They Were Too DISTRACTED to Watch the GAME!

Feb 9, 2020
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They Were Too DISTRACTED to Watch the GAME!
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  • I remember that day .it was legendary herecin new york.watching the final and see white bronco oj is in was jawdroping and him been charged with murder is unreal.

    gregory netusgregory netus2 hours ago
  • I’ll never forget that day. I was just a kid when that happened. I watched pretty much the thing.

    Robert MitchellRobert MitchellDay ago
  • I remember this... I’m a knick fan & I was watching it live

    Kareem GermainKareem Germain2 days ago
  • I sure hope kobe is faking it😔

    KingflashyKingflashy2 days ago
  • Yeah, I had just come home from church in January, a week before the super bowl, turned on the pro bowl, and when I heard Kobe passed that morning, I couldn’t believe it. Now I can’t remember anything about the game

    daniel whitworthdaniel whitworth3 days ago
  • I was born in 2002 and the OJ police chase with the Bronco happened 8 years before I was born, and the Rockets are tied my favorite NBA team of all time with the Grizzlies so this would have been a huge night for me if I would have been alive back then.

    Cole the sgt frog and baby Tamama lover :3Cole the sgt frog and baby Tamama lover :33 days ago
  • I was remember it like it was yesterday

    Jon BoyJon Boy5 days ago
  • I was not alive

    King BrickKing Brick9 days ago
  • The world lost one when kobe died

    adam sadam s13 days ago
  • 1 years old

    rashardb203rashardb20315 days ago
  • I was 10 when this Happened and back in Elementary school my 4th grade year we all saw this on News channel 3 in the library and I'm like who Is OJ Simpson and my teacher at the time was like he's a football player I'm like ok back in that time I was a basketball fan and there was no Social media back then we had those TVs with the Cart in in our classroom and CRT computer screens and all my classmates were so in shock to see this and they let us out of school for the day will never forget

    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung23 days ago
  • 7:07 DAMN HE SUS THO

    xd-Galaxiixd-GalaxiiMonth ago
  • MAMBA FOREVER 41 likes for KOBE

    AS - 06HE 793791 Tribune Drive PSAS - 06HE 793791 Tribune Drive PSMonth ago
  • I was 2 years old when this happened

    Yoo Mamahouse2xYoo Mamahouse2xMonth ago
  • Alright, after binging like 40 of your videos today alone, you can take this lil subscribe.

    Jacuzzi SplotzJacuzzi SplotzMonth ago
  • My dad just turned 14

    Makai StallworthMakai StallworthMonth ago
  • the first thing I said when Kobe died was literally s*** Kobe died

    Master gamerMaster gamerMonth ago
  • All this happened on my 4th birthday

    Neal aNeal aMonth ago
  • June 17 is my birthday and I was alive

    Rap BrosRap BrosMonth ago
  • 15 years from being alive

    Andres GutierrezAndres GutierrezMonth ago
  • I’m watching this during the 2020 playoffs

    Super Dragon Sauce Studios SDSSSuper Dragon Sauce Studios SDSSMonth ago
  • good thing oj did not die

    MK AsanteMK Asante2 months ago
  • my sisters brthay june 17

    JayvonnOMGJayvonnOMG2 months ago
  • i was watching the rockets game

    Charles SaintsCharles Saints2 months ago
  • I was exactly two weeks old when OJ didn’t commit those crimes. I remember it like yesterday

    Rafael FelanRafael Felan2 months ago
  • This day scared me so much I stayed up three nights, all three nights where school nights. I’m never going to forget this moment. I was just seven years old at the time

    E LeonE Leon2 months ago
  • I wasnt alive in this scene I entered the world in 2010,yes,2010

    Rov Nathan CaguimbalRov Nathan Caguimbal2 months ago
  • I definitely wasn’t alive when O.J. was being chased because I’m 12, but my mom and dad were alive when it happened

    Ben WhiteBen White2 months ago
  • Between China and blm, whole lot of people don't care to see what a joke the NBA has become.

    Playlist ChannelPlaylist Channel2 months ago
  • Every time I tell this story I say the bulls was in the playoffs and I kept switching back and forth. Whole time it was the Rockets and Knicks.

    Kelz SupremeKelz Supreme2 months ago
  • I learned about the case then about him being a football player

    Followers of The WayFollowers of The Way2 months ago
  • Rest and peace Gigi and Kobe and the Passengers

    tfue hairtfue hair2 months ago
  • Yes June 1994. I just turned 16. Turned the game on and heard about OJ. So of course I turned to the OJ chase. I missed 75% of the NBA game watching OJ flee.

    Eric JohnsonEric Johnson3 months ago
  • Damnnn i was still in my dads sack when this happened

    DreadzieDreadzie3 months ago
  • What the heck because it’s time to get ugly and really I don’t know who is OJ but my grandma watch him I’m side to say OGOG I never mind want

    XtoneXchelle 5XtoneXchelle 53 months ago
  • That intro was perfect !! Love it !

    Josh RodriguezJosh Rodriguez3 months ago
  • That day my mom was 3 while my dad was 7 years old

    Abigail CochraneAbigail Cochrane3 months ago
    • Right now I'm 11

      Abigail CochraneAbigail Cochrane26 days ago
    • How old are you?

      MangoKing 1MangoKing 128 days ago
  • I didn’t OJ in that truck 🧐

    ThoughtProcessThoughtProcess4 months ago
  • A 90's championship without MJ. The Rockets happened to be the Spurs of those days, to boot. Bor-iiing

    John MurrayJohn Murray4 months ago
  • I was dead at that time

    Naef tafishNaef tafish4 months ago
  • I didn’t exist during this event

    John MorsetteJohn Morsette4 months ago
  • I was 3 fam 😅😅

    Mitchell MillerMitchell Miller4 months ago
  • Kurt Cobain killed himself like two months prior too... 94 was a bizarre year.

    Sayed El AminSayed El Amin4 months ago
  • There is 1 that can take ur eye off its commercials 🤣

    Valerie BigglestoneValerie Bigglestone4 months ago
  • This was ojs second attempt to run the night of the murders he flew to Chicago cops notified him there that his ex wife was murdered he said Nicole's dead that set off alarm bells he has a first wife how did he know it was Nicole. He attempted to form an alibi but he blew it and went to the top of the suspect list

    Neil JonesNeil Jones4 months ago
  • I was born 2001 so....

    BrooklynMadeArthurBrooklynMadeArthur4 months ago
  • I was dead in 1994

    Casual GamingCasual Gaming4 months ago
  • Game 5 of the NBA finals nothing can stop me from watching this O.J: I'm about to do what's called a pro gamer move

    Afro JackAfro Jack4 months ago
  • I vaguely remember that chase with oj i was 6.

    Under DogUnder Dog4 months ago
  • I remember it very well. I was in my 20's, residing in Milwaukee, Wi. I watched it live.

    epics7epics74 months ago
  • I didn’t kno anything about it

    No’Quan TyroneNo’Quan Tyrone4 months ago
  • I was 19

    marlon thomasmarlon thomas4 months ago
  • Honestly I would've had 100% of my focus towards the game

    pexchypexchy4 months ago
    • I highly doubt that. Everyone knew who OJ Simpson was, he was a hero to almost everyone. Trust me, you wouldn’t have watched the game, no one did on that day.

      JSpence AKA SupaJSpence AKA Supa2 months ago
  • He definitely did kill her .... But ey the . money talks more than lives I guess in this world

    YungNandoYungNando4 months ago
  • I was born in 2010 so I’m sad

    Cole ThackerCole Thacker4 months ago
    • Don’t b lil bro Niggaz was born in 03 u not the only 1 missed out

      Q Bxndo Ferr96xmoTMQ Bxndo Ferr96xmoTM4 months ago
  • I was 3 mouths old. March 3rd

    JonathanJonathan4 months ago
  • I wasn't born til a year later but back in the day we had DVDs and walkmans and ps5, Xbox 1800, and invisible cars, kids don't know how hard it was back then

    Dylo IrisDylo Iris4 months ago
  • I just love the fact..... Literally exactly 13 YEARS after this extravaganza occurred, was born!

    ZJKing17ZJKing174 months ago
  • I wasn't alive but i did see the 30 for 30 movie named after the date!

    Chris SuarezChris Suarez4 months ago
  • iF iT dOeSnT FiT, yOu mUst aCqUiT

    Thy Trilluminati ProductionsThy Trilluminati Productions4 months ago
  • There is a movie about him

    NightNight4 months ago
  • I was 6 years old. I rmbr watching the game and I was like why are they showing this white car on the corner of the tv screen? haha 😆. I was too young to understand what was going on.

    Amir KhanAmir Khan5 months ago
  • i was too young at the time but i remember when i applied for jobs they asked me if i care that OJ didn't go to jail that day after the bronco incident this was Hollywood videos i'm sure most of you remember that store.

    snakebutts2000snakebutts20005 months ago
  • This happened about 9 years before I was born

    Nateydog23Nateydog235 months ago
  • I wasn’t even born yet. 1997.

    Chasing CarsonChasing Carson5 months ago

    Clutch GeneClutch Gene5 months ago
  • Today is june 17th

    GamerBeast YTGamerBeast YT5 months ago
  • I was not born

    Adeniyi OdunugaAdeniyi Odunuga5 months ago
  • I 💘💘💘💘 kobe Bryant so much

  • I wasn't

    kris monkris mon5 months ago
  • I was not born

    CEAZERLEO 500CEAZERLEO 5005 months ago
  • Me juggling my homeworks:

    NitroZNitroZ5 months ago
  • Yeah I actually was a plumber in Hollywood at the time and this was after going through the 7.0 north ridge earthquake (which was downgraded to a 6.8 because fema comes in after anything over A 7!) and then the La Riots after the brutal beating of Rodney King! Oj was after all that. I don’t take any of this lightly as I have been there and seen it personally. I stand with every family who has been affected and live and love respectfully. Be positive

    Tim kayTim kay5 months ago
  • Kobe ❤️🐐

    Sudeys MohamedSudeys Mohamed5 months ago
  • I remember that day. I was 10 years old. I think it was a Sunday and I was at the corner store buying some chips and a brisk. Lol and everyone was watching it on a little tv in there. I walked bk to my grandmas and we all watched it.

    terry Davisterry Davis5 months ago
  • The day happen in my birthday

    Jek ;Jek ;6 months ago
  • Not me

    Uli QuirozUli Quiroz6 months ago
  • i am 10 so i was not alive

    Alexis Tiktok ChannelAlexis Tiktok Channel6 months ago
  • I thought this was the story where 2 teens killed their parents and then went to a nba game

    ZephyyrZephyyr6 months ago
    • @Eric Johnson yooo this my boy E from uptown 🤔🤔🤷🏽‍♂️😂

      Armani TVArmani TVMonth ago
    • Same here

      Ryan The GoatRyan The GoatMonth ago
    • Same cuz it was a knicks game

      TonyTheFinessaTonyTheFinessaMonth ago
    • @Eric Johnson i have that card.

      Corey A.C.I.ECorey A.C.I.EMonth ago
    • Zephyyr me to

      Kim CarrollKim CarrollMonth ago
  • Copied by jxmy highroller I knew by the voice and it said original vid in description

    Y0SHIz_Y0SHIz_6 months ago
  • bro they had phones in the 90s bruh

    Reed EldridgeReed Eldridge6 months ago
  • This is so crazy I never knew this, I watched my first basketball game in 1996 bulls vs supersonics I was born in 89 in 94 I was to young to know what was going on 😭

    Santana ParkerSantana Parker6 months ago
  • I was thinking gift card For example

    janjay kamarajanjay kamara6 months ago
  • I was alive and well

    Keith BullardKeith Bullard6 months ago
  • I wasn’t

    Margis KapurMargis Kapur6 months ago
  • My bday June 17

    chizzle Da goatchizzle Da goat6 months ago
  • I was 9....and I remember my mom turning it on. I didn't really understand what was happening like that...

    kalilkash973kalilkash9736 months ago
  • my b day was a day before

    Natalie TeeNatalie Tee6 months ago
  • Oj was innocent

    Billy McManusBilly McManus6 months ago
  • I was 1

    Dominique GrayDominique Gray6 months ago
  • A very slow car chase

    zero kingzero king7 months ago
  • That last part tho 🤣

    It's Mr. CIt's Mr. C7 months ago
  • My dad complained about that

    PyxleZPyxleZ7 months ago
  • I didn't even know this until now. I'm born on the year 2007 and I don't even know who OJ is, because I'm not a fan of football.

    VeeEmBeeVeeEmBee7 months ago
  • I'm trying to find out more about the Mark Jackson basketball card with the Melendez brothers in the picture. I have 6 of them in mint condition.

    Gene SummersGene Summers7 months ago
  • Damn i still remember this. I was just a sperm, but I still remember hearing his car pass by my dad, as my dad was walking into the coffee shop🤘🏾

    Elazzur SilvaElazzur Silva7 months ago
  • I’m literally ten bruh

    BBtvBBtv7 months ago
  • i was 15 when it happend

    DaBeastIsOutDaBeastIsOut7 months ago
  • Why was he arrested if he did nothing he innocent

    Gang timeGang time7 months ago
  • What do they mean their job probably their vip called for a story 😂

    Gang timeGang time7 months ago