The TRUE Story of how Karl Malone BACK STABBED Kobe Bryant!

Jul 25, 2019
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The TRUE Story of how Karl Malone BACK STABBED Kobe Bryant!
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  • Karl Malone been wilding forever this definitely believable

    AllPureSkillAllPureSkill21 hour ago
  • There's no room in heaven for people like malone.

    Seforis1001Seforis1001Day ago
  • The Mailman is a scumbag

    Jonathan HenryJonathan Henry2 days ago
  • Karl Malone is a freaky dude

    Luke GoldbergLuke Goldberg3 days ago
  • 😭rip Kobe 💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜

    Weirdos and BasketballWeirdos and Basketball5 days ago
  • Malone is a horrible person. Easy for a big guy to say come fight me

    Achisachis73Achisachis738 days ago
  • Karl Malone is trash. So glad he NEVER won a title.

    FernandoFernando14 days ago
  • #yissal

    Kore DetailsKore Details15 days ago
  • This is mad cap

    Jam ClutchJam Clutch15 days ago
  • One of the reasons why I don't feel sorry that Jordan blocked Karl from winning a ring.

    Reeal EvansReeal Evans15 days ago
  • Karl "BLACK COBRA" Malone🐍

    Ryzkie FranciscoRyzkie Francisco15 days ago
  • Vanessa is DEFINITELY a keeper that was a straight real women move. R.I.P to her lost ones 🙏💙

    BlackflagBlackflag22 days ago
  • Karl Malone had the best genetics with the worst personality. No wonder why he didn't get a ring.

    DeanDean26 days ago
  • Malone is a ringless piece of shit

    Mean Mister MustardMean Mister Mustard26 days ago
  • Never trust a guy who refers himself as a third person!

    Arkane117Arkane11726 days ago
  • Kobe Bryant 🌋💥🚁

    McBastard_TvMcBastard_Tv28 days ago
  • karl malone sucks and he WILL NEVER get that dennis rodman fuck you money...

    Mister NobodyMister Nobody28 days ago
  • Rip Kobe

    Aidan HerbertAidan Herbert29 days ago
  • rip kobe

    masterpeir hortenmasterpeir hortenMonth ago
  • All my homies hate Karl Malone

    Kawhi LeonardKawhi LeonardMonth ago
  • Fucking idiots will believe anything.....

    Michael ArthursonMichael ArthursonMonth ago
  • “Your upset” “your hurt” Wtf is this grammar

    Eduardo ValleEduardo ValleMonth ago
  • Sounds like da mailman wanted to get wet playing wit other teammates wives what a scumbag glad he doesn't have a chip 🏆

    terry bazileterry bazileMonth ago
  • He tried to get a girl ,but he failed ,like your daddy ?Wtf is that .malone is sht ,that’s why jordan kicks his ass in the finals

    matthew escanomatthew escanoMonth ago
  • Carl Malone has always been a scussbucket, . Ask his son or Magic.

    MrQuietstorm75MrQuietstorm75Month ago
  • I feel sorry for those poor guys who still has his number on there friends list

    Amrinder RandhawaAmrinder RandhawaMonth ago
  • Shame on you Karl!Thanks God She did not fall for you.Koby was better than you all the way 😿

    ricardo Valdes-Urraricardo Valdes-UrraMonth ago
  • This the same bastard who hated on Magic, Karl a str8 up coward

    Lil DaveLil DaveMonth ago
  • the mailman was always an asshole.

    bojo perezbojo perezMonth ago
  • Karl malone is a crack head

    Dennis WhiteDennis WhiteMonth ago

    Ross BestRoss BestMonth ago
    • 2:27 "Like your Dadd -Daay??" 🤣

      Ross BestRoss BestMonth ago
  • Man this guy really hates jordan and kobe.

    Andrew KharpuriAndrew KharpuriMonth ago
  • Love Kobe maba forever

    Keidan WilsonKeidan WilsonMonth ago
  • Fuck Karl Malone I’m glad he’s 0-3 in his career.

    Self Health, Self WealthSelf Health, Self WealthMonth ago
  • Jesus fucking christ

    deepsdeepsMonth ago
  • You just got to consider the source

    Teri StuteTeri StuteMonth ago
  • Karl Malone is the man!! I would have took a crack at Kobe's wife too. Kobe stayed getting some on the side, so who cares.. Hey have any of you seen the weird video Kobe Bryant made, teaching little kids to summon Demon's to help them play Basketball? This is no joke LMFAO, look up Kobe Bryant, Dark Muse Cage on USworlds. Some of the weirdest ish I've ever seen.

    Jerrod RobinsonJerrod RobinsonMonth ago
  • Kobe cheated on his wife so who cares

    Mr DaveMr DaveMonth ago
  • Didnt kobe backstab shaq that same year by snitching on him, hogging the finals shooting 35/15/90 splits, while shaq was 65% from the field vs the pistons and forcing the lakers to trade him after the season?

    CZCZMonth ago
  • Yessss, please more stories of Karl Malone being a piece of shit, cause its true

    Marcel GMarcel GMonth ago
  • And Kobe cheated on his wife, and Karl Malone denied his kids a dad. These are the poor oppressed black millionaires who are not hurting their own families or communities, it's a statue of Robert E Lee's fault

    TrueGritProductionsTrueGritProductionsMonth ago
  • He should’ve got us goons in Philla

    Keith AkinsKeith AkinsMonth ago
  • Karl "The Failman" Malone. hahaha

    Machee NeriadMachee NeriadMonth ago
  • Old ass ( Make Me Sick ) 🤒 in my Bernie Mac voice. Karl Malone want to be ..... fuck him

    Terrence BanksTerrence BanksMonth ago
  • Woooooow this dude

    rodney wrightrodney wrightMonth ago
  • Just lost respect for malone ....

    Jay JayJay JayMonth ago
  • Yeah Karl is a creep

    Bakary DembéléBakary DembéléMonth ago
  • What a terrible human being. Hope he gets what he deserves.

    Music For Your ContentMusic For Your ContentMonth ago
  • Wow

    David ClarkDavid ClarkMonth ago
  • There are some lines that you just don't cross and this is one of them! I believe Vanessa's allegations against Karl.

    Marcus MackMarcus MackMonth ago
  • If I were Vanessa after what he said, I wouldn't even look at him yet ask him why he was wearing a cowboy hat. Simple.

    Rockchick62Rockchick62Month ago
  • His son wasn't bored... more like disgusted of who his daddy is

    Trever RichardsTrever RichardsMonth ago
  • venesa is a beautiful woman and she acted cool and had to le her husband kobey know she is a good wife i dont know her but she did something positive i wish kobey was alive he is miss alot by everyone that knows him and also lots of fans like myself

    Luis ChapmanLuis ChapmanMonth ago
  • Hes so sad his past proves that had kids that he denies still DNA doesn't kobe stood u for his wife and Malone still not a man cant even admit it he was wrong it takes a real man 2 say my bad but he hasn't gotten there yet

    Cathleen SolizCathleen Soliz2 months ago
  • czy karl malone nadal lubi nieletnie panny ?

    MAciej RogowskiMAciej Rogowski2 months ago
  • Shaq always had Kobe’s back against Karl Gary Payton was just a loud mouth 😎

    David LewisDavid Lewis2 months ago
  • Hes one of them mailmen u catch looking thru windows at women showering. Lol. He explains himself like a dirtbag too

    Ill will Ill willIll will Ill will2 months ago
  • Karl weird af he’s making us Louisiana people look crazy 🤦‍♂️

    Aidan AsseffAidan Asseff2 months ago
  • Big player but a very small man

    Fred JacksonFred Jackson2 months ago
  • I’m sorry but the way u said daddy

    Retro JoseRetro Jose2 months ago
  • Big fan of karl but I'm thinking of changing to John stockton

    Jacob WrightJacob Wright2 months ago
  • She said "You're old enough to be my dad" to a guy who impregnated a 13 year old lol

    Mr. Layth AdrianMr. Layth Adrian2 months ago

    Annette TalaveraAnnette Talavera2 months ago
  • Malone holding the laughter tells you everything

    Joshua RosarioJoshua Rosario2 months ago
  • RIP KOBE 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Thomas GaskinThomas Gaskin2 months ago
  • Not true I think because kobe died in helicopter crash with Gigi

    Pinky ButterPinky Butter3 months ago
  • Why hes son look like charles Barkley

    Gab TorrGab Torr3 months ago
  • Don't forget, Karl Malone also got a 13 year old pregnant and abandoned her with a baby when he was in college

    Neal SchusterNeal Schuster3 months ago
  • He is a narccist and a narccist is close to be evil as a percan can be.

    SHCDSHCD3 months ago
  • Kobe was so calm but when it’s time he strikes rip to the legend Kobe bean bryant

    D BradleyD Bradley3 months ago
  • carl was struggling with insecurity of not having a championship ring and that time was getting old.he will throw away any friendship as long as he gets what makes him feel great.

    Trebor LqantaraTrebor Lqantara3 months ago
  • "Im hunting for young mexican girls" 😂😂😂😂

    atl viaatl via3 months ago
  • Karl’s wife a dumbass

    Leticia DuranLeticia Duran3 months ago
  • Wait Karl might have something to do with Kobe’s death

    Omar ElobaidOmar Elobaid3 months ago
  • How the hell was Karl Malone the good guy in wcw such fuckin great heel work here

    Gabe KiserGabe Kiser3 months ago
  • He’s a sick human being. He’s probably sick enough to make another pass at Vanessa now that Kobe has unfortunately passed away. If I was Shaq id let it be known that he EVER disrespected Vanessa like that again, he’d get handled. That’s a promise. Try it. Despicable.

    Zacquee EntertainmentZacquee Entertainment3 months ago
  • What the hell was that at 2:29 😂😂😂

    amit ubyvamit ubyv3 months ago
  • Where are the links you get the story

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men Productions3 months ago
  • He’s a prick

    Suky GillSuky Gill3 months ago
  • mailman trying to put his package in the wrong Box

    bane bukowskibane bukowski3 months ago
  • Did you guys know he also impregnated a t 13 year old when he was in college ? And their son made it to the NFL? (Karl also ran out and was a dead beat even to this day)

    Jay YodaJay Yoda3 months ago
  • Hey guys check out this video

    Samuel KoshySamuel Koshy3 months ago
  • Rest in peace kobe

    Messiah Randolph-MillnerMessiah Randolph-Millner4 months ago
  • Karl malone was a sellout that's why he never won a championship

    Gregory CampbellGregory Campbell4 months ago
  • The pistons were a better team than the Lakers

    Gregory CampbellGregory Campbell4 months ago
  • Funny how that finger has no ring on it, because he was never really good enough to ever deserve a ring. And as a person, Malone's a snake.

    Shadow JenkinsShadow Jenkins4 months ago
  • Malone full of shit 😂😂

    Tony LopezTony Lopez4 months ago
  • I wish Chris Hansen got this bum ass nigga Malone

    raymar gibsonraymar gibson4 months ago
  • Me. She is single now - correct?

    miguelwprattmiguelwpratt4 months ago
  • Like your dadddyyyy 😂

    Big PaperBig Paper4 months ago
  • Water Malone

    Sharkx MaxSharkx Max4 months ago
  • Memories

    Easy InglésEasy Inglés4 months ago
  • I've kinda written Malone off as a bit of a sociopath at this point

    John MurrayJohn Murray4 months ago
  • Why would he do that and Kobe is his friend

    The God UsoppThe God Usopp4 months ago
  • The kids were so you 6AM you know how you got it was that they 666

    Ed GilliamEd Gilliam4 months ago
  • *you're upset *you're hurt

    Loren ChristopherLoren Christopher4 months ago

    Uriel VegaUriel Vega4 months ago
  • 00:37 Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    KrownKrown4 months ago
  • The wife could of call her husband her self but she tried to set Vanessa up and it didn’t work

    Lightning GamingLightning Gaming4 months ago
  • Karl Malone ain't shit!!!

    Christopher ChisholmChristopher Chisholm4 months ago