The Night Kobe Realized PHILLY Fans NEVER Forget!

Sep 10, 2019
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The Night Kobe Realized PHILLY Fans NEVER Forget!
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  • Oh, when Kob said he wasn´t from Philly... I luv Kobe, but he disrespected Philly when he said that. U half told the story, just made it seem like Philly was hating. RIP Kobe.... #Philly

    Tha UndaDoggTha UndaDogg16 hours ago
  • It’s not that hard guys, the year before he gentleman’s sweep the sixers . It was too soon for them to cheer for him, especially when he says he’s gonna tear their hearts out. Being from Philly myself, that’s how it was for me at least. Too soon Kobe.

    Joey StephensJoey Stephens21 hour ago
  • He did not deserve that sort of treatment but he Egg Them on when he said we're gonna cut your heart out. OK so he was Young and cocky but you'll be hard pressed to find anyone in those shoes the would not Be cocky. They should've chosen Kobe Bryant even though Iverson was dope. Everyone knows they Probably would Had won a championship with Kobe Bryant. RIP to Kobe . Happens too often the people despise someone and then when they die they stood switching their attitude . You can't give flowers to the dead. Do it while people were still alive.

    choice12ozbornechoice12ozborneDay ago
  • Kobe the man #1

    Ruben Pulido JrRuben Pulido JrDay ago
  • People talk about Bron switching teams but at least he won his hometown a championship. Im from the Land btw

    Quran MuhammadQuran Muhammad2 days ago
  • Drafting a 6 foot nothing over the next Michael Jordan

    Kyle StevensKyle Stevens2 days ago
  • it's not his fault, PHILLY took IVERSON over him....

    BM MBM M2 days ago
  • Kobe🌹 Even amongst the unkindness of the crowd.. he’s still a professional . The pain in his voice is heartbreaking. Love from WA Bryant family forever.

    InnerIntel /Mary L RobertsInnerIntel /Mary L Roberts4 days ago
  • Philly fans suck👎

    Daelynn LathlinDaelynn Lathlin4 days ago

    Jon BoyJon Boy4 days ago

    Jon BoyJon Boy4 days ago
  • It was the comment, “I’m gonna cut their hearts out” that did it. As a fan, we knew that we couldn’t beat the Lakers. The Lakers swept the west that season and we were the only team to give them a lost in the playoffs, and that was only because they had a WHOLE MONTH off while the we played all 7 game series with the Bucks and Raptors. If I was exhausted watching it I know the Sixers were tired PERIOD. Back to the point... For someone that claims they love Philly and never showed it is what stood out to us. Of course we wanted to embrace Kobe BUT Kobe only wanted to embrace us when he wanted to be praised. Deep down inside he hated that Philly choose AI over him and that celebration was a mug in the face of Philly. He got his revenge; which should be on the Kobe revenge video, rubbed it in our face then wanted us to kiss his ass.... YOU DAMN RIGHT WE BOOED HIM & MADE HIM PUBLIC ENEMY #1 TILL HE RETIRED!!!! That’s our revenge!! But at the end of the day, we never denied his talent and watching Kobe go from arrogant to humble was the best of Kobe to me. Watching each situation he went through and turning into the man he became was his true story. So many athletes never grow up and I NEVER BELIEVED he rapped that girl, but Kobe grew up off the court and learned the strength in humbling yourself. Although I’m and AI fan down to the core, I give credit and respect when it’s deserved and due and Kobe embodied that! Still not a Kobe fan🤣🤣🤣🤣

    NaterraNaterra6 days ago
  • “I hate kobe because my team didn’t draft him”

    aaron4094 _aaron4094 _8 days ago
  • Here’s where you people fail to understand. Philly is the city of BROTHERLY LOVE for a reason. Anybody with siblings knows that u can be at your brothers throat one minute and then be willing to take a bullet for him the next. Philly was salty that Kobe loved LA, that’s not his fault. We chose Iverson thats on us. Even tho we were salty over Kobe we still loved him and cheered for him every step of the way. We cheered for Kobe after every ring louder than any Lakers fan could ever dream of. There’s no city on Earth like Philadelphia.. for better or worse Philly is a different breed. No other city has a connection between its residents and the city like we do. People hate us because they’ll never truly understand the pride and love we have for our city. People love to hate when they will never understand. Don’t be mad the we chose our city over kobe. We’re not fairweathers Cleveland fans the just follow Lebron. We root for our city and our city only, but we know when to pay respect, like when Kobe, our home town hero, and one of the goats retired.

    A Vagina With Vitamins In ItA Vagina With Vitamins In It8 days ago
  • Philly fans asked for it man lol

    KyleKyle8 days ago
  • They felt bad, bc they wished that he is with them, and even he admitted that he wanted to play for them

    Luka ZebicLuka Zebic10 days ago
  • Still feels shocked bc of the thing that he isnt here with us anymore

    Luka ZebicLuka Zebic10 days ago
  • I feel bad for Kobe since he grew up there and how all the Philly fans are booing at him because he was a laker

    Kieran CrossKieran Cross17 days ago
  • Why did he pause it where Kobe’s face was cross eye

    Diamond LagmayDiamond Lagmay18 days ago
  • Ok people if your not playing for philly and a good/great player Philly can not and will not cheer for you until you retire #phillypride

    Douglas WoodenDouglas Wooden19 days ago
  • Philly is Philly, man. We hold onto stupid grudges.

    Not AidanHartleyNot AidanHartley21 day ago
  • Uhhh. He got drafted somewhere else. Not really his choice so why would the city hate him

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy23 days ago
  • Looking at it kobe is a embodiment of Philadelphia

    earth2deathearth2death23 days ago
  • When you cut someone's heart out, don't expect love.

    Miguel TrujilloMiguel Trujillo24 days ago
  • Why are people surprised philly chose Iverson over Kobe lol he was a much better player at the time and Iverson still a goat to me tbh

    krizmasekkrizmasek24 days ago
  • No.. bro.. 😭 he never had an happy ending.

    Ward Kun!Ward Kun!24 days ago
  • Philly fans are the worst.

    Mengki NormanMengki Norman24 days ago
  • Kobe is kobe

    Froilan LansanganFroilan Lansangan25 days ago
  • Got me feeling some sort of way watching this... 😢

    Wattz & LearnWattz & Learn26 days ago
  • He didn't deserve it because it wasn't his fault that he was drafted my choralote and trade to the lakers he wanted to be drafted by Sixers but Allen Iverson was drafted. These Philadelphia fan are crazy it not even his fault R.I.P KOBE BEING BRYANT AND HIS DAUGHTER GIGI they will always be in our live from January 26 2020 to the end of are lives.

    Alex VenelusAlex Venelus28 days ago
  • A lot of you in this comment section must be fucking millennials, the reason we booed Kobe is cuz he was a fucking Laker!! We despise the Lakers and Celtics. Put on their Jersey and that's what you're going to get. And again we're in Philly and we don't care if you don't like the way we do things

    Kbiggins1978Kbiggins1978Month ago
  • And now he's dead and the people at this game are the people who said they liked him so much lmao 😂

    CZHS ClanCZHS ClanMonth ago
  • 7:37 im pretty sure it has a sad ending

    VIK__BOIVIK__BOIMonth ago
  • Kobe Bryant 🌋💥🚁

    McBastard_TvMcBastard_TvMonth ago
  • I’ve lived in Philly my whole life and yeah, it hurt my feelings as a kid when Kobe said he was going to cut our hearts out and immediately did just that. That happened less than a year before this game so of course people were still feeling some type of way. By the time Kobe was in his last season he was loved here more than he probably ever thought possible back in 2002 when this happened. He gave the Eagles a little talking to before they played the Rams in L.A. in 2017. Then he went ape sh*t with his daughter when they won the Super Bowl. This city has a way of producing NBA guards who are just nasty on the court. Kyle Lowry is all heart. Sometimes the fans here really take it too far and embarrass us all, but I think that’s the trade off we make for investing so much into these teams.

    Joseph Van HornJoseph Van HornMonth ago
  • RIP Kobe

    Alex BoriAlex BoriMonth ago
  • Kobe doesn't deserve

    AD barakoAD barakoMonth ago
  • Jordan was born in Brooklyn NY and when he played in Madison Square Garden he got booed as well....

    Waqas AhmedWaqas AhmedMonth ago
  • Just another reason ALL philly fans need to be shot with a pepper ball gun.

    drew andersondrew andersonMonth ago
  • Kobe didn’t deserve it

    Jacob DenkerJacob DenkerMonth ago
  • I will forever Miss You Kobe 💜💛

    Reese HarrisReese HarrisMonth ago
  • It wasn’t Kobe’s fault Philly didn’t pick him in the draft. He had to go where he was picked,then shifted. It’s all history now! #LakerNation💜💛 #BlackMamba🖤🐍

    Tunisha BellTunisha BellMonth ago
  • They booed Kobe because he beat them the year before. Everyone who watched that All-Star game knew that. R.i.p Kobe

    Biggie ThorpeBiggie ThorpeMonth ago
  • If you been to any game in philly when Kobe played got love

    D DD DMonth ago
  • Kobe kobe kobe rest in peace

    Retro GamerRetro GamerMonth ago
  • He was the #1 player in the country and fell to 13 wow gms are dumb

    Uzi TayUzi TayMonth ago
  • People in philly had a problem with him cause he said he isn’t from Philadelphia he’s from lower Merion

    Mark ByrdMark ByrdMonth ago
  • Philly fans were just being unreasonable.

    Music Fundamentals BoxMusic Fundamentals BoxMonth ago
  • 5:25 look at the guy in the crowd😂

    YoungDmoYoungDmoMonth ago
  • Philly fans are delusional idiots

    Louis AriasLouis AriasMonth ago
  • Kobe is not from Philadelphia, just being honest, no one claims lower merion as Philadelphia.

  • Heavy is the crown

    Randy WhiteRandy WhiteMonth ago
  • Philadelphia has always been flaky. This is the same state that chose a Hollywood star over an actual heavyweight boxing legend.

  • Italia over Philadelphia Italy respected Kobe more than Philly.

    Magic ManMagic ManMonth ago

    Magic ManMagic ManMonth ago
  • But yet when he died they treated him with luv. I was at the first game at the stadium in Philadelphia after he passed and the luv was unreal.

    David RojasDavid RojasMonth ago
  • Every Philly Fans has every right to love or hate anyone including Kobe. But in the end, they know full well it’s just Business, and I’m glad they finally sucked up their hatred and gave Kobe the Respect he deserved. Btw, Philly is no longer a city of Brotherly the city of Brotherly Shove👀RIP KOBE aka The “BLACK MAMBA”

    Toa MaToa MaMonth ago
  • Fuck that Shit KOBE is LA FOR LIFE!!!👍😎💯❤🍻🏆

  • A hater is always gonna be a hater...on till you show them love...and by you doing what you do best..and make shure you speak for your self respect...1 love Kobe rest in peace....

    Juan RiosJuan RiosMonth ago
  • Wish they would go back to playing in regular jerseys

    ShadowDragonGTShadowDragonGTMonth ago
  • They definitely didn’t have the right seeing how their team didn’t pick him they picked someone else so that was on them for not having a god on their franchise

    cameron lorenzocameron lorenzoMonth ago
  • He faked his death.. just like Mike Jackson.. just saying

    zyggyz rollszyggyz rollsMonth ago
  • The people who should have been booed are Vanessa Bryant, Jim Gray, and that little putz, David Stern

    john jonesjohn jonesMonth ago
  • Phila is a loser city with loser fans.

    JDRed JhonnyhebJDRed JhonnyhebMonth ago
  • Things happen for a reason. If human beings were perfect then we wouldn’t be humans. What matters is that they showed how much they loved him in the end and I’m sure their kicking themselves for his passing.

    FlipTheSwitch 0530FlipTheSwitch 0530Month ago
  • Just another dead man. He's no Martin Luther. He's no Dr. Cress Welsing. He's no Marcus Garvey. So since he has done NOTHING to further the culture. Bring the hate. It seems to make the less relevant feel relevant. So as to make sure all the nobodies have their feelings expressed feel free. Good day!

    Suten TutanhkhatenSuten TutanhkhatenMonth ago
  • Philly fans are dumb.

    Ralff 42Ralff 42Month ago
  • 3:25 Lol The hate was to thicken kobe's skin for future battles, It wasn't cool, but he earned respect through thick and thin.

    arthur georgearthur georgeMonth ago
  • Well, let's say Ron artest is from Detroit, and started his career there. You think after the malice at the palace fans would boo him, or maybe Pedro Martinez in New York during the rivalry. Philly knew that was their chance of getting Iverson and the city a ring, so after those 2001 finals, of course they are going to boo him.

    Scott MartinScott MartinMonth ago
  • I remember this vividly. I felt so bad for Kobe because of these classless fans. Now these same busters are crying that he's dead. Fuckin hypocrites.

    WdnUlik2noWdnUlik2noMonth ago
  • Shame.Shame.Shame on Philadelphia..One of their own rising sun/son reaches out of the depths and heart of Penn State The people and fans shouldve cheered, congratulated him and raised the respect he fought so hard to earn...And now he's forever gone,never to return or play again.. Shame on Philadelphia..

    randy butcherrandy butcherMonth ago
  • Why was Iverson wearing #6 in the all-star game?

    Brandon GBrandon GMonth ago
  • It’s not Kobe’s fault. Blame the 76ers for not picking him

    DevSports and GamingDevSports and GamingMonth ago
  • Who cares, it's freaking philadelphia, there use to losing products hence there miserable.. There icon is a fake boxer from a movie.. 🤣😂

    ThuteousThuteousMonth ago
  • Philly fans are known to be this way. Lol im a chicago fan, we are the opposite. You could murder your grandparents but if youre from here and a superstar, you’ll get cheered.

    Aphrem DanhaAphrem DanhaMonth ago
  • Philly fans are crass, crazy and classless!

    Brit ReedBrit ReedMonth ago
  • Many hated Jordan, hated Kobe, hated LeBron. You wanna find out who the next mega star of the NBA is? Just follow the haters

    Marvin AquinoMarvin AquinoMonth ago
  • Boo Kobe I hate you you are the worst I will forget you why does people who hate Kobe now like just because he died it’s already even 9 months and they are still talking about him even 2K21 has him as the cover but he’s already retired why because he died is that why he the cover and people like him and talk about him why I m tired of everyone talking and liking Kobe boo Kobe I hate you why does everybody like him I hate him so much because everybody I meet likes Kobe now because he died my friends were never talking about Kobe but when he died the now wtalking about hi,

    Joaquin Rasec VillanuevaJoaquin Rasec VillanuevaMonth ago
  • Kobe my favorite player he didn't deserve that cuz he went to the Lakers if he was here today I will tell him he made the right decision to go to the Lakers rip legend

    fbg Newbyfbg NewbyMonth ago
  • These are the same fans who threw batteries at Santa, Kobe got off light!

    JaybeeJaybeeMonth ago
  • welp now we know why he never turned back lmao

    ImVellyyImVellyyMonth ago
  • Hating the hometown boy for 14 years just cuz of what he said in retaliation of what they did to him 1st (booing/not drafting him)? Philly fans something special lol

    iztheillestiztheillestMonth ago
  • Kobe : I was born there .... therefore I was offended

    A-rob Is BeastA-rob Is BeastMonth ago
  • As was said Philly take there sport teams seriously but what they forgotten was the ICON was passed over for Iverson should Kobe had been boded no way Kobe will remain in the hearts of anyone that ever saw him play and i sencerly hope him and his daughter are resting in peace

    Lester PetersLester PetersMonth ago
  • t;t member me

    Josean ThompsonJosean ThompsonMonth ago
  • Philly is just showing love for their sixers and of course it hurts to have the greatest basketball player from Philly celebrate a championship in a Lakers jersey they felt betrayed by Kobe but they should realize the franchise took A I and that's Phillies fault they knew what they had from Lower Marion so that's on Philly !

    Ernie Vigil VigilErnie Vigil VigilMonth ago
  • Because of Kobe Bryant we are rivals 2 LA Lakers

    Jameer HardyJameer HardyMonth ago
  • Now Kobe Is the main man of LA. His legacy will be for LA forever. Shame on you philly fans

    John VergaraJohn VergaraMonth ago
  • philly fans are cancerous

    Daddy ADaddy AMonth ago
  • Wtf? He wished he could be drafted by the sixers, but when they didn't, and he ended up cuting their hearts, then they complain.. well deserved, mamba forever.. 💛🖤💜

    LazyyMaster03LazyyMaster03Month ago
  • Ilovu Kobe coldest ever they were wromg

    Zccia DunnZccia DunnMonth ago
  • I think Kobe..kinda did it to himself. In the beginning he said some things & the fans were angry. However he carried himself well. Also he was very young. We all love Kobe...RIP

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosaMonth ago
  • I respect the people that miss kobe but people just started bringing out the jerseys because he died people know that that means you are not a real fan

    Antonio BarraganAntonio BarraganMonth ago
  • Rip kobe

    Miguel Antonio EstradaMiguel Antonio EstradaMonth ago
  • I bet Philadelphia lives to regret this now!!

    Kundanlini LeeKundanlini LeeMonth ago
  • They hated him cuz the Lakers beat their ass in the finals a few months earlier

    TheBluntTakeTheBluntTakeMonth ago
  • Philly fans are vicious. Sometimes it’s overdone. But Kobe was easy to dislike at that time. AI was an incredible player. So no, that was a good draft pick still.

    Joe DonahueJoe DonahueMonth ago
  • Kobe’s the definition of a snake the black mamba when he feels provoked he attacks that’s what I love about him the hate enraged him and makes him play on a whole nother level 🔥🔥

    Very_Rare17Very_Rare17Month ago
  • He don’t deserve it they should be proud of him the best for me the black mamba

  • Kobe ain’t do shit to them, AD did more than him and a lot of New Orleans fans still fw him for sum reason

    Trenton NicholasTrenton NicholasMonth ago