Unbelievable NBA Details Hidden in PLAIN SIGHT!

Aug 15, 2020
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Unbelievable NBA Details Hidden in PLAIN SIGHT!
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SONG BY: JohnnyDog -usworlds.info/tv/HsyF8FavdYcmU9V4tZbklA

  • I have a Kobe Bryant card in the plastic I never got it sent off to see what it's worth I'm thinking about sending it off but I would sell it as is it's really old

    Eric CarrollEric CarrollDay ago
  • Kobe shoe is ghostface

    robert sheltonrobert sheltonDay ago
  • Cloning dualism they follow each other and copy each other like they are programed to do the same moves!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs3 days ago
  • Notice the numbers on their Jersey's 11=duality means black and white all orcastrated a scripted life for all celebs!!

    Marlon IsaacsMarlon Isaacs3 days ago
  • I mean people say the nfl is scripted too. Idk but I wouldn’t put it past anyone

    Chuck rogersChuck rogers3 days ago
  • LeBron was going bald when he entered the league fast forward LeBron is still going bald after many failed attempts & spray paint

    Santiago EscobarSantiago Escobar4 days ago
  • All games are programming. Cobe was sacrificed and there were clues everywhere. God bless you and us all

    De CuevasDe Cuevas5 days ago
    • @Changing Matrix I'm so sorry to hear about your job. I retired early. People have cognitive dissonance. They tell you your crazy but won't listen to any evidence. People used to know that politicians were scum but now they trust them 100 percent. I'm having same issues as you are. It's going to get so bad we can't even imagine. I struggle with faith too. Also I know god protects but we still have hard times. Hour by hour day by day is all you can do. And also spread the word. If you get only one. I know I've gotten many. I pray you find your path for work. Hang in there.

      De CuevasDe Cuevas3 days ago
    • @De Cuevas Yes, don't even get me started on this special "vaccine." I am a Doctor of Pharmacy and when God opened my eyes to "everything" I've been warning anyone who will listen at the pharmacy. Its going to cost me my job soon...but there is no other choice than to be as vocal as you can once you know God is so very real...and that the church age has ended. Most people don't know that judgment has already begun, and that Gods wrath is coming shortly. I Praise God for His mercy in "waking me" every single day. Its been super, super hard for me though. I lost so much (like most of us). But I wouldn't trade the wisdom He has given me for anything on this earth. I see this place so clearly now for what it is. I got into it with my daughter as well (who had the same scientific education that I did). I can't get through to anybody here. Its been heartbreaking. There is SO much profoundly deep deception EVERYWHERE. And HORIFFIC things are coming to the people. But people are unable to see, believe or care. I know you know exactly what im saying. Im trying hard to be found worthy. But, un knowing what's coming, I struggle with having full faith of being protected. So, I just pray as often as I can remember to for strength, courage, and guidance.

      Changing MatrixChanging Matrix3 days ago
    • @Changing Matrix thank you sister. Sorry meant to do both names. I definitely know the signs are everywhere and the path is narrow. I'm doing my best. Just got into an argument with my 20yrs. Son. We were always to on same page but he believes in shot, can't catch a virus or vaccinate against one. Especially when it hasn't been isolated. Masks, box says doesn't protect against virus but he believes it does. Crazy. I'm blessed still because I know people have bigger problems. This mandatory shot coming and the camps does have me rattled. Need to remind myself that God's in control. One thing is the more I see the matrix the more in awe I am of god.

      De CuevasDe Cuevas3 days ago
    • @De Cuevas Im actually a "sister" but yes, most of us who truly "know" are in families where we were the only one "called" during this season. Yes, we have become pretty isolated from people, and its VERY difficult to say the least. But know there is an incredible reason why things have been the way theyve been the last few years (especially starting at the blood moon tetras of 2014-2015). I don't know if you're aware of the cosmic events which are coming to this earth...but know that we won't have to endure much longer. Give praise and prayer always. Much love to you. God bless.

      Changing MatrixChanging Matrix3 days ago
    • @Changing Matrix hi matrix! I thank God for the eyes to see and ears to hear. It's not easy knowing but knowing god is cure. I go out and think don't people know..... no they don't. They are crashing world economy for new world order. People will beg for shot. Canada is building camps. It's getting scary. I appreciate it when someone else sees too. Even to my family I'm the crazy one. Silver and emergency food are needed especially with the world economic forum great reset. I hate term saying stay safe. Peace and safety and destruction will come. Godspeed brother. God bless you and us all

      De CuevasDe Cuevas3 days ago
  • Lol damb, good video

    Chief Stand Still: Ben YisraelChief Stand Still: Ben Yisrael6 days ago
  • I don’t know what this is about. No answers , no accusation, no anything. Don’t waste your time.

    Leeroy KincaidLeeroy Kincaid6 days ago
  • The drastic finale' of this wayward world is very Near Now!

    L'Nya WilliamsmooreL'Nya Williamsmoore7 days ago
  • NBA players losing talent too Mon-star's and Jordan getting them back 😂sorry couldn't help it

    fucked World'sfucked World's7 days ago
  • This gives me chills.

    JaneJane8 days ago
  • Big deal this is.all about advertising? Give me a break. If this was about gematria it would be worth something otherwise wasted time. PFFT

    June ViarruelJune Viarruel9 days ago
  • Illuminati sell out are caught and will destroy you and you children because they are evil creatures awaken from you stupor sleep! Biden and tyrants are stealing your livelihood with false promises you'll know them by their fruits!! Biden and cowmala have cotton fruit!

    Dave OfGodDave OfGod9 days ago
  • I notice if u look really hard at Westbrook, u can see he really sucks in real life lmao

    mike conleymike conley9 days ago
  • With God Nothing is impossible Amen 🧡💚

    Michelle HerridgeMichelle Herridge10 days ago
  • Sports ball is all controlled you all are suckers for buying into this .

    Andy SanAndy San11 days ago
  • These are so interesting

    yemi Petersyemi Peters11 days ago

    MARK AMARK A12 days ago
  • nba go play in china

    John DoeJohn Doe12 days ago
  • Bruh😑... No disrespect intended but the comment(s) made about the D-Wade commercial, it was an Air Jordan commercial... Did you not see the kicks he had on😳... Btw, I didn't even know MJ was the the shadow you 👀w(n) kudos💪🏿

    Amin JenkinsAmin Jenkins13 days ago
  • In game 6, of Lakers vs Kings, at Sacramento; 4th quarter, few seconds left in the game. Chris Webber, had got the ball and was taking it up the court when referee called Travel, however Chris Webber didn't travel. The referee, later admitted that they call travel to force a game 7 so the Lakers could go home and play a game 7 so the referees can get extra paycheck Lakers wind up winning however Sacramento was up in that game and was supposed to win the Western Conference Championship that day they were cheated, look it up

    Hakim BryantHakim Bryant13 days ago
  • I bet you’re great at finding Waldo

    brad petersonbrad peterson14 days ago
  • 📟☎️💻📠💾😓🤦🏾‍♂️🥱😴❤️

    Keegan EzzioKeegan Ezzio15 days ago
  • The NBA Is Done for me forever

    DoobieDarrinDoobieDarrin15 days ago
  • This video was a waste of time

    JAY DeeJAY Dee15 days ago
  • Stupid video

    RI majuroRI majuro15 days ago
  • Reaching

    Kei broKei bro15 days ago
  • He bowed Westbrook down then kneed him, I suspect foul play. Js

    Jay SmittyJay Smitty15 days ago
  • You have some Great Pointers! Good Job!

    Capricious Twin LapeedaCapricious Twin Lapeeda15 days ago
  • This was wild!! Lol 😂! Great video!!

    Gerard SheltonGerard Shelton15 days ago
  • I remember that dent

    Isaiah Daniel IsraelIsaiah Daniel Israel17 days ago
  • What kept Wade’s scary ass from coming home to Chicago was his disdain for for Derrick Rose. He waited until Rose got injured and left to join the Bulls...

    Isaiah Daniel IsraelIsaiah Daniel Israel17 days ago
  • See the Gematria Effects News channel to find the rabbit hole...

    Mari McmMari Mcm17 days ago
  • Wade's neck is moving

    Michael JamesMichael James17 days ago
  • Haha Adidas tried to diss SCRIPTURE,& Got Dissed With Same. (Mat 19:26, Luke 1:37)

    C DubC Dub18 days ago
  • Yahuah/YHWH is LOVE💞 & GOD/Elohim. HE is The Creator of ALL things. The Creator of Heaven & Earth. HE LOVES💞 YOU and wants you to know, that you are NOT Alone. Call on his Name given through his son: Yahusha the Ha'mashiach and you WILL be SAVED. Yahusha is The King of Kings 👑 Always remember you are loved and Yahuah is ALWAYS with you and will never leave you. Shalom 🙏✊

    Son Of Yahuah ElohimSon Of Yahuah Elohim18 days ago
  • No one can ever keep an NBA basketball if it lands into the fans seat area. I wonder if it's to keep hidden the fact that there's magnets in the ball?

    DR. SOLODR. SOLO18 days ago
  • That dent in the head is no fracture and that isn't his check that's near his head maybe not a human being that is weird something like that would hurt so bad he wouldn't be playing

    Andrew HuntAndrew Hunt18 days ago
  • At the end of the day they all bow down to China when it comes to video games and shoe companies.. they better be prepared to be under a communist regime if Biden gets in office. Thanks you dummies for voting for your freedoms to be taken away. Clowns.

    Tim WinchesterTim Winchester18 days ago
  • They have demons in them, helping them on the court. Curry got one helping shoot as well..

    Tim WinchesterTim Winchester18 days ago
  • The person in the bulls uniform is Jordan 🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all reaching with this one 😂

    ozy aceozy ace19 days ago
  • New Subbie👍

    Vivian MVivian M19 days ago
  • Anything is possible sounded better

    Jay BandoJay Bando20 days ago
  • Commercials are too many a d TOO LONG!! IM OUT! DONT CARE HOW IT FINISHES!

    Justin StranskyJustin Stransky21 day ago
  • That is his “inner Michael Jordan” coming out in the nightmares never sleep commercial that is mike no doubt

    Andrew PapAndrew Pap22 days ago
  • Wade was saying he needed to come out the closet.

    William MasonWilliam Mason22 days ago
    • @M. Bravo why cause she black?

      Chuck rogersChuck rogers3 days ago
    • Isnt wades wife really a man??

      M. BravoM. Bravo6 days ago
    • @Ashley Lee What does him being married have to do with him being in the closet? Plenty of closeted men have been & are married to women. Plus she let's him dress as feminine as his son..... so its works for them 🤷🏾‍♀️

      Am PollardAm Pollard9 days ago
    • His son is transgender not him . Wade is not hes married to Gabrielle union

      Ashley LeeAshley Lee9 days ago
  • Has anyone ever noticed how Paul Pierce flails his arms when he doesn’t have the ball... pay attention to rebound attempts and on defense or right the ref blows the whistle

    Hakim JohnsonHakim Johnson23 days ago
  • That Westbrook face dent is wild!!!

    UmBrAl DaRkNeSsUmBrAl DaRkNeSs24 days ago
  • 2010 commercial Dwyane wade I see the cheigo bull person resembled Michael Jordan instead of Dwyane wade Jersey number

    Alex VenelusAlex Venelus25 days ago
  • Clone

    Marie RanderMarie Rander25 days ago
  • What about the episode of inside the nba when Shaq freezes up without blinking until Kenny claps his hands. That was creepy

    L.E.S. SosideblockL.E.S. Sosideblock27 days ago
  • A typical human being that sustains an injury to the degree of a dent in your face would be swollen to the size of a softball within minutes. I'm not sure if it's alien robot for what it is but it's not human.

    Kevin PondKevin Pond28 days ago
  • Why is it USA versus Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is part of the USA, makes no sense.

    McBastard_TvMcBastard_Tv29 days ago
  • That video made no sense and had nothing to do with nothing . SMH and wasted my time

    Robert SmithRobert Smith29 days ago
  • The N Bn A is Bahomphet circus

    Karen JacksonKaren Jackson29 days ago
  • dude im wearing Adidas

    Collin KnightCollin KnightMonth ago
  • The matrix is real. Stay woke.

    Radiant ReneeRadiant ReneeMonth ago
  • The person in the bulls uniform is Jordan 🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all reaching with this one 😂

    Tim TurnerTim TurnerMonth ago
  • Lame

    CoryCoryMonth ago
  • u dont get dents from knees wtf kind of world are people living in you people are fuckn robots that dosent seem crazy to you..

    Matthew BurtMatthew BurtMonth ago
  • Ow, Westbrook

    Joe CookJoe CookMonth ago
  • Adidas can stop crying about garnett getting their anything is possible phrase wrong. So. I don't think the league wants advertising in post game interviews. Just like they don't advertise on uniforms.

    Joe CookJoe CookMonth ago
  • McGrady traveled.

    Joe CookJoe CookMonth ago
    • Wait I couldn't see him dribble once from first angle. Nevermind.

      Joe CookJoe CookMonth ago
  • Hotel California he's talking about

    Courtney JohnsonCourtney JohnsonMonth ago
  • That's where they plug him to regenerate Wilson overnight.

    Ismael MontalvoIsmael MontalvoMonth ago
  • Im dead at the 6 players

    Alexis HudsonAlexis HudsonMonth ago
  • that’s micheal Jordan on that dwade nightmare commercial.. u can see the 2

    Deezy ShakurDeezy ShakurMonth ago
  • The picture of Kobe in the painting look like flames 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Slappy SquirrelSlappy SquirrelMonth ago
  • Curry and Lebron born at the same hospital

    llman03llman03Month ago
  • The ghostly figure was Jordan

    Sukaa FreeSukaa FreeMonth ago
  • The ghostly figure you speaking of in the Dwayne wade is actually Michael Jordan so he wasn't necessarily foreshadowing but more so paying homage if im not mistaken he was actually under contract with Jordan not sure but I think so but yea

    Longlive WoodakidLonglive WoodakidMonth ago
  • Giannis and Lebron career are finally be the same.

    WyoxkingWyoxkingMonth ago
    • i had a stroke reading this

      ReslurXReslurXMonth ago
  • Why is the music so creepy bro

    KauezitoKauezitoMonth ago
  • Great content.Its the goat MJ. Look at the face. Jordan brand .

    Julio S.Julio S.Month ago
  • can😲 👀see tha 🎨pa🖌nted "✔👟" 🔛 K🏀B @6:40 🙄!!,,=☑👍🏽

    J·s·7 Phîlã*3J·s·7 Phîlã*3Month ago
  • Dent in ur head f that time to sit down scratch that emergency room

    Elardo FlemingElardo FlemingMonth ago
  • so..Adidas is pissed LMAOOOO

    Antwon WatersAntwon WatersMonth ago
  • That wade commerical was crazzzziiiee!

    Jentry HaskinsJentry HaskinsMonth ago
  • the 6 players on the court rule was so great it was always saying that 6 people could be on the court as long as the refs didnt notice

    GoColts4GoColts4Month ago
  • I've noticed that Dwayne Wade has had one side of his jawline is bigger than the other...I believe his left side...at least during his Miami days. What is it from?

    DaveDaveMonth ago
    • 😮Mayb³ bc h³ grits &grinds his 😬teeth on a s1d³> mør³ so than anoth³r,mayb³ h³ suck³d his thumb all or mostly on that sid³,whth³fk!,who gaf!!🤐😶😷🙊)))

      J·s·7 Phîlã*3J·s·7 Phîlã*3Month ago
  • 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    Trouble EntTrouble EntMonth ago
  • 1:28 Hm, I wonder if there was a popular guy who played for the Bulls and played shooting guard. He must’ve been really popular and bald. Yea, I’m stumped

    Not AidanHartleyNot AidanHartleyMonth ago
  • Dude what is this video about clickbait Nothing on here creepy you're weird Everything self explanatory wow time of my life I can't get back

    Jody BallJody BallMonth ago
  • Your voice is annoying.

    Paul RainesPaul RainesMonth ago
  • Clones

    Karndean SlasherKarndean SlasherMonth ago
  • Interesting

    Morrisman SmithMorrisman SmithMonth ago
  • Actually the Malisse at the palace incident happened in 2004 so this would have been the prequel to that

    Bobby SerranoBobby SerranoMonth ago
  • Baltimore Street Fight During Pandemic!! -----usworlds.info/slow/video/hJpobozKnXtnnHM

    Believe in Baltimore ProductionsBelieve in Baltimore ProductionsMonth ago
  • Crazy coincidences. Kobe Bryant was killed at 41 years old. Helicopter took off at 9:06 Crashed at 9:47 41 mins after takeoff Coincidence. He up blows a helicopter in a nike commercial at 4.1 seconds on the timer. Coincidence. Kobes last game he scored 60 points. Comes out of his last game with 4.1 seconds to play. Coincidence. Rest of team that game scored 41 points. Coincidence. In Kobes historic 81 point game in 2006, he scored %66 of the teams points, in the 666th game of his career. Nothing to see here. Oh, and Kobe had a 666 workout program. The rest of team that game scored 41 points. Coincidence. Playoffs Rd1. 4-1 coincidence Playoffs Rd2- 4-1 coincidence Platoffs Rd3- 4-1 coincidence Finals 4-1 coincidence ? Nope. # 14 missed the game winner. Its the Lakers 41st all time win over Miami Coincidence. The Miami Heat were stuck on 41 wins when the league shut down. Coincidence. Oh yeah. Kobes last career shot in 2016 he was barely guarded by a guy wearing the number ????? 41 Coincidence. Lakers win game 6. LeBron plays 41:13 seconds. Kobe 41 his daughter 13 Coincidence. Kobe wins 4th title in Orlando. Lebron wins 4th title in Orlando. Coincidence. Lakers start #4 Caruso. His 1st start. 4 and 1 Lakers win on 10-11-20 = 41 All coincidences.

    Everykneeshall BowEverykneeshall BowMonth ago
  • Whoever edited that dwade nightmare commercial was definitely a bulls fan 😂😂

    jay2thaudyjay2thaudyMonth ago
  • & both played for George Carl u forgot that one or didn't know lol

    Mark DiegoMark DiegoMonth ago
  • The moral of the story, they plan out ( rigged) everything and I mean everything

    Maurice LewisMaurice LewisMonth ago
    • This would be correct. It's called gematria. The maya runs thick.

      Ryan CumiskeyRyan CumiskeyDay ago

      Changing MatrixChanging Matrix3 days ago
    • I'm hip

      Tina WilsonTina Wilson6 days ago
    • Obama once said “theyre not even going to see it coming “ and laughed

      Bree StoneBree Stone13 days ago
    • Evvvverrrryyythingggg!!! 😂 😂 😂 Literally!!! 👍 💯 🏆

      Jerusha McBearJerusha McBear14 days ago

    Moe AbdullahiMoe AbdullahiMonth ago
  • 1:26 that ghost in the bulls jersey is michael Jordan

    Alex VanDierendonckAlex VanDierendonckMonth ago
  • dwade was from the chi

    Episode MusicEpisode MusicMonth ago
  • Never believe the information in a video narrated with that “voice”

    1moetime1231moetime123Month ago
    • "Robot on Valium" voice? Yup.

      Mighty LuckyMighty Lucky14 days ago

    Lara O'nealLara O'nealMonth ago
  • LaBron is next.

    Lara O'nealLara O'nealMonth ago
  • Jesus #1 no cap all fax Verse: "The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10 God bless

    Xzander GravesXzander GravesMonth ago