The STRANGE Footage that DESTROYED Stephon Marbury's NBA Career!

Mar 16, 2018
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The STRANGE Footage that DESTROYED Stephon Marbury's NBA Career!
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  • The NBA didn't even help him? What a fukn joke. Can't believe china fukn stepped in n helped him instead.

    Philip Smi-Le NguyenPhilip Smi-Le Nguyen12 hours ago
  • I’m very happy for Stephen Marbury, just when he was heading down a path of darkness, that phone call on the offer from that China team saved his life

    daniel whitworthdaniel whitworth17 hours ago
  • Who was in the video with him when he was crying? But I am glad he found happiness though. That type of world can be a scary place.

  • It's crazy China save his life

    Badazz Mo3Badazz Mo318 days ago
  • Guys I need the sauce of This video 4:02 I cnt find in yt Please help

    Smartest IdiotSmartest Idiot24 days ago
  • “Eating fruity pebbles and isolating himself from the outside world” meee

    Muscle HeadMuscle Head25 days ago
  • The baseball players name is Tuffy Rhodes

    eric harrelleric harrellMonth ago
  • That's the same thing that happened to a baseball player from Cincinnati Ohio my Hometown a toughie rose went to Japan in gap famous over Japan in his big over Japan where he never made it in America

    eric harrelleric harrellMonth ago
  • Attack that was a wise decision to make to go to China now he has fans over in China and of course you know there are more people in China dinero here in in America

    eric harrelleric harrellMonth ago
  • Sounds like MK ultra and and it also looks like the demons inside him, im sure you took rhe oath like everybody else in the industry. Its deeper then people can understand

    Tyrance BranchTyrance BranchMonth ago
  • I don't know him but I'm are big fan

    Ted BukulatjpiTed BukulatjpiMonth ago
  • do u have a console

    Mxses.CapalotMxses.CapalotMonth ago
  • Humiliation ritual, Freemasonry.... most wont get it

    Leaving The ValleyLeaving The ValleyMonth ago
  • To work so hard your entire life only to have haters is the worst. To overcome it becomes a way of life.

    JahPoetixJahPoetixMonth ago
  • He was a "beast" no doubt, He had a natural game with skills to match. They didn't like that. IT is a punk. He can't coach thats why nobody like him. He also infected a girl from Northeastern..."grimy" Thanks Mulberry for "balling" like you did. Peace

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosaMonth ago
  • What was this shit.

    Greg BrayGreg BrayMonth ago
  • America treated him like dirt drove me crazy like they tried to do too Dave Chappelle he let the Africa. In mulberries case China am not only did he get his mental health back. But also people that love and appreciate him. An the purpose of this video is? Mosty NO productivity well it's always a ram in the bush

    lady buglady bugMonth ago
  • I feel like Stephen Marbury looks like D rose but if he was bald

    Jœ Mæ MæJœ Mæ MæMonth ago

    Amiri JonesAmiri Jones2 months ago
  • That dude was such a badass, I always wondered what happened to him. All of a sudden you just didn't see him that much anymore until he was gone, thanks for this video that clears a lot up.

    Ryan StoneRyan Stone2 months ago
  • thank god its happy ending,bless his wife too.

    Julius Ceazar M. MendozaJulius Ceazar M. Mendoza2 months ago
  • Any woman of today would of left him god bless that woman

    Rahsaan DeloneyRahsaan Deloney2 months ago
  • People can be ruthless man. I'm happy for him.

    Malachi PenalverMalachi Penalver2 months ago
  • The New York Knicks ruin careers. Seriously, what a horrible organization. They wonder why nobody wants to play there.

    Archangel MichaelArchangel Michael2 months ago
  • Misleading title

    JJSaintJJSaint3 months ago
  • His career did not get destroyed he turned into a goat in China

    lanaya garrisonlanaya garrison3 months ago
  • Aren't we all aloud to go a little crazy sometimes?

    Brandon SheffieldBrandon Sheffield3 months ago
  • He stopped bud and discovered Buddah

    Jones JJones J3 months ago
  • LeBron looking mad sus

    Rain FairchildRain Fairchild3 months ago
  • Started off as a bad day but this video turned it around

    JesusJesus4 months ago
  • What an awesome fucking story!

    Dakota JohnDakota John4 months ago
  • I’m glad his wife stayed wit em. I feel bad for em

    Basketball LegendsBasketball Legends4 months ago
  • trash video.

    Angel FaligAngel Falig4 months ago
  • you can probably take this L, nba amurica

    reception blcpreception blcp4 months ago
  • If u vape you could be inhaling toxic metals into your lungs

    Live FeedzLive Feedz4 months ago
  • His old lady a real woman she stayed by him through his fall from the surface still by him while he was climbing back up

    Lightning GamingLightning Gaming4 months ago
  • It's easy to judge someone like Steph when they do things outta the ordinary. But once you experience loss, sadness, or negative aspects in life, you'll realize how susceptible we are to breaking down mentally and physically. However, the most important thing is getting back up after being knocked down. I'm happy and proud of Steph for bouncing back.

    Joseph JJoseph J4 months ago
  • he crying because his father died

    JPstylzJPstylz4 months ago
  • I'd go crazy too if I played for the Knicks or Nets.

    This is PatrickThis is Patrick4 months ago
  • He was nasty on the court tho it's messed up how other countries show more appreciation in poc than the USA. Im glad his wife stuck by him and he was allowed to live up to his true potential in the end.

    spoiled putaspoiled puta4 months ago
  • I remember him, good shit man

    Branden SimpsonBranden Simpson4 months ago
  • Only in America that black Americans are treated like their nothing even when you're a celebrity she likes to keep you down and take away your dignity and respect while other nations respect black Americans for their talents and don't belittle them.

    Edward SmithEdward Smith4 months ago
  • He was depressed and didn't give a shit.

    Judah FlemingJudah Fleming4 months ago
  • 马布里带给我们北京球迷的不只是欢乐。还有一种叫拼的精神

    weidong zhangweidong zhang4 months ago
  • Mr. Marbury you are an example to the world. Thanks for not giving up, we thank your wife for being there for you on your hard times.

    Meditation MusicMeditation Music4 months ago
  • This is good. Wish Flem Low would start doing NBA.Que the Wayne.

    Fuzzy ButkusFuzzy Butkus4 months ago
  • Talk about overcoming your demons, great story, great video, great ending.

    sheep in wolves clothingsheep in wolves clothing4 months ago
  • you don't have to be sane to talented, he was a hell of a player

  • The CBA saved his life, Im happy for him.

    Mr. MorrisMr. Morris4 months ago
  • That's his business...if he wants to share it or not. 😎

    joe honnejoe honne4 months ago
  • Marbury was always one of my favorites.

    Shaka GodShaka God4 months ago
  • 3:49 thats called white face

    yellow6100yellow61004 months ago
  • Demonic opportunity happened upon him I believe. The world is dangerous. Get ready, Jesus is coming soon...

    Lowly man 4 ChristLowly man 4 Christ4 months ago
  • His fuckn dad died.How the fuck would you feel..real black woman had his back.. rare find a real black woman..

    MichaelMichael5 months ago
  • The reason why Marbury became depressed is because the Sun's traded him.

    Wretched JosephWretched Joseph5 months ago

    Joe MorrowJoe Morrow5 months ago
  • It just reiterates that America isn't shit

    Mad MaxMad Max5 months ago
  • Isaiah Thomas was a total scumbag he tried to screw over Jordan in a similar fashion in his rookie years.

    Mad MaxMad Max5 months ago
  • love that this ended positive,,,thought it was another hey look at this train wreck and laugh type of vid,,,so kudos to you man....loved his game...

    Gary ScottGary Scott5 months ago
  • Fuck Isaiah Thomas

    Patrick McPolinPatrick McPolin5 months ago

    Fonzi FonzarelloFonzi Fonzarello5 months ago
  • I think he possibly was faced with a situation that he felt was unfair and reacted a bit hastily and the situation spiraled out of control. As for the videos I believe he was trying to prove he was OK but came across looking awkward. Glad he bounced back and was given another chance as he still had good years ahead of him.

  • Thanks that was so interesting, I always liked Stephon!

    One Life2LiveOne Life2Live5 months ago
  • I was on at the time (Marbury's prefered streaming platform). He was having a Charlie Sheen moment for better and worse. He was raving and ranting but also talking about real truths about how he felt about his life. People like him and Sheen should probably be looked at when it comes to entertainer mental health rather than fiction like the Joker movie. Great guy, great player,

    breyzh2jahkadybreyzh2jahkady5 months ago
  • U mean a career starts to tank after playing for the knicks? I’m shocked

    One hand ClappingOne hand Clapping5 months ago
  • He was probably depressed and abusing medications.

    Scott FennellScott Fennell5 months ago
  • "they" were probably just trying to keep him busy before he said something they didn't want him to say

    SpaceOrbisonSpaceOrbison5 months ago
  • Glad he found his way. Anyone else laugh at him eating fruity pebbles tho?

    Takata ScienceTakata Science5 months ago
  • He was going through a ruff time and came out the other end. Good for him.

    Artty 1975Artty 19755 months ago
  • Even though he didn't go play overseas Clyde Drexler's first year at Portland was much like Marbury's N.B.A career. N.Y.C. is a toxic environment and it's not just the N.B.A.. I'm very glad Stephon Marbury was able to find happiness in the career he loved.

    William CornishWilliam Cornish5 months ago
  • Those videos he made all look like the regular sh!t people are doing today. Give the guy a break, at least he wasn't eating Tide pods...bruh.

    Oscar CastellanosOscar Castellanos5 months ago
  • I'm happy Marbury found inner peace toward the end of his basketball career. However, going from the NBA to the China leagues... is like going from the Majors to A/AA??? Really... and you get a statue for that? Should we also create a statue for Beckham after he stepped down from the Premiere League to play for the LA Galaxy... as a guy approaching 40?

    Tommasini9Tommasini95 months ago
  • That's awesome. At least he was given another chance. Now I know where he was all these times.

    bastardjusticebastardjustice5 months ago
  • Doesn't he have to be fired for the Michael Jackson whiteface gimmick?

    Charlee BrownCharlee Brown5 months ago
  • Marbury changed completely. He became very humble. He worked so hard for his new team.

    xihuantiyuxihuantiyu6 months ago
  • Parts of this was filmed on a toaster.

    Iconic PropsIconic Props6 months ago
  • 1:10 😜

    Aaron JosefAaron Josef6 months ago
  • I'm still waiting for that phone call!

    El NinoEl Nino6 months ago
  • He had a good NBA career but his time in China is what's gonna put marbury in the Hall of Fame....

  • America is a disgusting place full of nasty, greedy people that would rather spit in your face than say hello to you. i've been to other countries, seen different cultures, and most of them have been extremely friendly. I think that if most unhappy Americans would get the chance to live outside of the US they would find the quality of their lives improve.

    A CA C6 months ago
  • I think his mind went dark because of how sick that world is. May have made him sacrifice someone or do something demonic that hurt and depressed his mind. So he got far away from it. Just like Chappell tried too

    N.O.vateN.O.vate6 months ago
  • Seems like he was definitely on drugs in those videos lol.

    French MontanaFrench Montana6 months ago
  • Typical American corporate behaviour... chew am up and spit them out ... so which country has the greatest respect 🇨🇳

    The Re-bar KidThe Re-bar Kid6 months ago
  • i only knew him as host of the first ankle breaker series. heard he played in China after but what amazed me most here is finding out her wife stood by her side, through thick and thin, thats true love.

    rj nakamurarj nakamura6 months ago
  • Who’s here in 2020

    Jacob Hanna - 2Jacob Hanna - 26 months ago
  • Great player, but when things did not went his way he freeked out and destroyed his NBA carrer... psychologichal side of basketball should be addressed more seriously

    rcasagrandarcasagranda6 months ago
  • Did anyone notice the big 33 on his shirt?

    Layne StaleyLayne Staley6 months ago
  • That's what's wrong with American athletes when they need help we don't give it to them we make fun of even other athletes that have play with them they'll make fun of you instead of telling you or showing you how to get some help it's a damn shame Now if he kills him self doing these videos so call friends would have been like why didn't he call me Now I'm sure NBA players I knew his father had passed away Who came to help???? But you got O'neal big fat nasty ass making fun of him Didn't he lose his stepfather, O'neal People ain't SHIT!!!!! I'm so glad he got out of the United States best thing for him how about that NBA🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

    Ro440 Chi TownRo440 Chi Town6 months ago
  • Never give up

    Wiremu RandellWiremu Randell6 months ago
  • Seems like he's the only black person getting love in China because their evicting black folks there now

    Proceon proceonProceon proceon7 months ago
  • I remember this, very sad stuff to see him go through that but really glad he was called to China. The Knicks imo are a very toxic organization, they get great star power but those stars don't flourish and there's a lot of negativity from the coach. Whether it was Phil, Isaiah, Brown, D'antoni or others....they just don't seem to connect with Knicks and the team can be dysfunctional. I think Marbury was crushed by his dad, had no good support in his 'friends' or 'teammates' and didn't want to go to therapy to deal with it or it wasn't good. Whatever happened though, dude is a legend and glad he's a LIVING legend rather than a dead one

    rickydlprickydlp7 months ago
  • what went on is that he got screwed by the nba system thats it. his dad died and he got emotional about it all . thats just normal he could not recover. maybe he was on medication it happens all the time nothing new. then he received no help from his old teamates. someone helped him and he could make a very good end of career in China. soooo many basketball players end very badly and nobody cares about it.

    Rick DinaRick Dina7 months ago
  • Don't he know its OK to eat Fruity Pebbles with a spoon?

    Pikeman50Pikeman507 months ago
  • Junior. It did save his life and all because he has a great woman in his life that helped him deal with depression he went to a place that showed him love

    Darold GrayDarold Gray7 months ago
  • It doesnt matter what we think , God Is So Good To Give Him Another Opportunity to Pull his life out from darkness . I loved Stephon as a kidd he was a beast . Im gladd things turned around for him i didnt know what happened to him aftr he stopped playing in the nba

    Samuel Encarnacion JrSamuel Encarnacion Jr7 months ago
  • His dad died

    CASHIN'CASHIN'7 months ago
  • I had the first Marbury's by and 1 in the 6th grade. First time ever my moms let me pick out a name brand shoe even though and 1 was pretty new compared to Nike and them. Before them I was only able to get target shoes and shit. I remember I use to be in Mervyn's always looking at there shoe section cause that was like footlocker type shoes to me compared to target shoes and I would always wish I could get a pair of Nike's. Haha I would count how many Nike checks signs were on the shoe and that would determine how much I liked them, more checks signs on the shoe the doper i thought they were but yeah he was my favorite player him and Garnett loved them but to be real i thought the second shoe he came out with and 1 was fucking killing them all for real specially with that dope ass S symbol he had on them was the tightest thing ever, damn good times. ("Me and KG bout turn it up") if anybody remember that.

    Jeffrey MullenJeffrey Mullen7 months ago
  • Were these videos on youtube? The crazy videos?

    RIFICA777RIFICA7777 months ago
  • Ego Trippin

    RIFICA777RIFICA7777 months ago
  • I had several pairs of his shoes.

    RIFICA777RIFICA7777 months ago