They Really Thought They Could Get Away with THIS...

Nov 7, 2020
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They Really Thought They Could Get Away with THIS...
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  • BULLSHIT! nobody cares about San Antonio and they got 5 championships

    Achisachis73Achisachis732 hours ago
  • recently they want their cashcow Zion be a hit.

    xo eraxo era2 hours ago
  • 1st one is like the Edmonton oilers they had like at least 3 maybe 4 first round picks in 5 years

    Comment HackerComment Hacker6 hours ago
  • Yup a lot of fixed games but Pip and the blazers was obvious and The Big Dog one as well.

    Isaac JohnsonIsaac Johnson14 hours ago
  • Ofcourse it's's easier to spot this back then cos the media did not have as many narratives as it does now with it's number of starts spread across all teams.

    3rdworldgwaming3rdworldgwamingDay ago
  • suspended for that elbow? should be arrested

    Well*Thy*OneWell*Thy*OneDay ago
  • Dallas and Houston rockets 2006

    Roy ThompsonRoy Thompson2 days ago
  • the 2000 trailblazers laker series was one of the series that tim donaghy pointed out that was rigged

    laclinton jacksonlaclinton jackson2 days ago
  • The year the pacers played the lakers we lost in 6 when series could've gone 7 they wouldve still lost because i know they play losing ball and the difference between playing winning and losing ball is all about litigation of negative plays plus roster and chemistry and doing your best to create as many winning scenarios as possible. My designated teams dont they dont know how nor does the culture

    robert sheltonrobert shelton2 days ago
  • Fascinating video, stern was a jew so yea and the other guys a liberal hence the social justice bullshit ratings drop. Feminism is ruling the world and real alphas few and far between in the spotlight where it needs to be praised not shunned and marriage declining with the bullshit virus designed for social engineering and population control

    robert sheltonrobert shelton2 days ago
  • Dude, Phil is a better coach and his strategy won the LA Portland game. That was really a cold blooded fragrant foul in that buck match up. I call bull crap on the set up to get Barkley and Jordan to play in a final.

    James BowserJames Bowser3 days ago
  • Forgot about the 2000 WCF...the Jail Blazers were a great team that year

    Doc CholoDoc Cholo3 days ago
  • I would have loved to see the Bulls vs. Sonics in 1993. But I have to admit after Charles won the MVP and was the dominant player of the Dream Team, the Bulls vs. Suns was more intriguing. Which was probably the NBA's thinking.

    Turtle Island LACTurtle Island LAC3 days ago
  • You are correct and today's NBA is one sided lebron is a Corporate made goat hes had multiple allstars on his teams and it's obvious and predictable they wanted Lebron to take the reins from Jordan but there is only one player I think that could take lebron's place and that's Jayson Tatum

    Vo0d0o MaNVo0d0o MaN3 days ago
  • They need to cut me a check for watching these master thinkers who mindfucked me.

    stan cstan c3 days ago
  • For sure 2016 GSW vs Cavs finals...pretty much game 5 and game 6 ...suspending draymond for game 5 then fouling out the league mvp for the first time ever in his career on ticky tack fouls in game 6!! If you watch the series you can actually see games 5,6, and 7 where the cavs are literally allowed to body and be extremely physical with the warriors especially Steph that they weren't able to do in the first 4 games of the series. Its pretty blatant as long as you look at it objectively and not as a LeBron fan. I think the league new the cavs were about to be gentlemen swept 4-1 and wanted a closer series which is why I think they refereed game 7 pretty evenly except the added physical play which is fine, its the NBA and they are grown men. And wouldn't have had an issue if it would have been called that way all series and the fact that it absolutely gave one team and advantage over another.

    Kvothe The BloodlessKvothe The Bloodless4 days ago
  • Lebron, from Cleveland, drafted nmbr 1 by Cleveland. D. Rose, from Chicago, drafted by Chicago. NBA IS RIGGED!!

    HereIsWisdom 1318HereIsWisdom 13184 days ago
  • My hatred for the lakers has proof

    emofoundemofound4 days ago
  • Thanks for sharing and giving me the idea about Game 7 of 1993 Western Conference Finals

    Joh ElectrixJoh Electrix4 days ago
  • Bernie Parrish book, they call it a game ( NFL) written 1970's. Read it, all planned.

    Dennis BrananDennis Branan4 days ago
  • Like the 2020 Lakers vs Heat the NBA wanted the Lakers to win... You could see that the Lakers got all the calls..

  • He obviously did not watch the Lakers vs Blazers series. The discrepancy in free throws is because of “hack a Shaq”. Shaq happened to hit his free throws that game. Portland was able to come back that series because they were playing hard and getting calls in addition to Kobe and Shaq’s beef over touches.

    Kevin TatumKevin Tatum5 days ago
  • The NBA better be lucky all this happen before social media cuz if all this happen during social media the amount of Criticism and Backlash they would've gotten would be outrageous. Just Saying....

    K3KEVK3KEV5 days ago
  • The Bucks should’ve been in the finals that year. Kings vs Lakers 2002 also had its share of controversy.

    Caleb DouglasCaleb Douglas6 days ago
  • Have you ever narrated a ghost story😂😂.. I got chills with your voice😂😂

    Lal MawimawiaLal Mawimawia6 days ago
  • The music scared me alot

    Dave GenoDave Geno7 days ago
  • I've seen tons of people bring up the free throws of a game where the team winning the series always get the fouls which is bullshit cause the Lakers during the finals this year Game 2 Lakers could've won by 20 if the heat didn't make 31-34 free throws, Lakers could've won game 5 if the heat weren't 21-22 from the free throw line, They say the Lakers rig the games and get foul calls everytime cause lebron and AD are always getting the free throws thats how they play they always get fouled in the paint when they run for layups or dunks People need to learn how to shut the fuck up and stop crying about the Lakers rigging the games when they're playing them fair the refs are the ones ruining the games

    Shaqo FallShaqo Fall7 days ago
  • How about this year the Timberwolves getting the 1st pick! The lottery is ALWAYS shady. Few years ago they gave it to the Cavs a couple times

    Lord TraxxLord Traxx7 days ago
  • Sports fans are very gullible especially NBA fans

    tyson leetyson lee7 days ago
  • This music creeps the shit outta me every time but I love it LMAO

    Youssef Matte OfficialYoussef Matte Official8 days ago
  • @2:55 Its says kobe is 6.7

    REDX 789REDX 7898 days ago
  • Lakers vs Blazers 91 WCF...????🤔

    Vato LocoVato Loco8 days ago
  • David Stearns the devil.

    joe velezjoe velez9 days ago
  • 2:59 Kobe height.

    Dezz Epson41Dezz Epson419 days ago
  • NBA is rigged. I don't see how anyone can doubt it.

    Richard LarsonRichard Larson10 days ago
  • Bucks were robbed

    Nick FitzyNick Fitzy10 days ago
  • Lebron's 3rd rigged championship...3 to 1 against GSW??? No Way!!!!!

    Google GoogsGoogle Googs10 days ago
  • Seems someone's been reading my comments. Lol

    Somebody SomewhereSomebody Somewhere10 days ago
  • Like what its going on man everyone nowadays already knows who the league favors and its players they catered too

    Agustin BravoAgustin Bravo10 days ago
  • Miami 2012...referee gave a five to Miami coach before they finished the game to win the ring

    eye2thebeholder -eye2thebeholder -11 days ago
  • I always thought the Lakers vs Blazers was rigged plus petty technicals towards Rasheed was evident and Tim Donaghy admit to it. Shaq was overly aggressive on Sabonis and whem Jermaine would do the same would get offensive fouls, oh well tho.

    MSotelo503MSotelo50311 days ago
  • What happened to the latest Jordan video?

    Stomedy DrillStomedy Drill11 days ago
  • Yes on all counts...

    sifgarysifgary11 days ago
  • This year was it for me,I’m done with the NBA👎🏽

    darkgray1darkgray111 days ago
    • I’ll still watch the nba but things won’t be the same after this yr & tbh the lakers only won bc of Kobe’s passing

      Josh JohnsonJosh Johnson10 days ago

    Intisar SaeedIntisar Saeed12 days ago
  • I guess the "I love this game" tag line has a whole new meaning to these business men huh.

    bastardjusticebastardjustice12 days ago
  • 2016 finals! Theres a reason they had to put a halt to ayesha talking! She wasnt wrong

    Luan UkaLuan Uka12 days ago
    • Facts!!

      Kvothe The BloodlessKvothe The Bloodless4 days ago
  • You guys should watch the 2007 NBA playoffs commercial with David Blaine. There's a reason why curry shoots all these 3s from such distance..

    Edward DechausayEdward Dechausay12 days ago
  • When LeBron left for Miami Cleveland got the # 1 draft ..kyrie. ofcourse all sporting events are rigged/fixed...especially the major games...the referees control the game with whistle and the calls they make...all franchise owners are freemasons...

    Edward DechausayEdward Dechausay12 days ago
  • Can you upload more rigged games ??

    Motivation TVMotivation TV12 days ago
  • Keep it coming man! Love your channel. Love from 🇵🇭 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Greg RossGreg Ross12 days ago
  • suns spurs i thought you would talk about that one steve nash should have at least one championship imo

    Dillian StockmanDillian Stockman13 days ago
  • That LA/Portland series is the 2nd time Pip coulda got a ring w/out MJ...

    Marc RichardsonMarc Richardson13 days ago
  • The worst is when people blame the refs. They just doing their job, which is to manipulate the outcome of games. If they were not doing their jobs, they’d get fired.

    mona lisamona lisa13 days ago
  • NBA is rigged but I can’t stop watching it

    Mir TayamenMir Tayamen13 days ago
  • Karma never skips a beat we'll see what happens in the future

    Noah BakongoNoah Bakongo13 days ago
  • This is probably the most underrated channel ever

    Colin KreutzerColin Kreutzer13 days ago
  • Do Pacers vs Knicks 2013 playoffs games 6.. check out the way Carmelo played and how close the game was after checkinf out the Pacers free throw attempt vs Knicks 😳 The Knicks were a nightmare matchup for Miami that season

    Mr. Get It DoneMr. Get It Done13 days ago
  • 64 fta lol rigged asf

    William TurnerWilliam Turner13 days ago
  • be honest though who would really want to watch a pacers blazers finals. we all criticize the NBA for rigging games (rightfully so) but we gotta remember if no one watches the finals the NBA loses a lot of TV and Ad money and then players don't get paid as much and lowkey that can cause a domino effect to LESS basketball

    Ruff Prophet ProductionsRuff Prophet Productions14 days ago
  • The nba stopped scottie pippen from passing jordan with rings

    Willie WillWillie Will14 days ago
    • @Jesse Ramos to be honest jordan could still comeback to any super team an win a chip lol

      Willie WillWillie Will13 days ago
    • i'll agree with you there but back in 94 when the bulls were playing the knicks in the playoffs and there was a phantom call on pippen that swung the game in the knicks favor....i truly believe they didn't want a bulls finals without jordan

      Jesse RamosJesse Ramos13 days ago
    • The best player on this team was Rasheed Wallace, not Scotte Pippen. The Portland Blazers lost precisely because of Scotte Pippen"s poor performance. Game 7, Scotte Pippen = 12-Points, on 30%. Pippen choked. Before talking about a basketball do at least a little research.

      Allan HoustonAllan Houston13 days ago
  • Lakers vs kings back in the day ???

    Tyrone BrownTyrone Brown14 days ago
  • Too many ads..

    S MS M14 days ago
  • The nba is so unfair especially to the saceremento kings

    J PJ P14 days ago
  • The nba is so unfair

    J PJ P14 days ago
  • My boi Bonzi

    Tha UndaDoggTha UndaDogg14 days ago

    calio3400calio340015 days ago
  • Imagine thinking that the NBA is honest, you must be a baby boomer who thinks the government is honest lmao, if you follow the facts and money mostly the money you will find the truth, this is why most religious people and governmental minded don’t do research... it’s because they will have to confront how wrong they were in raising themselves and their family. Trust me guys it’s easier to live in ignorance than the truth once you do research and educate yourselves you will realize how wrong we were raised and think.

    Chelsea SceirineChelsea Sceirine15 days ago
  • Them ray Allen bucks jerseys are lowkey 🔥

    Ronald MackRonald Mack15 days ago
  • Theres a lot of controversial games that make me think the players may be in on it like Stockton having 4 turnovers in a finals against the bulls and in that same game malone missed key freethrows.

    j fearlessj fearless15 days ago
    • Lebron vs mavs when he suddenly forgot how to ball and had 8 points..

      mona lisamona lisa13 days ago
  • Dallas vs miami 2011 they hacked the hell outta lebron and Dirk was getting touch fouls he shot all most 30 freethrows a game they were calling fouls on jump shots while lebron got hacked and beat up everytime he went to the cup no calls

    Geramy RidleyGeramy Ridley15 days ago
  • It was interesting to see two former Bulls on the Bucks team: Jason Caffey and Scott Williams. Later I think even Kukoc went to the Bucks.

    j fearlessj fearless15 days ago
  • Until this day I don't how the lakers beat the kings in 2002 they were down big in the 4th quarter of every game

    Geramy RidleyGeramy Ridley15 days ago
  • 2016 nba finals golden state vs cavs

    Adonis ModelAdonis Model15 days ago
    • @Kenneth Opoku yeah man and game 1 2018 finals was rigged..the warriors are so lucky 2015 finals kyrie and kevin love injured and 2017 kawhi injury for zaza pachulia intentionally hurt kawhi and 2018 WCF game 6 chris paul injury..and 2019 gsw karma kd injury in game 5 and klay injury in game 6..after the season kd left

      John Rhaywin SayoJohn Rhaywin Sayo6 days ago
    • Salty warriors fan

      Kenneth OpokuKenneth Opoku12 days ago
  • 2016 cavs most definitely rigged to start a new goat conversation

    Malace From the PalaceMalace From the Palace15 days ago
    • And 2018 finals favor of gsw?

      John Rhaywin SayoJohn Rhaywin Sayo6 days ago
    • I don’t see that series as rigged Lebron and Kyrie went crazy in those finals plus warriors were unlucky with injuries

      Gabriel UwalakaGabriel Uwalaka15 days ago
  • I love this channel bro

    YG khaosYG khaos15 days ago
  • Pistons vs Heat 2006

    dclayton734dclayton73415 days ago
  • That music caught me off guard

    Tyrek MarkTyrek Mark15 days ago
  • I want ALL NBA fans to know: THE NBA IS 50% RIGGED

    Kiero BKiero B15 days ago
  • Love itttt

    BangpaulxuBangpaulxu15 days ago
  • This channel is the only thing that keeps me sane

    Tricky WolverineTricky Wolverine15 days ago
  • These vids are like a top 10 scary videos type beat

    Raafay KhanRaafay Khan16 days ago
  • These days we all know who's pulling the strings China did you know lebronda wears kneepads in china and they aint for basketball

    Flip JohnsonFlip Johnson16 days ago
  • ShaOverrated O'Neal

    Edgar MEdgar M16 days ago
  • I don't think 2016 fixed at all. That Cavs team really made a comeback especially G7. But I won't forget all the little things like injuries, suspensions, and questionable calls

    Edgar MEdgar M16 days ago
  • If the league doesn't want small market teams to succeed then what's the point of even having them. If then reduce the league size to only big teams.

    Edgar MEdgar M16 days ago
  • THE NBA IS RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job reporting!:)

    Xela CharlieXela Charlie16 days ago
  • Ok, I subscribed..and if i do that, it has to be a 10/10 content..

    Mike Z-czMike Z-cz16 days ago
  • Lol this video gunna get a lot of Lakers and Kobe fans in there feelings 😂🤣

    Kush MasterKush Master16 days ago
    • If that were true the Kings would have won 03 🏆 and not the Spurs. Yes the bubble was b.s for Lebron. He is not the Goat to me.

      Glen ThomasGlen Thomas4 days ago
    • @Glen Thomas and don’t let me get started with that Mickey Mouse championship 😂🤣

      Kush MasterKush Master4 days ago
    • @Glen Thomas y’all 2002 championship has the biggest Asterick next to it lmao Shaq really has 3 Kobe has 4 😂🤣

      Kush MasterKush Master4 days ago
    • We are not in are feelings when we are winning 🏆. 😂

      Glen ThomasGlen Thomas4 days ago
  • The NBA block of the CP3 ttade to the Lakers is also a fix.

    Dangic23Dangic2316 days ago
  • That 2000 Portland team could easily be a USA Olympic squad.

    Dangic23Dangic2316 days ago
  • I know the NBA and NFL are fixed. But I still watch the NBA for the entertainment value.

    Dangic23Dangic2316 days ago
  • By any chance that the 4 straight nba finals between cavs and warriors were rigged? Or did it just happen 😂

    Ralff 42Ralff 4216 days ago
  • the goat is back yessir

    Moses2xMoses2x16 days ago
  • In regards to the commercial of the suns and bulls finals matchup, I'm pretty sure they just made two different commercials for both potential winners of the conference finals so they could begin advertising for it immediately. It's called being prepared my guy lol

    Dr. AculaDr. Acula16 days ago
  • Consgrove if u do read this I saw ur vid of nba coincides bout a week ago and I found 2, if u look at the trailer of nba2k20 for xbox it shows lakers holding the cup if they knew. And another 1 is that I found a vid of stephen Smith A in yt that he predicted of ad joining the lakers the lakers would be champions. Is this a coincidence?

    Raynhier SojoRaynhier Sojo16 days ago
    • And if u want the vid put: Stephen Smith A predicts that if Anthony davis joins the Lakers they will be champions.

      Raynhier SojoRaynhier Sojo16 days ago
  • subtitle please

    ybmsybms16 days ago
  • I'm so happy when i see crosgrove prod notifications

    Jenny GrapertJenny Grapert16 days ago
  • Knicks Heat Game 5 1997 The League knew The Knicks would beat The Bulls in The ECF that why The Knicks Star players could not play in game 6

    Terry BogardTerry Bogard16 days ago
  • Just unsubscribed. This is conjecture

    tumi molekanetumi molekane16 days ago