

    Luh Sed from da 3Luh Sed from da 38 months ago
  • floyd cant read how tf did he read text messages hahaha

    young Tyoung T8 months ago
    • young T that’s what I said

      AnterrionAnterrion8 months ago
  • Rip Miss Harris! 🙏🏽

    Xavier GrubbsXavier Grubbs8 months ago
  • She is no longer alive 😢

    Fran BrownFran Brown8 months ago
  • Pissed at cj

    Mark MugendiMark Mugendi8 months ago
  • I was going to say "man I feel bad for Josie" but now that I heard this... She deserved it 😕

    KangGangKangGang8 months ago
  • My Nigga dis shit got meeee😂😂😂😂✌

    Northside FactorNorthside Factor8 months ago
  • The beat in the background was relaxing

    Dawud OlopoeniaDawud Olopoenia8 months ago
  • Damn did he get her killed?

    Robinson VargasRobinson Vargas8 months ago
  • R.I.P. josie Harris

    Rick ChavezRick Chavez8 months ago
  • RIP to the young lady, BUT...I'd do the same thing if a female had another dude in my house that I paid for. However, I wouldn't trip if she was just fck'n the dude or dating him whatever...I'd just dump closed. The disrespect to have a dude at MY house...Oh yeah, somebody has to get their ass whooped. That goes for driving MY car too..hence (OJ)...or being around my kids without my knowledge or consent. We don't play those games and for the record, I've never had to put hands and feet on a chick or a dude over some shit like this...but I would hesitation. I actually think it's weak to fight a guy over a girl to be's only justified if I'm being disrespected..i.e., the guy has met me before or something. At that point, this issue is not about the girl per se, more about the respect/disrespect for me as a man. But RIP to her, sounds like they got past the situation and moved on before she passed so that's good.

    CEO JonesCEO Jones8 months ago
  • Draymond (before): another fan huh but take my jersey off Draymond (after): I have many more fans don't care about him Draymond (in mind after) Why doesn't he like me!!!!

    Joshua LundiJoshua Lundi8 months ago
  • lol

    vEn omvEn om8 months ago
  • *RIP Josie Harris.*

    HIMA_HIMA_8 months ago
  • According to 50, nelly stole his babymama

    Jared ZelmerJared Zelmer8 months ago
  • All that money and INSECURE AS FUCK

    John LukachJohn Lukach8 months ago
  • McGregor was moulded by Khabib so no more big talk.

    Muhammad AhmadMuhammad Ahmad8 months ago
  • Well shit Jason Richards is the only warrior, the only 23# that matters

    smiley catsmiley cat9 months ago
    • Tought it was him too ngl

      JabariJabari7 months ago
    • Tought it was him too

      JabariJabari7 months ago
  • “We rocking with Floyd, not you” 😱😱 OOOHHH! Super hot fire

    RumbleYoungMan RumbleRumbleYoungMan Rumble9 months ago
  • Many wearing #23 jersey before you Idiot Dunkey Draymond

    Jhey MonksJhey Monks9 months ago
  • Tf 2 months in prison

  • I thought it was Jason Richardson at first

    Real CoronaReal Corona9 months ago
  • Draymond gray 😂😂😂

    Beetlejuice's FansBeetlejuice's Fans9 months ago
  • 1:05 oooooooooooooooh that burns🔥🔥🔥🔥

    joejoe9 months ago
  • This is why it's hard to trust women when u have money.

    Winston McGregorWinston McGregor9 months ago
  • Bitches aren't no loyal .

    Tenzin GobomTenzin Gobom9 months ago
  • Im not a fan of mayweather but I can understand his anger. 🤔

    bastardjusticebastardjustice9 months ago
  • NObody gives a sheeat about dramond what's-his-name 😄

    John DoeJohn Doe9 months ago
  • this dude said 2 months in prison 😂

    Believe nothing you hear and half of what you seeBelieve nothing you hear and half of what you see9 months ago
  • That mustve been embarrassing for draymond😂😂fuckin dumbass

    LILPANLILPAN9 months ago
  • Nice video, glad I didn’t need to watch 15min for the 3min story. You get a like

    TJ ReidTJ Reid9 months ago
  • 50-1

    SmurkSmurk9 months ago
  • Draymond green thought McGregor was a big fan of him. Lol. That was embarrassing. He got roasted quickly " who is this donkey? Bro that's cj Watson I don't even know you lol"

    Pinoy Sweet Science BoxingPinoy Sweet Science Boxing9 months ago
  • Am I the only one that sees the thumbnail that is kobe

    lil_jøker gaminglil_jøker gaming9 months ago
  • Is Connor have some P.I look thru his opponents past and dig some bad stuff?

    Salem Al MaskariSalem Al Maskari9 months ago
  • Haha green thought he was relevant

    Cool CatCool Cat9 months ago
  • The wife sitting at home while Floyd out there fucking everything that move hell she wanted to have some fun too

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker9 months ago
  • Floyd and Conner was not a fight, it was a exhibition show. 👎🏻 The only real fight was when he punched a female 👎🏻

    Genuwine6799GGenuwine6799G9 months ago
  • Conor such a beast

    Cominick DruzCominick Druz9 months ago
  • Only one that took an “L” in this story was Mcnuggets pride because that jersey didn’t help for 💩!!!

    Just SayingJust Saying9 months ago
  • Sorry Draymond Mr. 6 points a game.

    Mr. BurgessMr. Burgess9 months ago
  • That's actually messed up man. Wtf dude. Although Mayweather is arrogant, I felt him on this. This chick was sleeping with someone else while they had kids and the money was for them too. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    PK LoPK Lo9 months ago
  • Draymond green who the fu*k are you BRUH

    Ricky singhRicky singh9 months ago
  • Not the biggest Conor fan but that sneak diss was next level. I approve

    Michael PeeshaunMichael Peeshaun9 months ago
  • Maybe Kobe stole his girl?

    Lambros KapsalisLambros Kapsalis9 months ago
  • Mayweather probably couldn’t beat anyone in the NBA

    Chris McLaughlinChris McLaughlin9 months ago
  • I would beat a bitch that cheats on me in my house.

    kop pitekop pite9 months ago
  • Assuming level 999 hahaha...

    Grey ZoldyckGrey Zoldyck9 months ago
  • ! Mayweather son snitched on he's dad

    Mohammed DrameMohammed Drame9 months ago
  • Fuk Josie

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin9 months ago
  • Damn draymond next time grown folks talking shut your trap

    whodat Nolawhodat Nola9 months ago
  • That woman deserved the Sean Connery treatment from Floyd

    PLAAS JAANPLAAS JAAN9 months ago
  • This youtuber like wtf? This whole story didn't even happened in real life! Just because Green has the same Jersey number with Watson? Then you'll include Green to the story? What's wrong with you bro

    Bea Angelica DomingoBea Angelica Domingo9 months ago
  • I'm dead serious that gotta be the most disrespectful thing for his wife to say off the bat was "yes thats who I'm seeing". Really showed how cruel some women can be.

    PhillyGPhillyG9 months ago
    • PhilipG I think compare to Floyd who fucked many bitches , She only fucked Floyd best friend , 😂

      Sam RahmatiSam Rahmati8 months ago
    • Holy fuck you’re so narrow minded, lmao... did you ever stop to think about the other side of the story? If she was that brutal maybe she had a reason to be? Maybe he was cheating on her a lot? I’m not saying that she couldn’t have been 100% in the wrong but for you to just assume she’s just being cruel is stupid😂😂

      B AramisB Aramis8 months ago
    • Young_ Mar24 Nigga your a pussy. This nigga sent her to the hospital, that’s a little to far. If he was a real nigga he should of beat cj ass. But he went to prison to get head from his new wives

      Nappy SsjNappy Ssj9 months ago
    • Indeed.

      cesar hernandezcesar hernandez9 months ago
    • And that’s y she got her ass beat I don’t condone it if your not nasty but when u nasty fire off cuz I don’t give a fuck ... if his kids were older they would understand and probably call her a slut n leave 😂🤣 🤣 I don’t like when nighas hit girls for no reason but when u do shit like that u deserve it tryna sleep in my house and fuck around? Foh bitch take this back hand 🤣🤣🤣

      Young_ Mar24Young_ Mar249 months ago
  • Mc Gregor lol this is CJ Watson mate who the F... are you 😂

    Jose OlivaJose Oliva9 months ago
  • These Floyd fans act like Conor wouldn’t fuck him up in a real fight. That shoulder roll shit won’t work against a kick or a takedown.

    1 A1 A9 months ago
    • And Connor is the one who takes people down?

      kop pitekop pite9 months ago
  • Nice work Draymond. LMAO. Not only did you just look dumb as hell but also exposed for supporting a woman beater! LUL

    Brandt BaughnBrandt Baughn9 months ago
  • Two months in prison!!!! Lol that joke would not survive in prison.... his bitch ass went to county and PC’d up

    Fabian ArredondoFabian Arredondo9 months ago
  • I find that hard to believe that Floyd has the capacity to read any messages.... lol

    Ogami0IttoOgami0Itto9 months ago
    • It doesn't matter.

      kop pitekop pite9 months ago
  • Psychological warfare!

    AnfmethodjorAnfmethodjor9 months ago
  • Why the f would conor wear a jersey for draymond shitgreen lmao.

    Nixy GuyabanNixy Guyaban9 months ago
  • If it ain't like this I never see Mayweather lose

    Fred FlinstoneFred Flinstone9 months ago
  • LOL poor Draymond wait who's Draymond? 🙄

    Mike WestMike West9 months ago
  • Psychological warfare!

    Robert GarciaRobert Garcia9 months ago
  • That’s actually so cringe of draymond

    Jack LJack L9 months ago
  • ...

  • .

  • From the thumbnail that looks like gilbert Arenas😂

    George BrotherGeorge Brother9 months ago
  • McGregor an asshole🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    LightningVolt127LightningVolt1279 months ago
  • Shit! To be fair I'd go tits too if I found out my bird was fucking another dude!

    Philip FarnanPhilip Farnan9 months ago
  • Domestic case fake bro!

    Adam WlliamsAdam Wlliams9 months ago
  • Lol didnt floyd sleep with melissa brim while he was with josie harris? But got mad when she did the same shit to him. Smh lol

    Djuro MilovicDjuro Milovic9 months ago
    • Who says it happened at his house? Lol you really think ch watson would go to Mayweather's house to fuck his girl? Come on lol

      Djuro MilovicDjuro Milovic9 months ago
    • @Djuro Milovic I am not defending him. I'll actually do the same. My house my rules. That was Mayweather's house

      kop pitekop pite9 months ago
    • @kop pite they were not even together when she fucked JC Watson

      Djuro MilovicDjuro Milovic9 months ago
    • @kop pite you can defend him all you want but I guess they even lol

      Djuro MilovicDjuro Milovic9 months ago
    • @Djuro Milovic His wife lives in His house. It's different.

      kop pitekop pite9 months ago
  • Gaymond green dumb ass a box of rocks

    Base AlotBase Alot9 months ago
  • Congratulations Conor McGregor! You played yourself. Ya washed up pos!

    Nean DerthalNean Derthal9 months ago
  • Floyd you may be the GOAT but you still a lil shorty. Manlets gonna malet

    Bob JimBob Jim9 months ago
    • Conner is 5,9 it isn’t about height it’s about reflects and speed and power

      AA4 months ago