These WORDS Eliminated his Chances of Making the HALL of FAME!

Jun 9, 2019
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These WORDS Eliminated his Chances of Making the HALL of FAME!
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  • This is BULLSHIT .... First of all ... the Hall of Fame is supposed to acknowledge those individuals who performed exceptionally in that sport ... period. Tim Hardaway was EXCEPTIONAL !!! Based on his performance, he SHOULD BE IN THE HALL OF FAME ... And he is kept out because of something he said .... he has the RIGHT TO HIS OPINION .... Whatever happened to " I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your RIGHT TO SAY IT" ... Tim, we who saw you play , know that you were the FIRST to make the cross-over an offensive weapon .... know what you brought each time you laced em' up .... know you belong in the Hall ... BY the way ... it has been documented how abusive Ty Cobb was .... but the guy's bust sits in the baseball Hall of Fame ... hmmmm

    Groove TheoryGroove Theory2 days ago
  • men a lot of "homophobic" athlete there but they just keep silence lmao

    BiblicalBiblical2 days ago
  • manny pacquiao said something about being homophobic and he just speak what he really feel about the issue, and he still probably make the boxing hall of fame,. not just because they are "homophobic" if thats what u believe, it doesn't mean they dont deserve to be in hall of fame smh

    BiblicalBiblical2 days ago
  • Dont worry Tim you ain't the only one !, BOTTYMON FI DEAD

    Bandemic Loot TorontaBandemic Loot TorontaMonth ago
  • So the man simply spoke his mind and they robbed him of his Hall Of Fame status. Disagreeing with someone's life style is like breaking the law these days. And honestly, I agree with him on some points.

  • Tim a real one for not being afraid to say what he believes in.

    MadTad Garden HoseMadTad Garden HoseMonth ago
  • I see you don't like the truth fuck you why you block me

    Jordan DownsJordan DownsMonth ago
  • Thats fucked up yo that man can feel anyway he wants to yo and say what he wants at least hes saying the shit so u know how he feel and he aint snakin!

    Eric ClaptonEric ClaptonMonth ago
  • This comment section is disgusting. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Too many homophobe in this video. What he said was wrong, period.

    TheCrypticKnightTheCrypticKnightMonth ago
  • i dont think that punishment was and is right coz i am sure there were many of hall of famers or future hall of famers who have done or said many things.

    christianoonline1christianoonline12 months ago
  • He is right though a lot of players were and are in the closet we know rondo has eyes for luka 🤣🤣, Tim Duncan supposedly had a man living with him while he was married, there’s Dwight Howard who also supposedly had sex with a transgender but I still don’t believe it but I did see him grab that one guys balls in the game and lastly bosh lmao 🤣🤣🤣 I forgot who he was checking out in the all star games 🤣🤣 but that shit was funny to me 🤣🤣 Oooh I forgot Charles Barkley too🤣🤣

    Omar EstradaOmar Estrada2 months ago
  • Gay people are butt hurting with his comments

    ACE KingACE King2 months ago
  • His original comments were not cool but it is so unfair to continue to punish someone for a mistake they made and quickly apologize for! That might’ve been the way he was raised and he didn’t know any better it would be different if he doubled down and continued to say those things but that’s not the case! This is not the way to win people over to your side and regardless of what kind of person he is it doesn’t change the way he played basketball! Everybody acts so righteous it and is so quick to pass judgment but let he without sin cast the first stone.

    lessonslearnedlessonslearned3 months ago
  • Idk why he got so much hate o.O The guy just spoke out about what he thought about gay ppl. A real man is gonna suck it up and move on... only little bitches get their feelings hurt like that :/ Sad

    Chris S.Chris S.3 months ago
  • black people have a long and current history of homophobia.

    KaiKai3 months ago
  • Everyone got the right to offend. So go fuck ur self

    Easturn VantageEasturn Vantage4 months ago
  • I bet if he was white he would have gotten away wit dis

    Damian AnthonyDamian Anthony4 months ago
  • We'll he had to say what was on his mind so yeah and what does that have to do with his excellence in the NBA

    The God UsoppThe God Usopp4 months ago
  • I would say the same thing Tim Hardaway said

    Amir KabreAmir Kabre4 months ago
  • So no one is gonna respect his opinion? Smh

    sl_20_04 _sl_20_04 _4 months ago
  • 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

    Hector SantillanHector Santillan5 months ago
  • Well, we all have our own opinion tho?🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ and he just got asked what's his own opinion if he had a gay teammate. Smgdh🤦‍♂️

    Mark Deniel OdevilasMark Deniel Odevilas6 months ago
  • Had no idea till you told me.

    Sweh'yah TSweh'yah T8 months ago
  • Well it is really wrong to sleep with someone with the same sex. God abhors those people. Imagine what did God do to Sodom and Gomorrah. When you are gay, alright I undertsand. But don't sleep or have sex with other man. Its wrong. God created man and woman only and no Gay or Lesbian. No people is born Gay or Lesbian. Its a product a wrong thinking.

    Don't Be AfraidDon't Be Afraid8 months ago
  • Considering the NFL and NBA is a gay club he fucked up.

    Ryan SteeleRyan Steele8 months ago
  • He is already in the heterosexual Hall of fame.

    Mad AmmoMad Ammo8 months ago
  • He said nothing but his opinion. People need to grow up. He doesn't think gay sex is normal and neither do I. He was being honest, and in our country freedom has a price tag. Fuck the hall of fame.

    Mad AmmoMad Ammo8 months ago
    • Ain't it

      JabariJabari7 months ago
  • Alot of people say bad things.. At least Hardaway has made an effort to make to make it better.. I could forgive him and induct him.. BTW I as raised by gay women and have a gay brother.. "my opinions opinions worh more"! Just kidding... Were all the same ✌️peace out bitc***

    *D*thats*A*my*N* name*D*thats*A*my*N* name8 months ago
  • He's being punished for saying out loud how alot of mfs feel.I hate this politically correct ass world.Only mistake he made was backtracking.Fuck they feelings

    29larron29larron8 months ago
  • Honestly I'm not a big fan of homosexuals myself I think it's nasty if that's the way I feel that's the way I feel I'm sorry but that's how I was raised some people don't like Muslims are white people or black people people should have their own opinion that there should be nothing wrong with that

    JeremyBJeremyB9 months ago
  • I mean he has a point! A gay man in a locker room with a bunch of men idk it's like a man in a girls locker

    Punto BangPunto Bang9 months ago
  • Time to forgive. Not putting him in the HOF is more offensive than what he said. I don't like what he said, but he can say what he wants. This kind of shit does not help the LGBQT community. It makes ppl resent them more. And if ppl are gay and proud, why let a stranger's words affect them so much? Grow up. Nobody likes everybody.

    Andrew MartinAndrew Martin9 months ago
  • Nominations to the Hall of Fame should solely be based upon the contributions of one's (honest) professional career on court, & not what goes on outside it. A persons values, religion or shenanigans should in no wise impede or disqualify them from being nominated. After all, these aren't the reasons why we watch them play basketball. Having said that: Tim Hardaway should be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

    Stevie BStevie B9 months ago
  • I REAAAALLY fuck with his standings on homosexuality

    I Brush My Teeth Before I Eat AssI Brush My Teeth Before I Eat Ass9 months ago
  • I'm with you Tim...I don't hate gay people, but I don't want no parts of them. In today's society, we are being forced to accept things many of us don't find socially correct and that's wrong on many levels.

    Thomas McDonaldThomas McDonald9 months ago
  • Look, the NBA, NFL, MLS and Pro Tennis leagues are RACIST as hell towards BLACK PLAYERS. Owners are ALL WHITE. So they control the outcome.

    Ernest EspinosaErnest Espinosa9 months ago
  • He's right

    Hunter Biden's LaptopHunter Biden's Laptop9 months ago
  • I find it kind of strange that there are individuals in the Hall Of Fame who hated BLACK people (Adolph Rupp) and practically every NBA Player during the 50's 60's and 70's.

    Rayvon WeaverRayvon Weaver9 months ago
  • freedom of speech but in this world if you're a heterosexual you can talk about gay people but gay people and women can talk about men all day you can do whatever you want but at the end of the day still my opinion that's disgusting anybody who's fascinated and gets aroused by feces

    WtfpleasehlpWtfpleasehlp9 months ago
  • this world has made it bad to speak against it..

    Infamous Yash ShowInfamous Yash Show9 months ago
  • Lol people always butthurt all the time.. no need to please everybody tim..

    Madmike MaderaMadmike Madera9 months ago
  • Black Man; form your own league. "Gay" as a pathological condition is as European as cheese!!!!!

    Bryant SaundersBryant Saunders9 months ago
  • He just said what most people thinks.

    Nicholas JonhsonNicholas Jonhson9 months ago
  • U asked the man how he felt, & he told u the truth.

    Elias GalindoElias Galindo9 months ago
  • Dan set him up. How do you deal with a gay teammate, then tells him his view are homophobic?

    Bobby DigitalBobby Digital9 months ago
  • Man fuck the hall of fame everybody know he was great nuff said

    Sean HennseySean Hennsey9 months ago
  • Tim hardaway a legend and we know it,

    Manny TacoManny Taco9 months ago
  • He was speaking some real shit

    Phukk YoohPhukk Yooh9 months ago
  • Personal life. People are more concerned about the person's personal life than they are with their talent. People watch others to see find a reason to not help or to help you regardless of their talent's. I believe more of a (control factor). Was he wrong for what he said? Yes, but one should take into consideration that this man's ego clouded his judgement which resulted in him voicing his opinion out of ignorance combined with immaturity even though he was an adult at the time.

    All InAll In9 months ago
  • Blacks are very intolerant of others.

    GlitterGlitter9 months ago
  • He should not have apologize. They would never forgive him anyway and they always will ruin his career prospects. So, he gained nothing spending time with irrelevant people to him and going on an apology tour. I do not have hate for anyone but I know how vindictive and these people can be when they get angry.

    Phil AdPhil Ad9 months ago
  • He is not in the hall of fame because some of the people he talked about gold grudges for decades and are evil.

    Phil AdPhil Ad9 months ago
  • Tim was brutally honest but he could have put that in a better politically correct way because society gives you heat and tries to ruin your life over every little thing for example #Me too movement

    Grey HulkGrey Hulk9 months ago
  • He doesn't like gays. That's ok its his opinion. We have free speech you know.

    bbodinefan11bbodinefan119 months ago
  • Gay Mafia....So GAY that he is not in the HOF

    515051509 months ago
  • I agree 100 wit Hardaway

    jayare yeeaahjayare yeeaah9 months ago
  • He is a candidate for the hall of fame for what he did not what he says dam right he should be in the hall of fame and he can feel and say what he wants that is his rite according to the constitution I fought in Vietnam for that rite and if he can't exercise that rite then don't call us up to fight for it

    Preston LardPreston Lard9 months ago
  • There’s A lot of Players that Feel That Way I Think that Lebron Made a Comment Say No Homo and Jokic Also made a No Homo Comment even Amari Stoudemire say Almost the same Thing that Tim Said. People get Offended over Sexuality that’s People get mixed feelings about it.

    The Tyler Show NetworkThe Tyler Show Network9 months ago
  • This World so Sensitive Like The Homosexual Let Him be Him As Long He Ain’t Hurting Gay People

    The Tyler Show NetworkThe Tyler Show Network9 months ago
  • Put him in Hall of Fame.

    ryan barkleyryan barkley9 months ago
  • It is the basketball hall of fame not the only say good things hall of fame. I hate when people try to say a person is not a basketball hall of famer because of something in his personal life.

    dominic meyerdominic meyer9 months ago
  • 4:23 They put him in gay jail! :D

    3rdEye3rdEye9 months ago
  • He dont like da batty men!

    3rdEye3rdEye9 months ago
  • Fuck outta here we called nixxers all day nothing happens he says how he feel about devils i hate em 2 tim hardaway is a legend on bbcourt and off fuck white folks who has anything 2 say about mr. Hardaway

    Tyree SmithTyree Smith9 months ago
  • Brother with dreds can't graduate high school. However a fruity MFers can when home coming queen in a Memphis high school.

    Howard TonioHoward Tonio9 months ago
  • Tim Hardaway deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and that's facts

    Damien KirkseyDamien Kirksey9 months ago
  • Its crazy that he told his truth n how he feels n they ban him from the hall of fame. But a person finally comes out the closet or changes gender n they get praised and called brave. Shit those players known they were gay n came out the closet after there career should get a sexual harrassment criminal case against them for hiding there truth and getting a free peep show n feel on other people.

    JAY DEEJAY DEE9 months ago
  • Love tim hardaway

    Dramahawk PromotionsDramahawk Promotions9 months ago
    • I think people need to move on with their life.

      Dramahawk PromotionsDramahawk Promotions9 months ago
  • I don’t understand why you are forced to like something you don’t I’m with you Tim all though I’m not going to say I hate them I just rather not be around them

    ASSxM4N 4LIFEASSxM4N 4LIFE9 months ago
  • That's riye had a gag stare at me for 35min b4 I said something I didn't want to be mean but when I dozed off n woke up n this gag is staring at me sleep. Old nasty man .I. a.c almost 340 pounds how could I be attractive. Gags

    Vincent MadrigalVincent Madrigal9 months ago
  • EQUAL RIGHTS!!!!!!!

    George BozinovskiGeorge Bozinovski9 months ago
  • Hahahahaha! What a loser. He said what he felt. Then he back tracked due to public backlash. Then he mentions his race. Then he reaches out to Jason Collins extending his support. Hardaway has zero integrity at this point. He’s a bitch.

    James MichaelJames Michael9 months ago
  • Me too!!!

    Brad OBrad O9 months ago
  • Screw that! Don’t back down. Stand your moral ground. Way too many bowing down to deviants these days. If everyone would keep their personal lives personal we wouldn’t have any problems. The Hall of Fame isn’t worth being in if you can’t enter it as your true self. With or without enshrinement you won’t be forgotten.

    c bc b9 months ago
  • Is not his fault he evolved from a knuckle

    tranlanga mingotranlanga mingo9 months ago
  • I wonder if he feels the same about two women, as long as he's involved

    KJ from OC PodcastKJ from OC Podcast9 months ago
  • New World Order..... pushes LGBT... ( what the founding fathers were ) and punishes those who oppose their way of life...

    ObadiahObadiah9 months ago
  • Speaking truth

    Gunner appleGunner apple9 months ago
  • Billy martin for baseball hall of fame

    OR BondsOR Bonds9 months ago
  • Doesn’t he know? You just need to play a game of HORSE with Elton John and all will be forgiven.

    Blake KeithleyBlake Keithley9 months ago
  • I feel just like you Tim....i understand

    Maserati SkrillMaserati Skrill9 months ago

    Dr. Cornelius Q. CadburyDr. Cornelius Q. Cadbury9 months ago
    • Dr. Cornelius Q. Cadbury I agree

      Grey HulkGrey Hulk9 months ago
  • Yep that'll do it he's never getting into the HOF

    Duke CouserDuke Couser9 months ago
  • Much respect to the god Tim Hardaway.

    Shaar LahatShaar Lahat9 months ago
  • I don't adhere to the lifestyle myself,but I don't hate anyone,based on their lifestyle as long as it doesn't affect me..I can tell anyone who to love,but I can control how I treat people..I'm sucure with myself so I can disagree with someone and still respect them.

    Shannon HarrisShannon Harris9 months ago
  • I believe that tim is correct and the agenda that is being forced down peoples throats is keeping greats like him out of the hall of fame all gay people are just confused and nobody is born that way

    Zeb WhiteZeb White9 months ago
  • He just being honest I agree tbh

    SB Big JoshSB Big Josh9 months ago
  • he'll get in

    lee coxlee cox9 months ago

    Dennis MageeDennis Magee9 months ago
  • Never apologize for the person that you are..especially when u have morals and stand up for wat u believe in..there is no reason a person should be persecuted and kept out of the bb hall of fame for something he said off the court..we are slowly loosing our freedoms and not realizing it. I respect this man more now for wat he says and believes.. we shouldn’t have to be appressed by the agendas pushed on us by the evil sick and twisted ppl of this world..

    Felix NaranjoFelix Naranjo9 months ago
  • I hate gay people too it's okay

    Janosch ,Janosch ,9 months ago
  • Lmao the way he said it got me dying.

    Anton SmithAnton Smith9 months ago
  • BEST known for popularizing the crossover***

  • The Killer Crossover.... I got skillzzzz....!!!

    BossBoss9 months ago
  • Black males cannot be homophobic, put this man in the hall of fame. Read your history people.

    Sir Rico WilliamsSir Rico Williams9 months ago
  • Jim Rome is gay

    Ephie HymerEphie Hymer9 months ago
  • Watch and learn millennials. Original crossover KING.

    Carl MorganCarl Morgan9 months ago
  • The NBA is full of hypocrites! Tim aint one of em!👊

    Olenga GallardoOlenga Gallardo9 months ago
  • This is why I don't care for these people they are bullies

    Haitian LeviHaitian Levi9 months ago