This Haunted Them for Many Years...

Oct 31, 2020
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This Haunted Them for Many Years...
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  • Video sucked

    Gordon RichstoneGordon Richstone6 hours ago
  • The Bulls also swept the Heat in the first round later that year!

    Game's OnGame's On8 hours ago
  • ........

    Dee JayDee Jay10 hours ago
  • This game will truly haunt everyone that was involved for the rest there lives

    Steve RodriguezSteve Rodriguez14 hours ago
  • Dallas home lost in 2012 against Miami in opening night after winning a championship is almost the same as this though, ironic isn't it

    Alexis CandoAlexis Cando21 hour ago
  • Lirk H?? That was Ben Gordons team. Who the fuck is kirk?

    Rich Popa DonRich Popa DonDay ago
  • Big pagon ritual sacrifice night for all the secret orders in the jezabel of babeylone witch is America allot of ritual sacrifices going on on that night all the holidays they brainwashed the public into worshiping are days off death Easter /valentines /Halloween /all days of slorter every nursery rym was originally about death but has been changed for us to sing along to it as so to put our energy into it because that's what these bad spirits live off!!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs3 days ago
  • Wow that's a big ocullt night halloween that's why it was a ritual sacrifice for the team a humiliation ritual witch gets them more respect on the pyramid in the pecking order!!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs3 days ago
  • I'm a Chicagoan and I don't remember this at all. That was a total beat down.

    Tim SykesTim Sykes4 days ago
  • Click bait nothing to see here.. why even doing this video? 2 minutes of my life I am not getting back

    Israel PachecoIsrael Pacheco4 days ago
  • And what was the reason for this video..absolutely nothin was proved

    Derrick hawkinsDerrick hawkins4 days ago
  • To add further insult, Wade and Lebron led Team USA to third place at the 2006 FIBA championships. The season before this one, 2005-2006 was a strange year. The league was adjusting to defending under the new rules designed to increase scoring. So 2005-2006 saw record scoring as officials began calling tighter touch fouls. For one, Wade shot a Finals record 97 free throws. Wade, Lebron, Kobe and Iverson all set career highs in free throw attempts. Lebron, Kobe and Iverson all averaged a career high in points. And Kobe scored his 81. I think the inflated scoring statistics, manufactured by new rules designed to give wing players more space and freedom to score, gave teams like the Heat, a false sense of greatness.

    Turtle Island LACTurtle Island LAC4 days ago
  • How different the world was 14yrs. ago!?

    Arson HakobyanArson Hakobyan5 days ago
  • This youtuber is simply amazing hands down.

    John Noel PernitoJohn Noel Pernito5 days ago
  • Ty

    Harold OzaetaHarold Ozaeta6 days ago
  • Lol and now I know where the Lonzo meme comes from

    Inside Out BeatsInside Out Beats6 days ago
  • This is bullshit! Teams routinely lose after their ring ceremony. As the overdramatic announcer noted, the emotion & fanfare are super distracting. Age & injury ended that Miami run, not some ominous opening day loss.

    silas crawfordsilas crawford6 days ago
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    GoodNewzGoodNewz6 days ago
    • Amen

      Marcus EdwardsMarcus Edwards5 days ago
  • I remember. Chicago remembers. Miami remembers. The news covered this game as the down fall of Miami Heat.

    Glen ThomasGlen Thomas6 days ago
  • this video was kind of a waste

    Shootin In The GymShootin In The Gym6 days ago
  • One regular season game after a championship doesn’t haunt anybody... only a bulls fan would make something like this.

    David DuckworthDavid Duckworth6 days ago
  • David Stern was cheating for Wade garbage 🗑 azz and that’s why the Bulls had them fist fighting in the playoffs 😂

    Change The Game NetworkChange The Game Network7 days ago
  • Who came first you or Andy Hoops? You & Andy Hoops are the Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan of retrospective NBA YT channels.

    Mark GeorgeMark George9 days ago
  • Come on now you know what they mean when they say entertainment....key word "ENTERTAINMENT"....all rigged!!!!

    Heavee LegHeavee Leg9 days ago
  • The creepy music bro 😂

    Ryan LaneRyan Lane11 days ago
  • yeah sorry, I don't know about the "famous meme" that Mourning supposedly gave us. maybe i'm not millennial enough or something, idk.

    Bubster 1969Bubster 196912 days ago
  • NIce job with the creative spin on a bad game.

    ksmootheksmoothe12 days ago
  • only d-wade had game in him.. everyone else were a bunch of old farts

    Manuel FloresManuel Flores12 days ago
  • They went home with a sore ass hole. 😂

    Jayson Raphael MurdockJayson Raphael Murdock13 days ago
  • Remember this game like it was yesterday

    Saidah MurphySaidah Murphy13 days ago
  • And then he joins em’ yrs later....

    Tobias SielstedTobias Sielsted14 days ago
  • This was a waste of a video👎🏾 💯🏀

    duane Matthewsduane Matthews14 days ago
  • For me the most memorable game in NBA history was the Game 4 of 2011 Finals....lmao

    JDM JDMJDM JDM16 days ago
  • Looks like bball is all a scam

    patrick bowerspatrick bowers16 days ago
  • I saw that game

    Mike 49ersMike 49ers16 days ago
  • I remember 14 yrs ago. I watched the opening night. I shock what happened to miami 😳

    Retro Gamer PlayerRetro Gamer Player16 days ago
  • U just got a new sub

    johnny Isreljohnny Isrel17 days ago
  • I liked what heat did this year,but i never ever respected them. Their fans leaving vs SA showed they have a lot of bandwagon fans. To us who went to football games of our lower league team religiously,that was blasphemy.

    Scratchin' SamuraiScratchin' Samurai18 days ago
  • Why are they talking about this, they were fucking old, d wade was the only one that was young, this is so stupid as fuck. Then they get Lebron ,so fucking what they lost to other teams

    Isaac Howard JrIsaac Howard Jr18 days ago
  • Scary and entertaining ...period

    GurtonGurton18 days ago
  • This channel always having an interesting content.I am filipino and I love this channel.

  • New video today pls I'm waiting on your channel for a day for a new vid now lol

    Roman Coleman-IsaacRoman Coleman-Isaac21 day ago
  • he makes nba look so scary

    nyprxxnyprxx21 day ago
  • Just like the golden state warriors vs spurs in opening night.the warriors loss 30 plus points.with kevin durant.

    Krisluz IsmaelKrisluz Ismael21 day ago
  • This was hidden so good, I don’t even remember this game

    Mister BMister B21 day ago
  • Why does he make an nba video scary

    Waffffffles Gaming with Friends!Waffffffles Gaming with Friends!21 day ago
  • Baby bulls used to give the heat some problems.

    Gerard TruesdaleGerard Truesdale21 day ago
  • AndyHoops is that you?

    Joshua MartinJoshua Martin21 day ago
  • I don't need a reminder, I remember this game intensely. I watched every minute

    pg ratedpg rated21 day ago
  • It's ok d wade was actually identifying as a loser that game. So it's alright.

    Bootz McgîllîcutyBootz Mcgîllîcuty22 days ago
  • $rippope3 show me love

    speedy313 carterspeedy313 carter22 days ago
  • What’s the name of the intro?

    Kyrie MayKyrie May22 days ago
  • So....

    add marxadd marx22 days ago
  • I was at this game....the worst game I've ever been to

    Craftmaster ProductionsCraftmaster Productions22 days ago
  • 2006 NBA FINALS Were RIGGED...D:WADE got 20 FT attempts all the time..THE NBA was seeing that HEAT was going to get sweep and they would lose a lot of money on tv shares...

    6 languages and 4 degrees6 languages and 4 degrees22 days ago
  • Alvin Rushinque watched this ...""42"" Jerry Stackhouse, Vin Baker

    Marcus BourneMarcus Bourne22 days ago
  • Yehey right the Controversial championship...

    skeam riveraskeam rivera22 days ago
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    Carson FoustCarson Foust22 days ago
  • The way Wade was yelling at GP. Yo I ain’t never seen D-Wade that mad.

    donkor thomasdonkor thomas22 days ago
  • The heat sucked so bad that year

    Edmond REdmond R22 days ago
  • Kirk Hinrich was nice!

    celli 21celli 2123 days ago
  • People only remember the Alonzo mourning gif

    Kyle AdrienKyle Adrien23 days ago
  • The most pointless video I've ever seen

    Boo HefnerBoo Hefner23 days ago
  • This video was super unnecessary lol. I'm a Heat fan and half the team was on their way to retirement at this point.

  • Oh man oh man that chicago bull team 2006 was fully loaded

    Joven TizonJoven Tizon23 days ago
  • I watched this on Live TV and cannot forget it as a Bulls fan. Worst loss by a reigning champ on opening night.

    Ermil GabuatErmil Gabuat23 days ago
  • I remember this....I'm from homewood Illinois

    Steven MartinSteven Martin24 days ago
  • That was an embarrassment to get blown out on opening night at home when being the defending champions.

    Doknot1999Doknot199924 days ago
  • So wat was the point of the video? One team blows out another no big deal. Ya title is super misleading. Smh.

  • These things happen, so what... Remember Miami with Lebron against Dallas... Dallas won the finals, then lost by about 40 against them, same scenario as here.

    Robert LipovacRobert Lipovac24 days ago
    • yeah man, that Dallas vs Heat had trickaration on that game. Like if the NBA wanted Dirt to win because that was his last chance to win being the best euorpean player. Then they say, " LeBron for your reward, YOU go to the finals every year until you retire" You cant rule that out because that would explain why LeBron played like that with a straight face. That's when i thought the NBA was rigged. But even when Jordan played, clearly the refs was not calling fouls on Jordan when they played the Suns in the finals and Barkley said something 2 or 3 times. Rigged! i could go on, but Damn!!!

      Keith VinetKeith Vinet4 days ago
  • What day was this game? Cause it is miami and I think I had a good time the night before

    Dell MatthewsDell Matthews24 days ago
  • What if it was the basketball everybody hated

    COOKIE MONEY831COOKIE MONEY83124 days ago
  • That is why the ring ceremony should be held in the season it is won. And, the champs should always be ready to defend their status. Lesson: if you slack off, you get knocked off. Motto, past champs are not necessarily current champs.

    James BowserJames Bowser24 days ago
    • @Ahmad Robertson No, you sound stupid if you cannot recognize there is plenty if time to have ring ceremony between the last game and the start of the new season. But, the NBA likes to tack on the ring ceremony to the following season to boost ratings and possible drama for the defense of the title.

      James BowserJames Bowser15 days ago
    • You sound stupid the hell you gonna have a ring ceremony in the same year? end the season when the title is won. This is why you should....KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. This was literally the dumbest thing I've ever read on here.

      Ahmad RobertsonAhmad Robertson16 days ago
  • Before you even continue with your video I already know what game it is and those six the bulls wax they ass that year and in the playoffs that year just straight up swept them. they whooped them even worse had Andreas nocioni looking like a legend out there

    joneth piptnejoneth piptne24 days ago
  • #bulls

    DOPE!DOPE!24 days ago
  • As a Bulls fan, I remember watching this game, they kicked their ass, Miami had nothing in the tank that night, Kirk Hinrich was on fire. The Bulls and Heat have an odd connection and a great rivalry that has been great to watch over the years

    raquan swabyraquan swaby24 days ago
  • this guy is a genius bro

    Moses2xMoses2x24 days ago
  • its probably because of the "new" ball

    curtcurt24 days ago
  • Bulls Heat

    Me BorMe Bor24 days ago
  • This shit is so boring just play it on to x2

    Thomas PThomas P24 days ago

    Jaworski MosqueraJaworski Mosquera24 days ago
  • Can’t watch these in the dark cuz I get these goosebumps every time

    Renen TankRenen Tank24 days ago
  • And chicago swept the heat in 2007 1st round of playoffs. Lmao

    I Bleed Purple And GoldI Bleed Purple And Gold24 days ago
  • 1:01

    edward fransedward frans25 days ago
  • season opener. December 25, 2011, Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks. Lebron was on a mission, they blew Mavs out but let up later on the 4th quarter. Dallas beat Miami in the Finals series

    Josepino RizalJosepino Rizal25 days ago
    • Lebron is with my Lakers now and we going back to back

      Terry BogardTerry Bogard24 days ago
  • Always makes it sound like a scary movie. Haha. Love it. Great job dude. I will keep watching

    LouisvilleKy#502 SopranosLouisvilleKy#502 Sopranos25 days ago
  • Trash

    Poseidon BoyPoseidon Boy25 days ago
  • Best ball youtuber

    TD DTTD DT25 days ago
  • This man could make a puppy scary

    Chef ZombChef Zomb25 days ago
  • That time I told my friends that their championship is a fluke but no one believes me.

    KielKiel25 days ago
  • These horror nba videos are the best on USworlds by a mile.

    BangpaulxuBangpaulxu25 days ago
  • This USworldsr always brings out gold content. Respect!!!

    AlmondAlmond25 days ago
  • Trick or treat...!!!

  • Everybody knows 2006 finals were fixed so the heat could win 😏

    Diestro TerreroDiestro Terrero25 days ago
  • That’s what happens when the NBA rigs the championship for you. For those of you who don’t know, people think the 2006 finals were rigged and Dallas should have won

    Jo and Ty bro vidsJo and Ty bro vids25 days ago
  • That miami heat 06 rob dirk a championship,all the refs favoring dwane wade the entire finals series...they did not derserve that chip at all...

    Veon NoireVeon Noire25 days ago
  • Well, they got ahead of themselves and they clearly let their guard down.

    azzlhe marohomaruazzlhe marohomaru25 days ago
  • kailan pa kaya mamomonetize acc ko at makatulong sa pamilya sa mga taong nahihirapan lalo na sa financial😪😪

    JTV .JTV .25 days ago
  • D wades home town team

    Daniel SilvaDaniel Silva25 days ago
  • This background music never gets old. Thanks for another nice content bro! Keep up!

    Stephen Oliver PerezStephen Oliver Perez25 days ago