The Time Michael Jordan's Game Jersey was STOLEN!

May 27, 2017
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The Time Michael Jordan's Game Jersey was STOLEN!
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  • Somebody that worked there stole it to take home then when they saw the extensive search for it they knew they couldn’t go back and get it and then somebody found it in the ceiling tile

    jon parmeleejon parmelee12 days ago
  • Jordan’s very first number was 12... I saw him wearing it in a picture as a youth

    Roy MathewsRoy MathewsMonth ago
  • If it was found in the Magic’s Damn of course the Magic stole it

    Roderick BaccusRoderick BaccusMonth ago
  • They weren’t looking for Jordan’s stolen jersey in the stands. They were looking for a fan that had one of his replica jerseys that would fit hit. She he could wear it for the game.

    Benny Blanco From The BronxBenny Blanco From The Bronx2 months ago
  • Question: The NBA fines teams that field a player wearing a number that is not the number he was registered under before the begining of the season. Did the NBA fine the Bulls for this? Or did the special circumstances that the jersey was stolen mean that it was okay and so they weren't fined? Or were the Magic fined because the jersey was stolen at their home arena?

    Lucas LisoLucas Liso5 months ago
  • 12+12=24-1=23+23=46-1=45 go to school and don’t do drugs and always do your math you’ll get like right press it or I will make you were number 12

    Am a galaxy opal Isaac bongaAm a galaxy opal Isaac bonga6 months ago
    • Have no clue what you just said. And you’re telling us to stay in school huh?

      J.di EasonJ.di Eason16 days ago
  • two of the biggest mysterys, who was jack the ripper? who stole michael jordans jersey?

    Steven ScummySteven Scummy6 months ago
  • A quick drive to the mall would have solved that.

    Johnny ParkerJohnny Parker6 months ago
    • Lol. Funny you mention that, MLB did a commercial like that 18 yrs ago

      Andrew BeanAndrew Bean4 months ago
  • The Monstars of Space Jam stole the jersey....

    Vannix AlpasVannix Alpas6 months ago
  • Wait a minute... have ya'll noticed that he actually wore number 1 to 5 jersey? He just wore #12 for substitute to his missing jersey, and his real jersey number is #23 and in some point of his career, he changed his jersey number to #45. So this means that he got all the jersey number from 1-5. Woahh. Ok I just realize it tho.

    Mark Deniel OdevilasMark Deniel Odevilas7 months ago
  • I think it was Atlanta magic

    Kristin KaminskiKristin Kaminski7 months ago
  • I think like the stupid random person

    Kristin KaminskiKristin Kaminski7 months ago
  • just think about it how the hell a random person do that there is a security on a door of every locker room so how the hell is a random guy do that, this is plan it was inside job the suspect is from the other teams who is allowed to enter a locker room only a cleaners, security, stadium stuff.

    Papa B USY Family SupporterPapa B USY Family Supporter7 months ago
  • I think a Stuiped person did it

    Roderick BaccusRoderick Baccus7 months ago
  • Magic did it

    The BoysThe Boys7 months ago
  • Zig think it was penny hardly I’m kidding cause I love him

    Karina MendezKarina Mendez7 months ago
  • Who would steal MJ's jersey

    Jessica NedJessica Ned7 months ago
  • Stupid random person

    Christian HallChristian Hall7 months ago
  • Orlando definitely

    Reginald GalaxyReginald Galaxy7 months ago
  • Thats my friend

    Christine ManlapazChristine Manlapaz7 months ago
  • Well i thought the no.23 jersey was stolen by miley cyrus to make a music video called "23" but it turned out the year is not the same,im really such a dumb guy to think that 😅

    Gyro ZeppeliGyro Zeppeli8 months ago
  • So what happened to number 45 jersey

    EpdabestEpdabest8 months ago
  • 21.

    All MightAll Might8 months ago
  • The magic Johnson stole it 😂

    Jason RJason R8 months ago
  • Is this a joke

    Evan SchlozmanEvan Schlozman8 months ago
  • 6 is take a guess

    AR kroopoAR kroopo8 months ago
  • Magic planed to steampunks his jersey in the sealing

    Charlie FerreiraCharlie Ferreira8 months ago
  • 23 or 45

    Charlie FerreiraCharlie Ferreira8 months ago
  • That music got my heart like someone just died by a ghost and telling a story with it

    help me reach 10,000 subscribers with no videoshelp me reach 10,000 subscribers with no videos8 months ago
  • That guy is a bitch O shit

    Noel HallareNoel Hallare8 months ago
  • How did michael win his first game i win my first and seceond

    Baby pal FaveBaby pal Fave8 months ago
  • 3:04

    Brayden WilliamsBrayden Williams8 months ago
  • It's just a jersey you can get a knew one and you don't have to call the police

    Angie VanderbeekAngie Vanderbeek8 months ago
  • I don’t want to talk about Michael I want to talk about Kobe Bryant 😭😭😭

    Logan BuiLogan Bui8 months ago
  • To bad there was no one 6’6 and wearing there Jordan Jersey

    Troydan fan2010Troydan fan20108 months ago
  • His name is Michael Jeffery was his full name

    Troydan fan2010Troydan fan20108 months ago
  • i know that he had 12 but i just don’t know why he switched it

    Supreme CatSupreme Cat8 months ago
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    sa Lisa Li8 months ago
  • It was LeBron James

    Rachel RuizRachel Ruiz8 months ago
  • Dunk

    quincy holidayquincy holiday8 months ago
  • He could've bought an new jersey from the jersey store

    Kobe Black pantherKobe Black panther9 months ago
    • They were in Orlando, have you ever been to an NBA game they don’t sell visiting Jerseys no matter how good the player is. I’ve never seen a Lebron Jersey and I’ve been to a lot of Nuggets games

      jon parmeleejon parmelee12 days ago
    • Exactly... I find it hard to believe that instead of going to the gift shop and buying one they looked throughout the whole crowd huh?? Yea ok

      J.di EasonJ.di Eason16 days ago
  • Somebody that was an Orlando fan did it and was mad because Jordan was so good that he probably was sick of jordan winning and might be an NBA player right now and he might be mad quiet alot

    Kobe Black pantherKobe Black panther9 months ago
  • The Magic ganked his jersey cause everyone knew how Jordan was with his rituals & knew it would throw him off... Ive got a few of the 1990 hoops Sam Vincent card with Jordan wearing the #12 jersey... Only card 2 have him wearing it... Pretty cool... Jordan wuz/is 1 of my idols...

    BubbaBubba9 months ago
  • Who ever found the jersey put it there.

    Dior ツDior ツ9 months ago
  • Bitch don, wear my jersey like that

    walter hoffmanwalter hoffman9 months ago
  • Stupid random person

    Danny BurkeDanny Burke9 months ago
  • rodman did it ...hahaaaaa

    abdool braderabdool brader9 months ago
  • Someone is selling a #12 Jordan Jersey on marketplace in Michigan. Not saying it's the real Jersey from that game but it has some writing on it with why it was used

    Nick NeurohrNick Neurohr9 months ago
  • 1:32 my hometown LOL

    Kenneth EspinalKenneth Espinal10 months ago
  • how much that uniform if he sell auction

  • They have a nba card with him wearing the #12

    suijurispeacemakersuijurispeacemaker11 months ago
    • One is on sam Vincent card

      kburna22kburna2210 days ago
    • @J.di Eason its only 15 bucks on ebay

      kburna22kburna2210 days ago
    • No you dont

      J.di EasonJ.di Eason16 days ago
    • I have it

      Jesse DiamondJesse Diamond6 months ago
  • I stole the Jersey, and the year was not 1990.

    Jahsun HovaJahsun Hova11 months ago
    • Stop lying so what also why aren't you in jail or prison

      Christian MillerChristian Miller10 months ago
  • That number 12 jersey would be Hella collectable!🤤

    Aaron madazz MorganAaron madazz Morgan11 months ago
  • Wait so was it found in the Magic’s locker room or still a mystery? 😐

    LoverofYahLoverofYah11 months ago
  • I have a rare Micheal Jordan upper deck card wearing the #12 jersey. I wonder is it worth anything.

    Sam AndersonSam AndersonYear ago
    • Contact a card collectable company

      B coolB cool7 months ago
  • I won it at major migac in '95

  • I have Jordan #12 Card upper deck $$$

  • The Magic planed to steal the Jersey

    Jayden WatsonJayden WatsonYear ago
  • I thought the 12 Jersey was a fan who gave up his Jersey for mj?

    Joel VillarrealJoel VillarrealYear ago
    • Pepsi Man why would thay be so farfetched?

      Joel VillarrealJoel VillarrealYear ago
    • why would a fan wear 12 lol ?

      OverdriveOverdriveYear ago
  • if i'm watching the game that time and i'm wearing jordan's jersey..i will give my jersey to MJ..

    Paring HudasParing HudasYear ago
  • 😜

  • 2019

    fish talkfish talkYear ago
  • That isn't the only time his jersey was stolen .

    Julio GuerraJulio Guerra2 years ago
  • Whos wathcing this in 2018

    Xotiic DrippzXotiic Drippz2 years ago
    • Luas DaGoat 2020

      Troydan fan2010Troydan fan20108 months ago
  • I saw the person who stole it he eve n told me

    William PolancoWilliam Polanco2 years ago
    • Then why didn't tell the Chacgo

      Christian MillerChristian Miller10 months ago
    • How could you see him ? You were not even born

      OverdriveOverdriveYear ago
    • What was his name?

      Chris Peterson BaconChris Peterson BaconYear ago
    • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😐

      Xotiic DrippzXotiic Drippz2 years ago
  • Maybe a fan who likes michael jordan much of his entire life that he stole his jersey for souvenir

    justin laquintajustin laquinta2 years ago
  • What's the background music used?

    Niklaus PolsonNiklaus Polson2 years ago
  • Stupid person wanting the jersey

    Lil_francis17 GamingLil_francis17 Gaming2 years ago
  • Why would that stupid person still his number 23 Jersey, and put it in the ceiling, that's weird and stupid.

    rumar spencerrumar spencer2 years ago
  • i stole that jersey

    Corteney BurseyCorteney Bursey3 years ago
    • Stop lying it was probably before you were born or you made it up so don't lie and show it

      Christian MillerChristian Miller10 months ago
  • Should of just went to the team store lol

    Theo ArenstamTheo Arenstam3 years ago
    • Damn thats so fucking smart, why didn’t they do it 🤦🏾‍♂️

      Beavis ScottBeavis Scott5 months ago
    • it was practice and when it was stolen it was near to tip-off

      House Grumpy Boys UniverseHouse Grumpy Boys Universe2 years ago
  • Some dude named LeBron did it

    Aaron 21Aaron 213 years ago
    • It’s a joke dumbass

      Raejay VillarlRaejay Villarl2 months ago
    • Lebron was 6 and also his idol is MJ why would he do that

      Dhiqo NBADhiqo NBA6 months ago
    • LOL

      Mohammad BartolomeMohammad Bartolome8 months ago
    • Aaron 21 correct

      CanU GreenYTCanU GreenYT8 months ago
    • LeBron james

      Brayden HorychukBrayden Horychuk9 months ago
  • Ayeeeee 12 is my fav numbeeeeeeer

    Alan Gabriel NicerioAlan Gabriel Nicerio3 years ago
  • Oohhh so that’s why he kept wearing different jerseys

    Shin PaiShin Pai3 years ago
  • that picture at 1:25 LMAO

    Adi KancharlaAdi Kancharla3 years ago
    • lol

      Dhiqo NBADhiqo NBA6 months ago
    • sexy

      Troydan fan2010Troydan fan20108 months ago
    • 1:23

      Baby pal FaveBaby pal Fave8 months ago
  • my theory is arena maintenance staff who loved the Magic so much he pulled this trick off. Who would of known about that secret hiding place?

    Dolpo ObnialaDolpo Obniala3 years ago
  • 12 is my birthday

    XklclbtzlkxXklclbtzlkx3 years ago
    • like, on the 12th?

      ratedpending (please don't sue me)ratedpending (please don't sue me)3 years ago
  • Iiiiiit wa a stupid random person

    Cedrick Nell GarciaCedrick Nell Garcia3 years ago
  • wow

    Cedrick Nell GarciaCedrick Nell Garcia3 years ago
  • Some stupid random person

    Fun GamersFun Gamers3 years ago
    • Aaww

      Shacari SShacari SYear ago
    • Chritdareble Minecraft it's 50/50 with it was prob a stupid person or a magic players

      Phaydro 91Phaydro 913 years ago
    • Chritdareble Minecraft agreed

      braydenbakabraydenbaka3 years ago
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