TOP 25 Current Players in the NBA!

Jan 1, 2017
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TOP 25 Current Players in the NBA!
(My own personal opinion)

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  • Kid hates 2

    Sheon HollmanSheon Hollman2 months ago
  • Curry is better than harden

    Sheon HollmanSheon Hollman2 months ago

    GARZARGARZAR6 months ago
  • No D. Wade?

    MarqkoMarqko6 months ago
  • Harden overrated

    TNL SpiderTNL Spider8 months ago
  • Wiggins 30 Jordan fell off Giannis is number 1 Thomas was ruined Blake fell Wall been hurt Butler top 10 Cp3 old now Cousins fell Lillard top 5 Kawhi top 3 Davis top 3 Bron no longer top 10

    TNL SpiderTNL Spider8 months ago
  • 2019?

    Aldo GrandeAldo GrandeYear ago
  • Klay is 22 that it

    Just NolexJust NolexYear ago
  • did you really put I.T in front of Giannis?????!

    Gabriel YazzolinoGabriel YazzolinoYear ago
  • Guys, can we stop hating on his list!? It’s he’s own opinion, and we should respect it.

    The MommyMonsterThe MommyMonster2 years ago
  • Where's KP tho?

    Klāvs BajārsKlāvs Bajārs2 years ago
  • Walker butter hayward lol

    Not DE3M0Not DE3M02 years ago
  • Where victor oladipo???

    Armina CostalesArmina Costales2 years ago
  • 1.westbrook 2.lebron 3.durant 4.curry/harden/davis 5.oladipo

    Armina CostalesArmina Costales2 years ago
  • My Top 25: 1. Kevin Durant 2. Stephen Curry 3. Lebron James 4. Kyrie Irving 5. Kawhi Leonard 6. Anthony Davis 7. Giannis Antetokounmpo 8. Draymond Green 9. Ben Simmons 10. Klay Thompson 11. Jimmy Butler 12. Demar DeRozan 13. James Harden 14. Chris Paul 15. Paul George 16. Rajon Rondo 17. John Wall 18. Joel Embiid 19. Kevin Love 20. Deandre Jordan 21. Jamal Crawford 22. Karl Anthony Towns 23. Carmelo Anthony 24. Gordon Hayward 25. Andrei Igoudala

    Jhon Karl AndalJhon Karl Andal2 years ago
  • I realized thats half of these players are so underated. For example, Andrew Wiggins is one of the most underated players in the league. As well as Kyle Lowry. Kyle is one of the reasons that the Raptors was the best team in the east in the 2017-18 season. They had 65+ wins that season. Klay Thompson deosnt even get as much respect. Klay Thompson is a spot up shooter and he is a valuable resource to the Warriors offense and defense ( mainly offense ). Without Klay, the Warriors would not be the same team as u see them today. I believe that Klay top 5 shooting guards in the league right now. But hey, this isn't my list

    Isaiah SantosIsaiah Santos2 years ago
  • 1 curry 2 kd 3 ad 4 lebron 5 harden 6 kyrie 7 harden 8 wesbrook 9 pg 13 #10 klay thompson

    Kyle RainesKyle Raines2 years ago
  • 1 LBJ 2.Steph 3.KD 4.AD 5.James Harden

    Green TunderGreen Tunder2 years ago
  • Westbrook not even top 25

    1000 Subs with no videos G1000 Subs with no videos G2 years ago
  • 1. LeBron James 2. Kevin Duran 3. Stephen Curry 4. Kawhi Leonard 5. Anthony Davis and he could be switch with James Harden or Russell Westbrook

    SatorSator2 years ago
  • You dum

    Dy Sean PettiesDy Sean Petties2 years ago
  • Giannis that low? Nice list man.

    Chris VickChris Vick2 years ago
  • Were Melo

    Suber HassanSuber Hassan2 years ago
  • how can you think kyle lowry is better than klay

    omri 258omri 2582 years ago
  • Anyone in 2018 and is like “Where’s Oladipo?”

    Langston GallowayLangston Galloway2 years ago
  • I agree with the too 25 just not the order. James harden better than Steph? Wow! Klay Thompson was too low also

    butta1080butta10802 years ago
  • John wall 16 nahh

    _.GCutter 900_.GCutter 9002 years ago
  • Man what you been smoking

    J MJ M2 years ago
  • Wiggins and Walker over Hayward woww

    Dayshawn ScottDayshawn Scott2 years ago
  • At this time Demar DeRozan was a tad better than Paul George in my opinion

    yojana rijalyojana rijal2 years ago
  • Kd is better than Lebron the crybaby😭😭😭

    Tyson PakTyson Pak2 years ago
  • Kawhi and Davis 3 and 4

  • Your telling me Chris Paul and Damian Lillard are better than Paul George

    Nicolas BaguetteNicolas Baguette2 years ago
  • LeGoat

    Ivry LevyIvry Levy2 years ago
  • yuo stupid ;}

    robertas paulauskasrobertas paulauskas2 years ago
  • Leonard is top 3 don’t @me

    bob hendrysonbob hendryson2 years ago
  • This list is bullshit

    Yulonda FreemanYulonda Freeman2 years ago
  • 1 Russ 2 kyrie 3 curry 4 lerbron 5 kd

    luke pressleyluke pressley2 years ago
  • Draymond?😂

    Fraudulent GunnerFraudulent Gunner2 years ago
  • Curry is number one so you all take the L

    Charles BartlettCharles Bartlett2 years ago
  • 1.LeBron James 2.Stephen Curry 3.Kevin Durant 4.Russell Westbrook 5.Kawhi Leonard 6.James Harden 7.Giannis Antetekoumpo 8.Demarcus Cousins 9.Anthony Davis 10.John Wall 11.Jimmy Butler 12.Paul George 13.Kyrie Irving 14.Damian Lillard 15.Chris Paul 16.DeMar DeRozan 17.Joel Embiid 18.Bradley Beal 19.CJ McCollum 20.Blake Griffin 21.Andre Drummond 22.Lou Williams 23.Devin Booker 24.Ben Simmons 25.Kyle Lowry

    Kid SplashKid Splash2 years ago
  • Switch curry and harden and top 15 is perfect

    Supreme Tuna fishSupreme Tuna fish2 years ago
  • I get this is your list but it is really f*cked up if Kyle Lowry is in front of Giannis and klay

    Supreme Tuna fishSupreme Tuna fish2 years ago
  • Lowry over Giannis!?!?!?!?!!?! ?!!?!??!?!!?

    Zander CalkinsZander Calkins2 years ago
  • Nice video but Gianas should be in the top ten and Demarcus should be 20 or above

    Adam TroyerAdam Troyer2 years ago
  • Curry trash he should not be in front of Russel Westbrook

    Alex MirelesAlex Mireles2 years ago
  • U put curry before Westbrook and giannis out of the top ten. Such an idiot

    Jake EJake E2 years ago
  • everything is just so wrong

    evan kellyevan kelly2 years ago
  • Finally respect to kemba

    Robert JandrueRobert Jandrue2 years ago
  • Why is Wiggins here

    Udaya AluriUdaya Aluri2 years ago
  • Late but someone gives respect to kemba

    Robert JandrueRobert Jandrue2 years ago
  • Stupid list Crawford should be on there best skill in the league

    KillerRevenantKillerRevenant2 years ago
  • Harden is not better than curry

    Emran KederEmran Keder2 years ago
  • This is currently one of the weakest era of NBA players since the mid to late 1970's

    radar0412radar04122 years ago
  • Derozan is top 10 no doubt

    Ryan CrawleyRyan Crawley2 years ago
  • Nice list but top should be 5 curry 4 Durant 3 harden 2 Westbrook 1 king James

    San Diego/ Los Angeles ChargersSan Diego/ Los Angeles Chargers2 years ago
  • Giannis is top 5 and Klay as well as Kenna should be higher but good video

    yuvi singhyuvi singh2 years ago
  • I expext Ben Simmons and embiid to be on this list next year

    Osman ShahOsman Shah2 years ago
  • Lowry over giannis? No. Lowry is a regular season pg only.

    Osman ShahOsman Shah2 years ago
  • Giannis should be at least number 10

    Sofoklis FlourisSofoklis Flouris2 years ago
  • KD showed everyone in the finals that he is better than LeChoke James.. WestBrick shouldn't even be on this list.. DeAndre Jordan ain't better than Klay... John Wall is a top 10 player. James Harden plays no D so he shouldn't be ranked that high..there ain't 6 players better than Leonard in this league.... Your list is bullshit bro

    Dr. MuRDeRDr. MuRDeR2 years ago
  • Shitty list bro!!! Harden and WestBrick ahead of Leonard!!!

    Dr. MuRDeRDr. MuRDeR2 years ago
  • Leonard at 7? He is 2 or 3 easy.

    Yogi YeomansYogi Yeomans2 years ago
  • He should be at least .top 7

    TNT 13UTNT 13U2 years ago
  • You can't put Giannis at #20

    TNT 13UTNT 13U2 years ago
  • gordan hayward is bette than andrew wiggins,klay thompson is better than deandre jordan and giannis antetokounmpo is better than kyle lowry.

    Declan dooganDeclan doogan2 years ago
  • Where melo

    Reginald MorrisonReginald Morrison2 years ago
  • You must be a Cavaliers fan

    Samuel BonnkeSamuel Bonnke2 years ago
  • Where is Kevin love

    Kyle HillKyle Hill2 years ago
  • Are you actually putting Curry,Harden,Westbrook, and AD above Kawhi?

    Kanthasamy ElankumaranKanthasamy Elankumaran2 years ago
  • At least he got the last 2 correct. This guy dont watch basketball.

    Steve JacquesSteve Jacques2 years ago
  • Giannis is top 10

    Markeith PowellMarkeith Powell2 years ago
  • Carmelo? kristaps?

    Philly?Philly?2 years ago
  • Boiiiii kyrie is not better than IT and is really overated

    KingzGFXKingzGFX2 years ago
  • LeBron is better than kd

    THOR God of ThunderTHOR God of Thunder2 years ago
  • Curry underrated as hell, he dould be top 3 between lebron, KD. Everbody sorta forgot ur the only one to win unanimous MVP and lead his team to a 73-9 win record in the regular seasom without KD.

    qGlow-qGlow-3 years ago

    EJ_EJ_3 years ago
  • Gianna's at 20 your opinion officially makes you stupid.

    michael balogmichael balog3 years ago
  • 1Lebron 2KD 3Kawhi 4:Russ 5:James Harden 6:Anthony Davis 7:Mask kyrie 8:Cousins 9:Jimmy Butler 10:KAT 11:Embiid 12:Booker 13:Whiteside 14:Simmon 15:Wiggins 16:Kemba 17:Giannis🇬🇷 18:McCollum 19:KLAY 20 curry 21 PG13 22 MELO 23:Drummond 24;Dlo 25:Porzingod IMO

    HARGOAT the GOATHARGOAT the GOAT3 years ago
  • Three mistakes Giannas to low lilard is a little bit to high and Andrew wiggins is not better than Joel embid

    LightNing SavageLightNing Savage3 years ago
  • What I don’t get is why jimmy is here but not kyrie Irving or Isaiah Thomas

    Batman RobinBatman Robin3 years ago
  • 1. LBJ 2. Westbrook 3. Curry 4. Kawhii 5. Giannas 6. KD

    Shawn McDevittShawn McDevitt3 years ago
  • im warriors fan but how curry is better than westbrook??like if you agree

    WoWItzSama GamerWoWItzSama Gamer3 years ago
  • in my opinion kyrie should be above curry because of how clutch he is. don't get me wrong curry has had his fair share of game winners but he also has had a lot of moments when he just disappears when the pressure is on. curry has better defense than kyrie. not tryna hate. both of them are honestly the top ball handlers in the league.

    Jonas ThumJonas Thum3 years ago
  • Lebron kd Russian harden curry kahwi

    Srinivas PendurtiSrinivas Pendurti3 years ago
  • Kemba deserves to be in the top 5

    Kayla’s LifeKayla’s Life3 years ago
  • Kawhi number 2

    Omprakash JayasreeOmprakash Jayasree3 years ago
  • Kazhinjo number 2

    Omprakash JayasreeOmprakash Jayasree3 years ago
  • AD over kawhi tho??? Idk

    Christian J.Christian J.3 years ago
  • Curry is only good because he has a good pf and there is his splash brother

    captian marsh256captian marsh2563 years ago
  • Demarcus cousins is not better than kyrie

    Manalogs - the manalo vlogsManalogs - the manalo vlogs3 years ago
  • Where is Kyrie in everyone list he's at least top 10

    KtK ProductionKtK Production3 years ago
  • 1.Westbrook 2.Lebron 3.Harden 4. Kawhi 5.Giannis

    NuklearNuklear3 years ago
  • 1.porzingod 2.Lebron james 3.harden 4.Kd 5.Westbrook 6.Joel embiid 7.Giannis 8.irving 9.kat 10.curry 11.Carmelo anthony 12.Marc gasol 13.demarcus cousins 14.Anthony davis 15. Klay Thompson 16.john wall for this season 2017-2018 currently best

    Trash AdvertsTrash Adverts3 years ago
  • 1. Lonzo Ba- I mean Lebron James 2.KD 3. Curry 4. Russ 5. Harden 6. Kawhi 7.Giannis (you see how good he did last year, and already this year) 8. AD 9. Jimmy Butler 10. Kyrie

    gb02gb023 years ago
    • curry scared of the paint

      Ve CooperVe Cooper2 years ago
    • wrong harden I'd better then curry

      Ve CooperVe Cooper2 years ago
  • 1.KD 2.Lebron 3.Westbrook 4.Kawhi 5.Curry 6.Kyrie 7.Harden 8.Anthony Davis 9.Cousins 10.Giannis

    Eric SilvestreEric Silvestre3 years ago
  • butler is better than derozan

    tarantad dukatarantad duka3 years ago
  • 1-Steph Curry 2-Lebron James 3-Kevin Durant 4-Kyrie Irving 5-Russel Westbrook

    David OganesyanDavid Oganesyan3 years ago
  • 1- Steph Curry 2-Lebron James 3-Kevin Durant 4-Kyrie Irving

    David OganesyanDavid Oganesyan3 years ago

    David OganesyanDavid Oganesyan3 years ago