These NBA Moments Seem Awfully Suspicious...

Oct 15, 2020
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These NBA Moments Seem Awfully Suspicious...
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  • you forgot the kings vs Lakers series robbing chris webber of a ring

    TheSacred55TheSacred556 hours ago
  • all sports are fixed and lies. just like everything else they show u on tv. wake up ppl

    TMG RamboTMG RamboDay ago
  • Lol all theory no evidence..🤣..trump esque freak

    Emoney GEmoney GDay ago
  • Blahahaha. . . . This is dumb. Settle down flat earther. 🙄

    Chris HorneChris HorneDay ago
  • Magnets 🧲 wow really?

    Steven PeysuSteven PeysuDay ago
  • Totally rigged to keep fans salivating over bs.

    Robert MitchellRobert MitchellDay ago
  • Didn't Kno the nba owned the hornets explains the whole Chris Paul to not goin to LA

    Ked JonesKed Jones2 days ago
  • ALL sports are rigged!! That's why I no longer watch ANY of them!!!

    Orographic InteractionOrographic Interaction2 days ago
  • This is stupid. How did the spurs win all those rings if nba is rigged or why 2004 pistons beat the lakers.....human errors happen all the time

    bigboner23bigboner232 days ago
  • 7:50 Never heard or thought of this

    God of Moses and ElijahGod of Moses and Elijah2 days ago
  • Cosgrove what more proof do you need that all sports is orcastrated even the ball has a magnet in it just like the rim also how do you think they can make them free throws!!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs2 days ago
  • Why would Anthony Davis want to rock that unibrow like? That shit looks crazy

    Jonathan HenryJonathan Henry3 days ago
  • I was in the NBA and I was an underrated star. But I had a 3 year career and I can confirm the NBA balls do not have magnets in them.

    BigBallBigBall3 days ago
  • The Motumbo had me thinking rigged as well as Cavs Warriors Game 1 slip up...the magnets in ball wow never paid attention to that...hhhmmm

    The PickleThe Pickle3 days ago
  • Very foolish to believe the ball has magnets

    Deez PeanutzDeez Peanutz3 days ago
  • Last part was like same with American Football. Hands of receivers have magnets like my gosh you see them catch the ball with so much velocity. It was revealed that magnets used also has a name which are “Skills and Talent”. Shocking right?

    Senpai_KingSenpai_King3 days ago
  • The Rockets missing 30-3 pointers is validation of a conspiracy. But with COVID-19 & the RFID microchip about to be presented to the world, NBA Basketball is a waste of now

    Charles CCharles C3 days ago
  • Will it’s not just the NBA, these things always happening in football “soccer”. By saying that I don’t mean it’s all staged and sh*t, but every association needs money and profits to keep going, so there are times they try to push something to happen because that will make them a lot of money which is sucks because it happened once for my team in football “soccer” in semi-final UCL 2009 (Chelsea VS Barcelona), all the fu**ing world knew that there’s something wrong happening in that game.

    Mr.Sully's channelMr.Sully's channel3 days ago
  • I love your videos but please do a video about how the media over hyped Kobe in the nba, showing how he never fouled out in any game and how he’s untouchable and how he’s fouls committed by him is never called , and how he would never have gotten five championships without shaq. Please. Thanks

    Omar FaroukOmar Farouk3 days ago
  • MJ is gonna snatch up AD to play with Melo Ball. You heard it here first y’all.

    Richard FloresRichard Flores4 days ago
  • This whole vid is such a reach 😂

    Kid CanadaKid Canada4 days ago
  • All of entertainment is fixed and controlled

    Nishkam The GeneralNishkam The General4 days ago
  • magnet on the spalding ball ?.....

    Mariano ParokziMariano Parokzi4 days ago
  • Pro sports is an entertainment venue, not a true competition or the championship listings would look a lot different.

    KaMau MauKaMau Mau4 days ago
  • Johnson works his magic 🤣🤣🤣

    Vin Dicated22Vin Dicated224 days ago
  • Good stuff interesting theories

    marshall stevensonmarshall stevenson5 days ago
  • if AD knew he was going to be drafted by the Hornets, wouldn't he just start holding out instead of proudly wearing the hat?

    rwalker0130rwalker01306 days ago
  • Look at all the silly children not even old enough to remember the 2002 WCF.

    Steve McNairSteve McNair7 days ago
  • When the NBA sees something broken, you expect them not to.....fix it?

    Wyatt RussellWyatt Russell7 days ago
  • the ad one could have been coincidence a lot of ppl wear hornets stuff for nostalgia

    Jake LangJake Lang7 days ago
  • This years 2K21 game had the announcers prematurely say the Clippers fell short of the NBA Finals. Before the playoffs even started

    Lord TraxxLord Traxx7 days ago
  • Bigtime money bigtime corruption.

    Buck AndersonBuck Anderson7 days ago
  • In my best Stephen A Smith voice, "he needs to lay off the weed" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ashtaye NanceAshtaye Nance8 days ago
  • 🤧🤣🤣🤣 Johnson worked his magic. Cosgrove is the GOAT😂

    Bans and the Humans PodcastBans and the Humans Podcast9 days ago

    Crisostomo IbarraCrisostomo Ibarra9 days ago
  • I knew the NBA was rigged

    EkoMazeEkoMaze10 days ago
  • The nba is rigged

    Detroit World TelevisionDetroit World Television10 days ago
  • Wow .... they do know how to work their MAGIC 😂😂

    Barbiegirl TinaBarbiegirl Tina11 days ago
  • Magnetic balls. Another reason if true Lebron will never be MJ

    World's Tallest WalrusWorld's Tallest Walrus12 days ago
  • I believe the lottery is rigged. You mixed that in with some questionable things. Then you threw in the magnet in the ball thing. If its bad for one its bad for the other.

    Doctor 1Doctor 112 days ago
  • 4:07 I see what you did there

    PokeTrainer ChrisPokeTrainer Chris13 days ago
  • These annoy me alot haha. Cringeworthy I guess I should say

    Donovan NungasakDonovan Nungasak13 days ago
  • jordan is a pig

    Evan VanotEvan Vanot14 days ago
  • 4:05 wonderful pun

    o z oo z o14 days ago
  • The AD pic was probably just because it the hornets colors matched his shirt.

    Esme SessomsEsme Sessoms14 days ago

    Rean TerioteRean Teriote14 days ago
  • It's called Gematria

    Eric LaceyEric Lacey14 days ago
  • Draft has been fixed since David Stern became a commissionner. Lebron getting to the cavs is the perfect example, but i think we can find many.

    Martin GreauMartin Greau15 days ago
  • you lost me with the kanye verse...

    tyreek lavingtontyreek lavington15 days ago
  • This some wwe shtuff

    jaden yukijaden yuki15 days ago
  • Whow now I didn’t know about the s Magnets in the Basketballs and in the Rims! But definitely always knew all Sports are Rigged...

    Capricious Twin LapeedaCapricious Twin Lapeeda15 days ago
  • Mutumbo aint want no problems with shaq talking bout sixers

    Badazz Mo3Badazz Mo315 days ago
  • Brooooo seriously I have been saying the magnets for the last 10 years, ain't no way 4 dudes on the same team with different shooting techniques all making that high of 3 point %.

    Alexander RichardsAlexander Richards15 days ago
  • damnnn

    MaGicXBeatSMaGicXBeatS16 days ago
  • Lebron is only in the hist conversation because of the media, that’s it!

    Anthony ColonAnthony Colon17 days ago
  • Lolololol ya the league is SOOOO fixed. Im sure they reeeaaaally really tried hard to have the Spurs win 5 freaking championships as the "most boring team ever" (a description I despise as a huge Spurs fan. Anyone who claims they were "boring" clearly never actually watched them play, yet countless NBA fans see them as just that. "Boring". Tell me Tony Parker didnt throw down some of the filthiest passes and finishes at the rim). And nevermind LeBron failing over and over in the playoffs/Finals. Im sure that's definitely what they wanted. And the Rockets choking in the playoffs??? How could that NOT be a fix guys?!?! Hahahahahaha give me a break. Magnets in the realise that's not how magnets work right? They don't "attract" and "repel" on command.... Im sorry.....but you could NEVER fix sports on the level that this is suggesting. Yes single games can be affected and shady things go on. But this league-wide, massive conspiracy that everything is fixed is just a joke. As soon as you start saying things like "listen to Kanye" and "magnets in the ball" lost me.

    Jordan LaneJordan Lane17 days ago
  • Ok so what I'm thinking is that since Anthony Davis went to Kentucky for college. He wore a hornets cap because the nearest team to Kentucky were the hornets, but that's just my theory.

    Khayrudin OumarouKhayrudin Oumarou18 days ago
  • The whole magnet Theory, has been around awhile now. A friend mentioned four year's before dame would take 30 ft 40 foot shots. Saying why don't NBA player's just shoot from the parking lot. They'll still make it, how the NBA puts magnets in the ball. Year's later dame dolla, trey young and a hand full of players just start pulling up from 40 I'm like I guess practice makes perfect lol.

    Michael SheltonMichael Shelton19 days ago
  • it is rigged i still will watch i am crazy

    Dillian StockmanDillian Stockman19 days ago
  • How about Zion? New Orleans owned by the NBA.. Last year the NYK had the highest chance to get the No.1 pick but went to NOP! If there's a consensus player to be draft Pelicans will get it Via No.1 pick! Sounds suspicious because AD and Zion was hyped up prospect heading to the draft like LBJ.

    Allen IgnatiusAllen Ignatius19 days ago
  • So the Illuminati run the NBA lol.

    Brando DanzBrando Danz19 days ago
  • Mythbusters needs to do the magnets. Seems pretty thin.

    Daniel ButtsDaniel Butts19 days ago
  • The game is fixed

    Joe BonnerJoe Bonner20 days ago
  • Reaching hard🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤦‍♂️

    Amos FloresAmos Flores20 days ago
  • Wow that's weird I never even thought about that.. But i do see why it could come up ive seen stuff that got me 🤔🤔🤔 you really think tho that they can put in magnets that are small enough to make that effect?

    Chad JonesChad Jones20 days ago
  • Conspiracy theory.....the nba is dead

    Bootz McgîllîcutyBootz Mcgîllîcuty21 day ago
  • So im not the only one who can agree that these theory’s are kinda outta there.. I follow sports on a daily and I don’t remember any of this bullshit going around.. I’m out

    D WinD Win21 day ago
  • 5:30 he knew he was gonna be the first pick though everyone knew

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy21 day ago
  • Lame.... Complete bs.... Stop using a mix of uncontrolled substances....

    Sergio FrancisSergio Francis21 day ago
  • Johnson worked his “magic” haa....

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy22 days ago
  • You’re gonna pull a back muscle reaching fam :(

    Ocean HudsonOcean Hudson22 days ago
  • The magnet 😂😂😂😂 I cant

    jamking 60jamking 6022 days ago
  • Yeah, no.

    OptimistPrimeOptimistPrime24 days ago
  • Bruh its all rigged the illuminati controls all sports

    thedonk2thedonk224 days ago
  • I have a conspiracy that needs investigating. Go through the fourth quarter of Game 5-7 of Clippers/Nuggets series n verify how many phantom fouls were called on the Clippers n how many no calls weren’t called on Denver. Everyone wants to talk about whether or not Lakers deserve an asterisk, but I believe it’s the NBA n Lebron James who need the asterisk. I knew the Clippers wasn’t going to win the series pre-Game 5 when they started showing stats about Clippers n Doc Rivers having lost multiple playoff series after having a 3-1 lead, but that made no sense with them having brought four significant players to the team that wasn’t on any of those teams. Y would the NBA need to cheat Clippers is simple. If Kawhi won a championship it would have irreparably destroyed Lebron’s goat conversation n put Kawhi in the driver seat of greatest player presently playing. Don’t forget Kawhi was also a Finals MVP looking to take his third team to a championship n they couldn’t take the chance of Lebron losing to Kawhi yet again n the NBA showed that they didn’t have enough confidence in Lebron to allow Kawhi to have a fair shot. Plz investigate this

    1 11 124 days ago
  • I agree with you on that basketball theory NBA is the only sport that won't let you keep the ball 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    mr4ccccmr4cccc25 days ago
  • Oh brother, hey man, the world if flat!!! We all know it man!!!!!!! TOTALLY FLAT!!! And there are martians living in the core!!!!

    Brad HarringtonBrad Harrington25 days ago
  • I mean all sports are rigged to an extent. If u don’t think so I’d say ur delusional. Hundreds of millions or even billions are at stake. Like this year. Did anyone really think anyone else stood a chance at winning an nba title after Kobe was died? U knew LA was gonna win hands down

    Mr. JayMr. Jay26 days ago
  • If I could show you facts it's all rigged you would try to discredit it if you so chose to. Now all these videos popping up and no more NBA. WELCOME TO COVID WORLD. KOBE FAKES HIS DEATH as a 33degeee mason. Too many people waking up and evil panics and fumbles plot holes in their stories. I CARE. I STILL CARE. IVE ALWAYS CARED . CARE!!!

    Ryan MeadeRyan Meade26 days ago
  • If magnet one is true im not gonna watch nba ever again

    Jakob Ibiši BercieriJakob Ibiši Bercieri27 days ago
  • I knew the nba was evil 😈

    Raycapone The Art DesignerRaycapone The Art Designer27 days ago
  • NBA Illuminati

    Dominic ChesterDominic Chester27 days ago
  • That magnet one was wild

    Shan is GarbageShan is Garbage27 days ago
  • This video got me thinking about the other video you did discussing those four pointer shots they be making like it's a regular three pointer to them

    Cory SmithCory Smith28 days ago
  • 5:56 O.J. Mayo look like Kyrie in this video.

    Dezz Epson41Dezz Epson4128 days ago
  • Maybe nba is slowly becoming wwe or it is for a long time already.

    Syril wayne CunetaSyril wayne Cuneta29 days ago
  • I truly believe in this time with information running rampant, truths being brought to light and so many things being uncovered, only people of the lowest of IQ's are watching sports right now.

    Jeremiah RatliffJeremiah RatliffMonth ago
  • Johnson magic ran out in the the early 90s 😂😂😂😂

    Demetrius WallerDemetrius WallerMonth ago
  • Jordan obviously released the footage without discretion due to the Lebron victory no suspicious mystery there, Blake Griffin was the best dunker in the league in 2011 and could easily demonstrate it at will undisputedly, 73 win warriors were a favorite-probably greatest lineup ever-just a typo by a 19 yr old nba twitter act admin and the series going to game 7 gave the nba the ability to drop the schedule to the next series making it pretty obvious it was an accident imo, Magic sealing a top 3 pick is madness. He's notoriously simple, and a doormat mascot to the nba elite, NBA lottery is likely occasionally cherry picked- multiple cases of this, but sometimes people are just leaning on good odds when making their personal predictions.

    Redbird JackRedbird JackMonth ago
  • lmao wtf

    Stephen CottenStephen CottenMonth ago
  • I GOT SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS FOR YOU TO DIG IN ON!! 2007 NBA finals had lowest finals ratings in history of sports (2007 Spurs sweep Cavs in 4 games). A year later NBA fix 2008 to be Lakers vs Celtics finals. Kwame Brown trade didn’t make sense, Garnett trade didn’t make sense, and it’s funny how Celtics found a way to make NBA finals again after 22 years. So happens Celtics run into Lakers. Dig deep into that story which I still got more on and you’ll know NBA is rigged as fuck. I swear

    YozzieYozzieMonth ago
  • So the rockets missed 3s but golden state hit them 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Ramses NunezRamses NunezMonth ago
  • When I first head of the MJ one I was just like really? Seems kinda petty/insecure to release those on those days.

    AnonymousAnonymousMonth ago
  • Bruh, that David Blaine segment was a parody, there were other videos of him for that commercial. You must be kinda stupid to think that should be taken seriously.

    Will LimWill LimMonth ago
  • These videos like horror stories I love em

    SheJawinKd ‘SheJawinKd ‘Month ago
  • This sucks

    Creative StonerCreative StonerMonth ago
  • Wow, what if it were true!

    Albert MalicayAlbert MalicayMonth ago
  • That Kanye song was a bit of a stretch

    Tyler HinzeTyler HinzeMonth ago
  • There's a draft and a salary cap but the same teams keep winning. Of course it's fixed

    Chipper DavisChipper DavisMonth ago
  • It’s obviously fake I’ve been saying it for years

    Bethebest 1Bethebest 1Month ago