The RAPPER Who Encountered the UGLY Side of Michael Jordan!

May 19, 2019
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The RAPPER Who Encountered the UGLY Side of Michael Jordan!
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  • All the people that are hating don't remember that he was at a party where we probably was drink and smoking,what means that he was probably drunk and high asf. Is not because a atitude where he probably was out of Himself that means that he is a bad person. Love for yall.

    Afonso SoaresAfonso Soares20 hours ago
  • And to say lebron is humble more the jordan unlike lebron jordan didn't get the other teams stars kicked out of the series so lebron teams can come back and win and this is after lebron charged at the player the league kicked the said player out of series why the team was beaten lebron's team but lebron kissed his biceps that's ok he is the king but Mike beat the whole team and didn't need the league to help win a ring.

    Joseph MillerJoseph MillerDay ago
  • Jordan is a dick when the press isn’t around. From not paying tabs, being demanding and cheating on his wife at the time.

    C DingerC Dinger7 days ago
  • Jordan has a bad side too, i dont know why his fans cant accept that lol

    Kung Ano ATBPKung Ano ATBP12 days ago
  • 3:35 he should’ve stole off on him 🤛🏻 that’s not right either way

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy22 days ago
  • Michael Jordan with no hesitation is the goat but he is also a human being like all of us... Imagine ask for an autograph and receive some kind of answer like this...

    René PérezRené Pérez24 days ago
  • I'm proud to say that I have NEVER purchased a pair of jordans in my life

    Muscle HeadMuscle Head25 days ago

    V -.-V -.-Month ago
  • Jordan is an asshole. He did this as well on iverson. Never like him anyways

    don romantikodon romantikoMonth ago
  • Yo did he say the n word?

    Hoodie Banned-_-Hoodie Banned-_-Month ago
  • He liked Jordan basically bc he was his pops FAVORITE player

    MrBulithsMrBulithsMonth ago
  • He can be your idol on the court. But he shouldn't be off the court.

    Tommy SavageTommy SavageMonth ago
  • MJ was only an athlete while leBron and kobe was more than an athlete

  • He had good relationship with his teammates black or White.Maybe he got mad about the fact his father died on the hand of thugs .If I was him I would the same thing .

    Pierre LouisPierre LouisMonth ago
  • I hate Madonna and now respect her more for refusing Jordan

    Don WinslowDon WinslowMonth ago
  • Skinny Jean generation demanding photos with other men!🤢🤮

    rhuttrho88rhuttrho88Month ago
  • This was a non issue! Every nigga knows not to intrude on another crew when they chilling with hoes! Y'all skinny jeans are squeezing away your man hood! This has nothing to do with celebrity! FOH!🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️😁

    rhuttrho88rhuttrho88Month ago
  • He probably said it as a joke lol

    Mr. ChoudhryMr. ChoudhryMonth ago
  • Wow! Now I see why a lot of legends didn't really like MJ. Like Chamberlain, Russell and Kareem. None.of those guys call Mike the goat either and with good reason. They are the goat as far as they are concerned in there own right. Its sad to think he would treat any average fan (us) like that. Its the fans that helped build his brand. Smh

    Rich reyesRich reyesMonth ago
  • Well if this Story is true, Mike cudda at least took the picture....

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosaMonth ago
  • Shame on you MJ. This is bad and don't forget where you come from. Money and power often related, make people acting like this.

    Dien AutoDien AutoMonth ago
  • If u touch jordan at a jordan party sum SS agents gunna come outta nowhere and took u out lol!

    Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2 months ago
  • Wow. I would have been so honored that someone paid 7000 dollars for one of my jerseys. Not only would I have taken a picture with him, I would have signed it also.

    Mr. YouAintGotNoSenseMr. YouAintGotNoSense2 months ago
  • People love Jordan but hate on LeBron 😂 it should be the other way around

    Peej2 FaDedPeej2 FaDed2 months ago
  • Why tho? Our boi chams wanted a pic but ay he learned some shit

    George ZaniGeorge Zani2 months ago
  • It just goes to show that even a person considered to be a "great"/"rich" can be a p.o.s. with low morals who is arrogant. I was already considering not spending any more money on his brand being that he is heavily invested in the prison industrial complex and that as many black men that have lost their lives over his products he never paid for one funeral. This may be the straw that breaks the camels back as far as I'm concerned. He's highly ungrateful

    TrueScrew Head4LifeTrueScrew Head4Life2 months ago
  • Jordan charges little kids money for a photo...... When he's worth $2 billion

    Eddie CookeEddie Cooke2 months ago
  • Idolize Jesus Christ the one who made MJ

    Joe The BareanJoe The Barean2 months ago
  • I prefer the weird Al version better

    Aaron madazz MorganAaron madazz Morgan2 months ago
  • Jordans just a dbag

    Jace CruelJace Cruel2 months ago
  • This is not surprising. MJ is known to be an ass hole. This is just one of many stories.

    33ladyRAM33ladyRAM2 months ago
  • But when he was in the NBA he never ignored any kid. Also, he was partying so he wasn’t in the mood for that. So we as fan should get that. And it’s like he was kid. He was a grown man who was demanding something from him. And also we can’t ignore that he must have signed a millions of things for his fans and must have taken a millions of pictures with his fans. And which actually not his responsibility. And if it was a meet and greet thing then I sure he must have had taken the picture with him.

    Unathletic GuardUnathletic Guard3 months ago
  • What a silly excuse from jordan ..he dosent know who camillionaire was ..lets say he was nobody just a regular dude whats the pb of taking a damn pic with him. Mj is a jerk

    W.T W.TW.T W.T3 months ago
  • Wait this wasn't in the last dance🤣

    Amadden mindAmadden mind3 months ago
  • My dad said Jordan was always arrogant, and he said his fame did not impress him

    Kimberly ReeseKimberly Reese3 months ago
  • Chamillionaire still the rap 🐐 no cap

    Az2.oAz2.o3 months ago
  • So should mike a take a picture with everybody who rap?

    Dagga DaGahdDagga DaGahd3 months ago
  • Hell yeah . Dont accept that phony ass apology

    Joel VillarrealJoel Villarreal4 months ago
  • Jordan is just sorry, but that's how he is. Never did like mj anyway.

    Brian McintoshBrian Mcintosh4 months ago
  • Lebron would never...

    Bill NyeBill Nye4 months ago
  • I think michael was drunk

    Trade for jamal adams LetsTrade for jamal adams Lets4 months ago
  • Hell yeah

    Samuel NoyolaSamuel Noyola4 months ago
  • JORDAN: I don't give a f### I do what I want ME:wait is that illegal🤚😕🤚

    Wreck it WralphWreck it Wralph4 months ago
  • I was born a year after it came out

    KasaannGoddKasaannGodd4 months ago
  • After I saw him smoking and those pics I can't believe him 🙅🤢🤮

    Ss JXUANSs JXUAN4 months ago
  • He's a great player but he kinda was a asshole

  • Yeah, I had a similar experience when I met Eddie Murphy. That's why I don't get hyped when I encounter famous people. Treat them like regular people. If they speak cool, if not, Keep it moving!!!

    Harold Worsham Sr.Harold Worsham Sr.4 months ago
  • Honestly mj sucks hard he's trashhhhh Tall ass bald head bastard

    kaylin Koikaylin Koi4 months ago
  • Jordan was a a**hole in this situation I could literally feel myself being in the same situation as Chamillionaire. Having MJ as your idol and then being bullied, embarrassed, and absolutely disrespected by him is just awful. Thinking about it just makes my heart sink. And I never wanted to look at MJ as a horrible person it just hurts man.

    Drippa ADrippa A4 months ago
  • I believe Chamillionaire. Michael Jordan is a DICK!

    HereIsWisdom 1318HereIsWisdom 13184 months ago
  • Look up Kareem Abdul Jabbar's athletic record and compare it to MJ's... Tell me who's better... Other than Jordan's greatness is attributed to his marketing of products...

    On 2WheelsOn 2Wheels5 months ago
  • fuck micheal any regular human would say jordan the best player cause everyone els says it.people dont realize he only got 6 rings but alot of players got more rings than him.just cause he dunked from the free throw line dont mean shit i seen many players do that

    Jaykwon TorresJaykwon Torres5 months ago
    • Your pathetic as hell. Just because he's a piece of shit, doesn't mean he's not the GOAT, moron. Grow up

      X-manX-man5 months ago
  • Ya I believe Chamillionaire, he kept it real, MJ is just a man that acts like a donkey’s anus. Universe always corrects itself. Your video gave me more respect for the rapper and less for the retired player.

    Arsene WengerArsene Wenger5 months ago
  • The only good friend its Jesús because he died in a cross for me. 😪

    Manuel TrocheManuel Troche5 months ago
  • MJ is the GOAT in basketball, but as a human being he's not even average if what they say is true

    Yannick PlouetteYannick Plouette5 months ago
  • He might be the greatest ever , but as a human pretty small . ~me, a Michael Jordan fan~

    JohnnyJohnny6 months ago
  • Maybe a bad night, I don't know. When Jordan was doing his baseball thing there was mention that he told one of the managers to have the team put anything they wanted autographed in the office and it would be signed by next day and this went on day after day.

    bc1969214bc19692146 months ago
    • 🤦🏾‍♂️ It wasn’t him jus havin a “bad night,” he been like this for forever

      Help me reach 11k subs with no videosHelp me reach 11k subs with no videos2 months ago
  • Does someone know that MJ IS DRUNK?????????

    Mamba AquinoMamba Aquino6 months ago
  • Chamillionaire said this already, himself.

    pudge27tpudge27t6 months ago
  • this is what money and fame gets you thats why im a big fan of celebrities who are humble especially nba players

    Dylan KiochoDylan Kiocho6 months ago
  • Mike = asshole = GOAT

    kalillita dubkalillita dub6 months ago
  • MJ is the top dog. He only respects anyone who he sees could be a potential rival. Anyone below are betas and are not worth his time. That's just how stars are. Are they assholes? Yeah they are. But it's not uncommon. Lots of ego and pride from fame and fortune will do that. It is very rare to find someone of the same stature but very humble and kind. It's a reality check. I personally did not like that side of MJ but he is still the GOAT.

    bastardjusticebastardjustice6 months ago
  • I'd hate to like someone so much just to find out they're assholes behind the scenes. I can't stand a boogie superstar. (Jordan that is).

    biscu!tbiscu!t6 months ago
  • maybe Chamillionaire reminded MJ of the people who murdered his dad.

    William TWilliam T6 months ago
  • Michael Jerk

    Mark Reagan MarkMark Reagan Mark6 months ago
  • Lmao I thought ridin dirty was by 50

    YuhYuh7 months ago
  • I feel bad for chamillionaire cuz I got a pic when I was like 7

    Clxps_fn On IGClxps_fn On IG7 months ago
  • MJ is great basketball player but how do you stop from becoming an obnoxious jack ass when everyone you meet tells you your the greatest ever. That's definitely going to go to your head.

    bayard01bayard017 months ago
  • He should have pulled a donald Trump and call in a missile drone airstrike

  • I be damn if I see Jordan I got a fresh pair of Jordans on and he diss me I'mma takem off and walk off bare footed

    Ryan KnoxRyan Knox7 months ago
  • This is why i don’t want meet my idols

    gregory gilesgregory giles7 months ago
  • There's a saying to not meet your heroes. You hold them in such high regard that you'll be disappointed.

    Thuan TranThuan Tran7 months ago
  • I love it. Totally agree with Jordan. Maybe he felt that someone with no real talent or skills should be standing next to him.

    supreme divinesupreme divine7 months ago
  • Not sticking up for Jordan but I could not even imagine how many people an hour comes up to him and wants to take a picture, that has to me annoying. I see Jordan, I would just say hi and thanks, but poor rapper man, I feel his pain

    Operation ChicagoOperation Chicago7 months ago
  • Lame story

    Parker AxeParker Axe7 months ago
  • It shouldn’t matter who it was MJ, weak ass shit!

    daz6704daz67047 months ago
  • Goat shit

    Jalen JonesJalen Jones7 months ago
  • My son has like 5 pairs of jordans. I don't think I'll buy him anymore, just knowing that part of that money going towards that uncle Tom turd 💩. Lebron is a good person, he gives back to his community. Id rather spend money on HIS shoes.

    alberto figueroaalberto figueroa7 months ago
  • What a piece of shit. "Niggas" made him a multimillionaire by buying his overpriced shoes. And he won't take a picture with a "nigga" Wooowww!!!!!🤯

    alberto figueroaalberto figueroa7 months ago
  • MJ thinks his shit don't stink. He's a great basketball player but, big deal, you can put a basketball inside a basket. Big fuckin deal. It's not like you invented the rocket engine, not like you discovered the cure for cancer. Get over yourself

    alberto figueroaalberto figueroa7 months ago
  • Oh I believe that happened

    YaBoi H3YaBoi H37 months ago
  • Unfortunately I never got and never will get to meet the true goat Kobe 💔🥺

    sazhawksazhawk7 months ago
  • True story: I was face to face with MJ when he was playing minor league baseball. The fans thought he went right, but he went left. I would have went right, but I was messing with my baseball cards. Anyways, there I was face to face with Mike. I said to him, “Hey Mike” he said...What’s up. He spoke to me. Not much, but at least he did.

    Chris AyersChris Ayers7 months ago
  • fuck MJ for that one im bout to start saying lebrons is the goat now mj gots skills but fuck him hes stupid and trashy fuck his money

    orange_luceorange_luce7 months ago
  • It does not matter if you have a name or if you don't have a name nobody's obligated to take a picture with you get over it you want get all up in your feelings about if somebody to take a picture with you you just a big baby that's just simple I wouldn't take a picture with Chamillionaire either and I'm a nobody but I don't want a picture with Chamillionaire I don't feel like standing there and taking a picture with Chamillionaire

    Johnny LewisJohnny Lewis7 months ago
  • It doesn’t matter who he is, he shouldn’t be treated like that. They had to tell Michael Jordan that this dude is a star for Jordan to treat him differently but somebody shouldn’t have to be a star to be treated with common decency.

    Rey JeffRey Jeff7 months ago
  • As far as playing the game Jordan is hands down the Goat although he is an total 💩4🧠 4 treating fans like that.

    Tony V.Tony V.7 months ago
  • I feel like his whole “competitive mentality” is just a fucking cover up and an excuse for him being a narcissist

    Youngchief From 7thYoungchief From 7th7 months ago
  • Just cause his great at basketball doesn't mean he has to be nice. Most ball players are egotistical scum.

    big easybig easy7 months ago
  • Funny how everybody believes the words of this lame rapper

    Chris LChris L7 months ago
  • This is why KOBE is the GOAT. Kobe always had time for everyone

    Matt WilkieMatt Wilkie7 months ago
  • MJs always been a a hole ,I would never had approached him.Respect folks but dont idolize them.

    Chuck AnyaChuck Anya7 months ago
  • if I were that guy I will burned his jersey haha

    Noki BardeNoki Barde7 months ago
  • Sounds like he was kickin it and didn’t wanna deals with no dudes at all...understandable.

    rizenhower1rizenhower17 months ago
  • I have learn MJ sucks he was my favorite baseball player but now its not.!

    Leonel AraujoLeonel Araujo7 months ago
  • You said nigga

    Tushauwn WeberTushauwn Weber7 months ago
  • I love chamillionaire, he’s dope and a smart businessman

    Joe ReymundoJoe Reymundo7 months ago
  • Mj always been trash since day one

    XO dAbSXO dAbS7 months ago
  • A friend of mine met MJ when he was about 11 years old. My friend was accompanied by his father. Encountering MJ in a elevator in Chicago. After asking MJ for his autograph, MJ replied “you can’t afford my autograph kid “ .

    rambaran2004rambaran20047 months ago
  • Bruh got a voice like yours and you gonna call riding dirty annoying. Please that’s a classic jam

    Ben LentiBen Lenti7 months ago