The Only GIRL to ACTUALLY be Drafted into the NBA!!

Jul 23, 2017
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The Only GIRL to EVER be Drafted into the NBA!
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  • @Consgrove Prod all those stats were against women. She might have been good against women but we don't know about men. A guy named J.J. Culver scored 100 points but no one cares.

    bxnxxm Child of God Foreverbxnxxm Child of God Forever2 months ago

    Leon LiLeon Li3 months ago

      Leon LiLeon Li3 months ago

      Leon LiLeon Li3 months ago

      Leon LiLeon Li3 months ago

      Leon LiLeon Li3 months ago

      Leon LiLeon Li3 months ago
  • She is my hero then. I love basketball and I’m a girl. LeBron James is my hero but she even more.

    Margaret LeeMargaret Lee3 months ago
  • She kinda looks like Big Ben Wallace with a wig

    1 2 3 Four Five1 2 3 Four Five4 months ago
    • @Charles BigCheese That's really funny and original!!!1!!1

      1 2 3 Four Five1 2 3 Four FiveMonth ago
  • Reverse Juwanna Man

    Q Bxndo Ferr96xmoTMQ Bxndo Ferr96xmoTM4 months ago
  • Omggg why would she get pregnant smhhh

  • The size of a fight in the dog that’s why no women are in the nba right now

    YandiツYandiツ4 months ago
  • Denise long

    AA BatteriesAA Batteries5 months ago
  • Kids ruin everything lol

    Chris FoltzChris Foltz8 months ago
  • “And he said it best.............................” I have my headphones on in the gym, next time read the statement moron.

    King AceKing Ace8 months ago
  • We have a WNBA for a reason.

    Monal PhantomMonal Phantom9 months ago
  • I have the same feeling about that too...would be an shocker

    Jermeer CooperJermeer Cooper10 months ago
  • A bit delusional, I don’t think the NBA would be dumb enough to bring a girl into the league that hasn’t at least dominated the WNBA

    De'Vontae CobbDe'Vontae CobbYear ago

    • Cap nigga she didn't even make it

      Curtis LandonCurtis Landon4 months ago
  • That's a man lol they run tricks too much

    Jae HallJae HallYear ago
  • yes, there will be a girl to make it to the NBA, me

    Nelson KidsNelson KidsYear ago
  • Ann Meyers WAS THE FIRST GIRL geez

    Lil kid LOLLil kid LOLYear ago
  • I think women would be novelty players on a shitty team. Like I cant see the Lakers drafting a woman. But maybe the Pelicans or another team nobody talks about. Also if shes drafted she wont start. So itll be a waste. Just for us to feel inclusive and what not there will be a woman.

    NaySay NetworkNaySay NetworkYear ago
  • Jada Williams can do it.

    Alex SadikuAlex SadikuYear ago
  • bruh her neck is thicker than mine

    ToigboToigbo2 years ago
  • Absolutely

    Mike McmillerMike Mcmiller2 years ago
  • Durant is a 7 foot tall wing player with extreme athleticism and talent... do not compare Durant to a female basketball player who won't ever achieve his stature. The closest thing was Brittney Griner and she can't even dominate the WNBA.

    AdogAdog2 years ago
    • All he was saying is that she wanst that strong

      Naviah JohnsonNaviah JohnsonYear ago
  • If a woman did play in the NBA the second she got hurt and I mean seriously hurt like Gordon Hayward got hurt, I bet people would say "see they too fragile".

    Ramses StaffordRamses Stafford2 years ago
    • Yea that's what men always say. They don't want women anywhere in "men domains". We know.

      Stefanie StormStefanie Storm2 years ago
  • That's my aunt. She was recently honored at the Cavaliers & Hornets game on February 22, 2018.

    flybre100flybre1002 years ago
    • @Seduction Unleashed your honestly fucking stupid to say that

      John GoatedJohn Goated8 days ago
    • She is my hero then

      Margaret LeeMargaret Lee3 months ago
    • Wow

      Justin ShoatsJustin Shoats8 months ago
    • that must be so G to say. Ayo my aunt got drafted to the NBA...yea thats right, AUNT fool. Talk about strong genes lmaoo I hope you atleast posted up on some little bitches in HS lol

      Seduction UnleashedSeduction Unleashed8 months ago
    • God bless

      Stringer DakingStringer DakingYear ago
  • That’s my mom antie

    RDBeKillinRDBeKillin2 years ago
  • Jaden Newman will make the NBA

    ClxudsClxuds2 years ago
    • Clxuds yeet

      Lila StroupLila StroupYear ago
  • The way politics are now A Team will definitely draft a girl She’ll just have to be exceptional And I mean really good to be a girl(no shade) Even if she’s not better than the guys

    CamCam2 years ago
  • No not going to happen just to hard

    Elliot SheltonElliot Shelton2 years ago
  • Nah they have the WNBA now..

    Destro 17Destro 172 years ago
  • What the fuck is a vegetable farmer? 😭😭

    A SpedkidA Spedkid2 years ago
  • Why is everyone in the comments commenting Ann Myers? Read the tittle. Ann Myers wasn't drafted.

    gavin 22gavin 222 years ago
  • How about meyers?

  • You forgot about Ann Myers dude

    ItsTonyTonesItsTonyTones2 years ago
    • Not drafted

      Gabe FoleyGabe Foley2 years ago
    • Tony Tube TV she was signed as a free agent

      Gabe FoleyGabe Foley2 years ago
  • Ann Myers 1979 bro

    sir charlessir charles2 years ago
    • Denise long as well...

      JUS GREGJUS GREGYear ago
    • sir charles signed a contract, not drafted.

      Young ObamaYoung Obama2 years ago
  • Ann Meyer

    Dram41Dram412 years ago
  • What about Ann Meyers lol ur stupid

    Ben HinesBen Hines2 years ago
    • Ben_Next_Gen she wasn’t drafted. Just signed a contract

      ItsYaBoiClamChowdaItsYaBoiClamChowda2 years ago
  • This is prime example off fake news in training

    Ed oneEd one2 years ago
    • She was the first...Meyers wasn't acknowledged unfortunately, how do I know cause Lucy IS MY BLOOD COUSIN

      Lynette WashingtonLynette WashingtonYear ago
  • Denise Long was the first drafted in woman in 1969 you dip shit Harris was the second woman drafted in 1977....

    Ed oneEd one2 years ago
  • No, of course not. The difference between men and women is HUGE. Take soccer for instance. The US Women's National team lost 5-2 to a team of 13 year old US boys. And the US women's team is the best in the world. So that means the top women athletes are generally around the level of good 13 or 14 year old boys. Women are nowhere close to being able to compete in a sport like basketball, or any sport that requires athletic ability.

    joe mommajoe momma2 years ago
    • Stefanie Storm it's about actually doing it first of all. there can never be anyone good at anything if someone didn't suck at it first. and if steph curry can play in the nba i know a female could because i know for a fact there are bigger stronger women in the world than steph curry, it's a matter of getting the skill and respect. as far as soccer goes, it was originally coined by the British referring to association football because rugby is also a type of football.

      Wuzi MuWuzi Mu2 years ago
    • The German female football team (foot--->ball, so football, I refuse to call it soccer because it's dumb) is the second best and they lost, too, to a bunch of regional teams. But: We're talking about full teams. On the average, you're right, females are not as strong as men. However, the maker of this video only said that there might be one day an INDIVIDUAL strong enough to compete, and this is something that I can see happen, too. You're comparing apples and oranges.

      Stefanie StormStefanie Storm2 years ago
    • joe momma the best olympic mens basketball team in history lost to high schoolers too

      Wuzi MuWuzi Mu2 years ago
  • Jenner wins woman of the year, anything is possible.

    Spaghetti MonsterSpaghetti Monster2 years ago

    Kelty NorrodKelty Norrod2 years ago
  • Yes I believe their will be a girl (female)that will make it to the men's "(N.B.A.)"

    Kelly m.Kelly m.2 years ago
    • Yeah you can still believe 😂

      KIDDOKIDDOYear ago
  • Yes

    lil burkelil burke3 years ago
  • I'm from Minter City/ Greenwood, MS. I've met Mrs. Stewart. My family knew hers and I know her children. She had a wooden lil billboard with her name and hand painted picture on it. It was/is beneath her accomplishments. She taught at my high school and nobody knew her....nobody! I want to bring more recognition to her as well as her legacy! She can inspire millions coming from where we are from.

    Taurus WhiteheadTaurus Whitehead3 years ago
  • Helllllllll naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    tony Marquestony Marques3 years ago
  • Anne Meyers signed a contract with the 1980 Indiana Pacers.

    Lauchlan MarkLauchlan Mark3 years ago
    • Denise long yall....she was the first.... Golden State warriors

      JUS GREGJUS GREGYear ago
    • Lauchlan Mark nit drafted

      Darren AllahverdiDarren AllahverdiYear ago
    • No she just trained with them but never officially signaed a contract with them..

      Clutch GamingClutch GamingYear ago
  • It's a fact boys are stronger and faster and everything else

    Bob BillBob Bill3 years ago
  • Ya keep dreaming no girls ever going to be good enough to play in the NBA

    Isaac BrickmanIsaac Brickman3 years ago
    • No girl's. you missed the apostrophe. You're welcome.

      Stefanie StormStefanie Storm2 years ago
  • Well curry made the league so anything is possible

    Devin MorettoDevin Moretto3 years ago
    • curry is awesome

      bxnxxm Child of God Foreverbxnxxm Child of God Forever2 months ago
    • @Make Away genius

      bxnxxm Child of God Foreverbxnxxm Child of God Forever2 months ago
    • r u dumb

      bxnxxm Child of God Foreverbxnxxm Child of God Forever2 months ago
    • @Make Away i know but he was small Very small in hs, and shot from below the waist. But if someone called curry ass, they must be on crack.

      Stringer DakingStringer DakingYear ago
    • Curry is good though dummy and pretty athletic and can shoot the lights out.

      Make AwayMake AwayYear ago
  • What about the first man to make it to the WNBA?!

    Y'all niggas Trippin'Y'all niggas Trippin'3 years ago
    • Jawanna mann

      TNL SpiderTNL Spider7 months ago
    • 😂😂😂😂julian newman😂😂😂😂

      Clutch GamingClutch GamingYear ago
    • Avg 60ppg 50reb 10asst 12blk 30steals

      Elver GonElver Gon2 years ago
    • ya ik

      Isaac BrickmanIsaac Brickman3 years ago
  • I think they could eventually. But they would be a roleplayer.

    JustinLagJustinLag3 years ago
  • my nba mix. Would y'all take a moment to check it out? Appreciate at least one comment as feedback.

    Gohitha NVGohitha NV3 years ago
  • Nah...

    Young PedroYoung Pedro3 years ago
  • never....

    namename3 years ago
  • Nope

    Luke JLuke J3 years ago
  • She only needed to stay away from fuckin

    Datnig3kDatnig3k3 years ago
    • the great gamer the d is irrisitable

      Young ObamaYoung Obama2 years ago
  • Tennessee tech !!

    JL McKayJL McKay3 years ago
  • Could u plz upload more I really enjoy your vids

    Kd 123Kd 1233 years ago
  • I'm the clamp god

    KamiVaithKamiVaith3 years ago
  • You're comment earned a hear from Cosgrove Gaming!

    nic campnic camp3 years ago
    • cosgrove gaming??

      Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.3 years ago
    • Nic Campanaro WIC WAMPANARO

      DGR83STDGR83ST3 years ago
  • Yeah I'm early!! Just like I was in the NBA Draft...

    Anthony BennettAnthony Bennett3 years ago
    • #MoneyTeam Tv He’s Back In The League Now🤣💯..He’s A Houston Rocket😭☠️.

      fatboyejfatboyejYear ago
    • H

      ItsChrisSoFlyItsChrisSoFly2 years ago
    • S

      ItsChrisSoFlyItsChrisSoFly2 years ago
    • A

      ItsChrisSoFlyItsChrisSoFly2 years ago
    • R

      ItsChrisSoFlyItsChrisSoFly2 years ago
  • we need a woman in the NBA that can be the Basketball version of Chyna the female wrestler who wrestle men that what kinda of Woman we need in the NBA Chyna prove Female can Wrestle Man

    Terry BogardTerry Bogard3 years ago
    • Terry Bogard are you stupid? Women would literally get their asses kicked in the nba. They wouldn’t even stand a chance the difference between wrestling and basketball is wrestling is fake, it’s acting you ass hat

      Battle DroidBattle Droid11 months ago
    • Jamie Horman I know wrestling is fake

      Terry BogardTerry Bogard3 years ago
    • Franklin Clinton well I mean wrestling and basketball are different and wrestling is scripted

      Jamie HormanJamie Horman3 years ago
  • Do a face reveal please

    Pro NationPro Nation3 years ago
    • have a done a face reveal?.. nah not yet!

      Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.3 years ago
    • what do you mean?

      Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.3 years ago
    • what's wrong with you people asking for that? it happens in every fucking country apparently and i don't get it.

      theseus yotheseus yo3 years ago
  • "Pinned by cosgrove prod"

    Emerson MercadoEmerson Mercado3 years ago
    • Emerson Mercado L

      J CJ C3 years ago
  • second

    speed racer xxlspeed racer xxl3 years ago
  • 1st

    JET HolmesJET Holmes3 years ago
  • First

    NYCShamsNYCShams3 years ago
  • First

    ReikuReiku3 years ago
  • first

    Bergen mysseBergen mysse3 years ago