Uncomfortable NBA Moments That Kept Us Up at NIGHT!

Mar 18, 2020
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Uncomfortable NBA Moments That Kept Us Up at NIGHT!
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  • That Kyrie Irving one wasn’t even weird, they wanted him to say something bad that could lead to a storyline, he had to respond like that.

    Anna RiveradeAnna Riverade11 hours ago
  • thats y oden has ban knees

    Brian AetherBrian Aether18 hours ago
  • Clickbait. There helped you out.

    Rickey HughlettRickey Hughlett22 hours ago
  • DeMar Derozan gets his head up looking at her and wondering what national anthem is that? !!

    ill Cill CDay ago
  • Embiid face says it all 1:14

    Jean ArandaJean ArandaDay ago
  • Bro.. you’re doing this for money.. instead of speaking facts you’re being biased on most of these lists man

    Versatile WolfVersatile WolfDay ago
  • Yo, Melo is not a clown, he was on America's most wanted one episode, apparently he was friends with some real killers.

    HEE HEE BOIHEE HEE BOI2 days ago
  • When he started singing tho😂😂

    John WitherspoonJohn Witherspoon3 days ago
  • Every Kawhi interview XD

    Lancelot The KnightLancelot The Knight5 days ago
  • Not getting acknowledge by PG.13 says a lot about yourself 😂

    KN88 GamingKN88 Gaming5 days ago
  • Kyrie was right ..."it made no sense to me" perfecting his craft helps him get championships...they go hand n hand

    Isaac TaneIsaac Tane5 days ago
    • Stealing comments m8

      Ryu GodinezRyu Godinez5 days ago
  • 😂😂

    Lal MawimawiaLal Mawimawia6 days ago
  • Skip: I ready the other day.. Jimmy: 🤯

    Cory HeadquartersCory Headquarters6 days ago
  • Im watching on my TV nd look this up on my phone to comment for one reason. Did u say no matter how tough kg THINKS he is kg was scared of melo...?? 🤣

    David BrooksDavid Brooks6 days ago
  • Taylor Swift’s Music 😂😂😂

    Edwin TaylorEdwin Taylor6 days ago
  • man ive never seen a video so smooth.

    lil daclil dac8 days ago
  • Watch Westbrooks eyes, its clear that he was watching KD

    Luka ZebicLuka Zebic8 days ago
  • kyrie made them feel uncomfortable lol . whos mans is this with 200k subs lol makin ppl dumb

    d r e a m z yd r e a m z y10 days ago
  • Me did u realize they said 1991 on the news when Detroit pistons didn't want to shake hands with Chicago Bulls

    kaithebest:D 1kaithebest:D 111 days ago
  • LMAOLOL bruh Blake jus took off running lmao 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ lmao

    mike conleymike conley13 days ago
  • This video is a OD troll

    Des DDes D18 days ago
  • oden was vibing out looked like he didn't care lol

    Keon HarnessKeon Harness21 day ago
  • Ok are you Shawn Mendes? No cap

    Fat JakeFat Jake22 days ago
  • Kyrie high fo sho

    Tyrell JohnsonTyrell Johnson24 days ago
  • I was able to endure lol. I quite enjoyed this

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy24 days ago
  • Respect Kyrie, respect Jimmy. End of story

    CheddarBeezyCheddarBeezy24 days ago
  • Celtics did same to pistons in 87, nobody cried about it! When somebody who never won tittle or never reached finals says your team is bad for sports that they don’t deserved to be called champs I fucking do the same thing what pistons did! Like who tf is you takking about mj and pipp?! When u get one or 2 u can say somethin! Not even pistons fan, but I am on isiah side for this move.

    Igotn3xtIgotn3xt26 days ago
  • @Cosgrove Prod. i think its funny when u do memes

    subtobigpicklepotato96subtobigpicklepotato9627 days ago
  • Kyrie was put in a room full of people who couldn't comprehend his intellectual prowess they made it awkward not Kyrie

    Jerry ColeJerry Cole28 days ago
  • Bruh Stop that singing shit !!!! You Suck 🤣🤣

    NeurosNeurosMonth ago
  • OooooOOOOOOOOooooh *prod can sing* *Well we learn something new everyday*

    Jacob WrightJacob WrightMonth ago
  • Kyrie was clearly high

    Daniel AjayiDaniel AjayiMonth ago
  • jimmy just like her music and so thats not weird

    masterpeir hortenmasterpeir hortenMonth ago
  • It doesn't take much to keep you up at night.

    homer stokeshomer stokesMonth ago
  • Bruh be reaching

    jaelyn wingatejaelyn wingateMonth ago
  • Crazy Baltimore Fight During Pandemic!! --------->> usworlds.info/slow/video/o4KXjKnRgYSkZak

    Believe in Baltimore ProductionsBelieve in Baltimore ProductionsMonth ago
  • Your laughing made me lose it 🤣🤣🤣 subbed !!

    Salome M. AlfredSalome M. AlfredMonth ago
  • KEVIN GARNETT WOULDVE KILLED MELO 😂😂 “Idc how tough garnett thinks he is, that must’ve been scary” Do some research on Melo and KG and tell me who was REALLY gonna do something

    Baldi BBaldi BMonth ago
  • The should have ask Jimmy about the M.J rumor 😂

    pimpjuicedppimpjuicedpMonth ago
  • Mj called the pistons bad, lol serves em right. They were a bunch of sore losers and hardly won anything against mj right after

    Ralff 42Ralff 42Month ago
  • When he was singing I was dying

    Bernard Freeman Jr.Bernard Freeman Jr.Month ago
  • jesus christ you took forever to get to the point

    Lamar SmithLamar SmithMonth ago
    • Stfu

      Jose LunaJose LunaMonth ago
  • Jimmy always say he likes that type off music so .. that was not need ! .

    MP4 GIRLZMP4 GIRLZMonth ago
  • Since the Detroit no shake makes the list. In all fairness how could you overlook LeBron James no 🤝 immediate exit in loss to Dallas Mavericks.. Also his body language was leading up to repeat until Ray Allen saved the Day. Mind you this is in the pursuit of 1st ring.@ Cosgrove

    RonG 7ODRonG 7ODMonth ago
  • That Ja Rule clip had me fucking DYING 😂

    xoxo2000xoxo2000Month ago
  • 😂😂😂😂 nice singing buddy

    CrystalCakes AlvaradoCrystalCakes AlvaradoMonth ago
  • The reaching on this video made me feel uncomfortable

    B RaB RaMonth ago
  • Lmao I when the narrator started singing 🤣🤣

    Makalah RemyMakalah RemyMonth ago
  • Melo from west Baltimore shordy he aint duckin the fade

    andrea micucciandrea micucciMonth ago
  • Jimmy looked more relieved than anything

    andrea micucciandrea micucciMonth ago

    ZuuZuuMonth ago
  • bro this is hilarious

    Adel JAdel JMonth ago
  • U guys are gonna see me in the nba 1 day

    agya jattagya jattMonth ago
  • Non American NBA fans: Who the fuck was that Mayfield guy?

    r_rembrandtr_rembrandtMonth ago
  • “The bad boy pistons” are bad for the game made them alll that salty? Lmfaooooooo 😂. What type of crap is that.

    9 179 17Month ago
  • Fuck pg.

  • amazing singing legendary 🥰 2:34 true

  • 3:12 he made no sense

    Stefen BanksStefen BanksMonth ago
  • That first one had me dying!

    Jared_PlayzJared_PlayzMonth ago
  • Yeah but Mayfield (no shade) looks like a billion other bearded guys

    D HD HMonth ago
  • 2:20 wth is happening

    Hirad mohajerHirad mohajerMonth ago
  • 2:10-2:33 😅🤣 please never do that ever again !

    BCABCAMonth ago
  • great singing bro 😂

    BenjiBenjiMonth ago
  • KG would crush Melo!

    Henry David ShepherdsonHenry David ShepherdsonMonth ago
  • As a mind you wild as shit get to real live singing and shit

    Lil DelLil DelMonth ago
  • That singing part 😂😂

    Young YoliiYoung YoliiMonth ago
  • What's wrong with loving taylor swift music... I love that girl

    Carlos MoralesCarlos MoralesMonth ago
  • Damn, Kyrie Irving look like Randy Moss😄

    Rolled DebacleRolled DebacleMonth ago
  • Hahahahaha that’s why you can’t work with feelings bruh that’s fo the soft feelings only with your true love ones and keep them at home

    Luis LopezLuis LopezMonth ago
  • This video sucks..

    Big ZooBig ZooMonth ago
  • Ur wrong on the Bulls, Pistons that was the passing of the torch the Celtics did it to the Pistons after they where able to finally get over the hump of beating them and the Celtics walked off the court before the game was over look it up

    Antonio BakerAntonio BakerMonth ago
  • Kg a bih for that

    mochavated1mochavated1Month ago
  • Bro you funnnnnny😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

    Larry MorrisLarry MorrisMonth ago
  • The first one had me dying 😂😂😂

    Gyalbless16Gyalbless16Month ago
  • Finally,I heard Cosgrove sing!Who is here in In the NBA FINALS IN OCTOBER?ME!

    Rov Nathan CaguimbalRov Nathan CaguimbalMonth ago
  • The part with you singing was so boring. Just stop.

    23codez23codez2 months ago
  • that singing was funny!!!!

    Christopher ThorntonChristopher Thornton2 months ago
  • Old news.

    Robert GarciaRobert Garcia2 months ago
  • The ominous music backing these clips tho😂😂😂😂😂

    Shop WreckerShop Wrecker2 months ago
  • I’m weak

    Shop WreckerShop Wrecker2 months ago
  • What movie clip was that at 9:48

    kendall newmankendall newman2 months ago
  • Naw bro. KG wasn’t scared...lol. He was ready for the smoke

    therrell lyontherrell lyon2 months ago
  • The jarule thing killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Coach CoreyCoach Corey2 months ago
  • Jordan not shaking Alonzo Mourning's hand should've been on the list

    jesus cagejesus cage2 months ago
  • Punk ass Pistons

    Danny MarshburnDanny Marshburn2 months ago
  • I forgot about that Greg Oden mess 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Danny MarshburnDanny Marshburn2 months ago
  • Would’ve been hilarious if Blake did the naruto run away

    mac sownmac sown2 months ago
  • Max was the only one who had an issue with Kyrie on First Take

    Choice Jr.Choice Jr.2 months ago
  • Even more awkward for me than ferries singing was this guy “proving” he’s better

    Cassell ClarkCassell Clark2 months ago
  • Playoff kobe vs chris rock

    hotislandgalhotislandgal2 months ago
  • This is the most unecessary dramatic, serious voice, for clips that arent that big of a deal anyway.

    PennyPenny2 months ago

    Pepito PlayzPepito Playz2 months ago
  • Are yal ready.... Guess not 😂

    ayo gunnamacayo gunnamac2 months ago
  • I wonder how KG and Truth feel knowing Rondo might get a ring with Lebron now

    Trip 9Trip 92 months ago
  • that singing got me dying

    Ahmari ParkerAhmari Parker2 months ago
  • 1:54 wtf bruh🤣🤣🤣

    Emmanuel SpeedEmmanuel Speed2 months ago
  • this guys voice is more awkward

    Ammar AbdelhayAmmar Abdelhay2 months ago
  • Dude????

    -Tee- -Bee--Tee- -Bee-2 months ago
  • Bro yo singing is cringe worthy......horrible But i give u a 4 on singing 😂😂

    Areoin StylzAreoin Stylz2 months ago