The VIRAL Video that RUINED an All-Star's NBA Career!

Feb 19, 2018
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The VIRAL Video that RUINED an All-Star's NBA Career!
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  • stfu josh my cousin he tore his atl just lik my aunt porsche he pushed through not no damn anthem so stfu wit false claim

    SheLuvSnagSheLuvSnag18 days ago

    WhY NoTWhY NoT24 days ago
  • And that’s why they need to take the national anthem out all sports and away from schools because the shit is stupid and it shouldn’t have to be forced upon people to partake in that. If you wanna celebrate the national anthem then do so on your time just like praying

    CainCainMonth ago
  • Clearly the weed made him speek "dumb".

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosaMonth ago
  • Josh Howard was an underrated player at his time straight balls out

    darkness78171darkness78171Month ago
  • Karma... he didn’t give a fuck about this country so when he went down, country didn’t love him back.

    Aaron M.Aaron M.Month ago
  • He stayed woke

    SirCashSirCashMonth ago
  • Shoutout to the original Kaep

    Dark KnightDark Knight3 months ago
  • Idiot..

    Oto Pervert ChannelOto Pervert Channel4 months ago
  • Crazy thing is if that video were to surface now he’d be a fucking hero so sad…

    djalcide1djalcide14 months ago
  • "I'm not american and your not american were the victim of america" malcolm x

    goofy niggagoofy nigga4 months ago
  • Top 50 Never Heard is coming and exposing you rappers!! 🔥 new song sour patch kids is 🔥 Don’t forget youtube James Harden song Mike Luch 🔥

    Mike Luch Beats and BarsMike Luch Beats and Bars6 months ago
  • One of my favorite Mavs. He just landed the head coaching job at University of North TX men's basketball team.

    Thuan TranThuan Tran7 months ago
  • Sometimes success and wealth can bring out the ugliness in a person.

    george Washingtongeorge Washington7 months ago
  • He's just been named head coach @UOf North Texas ! Dallas campus!!

    Us EldridgeUs Eldridge7 months ago
  • But He WON.. ever heard “ I’d rather die like a man than live like a coward” This is that. We always GOTTA PAY for being BLACK... amerikka is Babylon NOW read REVELATIONS ...

    Raphael IsraelRaphael Israel7 months ago
  • 0:01 getting ready for my whoopin

    mamba 824mamba 8247 months ago
  • Jus bad choices he made we all do it he jus got to keep pushin !!

    C. moneyC. money7 months ago
  • He spoke truth to me look now

    Jameek HaynieJameek Haynie8 months ago
  • I always thought he was heavily on drugs and that’s why he fell away from the NBA. Kinda sad it was just smoking weed and joking around that got his career ended. He really coulda been something for Mavs. Maybe more rings for Dirk. But atleast the Dirk got one.

    Fanatic GamingFanatic Gaming8 months ago
  • So is he broke 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    Money Train402Money Train4028 months ago
  • Said nothing wrong

    Sonja TaylorSonja Taylor8 months ago
  • Smh go Mavericks...

    Spencer PearsonSpencer Pearson8 months ago
  • That's a rough time.. And the injuries are a terrible thing..

    *D*thats*A*my*N* name*D*thats*A*my*N* name8 months ago
  • Liked the video. It's actually pronounced "peed"-mont university. Completely understandable if you've never heard anyone say it.

    Maxwell GriffinMaxwell Griffin8 months ago
  • Net him one time he was smoking then

    C-Pone GreatnessC-Pone Greatness8 months ago
  • Shoulda gone to China

    30 kills30 kills9 months ago
  • Joey Crawford deserves as much credit for that championship as Wade and Shaq

    Sammy CampbellSammy Campbell9 months ago
  • Damn that flag!!!!

    Tabobo JacobsTabobo Jacobs9 months ago
  • Josh Ankles and Knees Howard

    ghostdtxghostdtx9 months ago
  • U can't celebrate standing or singing that without being shut down. We should have the right to sing or not sing. The only thing I think he did wrong was be disrespectful.

    fan girlfan girl9 months ago
  • They lost that toxic energy and ended up winning the championship....

    Daniel LightfootDaniel Lightfoot9 months ago
  • Viral vids weren't really a thing when Josh Howard was in his real prime.....are you sure about this lol?????

    Ahdree23Ahdree239 months ago
  • Lol says shit against the Flag all races unite under then says " Obama" well there you go. Obama's the 1st MIXED race President get it right already ya confused morons

    One NationOne Nation9 months ago
  • He was just ahead of his time

    Elijah DuaneElijah Duane9 months ago
  • ...Freedom of speech!@?)Nobody, but a bunch of hillbillies & hicks were hurt by this.

    Rebel ShamanRebel Shaman9 months ago
  • Man FUK America.....🤬🤬🤬....... YOU SEE DAT😳...... Durty bitches......

    ObadiahObadiah9 months ago
  • Stay Black brother

    Ados KorkadosAdos Korkados9 months ago
  • I looked at the comments before I watched the full video & I thought y’all was saying “ his career ended because of his knees “ as a joke 😭🤦🏽‍♀️

    Chantee DChantee D9 months ago
  • thats some fudgein dedacation

    nakunaku9 months ago
  • rip coby bryant

    YG2 NICEYG2 NICE10 months ago
  • Yea let’s blame his COMMENT on the ENTIRE team losing a series 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ and now look marijuana is legal and all of a sudden it’s not frowned upon?? C’mon sheeple

    Isaac QuinonesIsaac Quinones10 months ago
  • Fuck that nigga!!!! Wachu talking bout willis!!!

    smokey solosmokey solo10 months ago
  • Y’all better act like y’all kno ,, he ain’t lying josh howard is the sh** .!.

    LongerKat ‘LongerKat ‘10 months ago
  • R.I.P to The Black Mamba. I know this video is not about Kobe but I’m commenting it anyway

    MIke GMIke G10 months ago
  • 🤣

    Danny MarshburnDanny Marshburn10 months ago
  • His attitude does define him as a person.

    Walter ThompsonWalter Thompson10 months ago
  • Never heard of this or him. Welp

    aikinsvaikinsv10 months ago
  • Refs cheated Dallas the first Finals

    Flying DutchmanFlying Dutchman10 months ago
  • Don’t have an opinion that’s different from the masses in America. The star spangled banner is a song founded on racism and should be abolished like a trump rally

    michig911michig91110 months ago
  • What Josh said about the Star Spangled banner is how a large portion of black people feel!

    kingq01kingq0110 months ago
  • I'm white I don't even like the Star spangled banner lol

    Officer BarbradyOfficer Barbrady10 months ago
  • 7:30 to show a 15 sec video with a bunch of silly rambling. Dude loves to hear himself talk!

    derek jesterderek jester10 months ago

    Person's RulePerson's Rule10 months ago
  • He said the right thing.

    Andres QuinonesAndres Quinones10 months ago
  • A song about his death should be disliked. Can't make me love a song about killing my ancestors.

    Djedi Reeespect LyonsDjedi Reeespect Lyons10 months ago
  • Josh Howard was a baller

    Jose CuervoJose Cuervo11 months ago
  • So he kept it too real is what I’m hearing 🤔

    Billie Dave HartBillie Dave Hart11 months ago
  • Where tf he get a Baltimore Melo Jersey ?? 😂😂 that shit say “Melo” not “Ravens”

    Markus WebbMarkus Webb11 months ago
  • Ballers wannabe rappers and rappers wannabe ballers so you really think Josh Howard was the only NBA all-star that was smoking weed ... Jason Terry was a crip need I remind y'all so come on the NBA allows certain shit .... But professionalism comes from you as a person its not something that can be taught

    Robert ChavezRobert Chavez11 months ago
  • Stay woke! They don’t want a real N.I .G.G.A (Tupac voice) If you study pac then u know the acronym Josh video was real maybe tasteless but real!

  • I remember this .he was balling out for mavs

    mxg xmxg x11 months ago
  • The star bangle banner was a racial song before they changed the lyrics

    Ant JamesAnt JamesYear ago
  • u gone face bad luck. If u don’t click this

    Real BiggunnitEGReal BiggunnitEGYear ago
  • Wtfym that vid was pre kapernick every1 from back then owe that man an apology

    Mike HonchoMike HonchoYear ago
  • love your videos fool keep it up 👍🏽

    Lil SwervoLil SwervoYear ago
  • I’m pretty sure Josh Howard is racist and uneducated, it doesn’t surprise my you idiots defend him though. What if it was a white guy saying similar things? Thought so, dumbass

    Jess BlazeJess BlazeYear ago
  • I see you just as full of shit as your ancestors.. Lying to make money.. You ain't even right.😂😂😂.

    Sir JuJuSir JuJuYear ago
  • He also couldn't quit smoking weed.

    3CA13CA1Year ago
  • This goes to show how soft and pussy the world is can’t take a damn joke

    Mystic StylezMystic StylezYear ago
  • Injuries derailed his career. Period.

    Robert JacobsonRobert JacobsonYear ago
  • I just saw the hairline at 7:04 and for a cool second I thought that was Bron

    Dat DudeDat DudeYear ago
  • When will someone actually sing the original "star spangled banner?!?!".

    14thabz14thabzYear ago
  • People need to stop this because Dallas blew them/HEAT out all season and Tim D was arrested for fixing games after this series.

    14thabz14thabzYear ago
  • He was a fool, and so are many posting here.

    KassperTKassperTYear ago
  • That anthem is for Americans not African Americans 💯

    Jomo HarrisJomo HarrisYear ago
  • 🤔🤔 u sign with NCAA teams he said he signed to wake forest I thought u get scouted to college and sign a contract with the NBA I could be wrong thought idk 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

    Sinsear JonesSinsear JonesYear ago
  • He spoke the truth about the anthem

  • I’m more upset that I had to wait 4:30 to find that out. 🤨

    youngkey3051youngkey3051Year ago
  • U sound stupid

    kenjikenjiYear ago
  • If you can play and win games for an organization, thus make the product tons of money, then no one gives a crap what you say.

    Disorder LiberalismDisorder LiberalismYear ago
  • He’s not suppose to like a country that don’t like em 🤡🗑

    Russell JohnsonRussell JohnsonYear ago
  • he was one of the best player those days, and acl fucked up everything. that's it

    jason leejason leeYear ago
  • Delete this video. Makes it channel look weak

    Cash RulesCash RulesYear ago
  • Sounds like 3 straight knee injuries is what ended his career because he was still getting picked up by NBA teams and then getting injured so if it was the video then he would have never played in the NBA again

    dwash726dwash726Year ago
  • Winston Salem in the building bruh got banned for speaking the truth

    Shoes BillyShoes BillyYear ago
  • I finally got mine working with the help of hack_dave on instagram I'm so happy now

    bco mavenbco mavenYear ago
  • I’ll wipe my ass with the American flag

    mikemikeYear ago
  • Yeah to bad, why should he celebrate the star spangled banner!? It wasn’t for him or black people.

    Jose RiveraJose RiveraYear ago
  • He is black and y'all put a flag over the lives of the citizens of the country so the flag, anthem ect. Shouldn't mean shit to any person of color with a sane mind.

    Money M.o.B. Mu$ikMoney M.o.B. Mu$ikYear ago
  • But it's the video's title that got you to click #clickbait

    eyetellyoueyetellyouYear ago
  • Yeah, injuries not the fuck the flag bullshit!! Every pro athlete has said fuck the flag.. Rapinoe just said it in 2019.. Who cares fuck it

    Doctor MindBenDaDoctor MindBenDaYear ago
  • He was way before his time with this statement

    Courtney DavisCourtney DavisYear ago
    • Not really lol

      Money M.o.B. Mu$ikMoney M.o.B. Mu$ikYear ago
  • I ain't with that shit either so I feel u Howard that shit is a white man anthem

    Larry TrejoLarry TrejoYear ago
  • That’s not a mistake and he didn’t do anything wrong. He has the right not to stand or celebrate a flag or song that represents to some, a system of oppression amongst other things. America fucking everybody but some are getting a better cut in the heist. You’re a fool if you think otherwise.

    Lone $tar OMGLone $tar OMGYear ago
  • This video is for people who don't about Howard and his NBA career, not hoopheads who do. Multiple ACL injuries ruined his career, not that video. Anybody who looks J Howard up will learn that. Make vids like this for folks who won't look your subjects up , to see if you're telling the real story..

    brad56t darius03brad56t darius03Year ago
  • This is bullshit 😂. He was fucked up with injuries.

    Forever GoonerForever GoonerYear ago
  • Lol so he basically was the first one to say fuck the flag 😂😂 so many years later he would’ve been okay now

    TBTPUTBTPUYear ago
  • Literally pointless video, you admit in the video itself that it was repeated injuries that lead to the death of his career the bad press had nothing to do with it. If anything you can argue the bad press cost him a ring with the Mavs but that’s it.

    Nick WagnerNick WagnerYear ago
  • Another black man suffered from niggaitis

    Psykic ChimpPsykic ChimpYear ago