Their Feud Lasted for YEARS!.. Whose FAULT was It?

Sep 26, 2020
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Their Feud Lasted for YEARS!.. Whose FAULT was It?
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  • Bout time this got aired

    Danny MarshburnDanny Marshburn13 hours ago
  • He was supposed to take that criticism and get better or stand up to him look what it did to Gasol and the other people around him. Jordan used to hit people and LeBron trade players and throw people under the bus. Kobe wanted you to be the best you could be. Look at Kobe teammates after they left they all sucked besides Gasol, Fisher, Shaq Odom everyone else was non existent after the Lakers

    Moon StarMoon StarDay ago
  • Kobe was like MJ in the way he was hard on his teammates, BUT i feel like MJ knew how to get people involved when it mattered in a game and wouldn't shoot over a triple team.

  • Kobe help killed his career. He messed that man money up.

    The Realest dude I knowThe Realest dude I know2 days ago
  • Kobe got his karma .. He should have been the bigger man

    Jude Martin CeladaJude Martin Celada2 days ago
  • Straight up bully...

    Mark FeltMark Felt3 days ago
  • made sure thst man didn't get a job pretty much when u fuckin with a man pockets it's hard to respect

    Earlito davisEarlito davis4 days ago
  • Kobe a good basketball player but selfish as hell

    Earlito davisEarlito davis4 days ago
  • I still don't like Kobe🥱

    Redman PropheciesRedman Prophecies4 days ago
  • Was Smush doing any helicopter maintenance in the last few years?😮

    James BowserJames Bowser5 days ago
  • Kobe was wrong for that I actually thought smush was a good player when he got their he was actually memorable, just imagine if eddie Jones would of told kobe you can't talk until you get some more accolades, he would of never got the help he needed along with stealing his swag, stealing jordan whole vibe, and style stealing iverson's crossover in their early years... That was too arrogant of him to treat him like that instead of helping him like eddie Jones helped kob

    Swisher SweetsirelliSwisher Sweetsirelli6 days ago
  • I'm a die hard Kobe fan but I'm with smush on this one .

    18 3218 326 days ago
  • Sorry for what? Kobe treated him wrong. Kobe should've said he was sorry to Parker.

    Kevin LeKevin Le7 days ago
  • Kobe was a fucin asshole to Smush

    Jaxon DakotaJaxon Dakota9 days ago
  • Me personally I respect people. But I wasn't born to love or like them.

    Ricardo SolisRicardo Solis11 days ago
  • For all the people saying Kobe was an asshole, maybe he was. But at the end of the day respect is earned not given. You want respect, show it in your work ethic and stand up for yourself. Smush Parker is a grown ass man. How are you getting bullied from another grown man is beyond me. Kobe was a balm hog maybe that's true, but he trusted guys whom work hard and never back down and knows how to make shots. How you want the ball but can't shoot? He trusted Derek, Lamar Odom, Pau, and other superstars around the league like Lebron, Wade why? Guys that work hard, never backs down and can make a shot. That's how you earn Kobe's respect not lip service. I'm sure he saw Smush potential but apparently he was lazy and immature. Kobe likes guys that work hard and whom never back down not whiners. He and Shaq got feud because Shaq was lazy too so the level of respect was not where it should have been had Shaq shown more work ethic. This is the case here people. Kobe got to where he was by working hard in the weight room, shooting 2000 shots per day, asking questions, working on game time moves, watching film etc. If you want to get better, you reach out to him he will always help you whether you're his teammate or not. Why didn't Smush?

    Jephte ClersaintJephte Clersaint12 days ago
  • Y’all don act as if Smush didn’t have a not so good work ethic. He left LA then talked a lot. Kobe fired back then they got beef.

    Mir TayamenMir Tayamen13 days ago
  • Kobe got bullied by the media after shaq leaving the L.A... and he proved thats doubters are wrong about him.. smush must prove that to kobes too..

    kristoffer Espinakristoffer Espina16 days ago
  • Yea Kobe. I love Kobe . Bt that dude has quit a couple times. I know Kobe fans don’t like that. O well. Kobe was a terrible leader. There are a lot of teammates that don’t like him at all.

    tony latrelltony latrell19 days ago
  • I am a fan of Kobe's intensity. But he was a bad person.

    Adarsh PandeyAdarsh Pandey21 day ago
  • Smush sounds more like a scorned ex gf exaggerating things. He just seems like a lazy piece of trash and that wasn’t gonna fly with that Mamba mentality. And you gotta remember there’s two sides to every story and if he feels like apologizing, obviously there’s some details he’s leaving out.

    jhskasgsjhskasgs29 days ago
  • Kobe probably still doesn't care in the after life......Smush who hes probably saying

    TheBine5150TheBine515029 days ago
  • A grown man cannot be bullied. If he was bullied by another grown man, he let that happened and that’s all on him.

    Rich CharlesRich CharlesMonth ago

    Randomly_Black_ChristianRandomly_Black_ChristianMonth ago
  • This kinda cements what I had always thought about Kobe...he was not a good leader on the court. He should have been trying to help Smush instead of ridiculing him....

    Tim A.Tim A.Month ago
  • It’s my birthday 🎁 today

    Jacob DenkerJacob DenkerMonth ago
  • man all these people saying that they didn't see a reason IN THIS VIDEO for Smush to apologize and that Kobe was just a bully. Of course it felr like that cuz the guy who made this video is just showing the times Kobe was an ass with fuckin Jaws sound track playing in the background. But didn't show Parker being a ass and punk either.. They both were in the wrong, with Smush not listening and testing Kobe and Kobe biting back in a sometimes asshole way. But look if your a kid fucking around with a snake by hitting it and testing it... That mamba is gonna bite you in the ass and then your not gonna know wtf just happend.

    Virgil TagsipVirgil TagsipMonth ago
  • I don't accept apologies. I want revenge!😈

    Green NicotineGreen NicotineMonth ago
  • I mean Kobe was a beast he wanted you to be the best you could be he was bully but I’m sure he wanted him to be good..if that was me I’d sure be there practicing right next to the guy Kobe wanted to win that was the focus

    Richard RamirezRichard RamirezMonth ago
  • why does this sound like a murder mystery docuseries?

    Edsel DocenaEdsel DocenaMonth ago
  • Young brother Parker it is not all your fault and at least you accepted part of the responsibility but the rest falls on Kobe because he's older and should know better but keep living life

    Ruben BellRuben BellMonth ago
  • Parker would have be a 'harper' for kobe.

    maleman julpaxmaleman julpaxMonth ago
  • Anything to but a get your name and story out everybody got bullied story in all leagues Kobe just want him to be better because he knew he had potential but he was too busy fucking off now he want to cry about it

    Nino BrownNino BrownMonth ago
  • Kobe Holy

    Sports Way upSports Way upMonth ago
  • Kolb was a pure asshole with this dude . He was dead wrong for the way he treated him

    Michael SimsplayaMichael SimsplayaMonth ago
  • Apologize to him for what, he treated you bad and you said what u said. They keep saying they were hard core back then but they can’t take the same dish they serve to other people

    Peter AtakoraPeter AtakoraMonth ago
  • More than once Kobe admitted being (tough, asshole, bully, whatever you want to put) to his teammates to get them to strive to be better. Doesn’t work with every personality. Smush was one. Basically saying “Don’t talk to me unless you get more accolades on your belt” was basically testing Smush to either strive to get better or don’t and hit the road. Smush obviously had the type of personality where he didn’t strive to be better. And that’s OKAY. That’s his personality. Just means his didn’t and wouldn’t ever mesh with Kobe’s. Honestly I’m like Smush. I remember little league baseball I would literally shut down and quit if I got any toughness from my coaches. So I don’t think I would strive with Kobe but I definitely do respect his approach and when the Lakers were really able to weed out and in those types of personalities you saw what happened. Evolving a 500 team into going to three straight Finals, winning two.

    Nicholas EtueNicholas EtueMonth ago
  • Smush was trash. So he got treated like trash. Rip KOBE.

    Eric PhamEric PhamMonth ago
  • I would have slapped the shit out Kobe he would talked to me like that and then we would have been cool 😎

    Lamar PowellsLamar PowellsMonth ago
  • bro dont carry around that burden. You reached out to him he refused to communicate to you . him saying you dont deserve to be in the NBA him saying he lost a championship or games because of you. In short he never respected you. its seems that a number of stars believe that they are idols and i mean in the god form. they believe they should recieve worship rather than criticism even tho constructive. in my view it is more often because they see something in that individual that they themself fear, they see the potential and know if harnessed that individual would be greater than them. But any competitor know that the kriptonite to success is doubt and insecurity. so if he instilled in your brain, in your consciousness that you did not deserve to be in the NBA thats how you would play. and rather than being yourself and playing like yourself. you spend time playing to get his approval or playing to spite him. In the end you will lose not only your passion for the game but also yourself. nontheless you are here, you still have life. i say this to you my brother "What profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul" . You know we as black people love to ralk about how the "white man" is keeping us down but more than often we are keeping ourselves down. because we hate to give credit where credit is due. Because we want to be the only one. All because we do not want to share the spotlight . The true difinition of a Nigga

    Jason GlintonJason GlintonMonth ago
  • I’ve always believed, like every other feud, they both have their own reasons and there must have been A LOT of misunderstandings and miscommunications. Especially, when you talk about each other through the media.

    Sun SupphanatSun SupphanatMonth ago
  • I feel bad the way Kobe died but it sounds like he was a horrible teammate and I never did like him as a player and never was a fan.

    Marlon GraysMarlon GraysMonth ago
  • Smush wasn't a bad player, Kobe could have been a leader that he was and made him better instead of making him feel like trash so my opinion, Kobe's fault

    Joel ZendejasJoel ZendejasMonth ago
  • Dude you didn't do anything wrong. There was no need to apologize.

    Ben DenBen DenMonth ago
  • Creepy ass music bro wtf?

    Justin AnthonyJustin AnthonyMonth ago
  • For some reason everyone loves Kobe Bryant. As a basketball player (not a father) he was a punk! He was an extremely arrogant kid that had zero respect for his peers when he came into the league. He copied every little thing Michael Jordon did. And while we all love watching these players play. By no way does it make them good people or people you would want to be around. Most of the greats (not all) seem to be giant assholes. Their obsessive compulsiveness, their belittling teammates, and others, their sense of entitlement, their Hollier than though attitudes, is often covered up by well crafted Marketing campaigns to sell shit. Personally, I was never a fan. I loved Shaq and still do. Kobe, was just not that love able. Of course, I would have never wanted him to pass away the way he did. And my heart goes out to his family. But as a player, I was never a fan. I was thought he was a punk, a show boat, a cry baby, a narcissistic psychopath, that was obsessed with being Michael Jordan. Sorry Kobe fans. He was no MJ. A great player. Hall of famer. And a champion, I just didn’t care for him as a player. Bring on the hateful comments.😂😂😂😂😂

    Chad AultChad AultMonth ago
  • Kobe should have at least some love to Smush.

    MantisAtlantisMantisAtlantisMonth ago
  • Kobe was competitive to the fullest it caused a lot of people to hate him. It is what it is, but try not let it go on for so long that you don't get a chance to apologize...

    Benjamin From The Tribe of JudahBenjamin From The Tribe of JudahMonth ago
  • Who cares, Kobe was Illuminati and a huge ego. Was involved in no good.

    Papa RuffyPapa RuffyMonth ago
  • Damm this is like Jordans and horace grants feud

    Aey PhanAey PhanMonth ago
  • When anyone dies, there nothing but good things to be said about them ... but, it’s not anyways true ... Nobody gets on with everyone, and for a man to tell a teammate, not to talk to him ... that’s harsh .... RipKB thou ...

    Roger DrakesRoger DrakesMonth ago
  • Smush tried to make it right with Kobe and he shouldn't feel guilty about anything anymore.

    Christopher DavisChristopher DavisMonth ago
  • great documentary. kobe was wrong for this. wow......kinda hate i saw this

    Ed HEd HMonth ago
  • Yall soft af. Yall upset because he challenged smush the same way he did everyone else. Go look up how he was with teammates that had something to prove

    Yasha BakerYasha BakerMonth ago
  • Parker is a referee in Brooklyn now. He reffed my brothers middle school game

    Hamdy MaliHamdy MaliMonth ago
  • Comes around goes around.Be good to each other life is short lived.

  • Smush was 1 outta 15 guys that didnt like kobe. Everybody else loved kobe's approached to the game.

    Jentry HaskinsJentry HaskinsMonth ago
  • F'k Kobe

    Jaime AldereteJaime AldereteMonth ago
  • Who cares??????

    steven rushsteven rushMonth ago
  • Always felt bryant is overrated as a leader.

    olu oluolu oluMonth ago
  • That's why I don't like Kobe, don't get me wrong I respect his greatness on the court. But the way he treats people who he don't like as trash man....

    Hakket MczHakket MczMonth ago
  • I think it was blown out of proportion. Kobe would do things to get under people’s skin but as a tactic to make them tap into the desire to be better-to prove they could be better. Kobe’s work ethic is legendary! When you’re the one who’s pegged as the leader,more times than not,you’re going to ruffle some feathers,not be liked for what you say and do,but that’s the solitary life of a leader. In the end,if people truly understood what you were trying to do,they’ll respect you for your leadership. 💯 Long live Kobe💜💛#8#24🖤🐍 #LakerNation💜💛#LakerLegacy💜💛🏆 Rest easy,John,Keri and Alyssa Altobelli,Kobe and Gianna Bryant,Christina Mauser,Sarah and Peyton Chester, and Ara Zobayan. 🕊🖤🤍🏀💜💛

    Tunisha BellTunisha BellMonth ago
  • Kobe did the same thing to Jeremy Lin. Sometimes it can motivate a teammate, but other times it can break them down. Kobe either didn't know the difference or didn't care. Either way Smush was owed the apology.

    Roldan 00Roldan 00Month ago
  • This is the only time I would ONLY say it once and that's kobe was dick to smush and he had no heart for that foo

    Luis SepulvedaLuis SepulvedaMonth ago
  • Everyone knows Kob was an asshole off the court, the problem is they let they feelings about how they feel about him limit how good he was on the court, no one mastered the skill of basketball more than Kobe Bryant, that shit is not respected enough Like I said he was an asshole as a teammate and that should be taken into account as minus points but that shouldn’t blind people of the whole picture it’s just part of the picture Smush Parker was the starting pg for the Lakers on a team that took a 3-1 lead over the Pheonix Suns, after leaving the lakers Smush didn’t really get to play for any other teams, before joining the lakers no teams gave him real playing time especially not as a starter His greatest success on any team in the league was with Kobe, people look at Kobe as an asshole and automatically connect that with he made players worse around him What people need to do more of is look at guys full careers before/after they played with a superstar This is because when you play with a superstar it’s too hard to tell how good a player is This is for 2 reasons 1. When you play with a superstar they dominate the ball this means you get less shots and opportunities, for instance Chris Bosh with Bron and Wade looked worse in Miami than in Tor because he got less opportunities, CP3 looked worse on the USA team because less opportunities, Steph looked worse with KD because less opportunities 2. The other reason it’s too hard to judge a player when they’re with a superstar is because that superstar might just be making them look good, the superstar gets more of the defensive attention, the best player guards the superstar so they have an easier matchup etc This is why ITS WAY TOO HARD TO JUDGE how good a player is when they play with a superstar because they can look worse with less opportunities or better with an easier job This is why I stress fans start looking at players for their career in multiple locations, for instance a guy like D Fish, yes he had success with Kobe and Shaq, but he had yrs where he left the Lakers and made big playoff shots and was an important role on a Utah team, he started for the Warriors and he wasn’t great enough to lead them to the playoffs or anything but he was good enough to be a better player for them, even when he got older OKC still picked him up and he came off the bench playing good minutes, breaking down his whole career this shows he was a really good role player, first of all the fact other teams picked him up and gave him minutes shows that he was good enough to beat out guys for the job, that other teams thought he was good, if he had success with Kobe but then left and couldn’t get playin time anywhere else that would be more evidence that Kobe was just making him look good, because if he was ACTUALLY good other teams would want him, other players would say he’s a free agent go pick him up because teams want to win The fact that he was a good bench player for the Jazz and a starter for a bad warriors team gives more evidence that he was a really good role player but not an all star in any stretch Now look at a player like Dragic for instance, he was a good bench player/starter for Pheonix, then he goes to Miami and is an even better starter and even makes the all star team one yr, this shows he’s not a superstar but he has all star capability in the right situation if you look at his full career it’s easy to judge his skill is a great role player/borderline all star, but no consistent all star or superstar player Then you look at a player like AD and he’s a clear superstar because no matter what team you put him on he’s going to make the all star team Looking at a guys full career is huge in judging how good they are, yes there’s other factors like age or coming off injury, but for the most part if a guy can hoop he can hoop and it’ll show through his career, Like Rando this last yr, he was an all star for Celtics and showed he still is a great role player, he can obviously hoop there’s consistency, sure it’s not always 100% accurate but it’s a lot more accurate than only looking at them at one destination, Draymond Green was an all star with Steph and Klay but then this past yr with them injured he had terrible stats and couldn’t lead the team to any wins, meanwhile if Klay and Draymond had gotten hurt and only have Steph the Warriors still prob miss the playoffs but Steph is still an all star, and if the Warriors had an MJ/Bron/Kobe they are def still all stars and still might fuck around and make the playoffs Different circumstances give a way better picture of the level of the player So I said all that to say, yes Kobe is an asshole and a terrible off the court teammate, it’s well documented, and it should count as minus points for his career/goat status But getting emotional or blinded by that fact and saying he 💯 didn’t make any teammates better is still your choice but just please make sure you look at the full picture before coming up wit that conclusion Smush, Kwame, Brian Cook, Chris Mihm, Mevedenko, Mark Madsen, Khareem Rush, Vujacic, Turiaf, Shannon Brown, Luke Walton, Farmar, Josh Powell etc. All played big minutes for Kobe Bryant playoff teams and then before/after in their careers couldn’t get real success or playing time or jobs by other teams Meanwhile Trevor Ariza has a great yr with Lakers and 11yrs later is still in the nba, playing as a starter for WCF Rockets team in 2018, a starter for the Portland Blazers team this yr in the playoffs even at an older age, it’s clear to look at Arizas career and see he’s not an all star but is a really good role player REGARDLESS of Kobe To say Kobe didn’t make guys better when all those bums I listed above only got their time to shine with Kobe says a lot, if they could hoop other teams and players would’ve treated and wanted them like D Fish Kobe has to get some credit for carrying those guys to playoffs and championships or at least looked into because saying he doesn’t make anyone better just because he was an asshole/ego maniacal is unfair to his basketball skill and isn’t taking all the facts into conclusion Now maybe you still think he didn’t make anyone better, and it’s just a coincidence those guys had the most success in their careers playing with him, all I’m asking is that you think about it and that it gets brought up more Because I always hear they say Bron makes his guys better, but you look at Brons teammates and there’s way less guys who have only success in their careers playing with Bron like the amount of guys that only had success playing with Kob, there’s way more Kob bum teammates can’t get a job for other teams, compared to Brons teammates So maybe the skill of Kobe did make guys better or take more defense focus and made teammates better than they actually were and he was just an Asshole while doing it, maybe his drive to win was so much that once it got on the court it didn’t matter if he liked a guy or not Shit Shaq hated Kob, Kob did little bitch stuff snitchen on Shaq, but on the court Shaq still had the best yrs of his career playing WITH Kobe Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Horry, D Fish, Ariza, Devean George, all the bums I just listed above had their best career success, looked like the best versions of themselves, with Kobe Meanwhile most of Brons guys Wade, AD, Bosh, Love, Ray Allen, Battier, Mike Miller, Chalmers, Rando, Dwight Howard, JR Smith, Korver, Rodney Hood, IT, Clarkson, etc didn’t look their best in their careers with Bron Does this mean Kobe made his teammates better than Bron does? NO Bron is def the way better passer, I’m just saying to look at the full picture when looking at these players for the sacred title of Goat 🐐 I definitely think Kobe made guys better and carried teams a lot better than he gets credit for and that he carried teams better than Bron, Bron has better stats while carrying teams but it’s sort of like Westbrook and CP3 Westbrook will carry OKC and average a triple double with more points CP3 will carry OKC and average less points, 6 assists 3 rebounds but because he’s a better shooter and plays a more fluid game, plus has a better on court iq he actually makes guys better and carries the team better Now I could be wrong because Bron is amazing I’m just saying let’s look at the full picture y’all not just go off what the media says or doing lazy analysis Asshole off court = 100% bad teammate When it’s really asshole off court = minus points as a player and leader but doesn’t tell the whole on court story

    Thomas WayneThomas WayneMonth ago
  • That was just kobe

    jamorris webberjamorris webberMonth ago
  • It’s called hazing for all the sensitive fools, you know everything Kobe took before he got on. It’s not gonna be easy Kobe expects you to be great to play with him whats all this crybaby shit. Kobe was right for being hard on him cuz he didn’t last, if he was stronger he would’ve went through the adversity got better and stayed on the lakers.

    Mike HuntMike HuntMonth ago
  • This is a classless video. And it's extremely one-sided. Name a vet that wouldn't have treated a arrogant young player like this. Who was Smush Parker to be trying to keep the ball from Kobe? Lol!!

    Kobe RashidKobe RashidMonth ago
    • Speaking of a one sided opinion, your name’s Kobe.

      Dirk PackwoodDirk PackwoodMonth ago
  • I like the background music its like watching a crime report.

    Godmarz PopyGodmarz PopyMonth ago
  • This vid was boring

    9 179 17Month ago
  • Smush Parker looks like lebron he just doesn't have his game

    bronx bullybronx bullyMonth ago
  • I don’t care how much of a star you are, at the end of the day we’re men first. Can’t be treating people like lil kids.....then when I standup to you, you wanna take away my livelihood.

    Deondreclark ClarkDeondreclark ClarkMonth ago
  • This wasn’t really a toxic relationship honestly.

    Unique Perfection GamingUnique Perfection GamingMonth ago
  • When Kobe died, a friend of mine said "I think he was on the plane with a bunch of friends". I said "Kobe doesn't HAVE a bunch of friends"... And that's just the way it was. ♥️

    A BrownA BrownMonth ago
  • Yeah Kobe was wrong, he bullied the guy.

    Anjeanette WhiteAnjeanette WhiteMonth ago
  • That's sad

    leonidas uzumakileonidas uzumakiMonth ago
  • I always hated this beef/feud, the media shares blame in this stupidity. There are people who marveled at Kobe’s competitiveness, his insatiable desire to be the greatest and his disdain for his definition of incompetence. Now he’s deceased and this man seems to feel some sort of guilt because he wasn’t the most desirable teammate. To anyone, life is too short to rail on someone’s perceived shortcomings, when all you can talk about is a man’s athletic prowess and his undying love for one of his children, that ain’t saying a lot.

    Sherman MillerSherman MillerMonth ago
  • Good move 🔥💪🏾

    PHARO 384PHARO 384Month ago
  • Apologize for what exactly Kobe was a prick that wasn’t a secret !

    Frankie 5 AngelsFrankie 5 AngelsMonth ago
  • Smush is still going through hardship, ask he's landlord.

    logz Raiiklogz RaiikMonth ago
  • The man passed away let him rest KB24

    Benny RodriguezBenny RodriguezMonth ago
  • All that glitter aint gold. Jordan is and was an even bigger asshole.

    Kosmos 144Kosmos 144Month ago
  • I believe Kobe forgive him

    ShellShellMonth ago
  • That's the reason I don't hold a grudge against anyone, life is to short and you don't known what's around the corner.

    Icrazieelliot GamerIcrazieelliot GamerMonth ago
  • The same energy that made Kobe and MJ assassins ON the court made them terrible human beings OFF the court.

    Dee BeeDee BeeMonth ago
  • He had absolutely no reason to apologize, and kobe is my 2nd favorite player. But I do know he had some mean ways, and Smith did write letters to reach out to him so he did his part

    Mese BurnettMese BurnettMonth ago
  • His mistake is that he said Kobe and Lakers are overrated. He dissed Kobe and both LA in the same statement. No good teams picked him up after that because chances are he'd say the same for your team. Kobe isn't at fault for his career death. He did all of this to himself.

    Dirk SnowmanDirk SnowmanMonth ago
  • I respect you as a player and person Parker.. as a person no respect for Kobe. 😥😥

    Zan FordZan FordMonth ago
  • Sasha was getting a treatment from kobe also. But they ended up great friends, we acting like anyone should be a saint or something,

    Nurhakim SalimNurhakim SalimMonth ago
    • @epakerd duH! obviously , what a dumbass statement. even kobe said that a bunch of times, including in the last dance docu. thats why he said the comparison is bullshit, and Jordan is the goat.

      Nurhakim SalimNurhakim SalimMonth ago
    • Nurhakim Salim Kobe was a Jordan wannabe his entire career

      epakerdepakerdMonth ago

    Abragram StinkinAbragram StinkinMonth ago
  • Don't trip on SMUSH bruh

    Abragram StinkinAbragram StinkinMonth ago
  • Smush showed class n respect even in a hard situation 👊

    KoldKastleProductionKoldKastleProductionMonth ago
  • Kobe has always been rough on teammates the list goes on but only a few will speak on it shade to a man who is not here

    KoldKastleProductionKoldKastleProductionMonth ago
  • When u play on a team with someone like a KOBE, MJ or what have u a player(s) is going to get it if that player(s) is not performing up to the standard. It happens in all sports. Of course it doesn't make it right but it happens. Smush should've kept it to himself and played bball. Work on your game and keep balling. What he should have done was get at KOBE and kept it in house.

    Sir JuJuSir JuJuMonth ago
  • Similar things were said about MJ. Greatness come with curtain degree of harshness.

    bobbydee30gbobbydee30gMonth ago
  • Unfortunately those two different personalities didn’t match well. At least smush tried to reach out. Unfortunate!

    Richard ScottRichard ScottMonth ago
  • Dope video💪

    Red Hood e.n.y.Red Hood e.n.y.Month ago
  • Everyone saying Kobe was an ass but he mimic y'all GOAT.. Kobe like MJ fuk friends he just want the W's Lol.. Tough love .

  • Everyone saying Kobe was an ass but he mimic y'all GOAT.. Kobe like MJ fuk friends he just want the W's Lol.. Tough love .

  • Kobe was just copying michael with that ass hole mentality.

    MrInzombiaMrInzombiaMonth ago