The One Crazy TRAIT That Would've Changed EVERYTHING!

Feb 15, 2020
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The One Crazy TRAIT That Would've Changed EVERYTHING!
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  • For real?? One of the best dunk I've ever seen..

    Muscle HeadMuscle Head26 days ago
  • Dude that's the farthest behind the free throw line I've ever seen someone successfully dunk it. To think he is only 6'1" while Jordan was 6'6" with a 46" vert!?!? That's crazy I wonder if they ever tested Conley sr to see what his vertical is? Thanks for doing this video, something i was never aware of which is surprising cause I loved Griffey Junior back then as an 11 year old.

    Tate Van CleveTate Van CleveMonth ago
  • Oh wow! I thought only Dr. J, MJ, and Vince Carter were the only ones who did it or got the closest to the foul line dunk. Thank you for this video.

    Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A ChannelBrotha Neo - C.R.S.A ChannelMonth ago
  • They went to the high school today that I am currently in and they have their jersey numbers on display as in the greatest players from the school

    Darius BrownDarius BrownMonth ago
  • Larry Nance Jr got those abilities 👀

    AHumanBeing 999AHumanBeing 999Month ago
  • This made me go to 2k11 just to make moke Conley 99 dunk and 99 very

    Ibrahim SajjadIbrahim SajjadMonth ago
  • Kyle Lowry has low career averages bc he wasn’t good until he went to toronto

    MasonthegoatMasonthegoatMonth ago
  • When it comes to The Conleys and the Kerseys...the track and field resumes are deep. I remember Mike Conley Sr playing point guard for Arkansas. I want to say Eddie Sutton coached then. That was after Delph and Moncrief. For Jr I'll say this: he never needed to be above the rim. Skill set of many point guards have prevented that need. His best days are ahead.

    JahPoetixJahPoetixMonth ago
  • 7:13 almost took his head off 🤣

    Shiem Anthony MarananShiem Anthony MarananMonth ago
  • 7:08 DAMN

    Mike JrMike JrMonth ago
  • Your Kyle Lowry - Mike Conley comparison doesn’t make a lot of sense. Yes I agree Conley should be like a 3x all star or something like that however Lowry wasn’t good for the first 7 years. If you showed the stats of both of them in their good years it’d be better. Also Lowry has more of an impact on his team.

    JastewJastewMonth ago
    • @Deathby Design6r uhh yeah

      JastewJastewMonth ago
    • @Jastew 6 points away? Lol

      Deathby Design6rDeathby Design6rMonth ago
    • Deathby Design6r u literally just said he made it work for Utah even though they were the 6 seed and blew a 3 - 1 lead. The raptors were 6 points away from the ecf

      JastewJastewMonth ago
    • @Jastew so that first round loss is all in Mike Conley? Wins title last year, barely wins a game in the second round

      Deathby Design6rDeathby Design6rMonth ago
    • Deathby Design6r first of the raptors had Mike Conley it’d be even worse. “He made ur work for Utah.” *Blows a 3 - 1 lead in the 1st round*

      JastewJastewMonth ago
  • Dunk from tha free throw.....WHAT!!!! I mean did you'll see that mans stride on the track...he was taking like 10 foot strides in one step

    Emilee MarshallEmilee MarshallMonth ago
  • The two handed free throw line dunk where he hung on the rim and did a pull up was insane.

    CMHCMHMonth ago
  • Amazing vid man

    BangpaulxuBangpaulxu2 months ago
  • He did some Nate Robinson shit right there

    TheIMPOSTER man!TheIMPOSTER man!2 months ago
  • Mike look JUST like his dad

    Jarrett HuffinJarrett Huffin2 months ago

    Sergie Thats a fireSergie Thats a fire3 months ago
  • Hi

    yao Kangni soukpeyao Kangni soukpe3 months ago
  • 2:02 Me: *This is very cool i like this con-* Cosgrove: *when the coach saw them he instantly fell in love* Me: *........😳.....ehhhhh....🤮 and throws phone away*

    ¥o. Jordan¥o. Jordan4 months ago
  • Hey guys check out this video

    Samuel KoshySamuel Koshy4 months ago
  • Dude was only 6’1 .........

    alexis castellanosalexis castellanos4 months ago
  • Mike Jr has his great Grandmother's legs

    Roc WilliamsRoc Williams4 months ago
  • Wow

    George DikeosGeorge Dikeos4 months ago
  • Bolt old asf 😂

    Trill SleezyTrill Sleezy4 months ago
  • That’s crazy!!!

    DropsityDropsity4 months ago
  • Aaron Gordon over tacko Mike Conley sr. Over muerasuan+manute bol

    SMH ProductionsSMH Productions4 months ago
  • He was more jordan than jordan that's crazy

    Ice TeaIce Tea4 months ago
  • Ayooo that dunk contest was lit

    Marcus WalkerMarcus Walker4 months ago
  • If oden have only stayed healthy . He could be one of d best centers. In nba

    KING KONGKING KONG4 months ago
  • I was at that dunk contest when I was a kid. Free throw dunk was insane, behind the free throw line and off hand. So siiiiiiik !!!!!!!!

    Gilbert MadrilGilbert Madril4 months ago
  • Not elite but decent..

    Kyle MendozaKyle Mendoza4 months ago
  • Great vid my dude.

    Van Vador03Van Vador034 months ago
  • 6 foot 1?.. Man..he could beat Mj at the dunk contest,or any one else.. Jumping a couple of inch behind the line & using his left hand.. in wow man..

    Elgin FragaElgin Fraga4 months ago
  • Michael Conley is one of if not the most underrated NBA player ever.

    Mr. MorrisMr. Morris4 months ago

    Harleyy.Harleyy.4 months ago
  • Mike Conley Sr was 6"1' and jumping from behind the free throw line?! Thats insane!!!

    Joshua TolosaJoshua Tolosa4 months ago
  • You could work on your vertical

    Kyle LowryKyle Lowry5 months ago
  • Never seen an NBA player dunk from that far. In fact, it even looked like sfx almost even though i know that was real. In the replay it just seemed like he floated over to the net. lol

    CommentCop Badge#666CommentCop Badge#6665 months ago
  • A non NBA dunk taking off a good 8 inches farther than the GOAT MJ's famous free throw dunk.Man oh man. I am just thankful they video taped this. In fact, had they showed this to MJ before and ask him to beat this Conley's dunk surely MJ would have back down.

    Michael FullanteMichael Fullante6 months ago
  • Damn never knew his Pops was lit like that.

    I'm SwagoI'm Swago6 months ago
  • i'm not so cool, dude 🌙

    Amata love s*xAmata love s*x6 months ago
  • *Just when I thought I knew everything about basketball.*

    RAYS REALMRAYS REALM6 months ago
  • His dad has more highlights than him without putting a single minute in the NBA.

    S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • wow middle school Oden looks 50

    Empty GiddyEmpty Giddy6 months ago
  • Daddy can keep the jumping ability I keep the money😂😷😂😷😂😷

    kalillita dubkalillita dub6 months ago

    joann dortchjoann dortch6 months ago
  • Somehow Zach Lavine got his traits

    Sum Guy:]Sum Guy:]7 months ago
  • The dunk he did that was better than Michael Jordan

    Sheree WilkinsSheree Wilkins7 months ago
  • What an worthless video

    Art HilArt Hil7 months ago
  • Man that dude got hops WOW tight !!

    C. moneyC. money7 months ago
  • We not gonna talk about the girl he knocked over

    Zander and Zo KingZander and Zo King8 months ago
  • Yall acting like mike was trash or a just another average player. Mike was that nigga it didn't help that he played for the grizzlies even the jazz, but mike the past 2 years clearly been on the decline sure he ain't what he once was but yall not gonna down play mike like he was a average player in his prime

    Hustle ManHustle Man8 months ago
  • I don’t think jr has anything to complain about

    jondough7777777jondough77777778 months ago
  • great video

    Ismail HafidIsmail Hafid8 months ago
  • LN sucks

    Jimfor thewin3xxxJimfor thewin3xxx9 months ago
  • Wow

    NeriyahuNeriyahu9 months ago
  • That is my highschool

    Ayden RFBAyden RFB9 months ago
  • Damn!

    BBdon'tlie MormandBBdon'tlie Mormand9 months ago
  • Great video dude

    Jordan ButlerJordan Butler9 months ago
  • The beginning intro sound like “out west” by jackboy

    Bilpam JokBilpam Jok9 months ago
  • From behind the line, DAMN💯

    Jason MavisJason Mavis9 months ago
  • By the way I gotta make this comment, why is it that athletes are supposed to be 'physically superior' and in better shape than they were 20-30 years ago... but they are afraid to do shit because of injury? Shouldnt it be the opposite, if they are in such great shape, why are they more afraid to do fun stuff like celebrity games?

    T WT W9 months ago
  • Conley got paid and he deserved it. He made a conference finals long before Chris Paul did yall, most underrated player of the last decade 4 sure.

    T WT W9 months ago
  • Dang clean stuff bro 💯✊🏾

    Deacon KeithDeacon Keith9 months ago
  • That was behind the free throw line and normally NBA dunkers touch the line or past it. WOW !!!

    Miguelito MiguelitoMiguelito Miguelito9 months ago
  • Better than jordan

    Mark Kevin DoctoMark Kevin Docto9 months ago
  • This was fantastich tnx for this. I dint know micheal conley was a jr.

    alwaysgabrielalwaysgabriel9 months ago
  • Was that before m.j free throw jump

    Justin BallogJustin Ballog9 months ago
  • He jumped from the free throw better than Jordan..way more clean,why is this ova looked smh

    Mcwidd JenkinsMcwidd Jenkins9 months ago
    • Nah this was cleaner but mj made it look effortlessly he didn’t fully extend his arm and didn’t even look like he was trying.

      Marcus- XXLMarcus- XXLMonth ago
    • 100th

      sl_20_04 _sl_20_04 _2 months ago
    • True but he didn't stick the legs out lol

      I am Not hereI am Not here4 months ago
    • At one time, Conley Sr. was the best triple jumper in the world, and a top-10 long jumper. Those guys have serious hops.

      brad56t darius03brad56t darius038 months ago
  • Sr. Was my idol in high school. Straight beast on the triple jump...I wanted to be him so bad...

    zemtronix1zemtronix19 months ago
  • NiCe.

    Dezz Epson41Dezz Epson419 months ago
  • Mike and mike Conley we my mom and her Bros friends in Indiana

  • He clicked his heels mid-flight & soared ! Wowzer, Snr just as humble as Jnr.

    Redz BassRedz Bass9 months ago
  • More Conley Sr Highlights please.... :)

    Bullet IgnacioBullet Ignacio9 months ago
  • What the!!! and he does it using his left hand that's making MJ's Dunk and Even Dr J's dunk like child's play. lol he could have been the GOAT! Awesomeness!!!

    Bullet IgnacioBullet Ignacio9 months ago
  • Wow Conley Sr. Can be a legendary dunk king in the NBA for sure...

    Joalcas PayneJoalcas Payne9 months ago
  • Nice video bro! u deserve more subs and likes!

    krish 1866krish 18669 months ago
  • Kyle lowry has 5 seasons where he averaged at least 17points & 7 assist. Also 2 of his all star years he averaged 22points & 7assists & 21 & 7 assists. Mike Conley only has averaged more than 17points 3 times.

    malik jonesmalik jones9 months ago
  • that was way more than Michael jordan,,,

    Rham YoradRham Yorad9 months ago
  • Perfect 15foot line dunk

    Jake Louis TanglaoJake Louis Tanglao9 months ago
  • Impressive genetics. Both Conleys with good careers.

    TheDickemTheDickem9 months ago
  • Maximize??? His career going downhill now he's in a contending team

    Roman DuqueRoman Duque9 months ago
  • Great stuff.

    Edwin KaraniEdwin Karani9 months ago
  • That's hella athleticism!!!!!

    Doughboy77Doughboy779 months ago
  • El mejor brinco desde el tiro libre mejor que el de jordan.

    Javier QuinonesJavier Quinones9 months ago
  • Deym

    rye quiroz pujanterye quiroz pujante9 months ago
  • Mike Conley got his mothers legs😂😂

    Shaun WilliamsShaun Williams9 months ago
    • Haha.

      Ronald SalvadorRonald Salvador3 months ago
  • he is the original sky walker,better than MJ😊

    tabusi gipanaotabusi gipanao9 months ago
  • Wow great jump...

    Victor NgoVictor Ngo9 months ago
  • This dude just said not elite 😭😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Chad RiceChad Rice9 months ago
    • Chad Rice ikr

      Real LifeReal Life9 months ago
  • Why doesn't it happen anymore,,,footlocker

    Emanuel MoralesEmanuel Morales9 months ago
  • I remember that dunk contest

    Godskin gzGodskin gz9 months ago
  • lol..lowry is a floor commander thats why hes 6x all star

    Edison DE JesusEdison DE Jesus9 months ago
    • S_AME coaches pick the reserves tho...

      JastewJastewMonth ago
    • @S_AME fans could vote you in as a starter..all his all stars he's been picked by the coaches

      Jay CarlosJay Carlos4 months ago
    • Swa M he Is a all star tho cuz he’s putting up great numbers on a playoff team

      Dude DecentDude Decent4 months ago
    • Dude Decent don’t call us stupid enlighten us with why we wrong or stfu with that ignorant shit fam respect

      Swa MSwa M4 months ago
    • Dude Decent I’m sure if he was Toronto last year he would of made it

      Swa MSwa M4 months ago
  • Ummm can you even dunk dude?

    Runem BackRunem Back9 months ago
  • I love Michal irving

    Matthew JackmanMatthew Jackman9 months ago
  • Just a freak of an athlete

    garymagr81garymagr819 months ago
  • 101% dunk

    Ervon TabigneErvon Tabigne9 months ago
  • if mj see this..his reaction could be..what the fuck!

    Ronie TampusRonie Tampus9 months ago
  • Some are talented... Some are skilled... He is gifted.

    Ka ElKa El9 months ago
    • gifted with skill dumbass

      sl_20_04 _sl_20_04 _2 months ago
  • I was trying to place it and as soon as I saw the track I remembered who and was like OMFG tTHAT HIS DAD!!! THE WALK!!! everyone stole this walk or had to make theri own for the long jump man CARL LEWIS and MIke Connely #fuuuuuuucccccccc

    Sweh'yah TSweh'yah T9 months ago