This Image is More SINISTER Than You Think!

Jan 20, 2020
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This Image is More SINISTER Than You Think!
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  • Mixed thoughts. I see men with no souls. .. others with no lives.

    Eli MarsEli Mars8 hours ago
  • Crazy I have that card lol

    Chance BrownChance Brown17 hours ago
  • Creepy

    truthtruth2 days ago
  • And the number on the Jersey is ocullt masonic LUCIFERIAN number also no accedent its all linked!!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs2 days ago
  • No accedent mkultra programed to kill that's why they are in the photo!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs2 days ago

    emilio_ estevesemilio_ esteves3 days ago
  • Funny How I have mj

    Avenge_GbrAvenge_Gbr5 days ago
  • This guy makes something innocent like a random non valuable basketball card into a full fledged mystery

    Matthew KiptooMatthew Kiptoo8 days ago
  • I got the mj card from a box of different cards from different season I did not know that it was rare

    De'Anthonie WhitleyDe'Anthonie Whitley8 days ago
  • I used to have that Jordan card I might still bought like 15k b-ball cards in 1997-1998

    SlaM Γ™SlaM Γ™15 days ago
  • I have that card

    B&N FergusonB&N Ferguson16 days ago
  • Not even f**king around. I'm pretty sure I have this card. When my step brother moved back in 96. He left behind all his basketball cards and comic books, I'm pretty sure that card is in the pile

    Chris AubleChris Auble25 days ago
  • Yall cap bro media already knew an exposed them for that. They kill there parents an they where being watched. He picked it cause he nu it would go viral.πŸ™ŠπŸ“±any one with a device can look that up #cloutchasers

    LiT MMNLiT MMN27 days ago
  • I got this mark Jackson card. Wonder how much its worth?

    Tyrell PanganTyrell Pangan28 days ago
  • Ebay is full of shit. Bet you can find Chris Benoit stuff on there.

    Verlisifiance SatireVerlisifiance SatireMonth ago
  • The only basketball card I care about acquiring a shit ton of is psa graded copies of the 1996 Topps 138 Kobe rookie. That's just me though.

    Verlisifiance SatireVerlisifiance SatireMonth ago
  • I actually purchased that card when it first came out and I still have it today.

    A.T. HargroveA.T. HargroveMonth ago
  • Bro this is insane!

    Kenobi BryantKenobi BryantMonth ago
  • i have this card if anyone wants it lol

    Jessie McLeanJessie McLeanMonth ago
  • Do u guys even know that the father was a co worker of the manager for the boy group menudo and he is known to have molested at the very least Ricky Martin of not the whole group so maybe they not so evil as you claim

    chil angochil angoMonth ago
  • I have this card πŸ˜‚

    Ditch Bank BanditsDitch Bank BanditsMonth ago
  • This is cool.. make me think I seen this card

    _ Teenager_ TeenagerMonth ago
  • That 'let's buy a box of cards' plan, is the craziest plan I've ever heard.

    STONKS waveSTONKS waveMonth ago
    • Only a duck would believe that shit

      Is Life So Dear Or Peace So SweetIs Life So Dear Or Peace So SweetMonth ago
  • Knick fans lmao

    Gino RayaGino RayaMonth ago
  • When a fucking Croat destroys your perfect get rich fast scheme... The shittiest most crooked nation in the world. Mind your own fucking business.

    DarkseidDarkseidMonth ago
  • I still have this card.... Guess I got a real collector's item now....πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    Rsap GreenRsap GreenMonth ago
  • WHAAAAAT? Ebay has a soul? Mindblowing

    Rainer WahnsinnRainer WahnsinnMonth ago
  • How does Mark Jackson feel about this to happen to his own card? That's messed up.

    Man E. FreshMan E. FreshMonth ago
  • This is some Larry David shit

    J TJ TMonth ago
  • Yo i stopped collecting basketball cards cause they were worthless. I definitely had that Magic Johnson card. I didn't even want it cause hes gay.

    FullClip GamingFullClip GamingMonth ago
  • Oh the brothers that got tired of getting sexually molested and physically abused by their parents? You make it sound like they killed their parents for the fuck of it.

    Ray RayRay RayMonth ago
  • πŸ€₯πŸ€₯πŸ€₯πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    tzetzotzetzoMonth ago
  • I just recently pulled the card four times in two boxes.

    Mark Paul Abare, Jr.Mark Paul Abare, Jr.Month ago
  • currency the human curse

    Julian SchweitzerJulian Schweitzer2 months ago
  • My dads friend was looking through his old card collection and looking up the prices and he was shocked when he saw that. It’s truly amazing

    Carter 1Carter 12 months ago
  • How can I get on Reddit?

    Barzilla BoobeeBarzilla Boobee2 months ago
  • Who else knows this from Mr ballen

    Jake NaquinJake Naquin2 months ago
  • I had that card back when I was in high school

    Tyran DucksworthTyran Ducksworth2 months ago
  • Yo i have that card

    Luke OlsonLuke Olson2 months ago
  • Man I legit have pretty much all the big stars from 89-90 NBA hoops cards Jordan bird magic Chris Mullin Dennis Pippen Barkley Ewing but no Mark JacksonπŸ˜–

    jesus cagejesus cage3 months ago
  • Mark Jackson was my idol, no lie.. I'm from queens and since I was young I recollected cards and saved all the Mark Jackson Cards in a special hard case. And that particular card I kept like 4 different ones and first on the premise that it was an error misprint, so I knew tha was value. I grew up in Queens, he was celebrated coming out of St.Johns which my sister GiGi attended at the time, his wife went to my church, Maranatha Baptist Church and his brother Kevin was. Y coach at St.Pascal PAL. Just GODS design..

    KoChief RockAKoChief RockA3 months ago
  • How in the world would someone honestly just think "I wonder if I can find someone in the background of some NBA collecter cards, and then actually find them? Columbo himself on a made up TV show would never be so smart as think of that to solve a murder case and then on top of that it actually working! If that guy was really that much of a genius we'd probably have less than half the unsolved mysteries in this world as we do now! Something here don't quite add up because it's no way that guy just happened to think of the possibility of something like that working and then it actually does! I call B.S. on this happening without something going on behind the scene! I've never seen such a far out way to solve a crime even on any kind of crime mystery TV show or movie before! πŸ€” SMDH

    C.W. CoxC.W. Cox3 months ago
  • Cosgrove should defo have more subs then he has

    Finlay GilzeazyFinlay Gilzeazy4 months ago
  • I will collect NBA Cards with infamous Players but have Kardashans or Beyonce in the background LoL

    Diskubre Channel PHDiskubre Channel PH4 months ago
  • Got afew of these cards from the 90 91 nba hoops series 1&2 the other day

    Stevie TVStevie TV4 months ago
  • β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

    Gustavo Adolfo GuardadoGustavo Adolfo Guardado4 months ago
  • Had that card

    Uncle RuckusUncle Ruckus4 months ago
  • Any pix of Mark Jackson eating his b4 game snickers?

    Indy GoIndy Go4 months ago
  • Lowkey might have this card

    LPLP4 months ago
  • Wow...

    Jon Jon HarreldJon Jon Harreld4 months ago
  • I got this card

    Keith MackKeith Mack4 months ago
  • That Mark Jackson card only proves what we already knew ... and it's no more interesting than seeing a picture of them in the Chevrolet showroom buying the Corvette

    Ed NortonEd Norton4 months ago
  • I used to have so many cards

  • I'm sure I had this card

    LeekoTV FilmsLeekoTV Films4 months ago
  • Crazy thing is that I think that I had that card but it's been so long that I don't know where it is.

    Wali AhmadWali Ahmad4 months ago
    • @Wali Ahmad well, start looking bitch.

      HotMessMemories1HotMessMemories1Month ago
  • Great Work.

    J Vip WTPNNJ Vip WTPNN4 months ago
  • Stupid ass story

    Jose Herrera WadeJose Herrera Wade4 months ago
  • I have MJ rookie card dude

    Dylan and Devon ChannelDylan and Devon Channel4 months ago
  • Look at it closely

    Javy AntonioJavy Antonio4 months ago

    OFFICIAL EOFFICIAL E4 months ago
  • They got that Jordan card on offer up right now in eugene Oregon

    shane sizemoreshane sizemore4 months ago
  • Damn I had that card

    Outlandish ThinkingOutlandish Thinking4 months ago
  • The question is who cares

    Arthur SaccoArthur Sacco4 months ago
  • I almost "next" this video the first 30 seconds. πŸ˜‚ Glad i didn't 😹

    N NGUYENN NGUYEN4 months ago
  • This is fckn awesome!

    HereIsWisdom 1318HereIsWisdom 13184 months ago
  • poor Mark Jackson, imagine if it was your card, you and two psychopaths

  • Thought that was Billary in the Red. Lol. Have Fun

    Michael StewartMichael Stewart4 months ago
  • Thats crazy! I use to collect Basketball cards and had alot of these

    Kai theMessiahKai theMessiah4 months ago
  • Hey...I have 1 of those cards right now.

    Darrell MorelandDarrell Moreland4 months ago
  • when you said something is wrong with the card, i immediately noticed the 2 creepy faces in the background among all those normal people so I'm like it must be them lol

    Taurus DTaurus D4 months ago
    • Taurus D same XD

      Trash SalsaTrash Salsa4 months ago
  • I got that card

    Maradiaga MediaMaradiaga Media4 months ago
  • I have three of those cards LOL

    Ace HeruAce Heru4 months ago
  • I hope Stephen Zerance had the common sense to buy a shit ton of that card before publishing this. If not you can bet he will spend the rest of his life kicking himself in the ass.

    The TroofThe Troof5 months ago
  • U just gave me blue balls I thought it's worth a lot of money.

    S197 GTS197 GT5 months ago
  • So what

    yamom saidicanyamom saidican5 months ago
  • Wow

    David MeadsDavid Meads5 months ago
  • Look at is closely I don't live to live Fucking parasite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Real ones know πŸ’―

    __Phox__ __Trot1____Phox__ __Trot1__5 months ago
  • Pretty sure i have at least 3 of those cards hahaha

    Devildawg 0311Devildawg 03115 months ago
  • Ok so how much is that mark jackson card worth?

    Lau ReyesLau Reyes5 months ago
  • I 100% have that card somewhere.

    Haight the GreatHaight the Great5 months ago
  • Its all just worthless nonesense

    Backin TheDayBackin TheDay5 months ago
  • Total bullshit premise. You lost 1

    Tywanne AldridgeTywanne Aldridge5 months ago
  • " I was at that game". "If u look way in the back over mark jacksons left shoulder u can see me" -TK KIRKLAND

    Red Hood e.n.y.Red Hood e.n.y.5 months ago
  • The cadence..... Of your voice..... Is irritating

    Matt BybeeMatt Bybee5 months ago
  • I have 2 of these !!

    Jedi GeorgeJedi George5 months ago
  • This is the biggest load of horseshit I've heard in awhile. "They decided to buy cards from that the hopes they would find them." Does anyone else realize how asinine that is?'

    RealityBeneathVeilsRealityBeneathVeils5 months ago
  • Those Menendez bros. were ritually sexually abused by their father & the mom cosigned it until they couldn't take it anymore & put an end to it...Good for them!

    Brit ReedBrit Reed5 months ago
  • I’m hoping this college card of D. Jeter is worth a lot!

    TheRealRevelationTheRealRevelation5 months ago
  • but ebay sale nazi flags lol what the f

    Amanda WoodsAmanda Woods5 months ago
  • Quote I won't ever be on this site again end quote!!!!

    Loo RawlsLoo Rawls5 months ago
  • Amazing!

    Satur9_ in_CapricornSatur9_ in_Capricorn5 months ago
  • an irrelevant coincidence,cool.

    And nothing else happenedAnd nothing else happened5 months ago
  • I have the Mark Jackson card with the murderers in it I had just looked through card boxes and found the card and then I found this vid a week later.

    Jack DizzleJack Dizzle5 months ago
  • Player wearing #13 Jersey, not surprised.

    Freddie RodriguezFreddie Rodriguez5 months ago
  • i don't why but your intro is kinda scary but i like it

    Camille EvangelistaCamille Evangelista5 months ago
  • 0:51 look closer. Mono is there

    FarganjenFarganjen5 months ago
  • My dad has that Basketball card and I’m not lying

    The BlueStarThe BlueStar5 months ago
  • This card is still being sold on EBay

    Juice BankJuice Bank5 months ago
  • Creepy πŸ‘οΈπŸ˜±πŸ‘€πŸ‘οΈ

    Gato 008Gato 0085 months ago
  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    Mark FieldsMark Fields6 months ago