Tim Duncan Just HAD to Go and Say THAT!

Jul 25, 2020
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Tim Duncan Just HAD to Go and Say THAT!
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SONG BY: JohnnyDog -usworlds.info/tv/HsyF8FavdYcmU9V4tZbklA

  • Lol this nigga Mike the greatest 🤣🤣🤣

    alvnnum1alvnnum113 hours ago
  • In terms of the most dominant player in the history of the NBA: Wilt Chamberlain In terms of the most successful, winningest player in the history of the NBA: Bill Russell In terms of the most talented player in the history of the NBA: Oscar Robertson In terms of the most hyped player in the history of the NBA: Michael Jordan

    BitshitterBitshitter16 hours ago
  • Duncan's is a hall of fame 1st selection. However, his getting his ass kicked still fuels his ego as to say he isn't impressed by Jordan. That is a Warrior. Again, however, his only weakness is his ego. Like all greats. Michael Jordan kicked his ass at the age of 36. 34, 35, and 36 years old ...wins and losses are black n white yo. Duncan's got his ego ass smashed. Just get over it man

    Raymond Van De WalleRaymond Van De Walle20 hours ago
  • I thought they was all fixed? With the magnets and all that u bum..

    Emoney GEmoney G22 hours ago
  • 3:47 That looks like Gene Siskel

    Darin PrestonDarin PrestonDay ago
  • Duncan is on the same level of Legacy as MJ, He may not have done it in a back to back or three peat way ..... but man, He's just one shot away from getting his 6th ring as MJ did!

    James 1418James 1418Day ago
    • But Mj dominated the era.. 2 3-peats in the decade while Timmy is the definition of consistency and class for almost 20 yrs?... Legacy wise its not even close.. Mj had 6 finals mvp on his way to 6 rings... While having 5mvps 1dpoy 10scoring title 9 defensive 1st team etc... While Timmy yea his a top 10 or top 5 all time..

      Ran HolicRan Holic20 hours ago
  • What a dumb video......to make such a big deal out of a simple comment. It wasn't rude in any way, he still said MJ was a great player. MJ didn't even know about the comment, and it wouldn't have mattered and the media at that time didn't make a big deal out of it. You really stretched this one thin!

    KrisJM1234KrisJM1234Day ago
  • It made me smile when this guy started comparing a first year rookie Tim Duncan to a peak Bulls Jordan.

  • I say the reason Tim Duncan didn't like MJ is because some people just don't like people who receive a lot of hype. Even though Jordan was able to back up his hype with his skills, Duncan still didn't like him the same reason people don't like Lebron James. Too much hype.

    Ronnie HarperRonnie Harper2 days ago
  • of course he didnt he went to wake forest and jordan went to unc they were conference rivals...

    D MacD Mac2 days ago
  • That is just the guy opinions, nothin wrong with that.

    Leo GamingLeo Gaming2 days ago
  • Tim Duncan: “I never had a liking for him” MJ: “He didn’t have a liking for me? That was all I needed. From that point it became personal for me. I wanted to prove to him he had to like me.”

    Kenny DadzieKenny Dadzie3 days ago
  • Not everyone HAS to like MJ!!! He didn't say he didn't respect him, he just said he didn't like him. He just said what a lot of people are thinking.

    harktheharold steelharktheharold steel3 days ago
  • Top 3 for me would be Bird, Magic, and MJ. If i had to switch again, Kareem, Parish, and MJ.

    Darksky1001ableDarksky1001able3 days ago
  • Michael was going to go for the neck and try to destroy him from the very beginning so he didn't have a successful career, Michael go to the court trying to humiliate you to the point where you feel like you're a loser a lot of players never recovered, all the players that played after Jordan era we're able to win at least something

    Poli GonzoPoli Gonzo3 days ago
  • I think Duncan had respect for MJ even if he wasn't a fan of his. He just thought MJ is not as good as he is hyped to be and that's he's opinion.

    Raghuveer DubaguntaRaghuveer Dubagunta3 days ago
  • I mean Tim was compl

    Chino XlChino Xl4 days ago
  • Everyone understands, you HAVE TO say that he is the GREATEST of all time. If you don't, ok no problem. But now it's personal!

    michael del zittimichael del zitti4 days ago
  • MJ is the best...Period

    Kevin BlockKevin Block5 days ago
  • One Word, Jealousy! when someone says something about somebody else getting to much hype it's usually because their jealous of that person.

    JayceeJaycee5 days ago
  • 5:30 But it TOOK 2 overtimes for the Bulls to win this one.

    Brice FleckensteinBrice Fleckenstein5 days ago
    • A win is a win....period

      Heraclio MarinezHeraclio Marinez2 days ago
  • He right,

    Q-man WQ-man W5 days ago
  • Jordan had beef with david not timmy

  • If it wasn't for MJ, Tim Duncan would've never banked $millions the way that he did. Mike made that possible for him, so right there's reason enough to kiss his ass. Tim was to fundamental... Yes, but Mike wasn't only "fun" to watch, but he was "mental" on the court, do your history... MJ was and will always be the GOAT.

    Susan CoopetSusan Coopet6 days ago
  • It's so funny how these very good young players couldn't beat an older Jordan when he really stopped flying in the air and basically started instead killing everyone with the fadeaway and midrange jumpers..

    Ronald JacksonRonald Jackson8 days ago
  • Everybody doesn't have to like Michael Jordan. I wanted Penny Hardaway and Clyde Drexler to win a title. Steph Curry is my favorite player not Jordan. Tim was telling the truth that he never really liked him. It is what it is.

    llman03llman038 days ago
    • But you generally do have to have a good reason to dislike someone other than that it kinda goes under hating. Tim reminds me of the kind of person that's says fame and notoriety doesn't matter but really wants it..

      Ronald JacksonRonald Jackson8 days ago
  • And that she looks so unreal unbelievable this kind of performance Michael Jordan is displaying in Chicago

    Noelz EnergyNoelz Energy8 days ago
  • For me, ... there would be no question about it, ... Wilt Chamberlain.

    Eric McDowellEric McDowell8 days ago
  • Tim Duncan & James Worthy are probably 2 of the most unassuming players ever. I think Tim was just expressing that he was always more interested in the team being praised instead of individuals. That’s the way he played & I think that’s the way he thought

    Văn Hưng ĐỗVăn Hưng Đỗ9 days ago
  • .. I agree with jordan, in his retireable age, duncan beat the prime lebron.

    Sherwin TandinganSherwin Tandingan9 days ago
  • Although Jordan the Goat, the truth is out that he pretty much a asshole, it’s possible there’s a story that wasn’t told maybe Duncan seen it upfront where he just didn’t like him

    Arssante ByrdArssante Byrd9 days ago
  • Why should Tim (or everyone) like MJ? This doesn't mean he didn't appreciate him. This is so overblown. MJ's reaction is just right,..he was amused and that's it.

    axx111axx11110 days ago
  • If The Bulls came back for 1998-1999 Spurs would have been beaten in 5 Games and Timmy wouldn't have 5 Rings.

    Keith AllgoodKeith Allgood10 days ago
  • In his island Timmy grew up as a swimmer not as a baller. Don't forget that. Plus to be a 5 times champ Timmy behind his nice guy attitude is no doubt a fierce competitor. MJ comments on Timmy were about to be revealed to the whole world. "THE MOST TALENTED AND FUNDAMENTAL BIG MAN EVER"

    ill Cill C10 days ago
  • There is no doubt I know how the 1999 Finals would have played out if the Bulls stayed together. The Spurs would have caught the work!

    Moses RupertoMoses Ruperto11 days ago
  • Flight: nah its curry man

    May DiazMay Diaz11 days ago
  • He makes it look so easy, effortless. No overly complicated dribbling or crossovers.

    Marco ArreolaMarco Arreola11 days ago
  • Tim duncan is one of those silent student at school who carried a gun and was a psycopath.

    BiblicalBiblical12 days ago
  • Lebron's Top 3 NBA Players 1. Michael Jordan 2. Michael Jordan 3. Michael Jordan

    【LoPo Bunny】【LoPo Bunny】12 days ago
  • His comment isn't cheap, you jerk!!! He said what he believed or what he wanted anyway, He is free to NOT like Jordan. I am a huge Jordan fan, but someone should be free to like whoever he wants. Jackass!!!

    Mike BatisteMike Batiste12 days ago
  • Seriously Duncan is the real cupcake. 😁

    Marcus TuuhetokaMarcus Tuuhetoka14 days ago
  • Jealousy....

    Ian RosalesIan Rosales14 days ago
  • Shitty commentary

    Rusty WatersRusty Waters14 days ago
  • This and1 legend 50 ...Kareem is the greatest and I've dunk on Tim in College..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣@50five0martin....

    Robert MartinRobert Martin14 days ago
  • Maybe he knew what he said and just didn't give a shit.

    The Drew Yari ShowThe Drew Yari Show14 days ago
  • It's obvious 👉JEALOUSY 👈

    Jody HillardJody Hillard16 days ago
  • Duncan was from Wake Forest and Jordan was from North Carolina. It was simple ACC dislike that's all. LOL

    Damon MDamon M18 days ago
  • I actually went to that first game in 1997 , Tin Duncan played great. Bulls pulled it off in the end

    twillgotskill !twillgotskill !18 days ago
  • Just jealous plain simple!

    Toulia HerToulia Her18 days ago
  • Man y'all stretch everything out to be more dramatic than it really was. I was 16 at the time. No one cared as much about MJ as y'all do. He was the best, but not god-like. There's damn near a cult surrounding Jordan now. It is really weird. Duncan makes plenty of sense and was not the only person who was not impressed by Jordan. He didn't "go in" on MJ only after MJ retired. He was asked a question and answered it honestly. Would you rather he lie and kiss Jordan's ass? The press brought it up. Duncan didn't owe it to anyone to bow at the altar of Jordan.

    jj19 days ago
    • What are you talking about? I was there too and mj was the most famous person on earth. It was like the Beatles only one guy with a basketball.

      PrimeNumber19PrimeNumber1917 days ago
  • You're such a Jordan fanboy, you didn't even mention that in that first game Timmy got more that 20 rebounds and 20 points or so. Against Rodman. Timmy stand by what he says, he's not the person to play psychological warfare through media like you make him look; and to be honest, I too think that Jordan has been over-hyped over the years: if he were to enter the league nowadays, he wouldn't be as much of a sensation as he was back then.

    ThunderblueThunderblue19 days ago
  • A.I is more like Mike than Kobe..just listen..they both was electrifying from their 1st game. The both brong a swag, style, and demeanor that put their own stamp and signature on the NBA as well as their signature on the global culture and community of basketball..dressing, honeryness, and the competiveness to be driven to be the best. They both did the jewelry, they both was dressing in their own unconventional ways, the league didn't want neither of them to be the face of the league. But they both kept leading the charge in scoring, becoming goats in their on rights, A.I nor Michael cried, begged, or plotted to have several relevant NBA superstars join their rosters. Nope dey loved, pushed, and led their team mates to victories. The both was viewed as street punk flashy showboating selfish ally ballers. The league tried to band The Air Jordan's #1's, the elite players concerted a freeze out game, and and the back to back NBA world champions concocted a Jordan rule. A.I's shoes were dope but his cross over became dangerously illegal and was also band by the league. His braids and tattoos was boarded line thuggish too real and "unmarketable" Michael was the guy who ran the heavy drug use and heavy drinking out of the league. Whereas A.I. helped legalize marijuana nation wide. Now when it came to mimicking M.J. me, a lot of others and Kobe hands down. Kobe was no A.I. the man was rookie of the year like Mike

    Cherrylon MccombCherrylon Mccomb19 days ago
  • I believe everyone learned their lesson

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy19 days ago
  • T.D. has his own mind. Jordan wuda been fake if he Took back his compLimenTs. AfTer aLL, Timmy's moniker iZda "Big fUndaMenTaL. 0m sure M.J. respecTs The game enuf To sTand on his compLimenTs of T.D. even if da feeLings weren'T muTuaL. GranTed, Jordan's game is beauTifuL, eLecTric, mesmeriZing, fLowey, acrobaTic, and Then some.......BuT i'd STiLL RaTher waTch Bernard KiNg @MSG........ 0h! The possibiLiTies😕😕😕😕

    JoLi TEkJoLi TEk21 day ago
  • That clip of Jordan laughing was aimed at Gary Payton not Duncan great video tho

    Cary StormCary Storm21 day ago
  • wilt chamberlain = goat-------------------------

    ralf norenbergralf norenberg21 day ago
  • Lol today is Nov. 3 2020

    Jesus ConstantinoJesus Constantino22 days ago
  • I can understand why Duncan saids that. He right though, everybody makes it looks like Jordan was the only in the NBA.

    Corey JonesCorey Jones22 days ago
  • Damn LeBron dick riders just don't know how great this baller was HIS AIRNESS

    Ulysses HernandezUlysses Hernandez23 days ago
  • Hater

    Cayden BuzbeeCayden Buzbee23 days ago
  • Duncan is nothing compared to Jordan!

    Minh LyMinh Ly23 days ago
  • I hated the way duncan played growing up he just seemed to play soft to me

    wilson millerwilson miller24 days ago
  • Timmy was hating period

    Kalani EvansKalani Evans24 days ago
  • Duncan is the GPFOAT so he can say whatever

    jhskasgsjhskasgs26 days ago
  • its good to hear someone not afraid to tell it as it feels it! i would like to know why hes not impressed though

    manolis wecmanolis wec28 days ago
  • At the time..... Duncan hadnt done enough in the league to open his trap... he gave an honest answer but didn't beat the bulls...

  • Jealousy makes people say nasty shit. He couldn't ever be the greatest of all time because that title has been taken.

    Justin FreneyJustin Freney28 days ago
  • Duncan harshly tell he don't like MJ. While MJ, told the people the fundamentally talented player on that time is Duncan.... don't you know what he means? That's means MJ is the GOAT, if the most talented player in NBA he dominated, then his level is more higher than them.

    IRON BENIRON BEN29 days ago
  • F Tim Duncan I never liked him

    gomezleonard10gomezleonard1029 days ago
  • The way he got back at him was a kid from Akron who grew up a Jordan fan made him 5-1 in the finals 👀

    Spencer ShainSpencer Shain29 days ago
  • The BIG Fundamental

    Thunder Rush MovieThunder Rush Movie29 days ago
  • Somebody call Tim Duncan and tell him to be a man and say it to his face😂😂

  • Duncan loved selfless basketball, ofc he didn't like mj hyperselfish egocentric play

    sushobhan ghoshsushobhan ghoshMonth ago
  • I actually respect Duncan even more. He's a goat type player himself, he's not going to suck up to anyone period.

    MisterJonesificationMisterJonesificationMonth ago
  • I miss Duncan's so "bad that it's good" generic fashion lol.

    MisterJonesificationMisterJonesificationMonth ago
  • When you are on top there is no need for revenge. Tim Duncan is still under Michael's 🚌 bus .

    Steve GreenSteve GreenMonth ago
  • UNC and Wake no love there at all

    wolothowolothoMonth ago
  • Trust me , I'm pretty sure Michael didn't learn about that comment.. He would've gone for 90.. And I live in San Antonio.. Still........

    David TrevinoDavid TrevinoMonth ago
  • MJ just loves the competition he's a great competitor, just greatness, just the love for the game

    Diomarzcky DiolatzckyDiomarzcky DiolatzckyMonth ago
  • Why everyone need to love mj?Duncan was just telling the Truth..he respect Jordan but not a fan of him I don't think it's a issue...just like I love eating pork but I'm not hating people who love chicken lol!

    Chiell ChiellChiell ChiellMonth ago
  • Duncan sore losing ass lol dam haters I don't like haters

    Nate the greatNate the greatMonth ago
  • P.s. ur favorite line "he dodged a bullet" an i want back down

    John R.s.John R.s.Month ago
  • U are skip bayless " clutchness" computer voice over smart real mj fan bout i like d.wade 305

    John R.s.John R.s.Month ago
  • Duncan didn't like Jordan not because of his play but his personal life off the court

    Nick SlayNick SlayMonth ago
  • David Robinson & Tim Dunken are Plumbers - Jordan had it 2Easy Lebron Fan Mentality🤣

    2423hop2423hopMonth ago
  • Dope video. Two of my three favorite players of all time: Duncan and Jordan! (The third is Olajuwon.) I won't speculate on why Duncan had that to say about MJ, but it definitely made me laugh!

    Blaze MedleyBlaze MedleyMonth ago
  • He's just one more of many that have the Jordan chip on their shoulder.

    Marcos BetancesMarcos BetancesMonth ago
  • Thing is Tim doesn’t care what MJ thinks or us for that matter . He’s a champion is his own way . And in that 99 finals the Spurs were too strong for the bulls .

    Jose RenteriaJose RenteriaMonth ago
  • Never liked Duncan.

    Remarkable Ending and BeginningRemarkable Ending and BeginningMonth ago
  • because He could never be him

    bronxbommer7bronxbommer7Month ago
  • 4:50 Threes from Jordan!? WHAT IN THE WORLD!?

    CatchCanistaCatchCanistaMonth ago
    • MJ shot a fair number of 3s - but wasn't all that good at them. Not HORRIBLE at it, just wasn't one of the strong points of his game.

      Brice FleckensteinBrice Fleckenstein5 days ago
  • One thing about Jordan....he did not have one of the most Amazing crossover techniques....but he Always got the job Done.😉😎

    Edward GoreEdward GoreMonth ago
  • Timmy doesn't seem to like to follow the crowd.

    Alan CafeAlan CafeMonth ago
  • Michael had nothing to prove against Timmy - he knew that - he took the high road (and didn't tell anyone it was personal, but it was)

    i12Rok Saggioi12Rok SaggioMonth ago
  • Tim Duncan hasn't ever even been in Jordan's league ever

    Dale W. ChadwickDale W. ChadwickMonth ago
    • @Jacob Brown it was like watching perfection on all aspects of the game, offense, defense, rebounds,and assists. The man played like no other

      Dale W. ChadwickDale W. ChadwickMonth ago
    • @Jacob Brown i agree but nowhere near Jordan's league or talent. I don't know if you've ever seen Jordan play live but i have. And I've never then or today seen anyone with even half his talent. He was so good he sold out opponent's courts, best ever then best ever will be.

      Dale W. ChadwickDale W. ChadwickMonth ago
    • Tim Duncan is top 5 all time

      Jacob BrownJacob BrownMonth ago
  • Dawg that was Duncans way of recruiting Jefferson

    jdlock00jdlock00Month ago
  • An 82 to 85 double OT THRILLER! lol

    M.Daniel MillsM.Daniel MillsMonth ago
  • Without pop. There is dunshit 😂 Boring

    Skyler Delos ReyesSkyler Delos ReyesMonth ago
  • Duncan soft as water 😂

    Skyler Delos ReyesSkyler Delos ReyesMonth ago
  • Tim Duncan

    Stone flb Stone crew flbStone flb Stone crew flbMonth ago