Top 10 NBA "Revenge" Championships of All-Time!

Jun 6, 2019
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Top 10 NBA "Revenge" Championships of All-Time!
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  • Erik Dampier and Anderson Varejao would never like this episode because of the what happened in 2006,2011,2015 and 2016 NBA finals.

    music lovermusic lover16 days ago
    • Talk about having the worst luck ever.

      kalr joseph sibikalr joseph sibi9 days ago
  • 6:51 is my computer background, I’m a Lakers fan, I just use it as motivation.

    D StephenD Stephen28 days ago
  • The Mavericks

    Kingsley JacksonKingsley JacksonMonth ago
  • You SALTY AS HELL at the end for not including the warriors win again over cleveland

    Asa KingAsa KingMonth ago
  • cavs ofcourse

    christianoonline1christianoonline12 months ago
  • Your just salty

    Jozyr DyJozyr Dy3 months ago
  • No i didnt they had lebron kyrie jr kevin love and Tristan we had kd curry klay and draymond and kd And everyone on the cavlier team in 2017 Were mostly allstars

    Damion FordDamion Ford3 months ago
  • Why this channel has only 150k subs?

    AnteoAnteo4 months ago
  • Dude ur bias how come Warriors r unfair but 90s Bulls r fair? like c'mon MJ Pipen and rodman huh?

    FBI playzzFBI playzz7 months ago
  • 2017 Finals baby

    Inigo BantokInigo Bantok8 months ago
  • '84 was about Larry and Magic, not the Celtics and Lakers. Larry Got revenge on Magic for the all State final. For this, the basketball gods Finally in '85 gave the lakers their revenge against the Celtics.

    Bear SteinBear Stein9 months ago
    • There was a Broadway show about it

      Bear SteinBear Stein9 months ago
  • So what ur saying is that the greatest team ever assembled in the history of the nba by the hard of the warriors front office is unfair for the rest of the nba and especially..... especially for the cavs in the finals bc they couldn’t do what the warriors did and they also couldn’t play on the level the warriors do and did. (Man ur so unfair to the warriors by not appreciating their hard work in making that team even possible and accruing K.D in the off season. You should put them in this video bc it was the greatest revenge championship ever bc of how they created the greatest team for the greatest revenge championship in the history of the nba)

    Switch outSwitch out9 months ago
    • A 73-9 team that choked in the finals adds a top 3 player in the league who is ring chasing and you call that a good front office🤡

      Esteban ZavalaEsteban ZavalaMonth ago
  • Love the Spurs come back the very next year to show the world that they beat themselves and not the Heat. Next year they ran they ass off the court and LeBron out the city.

    coke I-enacoke I-ena9 months ago
  • Stupid

    c hnc hn9 months ago

    Davian GregoryDavian Gregory9 months ago
    • Jeesh... Did it rly feel good to have fucking KD bail u guys out not even a LeBron fan but dam

      King Benny GarciaKing Benny Garcia9 months ago
  • Rest easy Kobe!

    Chaddy’s AlrightChaddy’s Alright10 months ago
  • .. got revenge coz of injuries of opposing team . Not a revenge totally . But I like the video

    Motivation TVMotivation TV10 months ago
  • You didn’t mention the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons when Jordan finally made it pass them.

    Shawnee CaradineShawnee Caradine10 months ago
    • that was the east finals

      NY - 07SS 754250 Erin Centre MSNY - 07SS 754250 Erin Centre MS10 months ago
  • Back to back bitch😎

    samuel addaemensahsamuel addaemensah10 months ago
  • You forgot to mention Perkins went down in 2010 which affected the Celtics defense on the inside.

    ZxChronoZxChrono11 months ago
  • Isaiha Thomas tore his Achilles

    Omar Zepeda-SotoOmar Zepeda-Soto11 months ago
  • Who’s voice is this cause he’s everywhere I need in lol 😂

    Naj MahalNaj Mahal11 months ago
  • Lakers are in a lot of these lol

    SurvivalSurvival11 months ago
  • 2016 cavs man

    Cedric JamesCedric James11 months ago
  • My favorite is when Jordan o wait 6-6 in the finals no revenge

    Izzy AIzzy A11 months ago
    • 1990 champ pistons got old real quick the following year is that what youre all saying?

      gwapsgarciagwapsgarcia2 months ago
    • @blicky Mcblickerson you talking about a team that had 5 future hall of farmers starting against one man of course he would loose. But he didn't tuck his tail like a bitch and go running out of town to join other champions or all-star filled teams.

      coke I-enacoke I-ena3 months ago
    • @Alexis Cando the pistons average age is 28. Isiah was 29. Wtf how is that old?

      King Dino DragoniteKing Dino Dragonite6 months ago
    • @Alexis Cando you sound stupid the bad boys where not old stop listen to dumb ass LeBron fans Jordan and pippen stop them from probably getting a three peat idiot they where the reigning champs. Piston didn't get old Jordan just finally got stronger and got help. They couldn't stop him with their hard foul technique the used years before to slow Jordan down because he was stronger physically.

      coke I-enacoke I-ena9 months ago
    • @Alexis Cando bruh u see how it says championship revenge no ecf revenge

      Izzy AIzzy A10 months ago
  • CAVS on 16 never forget!

    Niño Dave EvangelistaNiño Dave Evangelista11 months ago
  • Warriors 2017 kd torced the cavs

    royal mcmorrisroyal mcmorrisYear ago
    • @Controversial Mann true

      JabariJabari4 months ago
    • It was basically impossible to fail at that point that finals was boring

      Controversial MannControversial Mann8 months ago
  • Long live denis Johnson

    Board ManBoard ManYear ago
  • ?? L,,!, l, lõik mķjiiikó bb

    hafid savagehafid savageYear ago
  • What was unfair about warriors revenge championship in 2017. This is basketball and all's fair in love and basketball

    Hozea McCraryHozea McCraryYear ago
    • @Greg Hubbard I have a question how come the bulls from the 90s weren't unfair u know MJ Scotty and Dennis seems like a super team aight and why do Warriors get hate and 90s Bulls get love 🤷‍♂️

      FBI playzzFBI playzz7 months ago
    • I seen it happen time and time again That's what happens when you have too many stars on your team, you get No respect and never will because of it.

    • You know damn well that it was unfair and they would have never beat Cleveland without getting his Trader hypocrite ass

      Greg HubbardGreg HubbardYear ago
    • Hozea McCrary U know damn what was unfair about that it dose not need to be explained🤦🏾‍♂️

  • My favorite is when the Cavs got revenge on the warriors

    Dustin OakleyDustin OakleyYear ago
    • @FBI playzz Bulls never got a reggie miller or a Hakeem that would be iquivilant. Warriors got KD after almost winning a ring. Also the Bulls were still competitive.

      Controversial MannControversial Mann7 months ago
    • @Controversial Mann PLZ explain how they were made fair and Warriors won 3 championships Bulls did win a lot more

      FBI playzzFBI playzz7 months ago
    • FBI playzz Not really cuz they were made fair. And remember that 98 season they barely skidded by. Had they lost game 6 they lose the series

      Controversial MannControversial Mann7 months ago
    • @Controversial Mann 90s Bulls were unfair too technically

      FBI playzzFBI playzz7 months ago
    • @Royal Family Gaming Warriors made it unfair

      Controversial MannControversial Mann8 months ago
  • 5:55 incorrect.. the 2011 Dallas Mavericks did not have the same squad as the 2006 one. Only Dirk Nowitzki & Jason Terry were on both teams.

    juanharrybearjuanharrybearYear ago
    • juanharrybear trust me, as a mace fan, it felt like the same team.

      SpaceTurtleSpaceTurtleYear ago
  • Cavs 2016, baby!!

    Rudie ObiasRudie ObiasYear ago
  • Good one.

    Bubster 1969Bubster 1969Year ago
  • I fw it

    Darius SparksDarius SparksYear ago
  • Sa vs Miami in 2014

    LatisARGLatisARGYear ago
  • So who do you guys think is taking home the championship this year?

    9BOUND9BOUNDYear ago
    • Lakers

      Kyle LowryKyle Lowry5 months ago
    • Lakers and Celtics finals Lakers in game 6

      Glizzy 21Glizzy 2111 months ago
    • @Kobe Is The Goat Kobe is the goat in your wettest dreams goats don't get swept by Jason Terry and JJ Barea you dumbass bastard

      Greg HubbardGreg HubbardYear ago
    • IMMA ASSHOLE xxxtentacion a trash ass person

      Kush MasterKush MasterYear ago
    • 9BOUND L.A, Clippers, or 76ers

  • lets go kobe

    Pro Sports HighlightsPro Sports HighlightsYear ago
    • Greg Hubbard I can tell you are a lesissy fan boy

      CainCain3 months ago
    • @Greg Hubbard why you angry bro

      Mog̶u̶r̶i̶愛Mog̶u̶r̶i̶愛11 months ago
    • fuck him most overrated crybaby in the history of the NBA they got swept by JJ Barea

      Greg HubbardGreg HubbardYear ago
  • It was 10 minutes and 10 teams WOW 😮

    Dalton WarehamDalton WarehamYear ago
    • @deepvxbess turn it around 02 thats how much seconds in the video

      Abdullahi AbdirahmanAbdullahi AbdirahmanMonth ago
    • Dalton Wareham 20 teams because 10 games and 2 team per game so 10x2=20

      deepvxbessdeepvxbess9 months ago
    • And Miami didn’t have Lebron

      shazia Ansarishazia AnsariYear ago
  • First

    Rashid NezhmetdinovRashid NezhmetdinovYear ago