This INSPIRING NBA Story will give you GOOSEBUMPS!

Mar 13, 2019
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  • Utah a shithole, their team will NEVER receive a championship

    Ralff 42Ralff 4218 days ago
  • 4:32 Kobe sounding like MJ, this game is personal. Man I miss him RIP Kobe

    Thomas CollinsThomas Collins21 day ago
  • I love your videos keep up the good work

    Stanley SmithStanley Smith25 days ago
  • Fuck Utah Jazz and their fans at the time. That's so selfish of them. I will never be a fan of them. That was uncalled for. So immature and also selfish. You don't like what i say well I don't care. I won't disrespect somebody like that. Glad to also see that Kobe was angry and send a message to them. Y'all won't win a championship just because of that day. I'm sorry but it's true. Never ever you boo a man who wants to make the right choice for him and his family. You don't decide for him. Y'all just terrible mein.

    Javan Jesse LoganTheGreat1Javan Jesse LoganTheGreat129 days ago
  • Me when the audience cheered him: aww When they boo'd him to have better medical access: I'm not surprised Utah fans would do this

    Edgar MEdgar M29 days ago
  • Former jazz guard? What

    Gilchrist DunksGilchrist DunksMonth ago
  • Damn, this is some strange shit for me. I remember him on every team he played but NOT the Jazz...

    Domi DarkoDomi DarkoMonth ago
  • Nice story. Bless Derek, Reggie and Kobe(RIP 41)

    Don WinslowDon WinslowMonth ago
  • May 9 is my birthday

    Mini NinjaMini Ninja2 months ago
  • That date is my birthday exact year and date

    Miguel IsonMiguel Ison2 months ago
  • Look at Fisher, man. So inspirational.

    LouderWithCrowder TwoLouderWithCrowder Two2 months ago
  • I’m so glad I met derrick fisher

    CamDabCamDab3 months ago
  • full of heart! ❤️✊🏼

    Jred Nordam BalbalosaJred Nordam Balbalosa4 months ago
  • I really didn’t know much about Derrick fisher but I gained a ton of respect after this video.

    Zexryo TZexryo T4 months ago
  • Jazz, Philly, Toronto, and NY are among the NBA teams that are very shitty for a player to play with just because of their fans.

    S_AMES_AME6 months ago
  • Carlos Boozer

    Dat Fat CatDat Fat Cat6 months ago
  • I give Fisher my respect now.

    BmontyMkBmontyMk6 months ago
  • Do y’all want to know a coincidence my birthday is may 9th 2007

    King KayKing Kay7 months ago
  • Yeah I do remember that night

    Carl BeardCarl Beard8 months ago
  • Respect!!! But still don't forget he tried to scoop Harrison barnes ex wife and barnes beat the shit out of fisher for dat

    Punto BangPunto Bang8 months ago
  • An example of the power of GOD working through Derrick Fisher for those whom have eyes to see and comprehend. God continue to bless him and his family.

    Jerry TaylorJerry Taylor9 months ago
  • The title should be " The BIGGEST REASON why Utah Jazz doesn't have CHAMPIONSHIP Rings".

    al padaal pada9 months ago
  • DF when to Lakers to go after Matt Barnes wife. He lie to Jazz fans & cheated on his wife and left the Team and his family. He's probably gonna go after Kobe's wife Vanessa. This dude is liar & cheater.

    TRJ TRJTRJ TRJ9 months ago
  • I forgot he left the the lakers before he went to okc

    Malace From the PalaceMalace From the Palace9 months ago
  • He did the greatest thing he can do for his daughter and family. People in Utah at that time was the most selfish and ungrateful people in the world, and if they still believe the lie they were pushing to believe. Then that's their horrible problem. They should be thankful for the years Derek made them a winner. 🙄☹️😠

    Mcris AldayMcris Alday9 months ago
  • Short sighted people of Utah who booed DF back then, ask yourselves this: If DF didn't care for the Jazz and his teammates, why would he have gone through the trouble of flying back and wanting to play after all he's been through that day?

    Stitzi01Stitzi019 months ago
  • a responsible father/pro player

    mxn gamingmxn gaming9 months ago
  • DF 0.4eva!

    J AJ A9 months ago
  • He wasn’t in NY this guy was a liar he was in CA screwing Matt Barnes ex wife

    Ari WAri W9 months ago
  • I didn’t know that about fish thanks

    Choo Choo234Choo Choo23410 months ago
  • R.I.P Kobe

    Steven HootenSteven Hooten10 months ago
  • Rip kobe

    Sammy RoussopoulosSammy Roussopoulos10 months ago
  • 9 killed in helicopter crash and Kobe and his daughter were 2 of them rip😢😢😢😢😢

    Alex WarshauerAlex Warshauer10 months ago
  • Rip Kobe

    GlizzyGokuGlizzyGoku10 months ago
  • Damn kobe was a real one sticking up for fisher, R.I.P

    Abdoul SeneAbdoul Sene10 months ago
  • Salute To Derek Fisher🙏💪🦍

    Shawn GriffinShawn Griffin10 months ago
  • Utah Jazz fans were selfish for that ,that’s why them mfs won’t be getting a ring.....

    Tizzle FreeformTizzle Freeform10 months ago
  • I mean what do you honestly expect from fans who turned a blind eye to Karl Malone denying his own children for years claiming they weren’t his despite one becoming a WNBA Champion and the other playing in the NFL, which with the daughter he finally claimed but the son he still doesn’t. These type of fans I have 0 respect for

    Francisco VidaudFrancisco Vidaud10 months ago
  • after his daughter has a successful surgery now i gotta move to LA ... lmfaoooooo

    Travis PriceTravis Price10 months ago
  • That man is amazing

    J4yc3J4yc310 months ago
  • Ollld man fisher maaan

    Taj CookTaj Cook10 months ago
  • Fisher is a legend

    Tommy BOZZINOTommy BOZZINO10 months ago
  • To the Jazz fans who booed Derek Fischer who chose LA over Utah... he is not in the minority

    Chris ReynoldsChris Reynolds10 months ago
  • I remember that game.

    Rufus HuntRufus Hunt10 months ago
  • He had a responsibility to his as a man as father as a husband he made decisions which was in the best of his the heck with what people say..they not walking in his shoes nor are they paying his sucks when you live based on other people's feelings and opinions while you miserable inside wondering what's best..kudos to this young man and may the Lord bless him and his family ❤️

    Warrior SaintWarrior Saint10 months ago
  • Every player gives there Best Every Games.. But the people of UTAH JAZZ. BOO HIM.. with out reason.. DF make a good. For His Dougther... Thats why UTAH JAZZ NEVER BEEN BECOME A CHAMPION TEAM EVEN THE TIME OF CARL MALON AND STOCKTON.. This Team. Will not deserve to be Champion team...

    jerabom Dasanjerabom Dasan10 months ago
  • A real role model

    Repent &Trust NJesusRepent &Trust NJesus10 months ago
  • This guy is just too blessed.

    Donnette MornsDonnette Morns10 months ago
  • He’s a lying punk

    Sam I amSam I am10 months ago
  • Derek Fisher is a bitch smh how u do Matt Barnes like that? Fucking weird....

    Jason McAllisterJason McAllister10 months ago
  • Utah fans SUCKS!!!

    James NaismithJames Naismith10 months ago
  • Nice video. I watched it All the way through. Subbed 💯💪🏾

    PlanetDexPlanetDex10 months ago
  • Well just dont let your wife or girl near fisher coz he will sure gonna fish her out.

    trebledctrebledc10 months ago
  • Family first

    Marion Jr. MemegMarion Jr. Memeg10 months ago
  • I remember that moment. As a life long suns fan I naturally hated (not actually) Derick Fisher but that very moment I cheered for him and rooted for him to be strong enough emotionally to play Derick Fisher basketball. From what I remember I think he did just that. You have to be a very selfish person to not want he and his daughter to be okay

    A-DUBA-DUB10 months ago
  • And then we found out he was a dirtbag and Barnes beat his ass lol.

    Daniel ButcherDaniel Butcher10 months ago
  • Ignorant Jazz fans.

    Diecast GuyKidDiecast GuyKid11 months ago
  • 03:12 former jazz guard? Please explain.

    Dam AliDam Ali11 months ago
  • I say fk the jazz fans .. Derrick Fisher did what he had to do for his family period 💯💯💯

    ERM VintageERM Vintage11 months ago
  • They really gonna be pist when Donovan Mitchell leave he definitely ain't resigning in Utah😂😂😂

    Andy VelasquezAndy Velasquez11 months ago
    • @jaydin dude learn sarcasm

      Anaru RaroaAnaru Raroa26 days ago
    • @jaydin dude learn sarcasm

      Anaru RaroaAnaru Raroa26 days ago
    • Bluuu u definitely don’t know basketball 😂 u don’t know who kyrie is 🤦🏾‍♂️

      jaydinjaydin3 months ago
    • He already did 😭😂

      Malace From the PalaceMalace From the Palace9 months ago
    • @Bluuu You're a idiot.....

      rEECErEECE10 months ago
  • Kobe the 🐐 well behind MJ

    Aj EspinozaAj Espinoza11 months ago
  • Yeah Utah fans are a meme at this point.

    Siggie TyroneSiggie Tyrone11 months ago
  • I look at Fisher as a punk bitch for what he did to Matt Barnes.. FYI Barnes beat his punk ass. So he loved his wife and family so much he cheated on his wife.. Real hero..

    Tony PriceTony PriceYear ago
  • I'm gonna give the guy the benefit of the doubt that he's not gonna invoke his daughter's cancer just as some excuse to the fans.

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis DemitriusYear ago
  • I never get goose bumps

    Edward Abraham IIIEdward Abraham IIIYear ago
  • Awesome story

    Ramiro MartinezRamiro MartinezYear ago
  • It’s Utah.... enough said 😂

    Green BastardGreen BastardYear ago
  • Utah has always been a racist ass state anyway

    Jason WallaceJason WallaceYear ago
  • In my opinion Jazz fans are one of the worse in NBA

    So bexSo bexYear ago
  • I remember that

    Frederick WillisFrederick WillisYear ago
  • ill slap someone nxt to me booing fisher if i was watching that game upclose

    Amidamarobby RodriguezAmidamarobby RodriguezYear ago
    • @Bluuu including your mom

      Amidamarobby RodriguezAmidamarobby Rodriguez11 months ago
    • No you wouldn't

      BluuuBluuu11 months ago
  • Thats why jazz fans is the very worst fans in the NBA.

    Mark Anthony CetoyMark Anthony CetoyYear ago
  • Wow this is the best story I've learned so far in the NBA

    Ali Baba and the 40 thievesAli Baba and the 40 thievesYear ago
  • Wow, i didnt know this about Derek Fisher. Great Man with Honor. The Jazz Fans are not classy at all. For all the Good Jazz Fans with Class you are not meant. Stay Classy and Cool Folks

    Player OnePlayer OneYear ago
  • Still wish the warriors woulda beat the Jazz tho

    Jazz CriticJazz CriticYear ago
  • Apparently there are no Eye Doctors in Salt Lake City... The only Eye Doctors are in Los Angeles.

  • Lets get Matt Barnes to be a character witness.

    KassperTKassperTYear ago
  • Matt Barnes left the group

    Teddy BaylenTeddy BaylenYear ago
  • Utah fans have no class smh 🤬

    James RossJames RossYear ago
  • #superdad #nocape

    Elohestee WonElohestee WonYear ago
  • Ok nobody ever saids it so I will. Fisher needs his number retired just like all of the Lakers did. Sorry he got 5 championships out of 8😚 that's great right!!! Scotty gots his retired he wasn't the big star right. right! Lakers when kobe the best of all time gets his number retired .Retired Fisher to ! Magic greatest of all help Fisher Thank you!!

    Errol WATLERErrol WATLERYear ago
  • This story to the Matt Barnes story is such a 360 lol

    MK GMK GYear ago
    • true lol

      Yampar NgawalYampar NgawalYear ago
  • Derek is a clutch 3 pt genius

    Kiko EKiko EYear ago
  • whether or not he actually left for his daughter/family or cuz he just wanted to be back on the lakers dsnt matter. the dude flew back after most likely the scariest day of his life to be there for his team when no one wouldve expected his to do so or blamed him for not doing so. for that alone the fans shouldve given him a standing ovation when he came back. yeah athletes can be selfish sometimes but damn man, sports fans can truly be the most irrational and selfish ppl on earth

    IltffnyIltffnyYear ago
  • whether or not he actually left for his daughter/family or cuz he just wanted to be back on the lakers dsnt matter. the dude flew back after most likely the scariest day of his life to be there for his team when no one wouldve expected his to do so or blamed him for not doing so. for that alone the fans shouldve given him a standing ovation when he came back. yeah athletes can be selfish sometimes but damn man, sports fans can truly be the most irrational and selfish ppl on earth

    IltffnyIltffnyYear ago

    Dimitri. L. Clark.Dimitri. L. Clark.Year ago
  • When I was stationed in utah one of my best friends was dating derek Fisher, dude was a dirtbag, hes doesnt give a shit about anyone but himself

    KRGsportscardsKRGsportscardsYear ago
  • 4:28 respect ✊

    EmilioEmilioYear ago
  • I dont get any inspiration from this he played basketball he didnt do any charitable or selfless act. If anything he left his wife and daughter in new york to play a game. I get more inspiration from chris paul flying out to the middle of nowhere to play and spend time with a 1 armed basketball player

    smokinnplatezsmokinnplatezYear ago
    • He saved his daughter life and his team won the game chris paul just made someone happy he didi not saved a life

      Panagiotis SimosPanagiotis SimosYear ago
  • I call bullshit derek has enough money and salt lake is close enough to fly to LA

    smokinnplatezsmokinnplatezYear ago
  • why the obama in this picture...its a story about derek..

    Rosangzuala ChawngthuRosangzuala ChawngthuYear ago
    • Rosangzuala Chawngthu it’s obama meeting his daughter I believe, shows what a big story this was at the time

      Corey LaubensteinCorey Laubenstein11 months ago
  • Touching!😥

    Brian jay AguipoBrian jay AguipoYear ago
  • He be busting at Matt Barnes’s wife

    B Vang24B Vang24Year ago
  • So, I was right for not liking the team and the whole mor(m)on state .. ungrateful mediocres.

    boriskaeskiboriskaeskiYear ago
  • Bcuz Derek was after Matt Barnes hubby Gloria 🙉🙉🙉

    Billson SatakeBillson SatakeYear ago
  • why Former Jazz Guard on his Interview?

    Cedie MinaCedie MinaYear ago
  • Move the jazz to Seattle I’m not even American nor have I lived In Seattle I just think it’s better and it would work

    Michael Trey WrightMichael Trey WrightYear ago
  • Utah hella racist just like Denver but Utah worst

    Michael Trey WrightMichael Trey WrightYear ago
  • what a nice story . Utah is opposite of Toronto

    Raymund Labs raRaymund Labs raYear ago
  • nice one sir derek..."GOD IS GOOD"...

    hplar odagledhplar odagledYear ago