May 12, 2019
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  • Love the Background Music💯

  • A beautiful lost art footwork that's the difference between someone who plays basketball and a baller

    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung21 day ago
  • 0:28 well played

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy23 days ago
  • Like when Barkley won regular season MVP in ‘93 but lost to MJ in the Finals.

    JJ25 days ago
  • Great video.

    Marco GarzaMarco GarzaMonth ago
  • They should thank MJ coz his not around...

    Kiko MachineKiko MachineMonth ago
  • Just shows you how much he carried the spurs

    cortez thompsoncortez thompsonMonth ago
  • But if Jordan said that omg he's the goat 😂

    cortez thompsoncortez thompsonMonth ago
  • Hakeem is a dream if you play with him, then becomes a nightmare if you play against him!

    Earl John fabulEarl John fabulMonth ago
  • Robinson is my favorite NBA player of all time..just his class alone..forget stats

    godisgood117godisgood117Month ago
  • The editing tho fire 🔥

    Tony SimsTony SimsMonth ago
  • tim duncan is top10

    Isaiah SaenzIsaiah SaenzMonth ago
  • all of yall are spurs haters

    Isaiah SaenzIsaiah SaenzMonth ago
  • Lol he was draggin david robinson lol i see y he hated on the dream like that lol

    Eric ClaptonEric Clapton2 months ago
  • The DREAM was every NBA centers nightmare on post moves 🤣🤣💯🗣

    Eurania JimenezEurania Jimenez2 months ago
  • Great video! Thanks for letting us go back in time and enjoy the 94-95 playoffs once again!

    Thomas MorehouseThomas Morehouse2 months ago
  • Hakeem said to Drexler after Robinson won MVP “don’t worry we will get the big trophy”

    Tyler RileyTyler Riley3 months ago
  • So this is the truth on why Hakeem did this

    Tyler RileyTyler Riley3 months ago
  • Robinson should’ve kept his mouth closed

    Tyler RileyTyler Riley3 months ago
  • yes yes I lived this. Thank you so much for knowing about this Era. it will forever be cherish and in my heart as well as here in Houston. What a FEELING to be Young Again. Love it.

    J RealityJ Reality3 months ago
  • I love David Robinson but the dream was clearly much better. David is a great guy that's why god sent TD to win him 2 rings.

    Karl WarnerKarl Warner3 months ago
  • If you wanna teach your kids how to be humble show them this video.

    Chris DiegelChris Diegel4 months ago
  • Hakeem was a problem since the 80s they beat the Showtime Lakers that had Magic/Kareem but lost to a Bird lead Boston team. Huston didnt have a real team around Hakeem till the mid 90s or we would be talking about Hakeem the same way we speak of Magic/Bird/Jordan.

    shawn Mavertonshawn Maverton4 months ago
  • Wy would the dream team with Jordan get Robinson instead of hakeem

    Stranger Rocket 13Stranger Rocket 135 months ago
  • Robinson is one of the best people that ever played. A great person .

    Michael DavisMichael Davis5 months ago
  • Hakeem is such a humble person in-spite of all what the "admiral" did, remember that "You cannot bring a good man down".

    winseyeredwinseyered8 months ago
  • If Hakeem or Robinson play in the league today nobody or no one will guard them.

    Namo BojarNamo Bojar8 months ago
  • For Basketball Fans Young and Old. The Millennial N.B.A. is a timeline playlist of the greatest players of all time. @t

    Freddy Gomez Thinks Too MuchFreddy Gomez Thinks Too Much8 months ago
  • When you shut down Shaq Robinson Malone and Ewing You are clearly dangerous

    Andre EricAndre Eric8 months ago
  • The dream best center there has ever been in my eyes

    Les QuintanillaLes Quintanilla8 months ago
  • I remember watching that series and we were made That THE DREAM did not get the respect he deserved and went crazy when they won. Let's face Houston teams gave never really got respect from anyone in the play offs. Fast forward to the Astros to 2017 and we find out they were cheating and we were devastated. As a native H-Town resident I feel let down and believe Altuve should give Mike Trout the MVP, give back the rings and the World Serious. Sincerely from a fan himself

    Mr. SinisterMr. Sinister8 months ago
  • Nobody better than the dream!! An dont ever mess with " THE NIGERIAN NITEMARE " !! EVER !!!!

    Sam MaloneSam Malone8 months ago
  • Hakeem has a better team. That is why his team won. Duh. It’s a team game guys come on. Not one guy wins it all. Who was Robinson’s next star? Dennis Rodman? And a bunch of role players who can’t score?

    Peat381 LowPeat381 Low8 months ago
  • The Dream got to an 80s finals! MJ couldn't ... That's how skillful he was, even won NBA finals, DPOY, Season MVP in same year -- GOAT candidate he was basically as good as the entire Bulls team by himself. A one-man team

    LeeMcBLeeMcB8 months ago
    • Mah man he has ralph Sampson they are the first duo known as the twin towers

      Inigo BantokInigo Bantok8 months ago
  • They’re just lucky Jordan retired those couple years

    Hey ManHey Man8 months ago
  • The Dream is my father's hero

    Maurac, YassinMaurac, Yassin8 months ago
  • Hakeem the dream. I remember that the game and for me Hakeem was and will be one of the best centers that the NBA has seen.

    P DuarteP Duarte8 months ago
  • I studied hakeem dream shake so much

    V WONDERV WONDER8 months ago
  • Couldn't watch the whole video. Why you chewing gum while doing a voice over. Most annoying shit ever.

    G RealaG Reala8 months ago
  • I'll believe it til the day I die that the rockets would have beaten the bulls in the finals

    Brandon CoffeyBrandon Coffey8 months ago
  • He is the best center to ever play the game

    Brandon CoffeyBrandon Coffey8 months ago
  • I don’t think I’m going to smash the like button, I think I’ll gently press it cause iPhones are expensive.

    Daniel PlowrightDaniel Plowright8 months ago
  • Like it was yesterday......gave the clown the MVP and Dream absolutely raped him

    Rudolph RomanoRudolph Romano9 months ago
  • New Sub Bro 🖐 Video ❤️🖐

    iamfirdaus Gamingiamfirdaus Gaming9 months ago
  • How about Klay calling out LBJ's feeling? and ended up blowing their 3-1 lead

    JAMES KYRIE GelicameJAMES KYRIE Gelicame9 months ago
  • He put that post game on him. I miss those guys. They loved dunking on you. Instead of be a center and trying to shoot a 3pter. Good one.

    Enrique BolorinEnrique Bolorin9 months ago
  • Osama bin laden was 6’4”.... muh fucker was playing with the wrong Rockets

    Squangel NutzSquangel Nutz9 months ago
  • H-town baby. We had a chance to have Jordan and Hakeem...... 8 peat.......

    Squangel NutzSquangel Nutz9 months ago
  • What Robinson said that night was stupid

    Derpy DerpDerpy Derp9 months ago
  • Giannis should watch film of the Dream. It’ll be OVER for the league guarding him if he does.

    Allan JohnsonAllan Johnson9 months ago
  • Both legends of the game

    Fox MariotaFox Mariota9 months ago
  • I have this whole series on a VHS tape with other tapes stashed in my closet......David Robinson has to have had some type of depression after this....just straight got destroyed!

    buickmontebuickmonte9 months ago
  • Good job man, keep going ;)

    NGO OmnibusNGO Omnibus9 months ago
  • Best Center in the NBA The Dream Hakeem Olajuwon back to back rockets

    Fabian DelarosaFabian Delarosa9 months ago
  • Nice matchup. Only happened cause MJ was on a break. Lol.

    Joe KenneyJoe Kenney9 months ago
  • Hakeem ate him alive and made him.looked stupid😊

    philip tanphilip tan9 months ago
  • No spurs player will ever be known as a great.. because they don't have players with rhyming nicknames 😂😂😂

    Jason KingJason King9 months ago
  • Always loved David... Annapolis graduate perfect role model for all young men

    Uncle RuckusUncle Ruckus9 months ago
  • Used & abused

    truestdudetruestdude9 months ago
  • The dream has the best foot work in that era for a center

    Yooo FamYooo Fam9 months ago
  • Dream all day. Robinson was incredible but was definitely behind Hakeem.

    Brian HiattBrian Hiatt9 months ago
  • Sorry but Ewing was better. He never had the help that Hakeem or Robinson had.

    keisterrollkeisterroll9 months ago
  • poor boastful robinson..

    Vloggerist. jpegVloggerist. jpeg9 months ago
  • Never underestimate or show any form of disrespect to your adversary.

    Wil RoblesWil Robles9 months ago

    Dennis MageeDennis Magee9 months ago
  • Arrogance got the better of him and now he’s got to live with the shame sorry Admiral that was a tactical mistake

    thejamaican67thejamaican679 months ago
  • THE WAY HAKEEM PLAYED IS HOW CENTERS SHOULD BE PLAYING NOWADAYS...Hakeem had a mid range fade away foot work as well as post up moves..FLASHY FOR A CENTER BACK THEN...centers nowadays wanna run to the three point line instead of using they size to they advantage

  • The Dream was better than The Admiral, true. But your comments are inaccurate and opportunistic. It's clear you exaggerate things. Robinson was always humble. Stop lying, please. He always showed respect to every player in the league. This video sucks. But at least the plays are awesome...

    Rene FRene F9 months ago
  • I've been digging you channel! I watched these games live. Got a new sub

    Rated RRated R9 months ago
    • Youre

      Dj_ Fu1Z1onDj_ Fu1Z1on9 months ago
  • He didn't have great players back then stupid on his team plus david slowed down to do injuries, if anyone gets injured dummy they slowed down on playing defense on the turns hakeem and rockets knew that if he quick turn david ad david would be a step slower and was at his mercy cause no help, but hakeem was the real reason rockets won it was sam casual, Robert horry,mario ellie,verno maxwell, kenny the jet smith wasnt hot shooting 3's that year rockets ain't winning the spurs wasn't a great outside defensive teams plus those rockets players played together way longer then spurs did

    Scott SullivanScott Sullivan9 months ago
  • Most viable player award?

    stugeedunsstugeeduns9 months ago
  • Bruh.. Robinson underestimate the DREAM SHAKE !! and the result !!! Rockets destroy the spurs !! So sweet revenge !! The MVP IS OUT OF NUMBER ON THAT DAY !! AND HAKEEM DELIVER A SWEET PERFORMANCE TO THEM ...

    Datumus KalonDatumus Kalon9 months ago
  • I’ve never seen anyone cheat more than the Houston Astros. EVER.

    Hot Sauce BennyHot Sauce Benny10 months ago
  • The real reason Jordan retired

    Tom Ross TVTom Ross TV10 months ago
  • I loved watching my Rockets go thru those teams back then. Hakeem the Dream's skills and footwork were soooo underrated but he still hoisted that 🏆 2 consecutive years.

    mrbigg151mrbigg15110 months ago
  • Hakeem is the best center to me

    John MayesJohn Mayes10 months ago
  • Dream=🐐 Who else can destroy the new MVP in his own house like that?

    pickzkickzpickzkickz10 months ago
  • Idc the admiral is the best center in history

    Pauly the CrookPauly the Crook10 months ago
  • Robinson wasn't shit without Tim duncan

    Pony Boy219Pony Boy21910 months ago
  • Robinson did get schooled by the great Hakeem in that series. Glad Robinson won two titles with Duncan after such disappointment.

    theyhateus cuztheyaintustheyhateus cuztheyaintus10 months ago
  • Idc what anyone says, The Dream is the best center of all time. Nobody was as skilled as him. Shaq was just big 🤷‍♀️

    Mr. otivaragMr. otivarag10 months ago
  • Yoo u get a like for the memes in the vids

    KOBE LIVESKOBE LIVES10 months ago
  • hakeem = 7-0 michael jordan

    Casual Gaming & more by KigamaCasual Gaming & more by Kigama10 months ago
  • the dream moved like a fkn guard

    Dr. Hans Hokla KicanovicDr. Hans Hokla Kicanovic10 months ago
  • Hakeem my 2nd fav legend

    VIDE-XVIDE-X10 months ago
  • One of the best big men to play the game!

    Michael SamuelsMichael Samuels10 months ago
  • If it wasn’t for jordan retiring Houston wouldn’t of won shit! Go spurs go

    Everett howtonEverett howton10 months ago
  • Goat

    Jomar LimJomar Lim10 months ago
  • Great video. 2 Things you forgot to mention: The difference in Houston's & SA's defense philopishy; Dennis Rodman issues. The first reason, for a majority of the series David Robinson was Double-Teamed resulting in a bad series, while Dream was never really doubled. The second reason, Dennis was never tasked with guarding Dream & sometimes he wasn't in the game at all.

    PatFussy69PatFussy6910 months ago
  • The DREAM!

    TechTalks TVTechTalks TV10 months ago
  • Houston are lucky, Jordan retired during that time...

    rickrick10 months ago
  • Already knew he won that year but was still anxious waiting for you to say it

    ImTonkwiiImTonkwii10 months ago
  • Couldn’t Hakeem Olajuwon hit the 3 too

    Street DiscipleStreet Disciple10 months ago
  • sounds like someone was a bit salty

    Samuel EdwardsSamuel Edwards10 months ago
  • Does anyone notice how it’s the more defensive minded players out here beating teams and getting rings? Kawhi and the Spurs/Raptors or Hakeem and the Rockets. There was not much help for both of them on their respective teams (except Kawhi on the Spurs) and it was pretty much them against some amazing offensive minded players.

    kris franciskris francis10 months ago
  • where's klay and lebron? when he said lebron just hurt he's butt? 🙄 that was the epic revenge when they down 3-1

    James OrtegaJames Ortega10 months ago
  • Hope we still had some super good centers tho, we dont need capela god damn it

    Harvey MendozaHarvey Mendoza11 months ago
  • The dream was to much for david

    Antione BrownAntione Brown11 months ago
  • Great story man

    jinfrozenfirejinfrozenfire11 months ago