The one DECISION That kept Reggie Miller from WINNING an NBA Championship!

Mar 17, 2019
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The one DECISION That kept Reggie Miller from WINNING an NBA Championship!
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  • Some men are legendary without the ring. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • It would’ve been our only championship too....

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy21 day ago
  • Same as Karl Malone it was said that Gary Payton and Shaq tryed to get him to sign with heat after Lakers to give it another try at a chip 2 years Later heat won in 05-06.

    Corey A.C.I.ECorey A.C.I.E27 days ago
  • Get back in the shape? You never had a shape. Really, Reggie?

    Paul BajarPaul BajarMonth ago
  • Never knew about this but I think he made the right decision dunno what ainge was thinking

    jesus cagejesus cage2 months ago
  • Reggie would never do that to hos career.. the man did it the right way.. hof even without a ring tbh

    Rey Alfonso DabatianRey Alfonso Dabatian3 months ago
  • well he was still a great player without one so I respect his decision

    The SwordsMasterThe SwordsMaster4 months ago
  • 600th like

    Kyle LowryKyle Lowry4 months ago
  • winning like that just for the sake of saying that you got one sitting on the bench and playing 10 min and playing far worse than his standard would be a shame to his career.

    ponceponce5 months ago
  • Joining a super team at that age would only diminish his reputation and legacy. It will only be a chip against him in the long run. He doesn't need to prove anything. We all know if it wasn't for MJ and the Bulls, Reggie has a legit chance to be a champion.

    S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • The man was retired for two years and HE WAS 42 YEARS OLD!!! HE GAVE ALL HE HAD FOR 18 YEARS!!! Why would he come back?????

    lerryperrylerryperry6 months ago
  • It wouldn’t have been nearly as meaningful as winning it as a Pacer. It would’ve been nice, but it wouldn’t really change his place in history. I’m sure Clyde wouldn’t rather led the blazers to a championship than winning one in Houston. And KD’s two rings in GS will go down as the 2 most meaningless rings ever made.

    Kaque BurlingtonKaque Burlington8 months ago
  • When your "body" tells you it's not ready, guess what? That was the right decision. Think about it, if you didn't get one while you were in playing condition? Stay retired, and healthy. Don't risk that for jewelry that's not guaranteed. IMO

    Reginald GreenReginald Green8 months ago
  • Loyalty❣️ Cheap rings wasn't his thing

    Cj Axiel YangsonCj Axiel Yangson9 months ago
  • Its a good decision for Reggie Miller, the mind says you can but the body says can't.. No money in the world would help him that...But if he was offered as one of the coaching staff, it would be a different story...

    marty tarrozamarty tarroza9 months ago
  • Nah man; a legend... even without the ring. Reggie made the Pacers great.

    X WillyX Willy9 months ago
  • I admire Regie of his decision, he does not want to cheat the game...! Besides, if he signed up they would not get James Posey which is their wing defender... Not saying Boston will not win, but it can go sad ways considering they battle Kobe!

    Audiophile Live TVAudiophile Live TV9 months ago
  • He should have done it anyways because Ray Allen and Kevin. Garnett big names players

    Livan RoqueLivan Roque9 months ago
  • No it was not a mistake. It's just a what if. Does joining the Celtics made it sure that they are going to win the championship? No, nobody knows.

    Billy John MorenoBilly John Moreno9 months ago

    Shawn GriffinShawn Griffin10 months ago
  • I didnt know this story heheh

    Boss GBoss G11 months ago
  • Nah, Reggie made the right choice to not play back in the NBA. HE DON'T NEED THOSE CHEAP RINGS LIKE DURANT

    Cj Axiel YangsonCj Axiel Yangson11 months ago
  • You have to be finals mvp or a debatable mvp debatable 2nd

    Michael GrayMichael GrayYear ago
  • No

    Michael GrayMichael GrayYear ago
  • Kevin durant left the group😂

  • He chickened out. He couldn’t commit to15 min a game?

    King_David_ FitnessKing_David_ FitnessYear ago
    • just stfu

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • He can always look at his sister's ring's.

    Aaron madazz MorganAaron madazz MorganYear ago
  • Posey was a good pick-up

    Charlie FoxCharlie FoxYear ago
  • Reggie made the right decision. It is more honorable to go ringless knowing that he actually competed with the great ones than to jump into a team thst would win him a ring.

    Pedro Sernas Jr.Pedro Sernas Jr.Year ago
  • Reggie is not Kevin Durant. 👍👍

    CharlieV - LAKERS4Life!!CharlieV - LAKERS4Life!!Year ago
  • Reggie made the right decision

    Turk TurkletonTurk TurkletonYear ago
  • He is Loyal Man

    rock merchantrock merchantYear ago
  • He is a HOF player and used to make me crazy every year around playoffs because he wS so damn good and deadly in the clutch shots category! I'm happy to see an athlete with the integrity of Reggie Williams!

    rondy702rondy702Year ago
  • For chasing a ring he could have left the Pacers during his career. Reggie was loyal to the Pacers, much respect for that! With or without ring, he is one of the Greatest!

    OneSoulAssassinOneSoulAssassinYear ago
  • I did not know that. Who knew they would win it all against those LAKERS nobody.. He was enjoying retirement and felt it wasnt worth it to the celtics at that.

    Gerald PrestonGerald PrestonYear ago
  • No Posey no ring.

    Emaud_WillEmaud_WillYear ago
  • Respect for R. Miller, Barkley, stockton, Malone and all the 80’s -early 2000’s they did not band up together (In their PRIME) to cheat to a championship.

    Welcome WelcomeWelcome WelcomeYear ago
    • You forgot Patrick Ewing

      rodpropsrodpropsYear ago
  • There is one reason and one reason only that Reggie Miller never won a ring. Tha GOAT!! Michael Jordan.

    Big1469 LeeBig1469 LeeYear ago
  • cheap rings, like the ones Durant has, aren´t worth that much.

    Santiago LoaizaSantiago LoaizaYear ago
  • In my perception its useless to win a ring f ur not the star player anymore..

    Finch HermanoFinch HermanoYear ago
    • Agreed.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
    • Agreed.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • Reggie be like? Hmm, cheat to achieve..?!?..nah thanks...i'am who i'am...Reggie the Legend...👉😎👈 👍💯👍

    Billson SatakeBillson SatakeYear ago
  • That's like passing up a god given second chance to put the icening on a illustrious career bro.....sad

    Romane IngramRomane IngramYear ago
    • @Romane Ingram Not at all. In the end, fans and the media are the ones who decide which superstars deserved their ring/s or not.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
    • @S_AME you must be joking😂

      Romane IngramRomane Ingram6 months ago
    • Nah. Reggie no rings > KD with GSW rings

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
    • not at all.

      Santiago LoaizaSantiago LoaizaYear ago
  • Why would he want a Boston ring anyway??? Pacer 4 ever

    John StarksJohn StarksYear ago
  • Every athlete always wanted a championship ring but the real athlete thinks about he's importance in the team. Had Reggie joined Celtics a different story could have happened. Who will take the crusial 3pt shot? Reggie knew he's not 100% ready, he would just missed the winning shot if he would be doing it. Reggie's decision was just right.

    ANT0NI02nd SALVAANT0NI02nd SALVAYear ago
  • I'm glad he didn't go that route because we as fans are left with memories of him single handed (to a point) destroying the knicks. That's a much better memory than him at 42 probably can't get up and down the court playing with a super team just for a ring.

    racquel marriottracquel marriottYear ago
  • Reggie would have won a championship if he went to that team

    Tony JonesTony JonesYear ago
  • Reggie was awesome

    Tony JonesTony JonesYear ago
  • Reggie dont ring chase...

    Tou VueTou VueYear ago
  • Reggie one of my favorite ball players

    think blue bleed bluethink blue bleed blueYear ago
  • Respect to one of the deadliest and purest shooters of all time.

    Harold MulingtapangHarold MulingtapangYear ago

    Valiant RecordValiant RecordYear ago
  • Bet if the Pacers were in that position, he would've came out of retirement.

    Coach CarterCoach CarterYear ago
  • He's a winner without the ring! Never was a Pacer fan but Damn he could play! Total respect for not ring chasing

    Slang XSlang XYear ago
  • A ring is a ring.

    Gerald ObienGerald ObienYear ago
  • It's not a mistake. Celtics could have not get the championship if they had miller with them and I guess miller knows that.

    Oscar MakiOscar MakiYear ago
  • He was right, he didn’t want to ride the coat tails of kg, pp, and ra. He has pride, this is when Winning a championship meant something. Not like kd who joined a 73 win team and won on a title. If u couldn’t lead a team, then u didn’t deserve it

    anthony belvedereanthony belvedereYear ago
  • Winning a ring is not important to reggie,he engraved his name to the pacers team and he became their have a ring it was a team effort and its not carried only by one player... Im happy to see reggie w/out a ring bec. he fight the good fight and loyal to one team than to have a ring with the team that he was not needed at all danny ainge said...

    Jean De lunaJean De lunaYear ago
  • that's what you call loyalty 👍👍👍

    gran dexgran dexYear ago
  • Dude will regret it for the rest of his life. You can’t be ringless when you want to be great. I don’t give a shit how you do it. Winning is winning. In the end, it’s your career and nobody else’s.

    L . O . RL . O . RYear ago
    • I won't have any respect for him if he did that. It will only be a chip on his shoulder. He doesn't deserve to be roasted by the media and be branded alongside KD as a ring chaser. His reputation as a great player that gave the Bulls a good fight is his legacy and he's already a champion to real fans on that matter. Just like players that stat-pads on a blow-out game, it's just empty accolade that no one really cares about at that point.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • When u say “ they got da last laugh “ . Reggie never bad mouth Boston , he just declined a offer🤔🤔

    Why So Serious??!!Why So Serious??!!Year ago
  • The brawl in Detroit cost Reggie his ring. Pacers would have beat Detroit and San Antonio that year they were loaded and deep. A prime Stephen Jackson was coming off the bench they were so deep.

    What TheWhat TheYear ago
    • Everytime I see that brawl it's like damn everybody knew that was the year of the Pacers smh they was blowing everything out too smh on Larry for breaking up that team

      SuperGreedyboiSuperGreedyboiYear ago
  • Hes just too busy partying with some asian chicks.

    dek boodek booYear ago
  • Reggie had the misfortune (like many others in the East) of running into " know who😉". By the time he got to the finals he had the other misfortune of running into "SHAQ & THE BLACK MAUMBA". But let me say I respect Reggie Miller for NOT RING CHASING like so many other vets who did. Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Gary Peyton, etc.....

    Dre Murf 313Dre Murf 313Year ago
    • black mamba not maumba ..payton not peyton ..gary payton have a ring ..he is in miami in 2006 they won the finals angainst dallas ..

      brian licanelbrian licanelYear ago
  • Yes for me he can still play, but the problem is he declined na the, that is not a good decision, the offer is once in a lifetime if i reggie i will accept the veteran role atleast one or two season that the biggest mistake and regret of his basketball career, im a michael jordan fan, but i was shock of this story, but i know he still think of this the rest of his life.

    the punisherthe punisherYear ago
  • He was 42 at that time, and he's a bonified Hall of Famer with or without rings

    Carlos PerezCarlos PerezYear ago
  • We all wanted Reggie to get a ring and his effort to get one was as big or bigger than anyone else who did get a ring. But trying to come back two years after retiring and at age 42 would have been a big turd in an other wise great legacy. If he had been 38 then maybe but at 42 it just would have been wrong. Too many of the great ones play too long. And Reggie was passed his prime when he left. But he still got out with his dignity. A ring that others won for him wasn't a reason to cheapen it.

    mraims2plezmraims2plezYear ago
  • Mistake?? 😂😂😂😂 get real Reggie was old school never would have he ever thought about joining his rivals just to win a cheap ring

    Joseph GarciaJoseph GarciaYear ago
    • 100% makes him all the more legendary actually brings a tear to my eye. He entertained the idea just because he's a competitor and loved to play at a high level

      Sweh'yah TSweh'yah T8 months ago
    • damn right

      Nebiyu YaddessaNebiyu YaddessaYear ago
    • That’s not entirely true. He was very angry the Knicks didn’t offer him a contract in ‘96

      Denis TuohyDenis TuohyYear ago
  • I wish they would put Reggie on 2K smh 😡

    D'Mari BraxtonD'Mari BraxtonYear ago
    • @ICookkUp your tripping bro if you think Barkley isn’t the most in demand player NOT in NBA 2K

      Gabriel ClarkGabriel Clark14 hours ago
    • @S_AME u must be a rockets fan

      ICookkUpICookkUp6 months ago
    • @ICookkUp Nah. I want him to relive the '98 Houston.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
    • Biblical no one wants barkley

      ICookkUpICookkUp8 months ago
    • Word LoL

      rodpropsrodpropsYear ago
  • Great video.

    Philip FarnanPhilip FarnanYear ago
  • Reggie was one of my favorite players growing up and I wish he wouldve gotten a ring

    Kiero BKiero BYear ago
  • More respect for reggie for not doing it. Cheap rings wasnt his thing

    Joel VillarrealJoel VillarrealYear ago
    • Jazz Critic 💯

      King_David_ FitnessKing_David_ FitnessYear ago
    • @1- 20 - 7 LG Sure he did. lol. The only thing that stopped him was his body not being 100% for an 82-game season. Other than that, he would have been all in 🤷‍♂️

      Jeff KeetonJeff KeetonYear ago

      jinfrozenfirejinfrozenfireYear ago
    • Aries Hipolito Ron Artest was the reason the Pacers couldnt win in 04 or 05 they were the best team but he had that flagrant foul in 04 and then the Malace in the Palace after that.

      Jazz CriticJazz CriticYear ago
    • Well to be fair he had every intention on joining the Celtics but by the time they actually made him an offer, he felt that it wasn't enough time to get his body back into shape for the 82 game season. I think he said something like if they had given him another month, he probably would have been able to do it but he didn't want to risk it. Love Reggie though. Deserved a ring but glad he didn't get it with another team edit: I guess I should have waited to watch the video before I responded because it covered pretty much everything I just said. Haha my bad

      Jeff KeetonJeff KeetonYear ago
  • I applaud reggie for saying no. Not many stars stay with just one club. I’d hate to think of him as a ring chaser

    Marc LaffertyMarc LaffertyYear ago
  • I respect reggy for this he knew winingthat ring of the bench with 5 points and 3 minutes play won’t cut it as wining it

    Alen PAlen PYear ago
  • So we just going to ignore the fact that Reggie’s middle finger was missing in the thumbnail tho?? Ok, proceed.

    Calvin JacksonCalvin JacksonYear ago
    • Lol it's just tape or a fingerband. Reggie always wore those, whether for medical reasons or just whatever.

      MaizeandbluekidMaizeandbluekid11 months ago
  • And i love pacers

    Dominic HonDominic HonYear ago
  • I believe that Reggie Miller made the right decision

    Dominic HonDominic HonYear ago
  • Reggie got yellow fever

    MetalFace DOOMMetalFace DOOMYear ago
  • Ohhhh that hurts

    Khent SaludoKhent SaludoYear ago
  • Interesting, I wasn't aware

    dionysis edionysis eYear ago
  • Thank you for this video man. I think it's better for him and for good NBA fans that he played his whole career with one team. So I think it it great that he didn't sign this contract

    Kwames GreatestFanKwames GreatestFanYear ago
    • Agreed. I do wish he would have gotten a ring but damn he had such an awesome career that a lot of people that DO have rings can't even compare to. I think he made the right choice as well

      Jeff KeetonJeff KeetonYear ago
  • This is a really good video

    Dill SkinDill SkinYear ago
  • it would mean less than kds rings. coming out of retirement at 42 to play 1 season with a superteam and win a ring is just not relevant in an all time great discussion

    samsamYear ago
    • If he hit any big shots in the playoffs he would have been able to hold the ring wit respect on it

      Real ReactReal ReactYear ago
    • Bubster 1969 he was

      alp21188alp21188Year ago
    • who was talking about kd. no one.

      Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Year ago
    • That’s all subjective bullshit facts are facts either you win championships or not.

      Ivan J CaliforniaIvan J CaliforniaYear ago
  • Reggie should had won 3 rings as a Lakers player

    Terry BogardTerry BogardYear ago
  • Reggie Miller should had sign with the Lakers in 1999

    Terry BogardTerry BogardYear ago
    • Lakers doesn't have the cap space. The reason why Pippen wasn't able to join at that '99 squad too.

      S_AMES_AME6 months ago
    • Was he a Free agent ?

      rpaulkb24/8 atwalrpaulkb24/8 atwalYear ago
  • Nice video!!

    ThaoThaoYear ago