When a RETIRED Michael Jordan DEMOLISHED an Arrogant Bulls ROOKIE!

Jan 27, 2020
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When a RETIRED Michael Jordan DEMOLISHED an Arrogant Bulls ROOKIE!
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  • I

    ChaiseeboyChaiseeboyHour ago
  • The only channel on yt so far on which I return to see the same movie once again.

    Jacek CzerwińskiJacek Czerwiński5 hours ago
  • guess what Benjamin LeBron kobe Curry ans Garnett would whoop your but too lol

    josh hermjosh herm18 hours ago
  • love this Jordan put that arrogant little boy in his place

    josh hermjosh herm18 hours ago
  • I like how part of this video made it sound like a murder mystery. Then again, that’s what it was. 🤣😂🤣😂

    Chef Big DeeChef Big Dee21 hour ago
  • "Calling out the devil is one thing, Facing him is another." Hahaha i like that. The devil is a bad dude. According to scripture Michael the Archangel is gonna have to get tagged in to finally whip him. I guess that just goes to show that no matter how good you are there is always somebody out there who is better than you.

    Jake M.Jake M.Day ago
  • Dude just shut the fuck up. You sound like a 10 year old boy.

    James PeterJames PeterDay ago
  • No one can beat MJ!!!

    ronaldo amoloronaldo amoloDay ago
  • bro, mj had absolutely nothing to gain in doing this... which actually makes it more savage lmao

    Gayle PerryGayle PerryDay ago
  • Mj said you can't do nothing with that

    Carl WaringCarl Waring2 days ago
  • ”it was easy” - MJ

    PantherDeNoirPantherDeNoir2 days ago
  • Um, when I said MJ I didn’t mean Jordan. I can beat Michelle Johnson 1 on 1. Yeah, that’s it.

    DozensOfViewersDozensOfViewers2 days ago
  • I think that this will haunt Corey Benjamin for the rest of his life. He'll probably recognize Jordan as one of the greats but will take this beating to the grave.

    Paul KwaukPaul Kwauk2 days ago
  • I would wait and pay fortunes to see a Jordan-LBJ 1v1 match. That will end the fucking goat debate.

    Lorenz SantosLorenz Santos3 days ago
  • Don’t talk shit..

    Frank WilliamsFrank Williams3 days ago
  • Brown didn't mean to say the score was 11-9 but rather someone call 9-11 to help him out and get em outta the situation

    mr bigglesworthmr bigglesworth3 days ago
  • When the bulls drafted him thats when i took it personal

    Kens cornerKens corner3 days ago
  • Now.... Mr Ball

    ron dorenbergron dorenberg3 days ago
  • When a GOAT tells you to SIT DOWN, you SIT.

    dan1stdan1st3 days ago
  • MJ is MJ KB is KB LBJ is LBJ...

    Jefferson FrayreJefferson Frayre3 days ago
  • I can beat Michael Jordan Michael Jordan heard what I said and took my women..

    Officer TenpennyOfficer Tenpenny3 days ago
  • The problem is he didn’t know how play defense on mike he gave him way to room. 2 feet of space is way to my room for an offensive player like that. Secondly I would never let a player lean into me on on me period. Secondly I’m way to quick and to fast. You will NEVER put the ball on the floor with . I’m a deadly threat because on my quickness. This guy should have kept his mouth shout he was missing a lot. He just didn’t have the athletic ability.

    William GatesWilliam Gates4 days ago
  • That has to be one of the single greatest events in sports history. Seriously people think about what he did? They don't make people like that anymore!

    Bobby DigitalBobby Digital4 days ago
  • Who is corey benjamin? Nuff said

    Richie minverRichie minver4 days ago
  • Lebron handles these things differently. Caruso called Lebron: "hey Bron, Kuzma was talking shit, he says he's gonna beat you in practice". Next day, Kuzma was in the news, about to be traded.

    Me, Also MeMe, Also Me4 days ago
  • The funniest part about this are the Bulls Finals championship banners in the background lmaoo

    Chachi OlivaresChachi Olivares4 days ago
  • what is there to say... everybody had fun, Rookie got destroyed. He could have learned from that and just appreciate the fact to be one of few people who played 1 on 1 vs the GOAT, instead he kept lying to himself and everybody else about being better than he was.

    jazztom86jazztom864 days ago
  • he to short, he to short. Muggsy bogues enters conversation.

    demonpride1975demonpride19754 days ago
  • That shot of Michael Jackson gleefully eating the popcorn, though! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Doyle TraciDoyle Traci4 days ago
    • Michael Jordan is still the greatest player, no question, hands down.

      Doyle TraciDoyle Traci4 days ago
  • It's one thing to call out the Devil.... it's another thing to face him

    Kay Auset AmenKay Auset Amen4 days ago
  • Never bring a man out of his retirement, especially when he's the best of the best

    Steven Tour and TravelSteven Tour and Travel4 days ago
  • At that point Jordan was retired but he was still the MVP of the league so the title is misleading. Retired Yes but still the best player on earth.

    0070075 days ago
  • He's the king

    kevy metalkevy metal5 days ago
  • MJ is the GOAT, hands down! LeBron James, go take a seat.

    WhompWhomp5 days ago
  • 5:30....guess that's where the idea from the commercial came from

    jonathan meyerjonathan meyer5 days ago
  • Michael Jordan ....still motivating and leading HIS team even though he isn't part of it anymore. Do you think this was staged by management to get the boys pumped?

    david aucoindavid aucoin5 days ago
  • Jordan can kick anyone 💩 out

    夜色朦胧夜色朦胧5 days ago
  • There is only one MJ, be it Basketball or Pop music

    AssemblerAssembler5 days ago
  • Can u see lebron James do this? Na that dude be like let’s be friends or go to the bar.

    J rsxJ rsx5 days ago
  • "When you come at the king, you best not miss!"

    Bill KenneyBill Kenney6 days ago
    • 😉

      Bill KenneyBill Kenney3 days ago
    • Omar coming yo!!

      Unknown UserUnknown User3 days ago
  • The GOAT. 🍀✊

    Jerry FrancisJerry Francis6 days ago
  • This is about to happen to Lavar!

    Tom YaboTom Yabo6 days ago
  • When's lavar gonna get a shot!!😅

    Neeraj SabuNeeraj Sabu6 days ago
  • The only ultimate 1 v 1 would be MJ v DrJ in their primes.

    doug forddoug ford6 days ago
  • Only Kobe has ability to beat Jordan 1 on 1...if they played 100 games it would be 50/50 and every game would be won by one point.

    The LocustThe Locust6 days ago
  • jordan is a great player, but for me this one is for marketing his brand

    fabian atmojofabian atmojo6 days ago
  • WTF was he thinking calling out the GOAT!!

    jesse velasquezjesse velasquez6 days ago
  • He took it personal

    potatoheadpotatohead6 days ago
  • dude Even MJ can't beat MJ!

    DaddyLoveDaddyLove7 days ago
  • Labron who???? There can be only one G.O.A.T. ......................MJ.

    Todd ZimmermanTodd Zimmerman7 days ago
  • This man making the video sound like a homicide had happened

    Big OunceBig Ounce7 days ago
  • This is as ridicules as Will Smith thinking he can bet Mike Tyson 🤣🤣🤣

    Sheen TuckerSheen Tucker7 days ago
  • This man is alpha as fuck lmao.

    MardusflameMardusflame8 days ago
  • MJ be like "Okay, fine"

    StephonSTStephonST8 days ago
  • It's a fun story. But there absolutely is an end to physical dominance. A rookie today would destroy Michael Jordan today. Fact check: True.

    Daniel FinnDaniel Finn8 days ago
  • 23! Playing With The Master Mj✊🏼💪🏼

    M LCM LC8 days ago
  • Who ever is narrating this video, STOP IT.... your voice is so fucking boring, with out life, like a fucking boring robot with no emotion or feelings toward what you trying to show us.... dring a couple of coffees before you make a video

    nicolai van manennicolai van manen8 days ago
  • Never going to be a best player in basketball. But no one can defeat MJ in one on one. Even right now Lebron is showing every fucking one that he is for now the best in the world. Much much better than M J. Just look at the numbers. But where different times. When you going to understand that. Anyway for me the best player ever is by far Wilt Chamberlain. No contest

    Roberto MartinezRoberto Martinez8 days ago

    michausdal secondarymichausdal secondary9 days ago
  • " I can beat MJ 1v1!" Here comes Michael Jackson moonwalking in!

    Jonas of PersiaJonas of Persia9 days ago
  • Why does the rookie look like Kanye West?

    Lain LainLain Lain9 days ago
    • @Arga FF look at the thumbnail

      Lain LainLain Lain7 days ago
    • Wtf😂

      Arga FFArga FF8 days ago
  • Corey Benjamin was worthless as a Professional and now the World knows he's a Liar, too. Benjamin: Nobody can beat me one on one and I can beat Michael Jordan. Two streaks ended, simultaneously! LMAO!

    dackwirre 24dackwirre 249 days ago
  • The GOAT

    TrucksAndDirtTrucksAndDirt9 days ago
  • “Calling out the devil is one thing, facing him is another”...good one!

    Big BallBig Ball9 days ago
  • "....like Mike, if i could be like Mike....i wanna be, i wanna be like Mike". There isn't a man under 50 and over 30 that didn't act like Michael Jordan on the basketball court at some point in his life. This guy is and will always remain, a true legend and the billie goat!

    S.E. SanderS.E. Sander10 days ago
  • Why does this video have a tone as if its a crime or a murder or something like a horror thing? The piano, the tone of his voice...

    IRoxz ™IRoxz ™10 days ago
  • İ can definetly say that he took it personel

    m km k10 days ago
  • MJ = GOAT!

    Chad KaleyChad Kaley10 days ago
  • I wish I can meet him at least once, at least you have the Honor to play him. What a privilege.

    Noe RodriguezNoe Rodriguez11 days ago
  • Don't talk about Black Jesus like that, you all should know that if you talk trash on the floor you have to be able to back it up, but talking off the court and not be able to back it up, Michael Jordan is the best. After a few magnificent plays and shampionships the man earned his respect.

    Noe RodriguezNoe Rodriguez11 days ago
  • Michael Jordan is a Legend Player of 💯🙏 Basketball He is a Magician Magical Magic Man of Basketball

    Nirmal FartyalNirmal Fartyal11 days ago
  • If Lavar ball was there, his going to make up excused to leave the practice building. 😂🤣😂🤣

    bledzone231bledzone23111 days ago
  • You have to remember, Jordan won defensive player of the year. This fact is overshadowed by his incredible offence not to mention his killer instinct. No one could have beat him one on one.

    TheJB1970TheJB197011 days ago
  • If that is all it takes to get a one-on-one game with Michael Jordan then...I hereby officially state that I could easily beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game. Sure, I am only 5' 10 and the only kind of basketball I have ever played is HORSE, but your ass is mine, Michael. Have your people call my people and we'll set it up. Um, actually, all my people are on vacation at the moment so your people should probably contact me directly. LET'S DO THIS THANG!

    Bob MBob M11 days ago
  • What if after Lebron said that he is the GOAt. Prime Jordan appears at his back ohhhh boy!

    Ninja moNinja mo12 days ago
  • 2020 Anyone😂😂😂😂🏀🏀🏀🏀

    Steve SibajaSteve Sibaja13 days ago
  • LMAO the game is already over on that jab and quick first step to switch-hands layup, that speed and creativity alone is a red flag, he should have known better lol.

    paolo-1283paolo-128313 days ago
  • If you are not Kobe Bryant you do not say you can beat MJ lol.

    Mark MijaresMark Mijares14 days ago
  • Jordan is the goat of NBA ORIGINAL GOAT,,,CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU ASKING OR SAYING FOR,, CAREFUL or you may get hertz ok

    Jose AbellaJose Abella14 days ago
  • His confidence was shattered just by Jordan's mere presence. Then he has the gull to lie to the media about the score

    Sergio OrtegaSergio Ortega14 days ago
  • I really think humility plays a part in a lot of things. When a a rookie learns the moonwalk he thinks he's the King of PoP ( Michael Jackson) . So also when someone watches a Bruce Lee clip he/ she thinks I can beat that guy. Really ??? There's pain, and there's paiiiinnn!!! How many people for instance can take this .How many do really have the mindset of a Shaolin warrior and stay disciplined without letting it get into their heads. Maybe 5 out of a hundred.Long live the "Legends !"

    magnificent mmagnificent m15 days ago
  • A boring ego fest

    uplift upliftuplift uplift15 days ago
  • It seems Hersey Hawkins' eyes are having flashbacks on guarding mj throughout his career

    tibursilogtibursilog15 days ago
  • 5:28

    Cleremy JarksonCleremy Jarkson15 days ago
  • The dude was wearing pants, LMAO. 😂

    Wagner NogueiraWagner Nogueira16 days ago
  • I understand not wanting to live in someone's shadow always being measured against them. But the reality is you do live in their shadow until you cast a big enough one yourself and to be the best you have to beat the best and you haven't.

    Buck AndersonBuck Anderson16 days ago
  • Michael Jordan best of all times

    Andres MelendezAndres Melendez16 days ago
  • " I can beat MJ 1vs1 " MJ : " Ok. Fine. I took it on personal "

    Alberto CarbonattoAlberto Carbonatto16 days ago
  • Benjamin lookin' like Fultz

    Obi Wan Kenobi's High GroundObi Wan Kenobi's High Ground17 days ago
  • Benjamin lookin' like Fultz

    Obi Wan Kenobi's High GroundObi Wan Kenobi's High Ground17 days ago
  • Never challenge a player that can dunk from half court

    Boon DockerBoon Docker18 days ago
    • Never challenge a man who was the best offensive and defensive player at the same time.

      Neo S.Neo S.17 days ago
  • Man calls out the GOAT expect the GOAT to turn up and except challenge then take your soul and pride 😤

    realnesxrealnesx18 days ago
  • a trash vs a diamond.😅 he was mauled by MJ.😅

    nelson polisticonelson polistico18 days ago
  • There has to be one moment that will live with you forever. 🙌

    Jack DematteisJack Dematteis19 days ago
  • one of the biggest ego's but the skills to back it up. Thats MJ

    TravaceTravace19 days ago
  • And then look at Benjamin's career afterward. Must've been fun playing around the world, but he really didn't accomplish much after college.

    RetroKoHRetroKoH19 days ago
  • I can beat jordan now....

    Isaiah GomezIsaiah Gomez20 days ago
  • I can beat MJ 1 on 1...on who misses the most shots.

    supervong1supervong121 day ago
  • Corey : * *challenges mj* * MJ : *....and i took that personally*

    Chaitanya MahajanChaitanya Mahajan21 day ago
  • "I can Beat MJ 1 v 1" MJ: "okay fine. that's all i needed. And It Became Personal with me."

    oadia lasiaoadia lasia21 day ago
    • Copy -_-

      Night FallNight Fall18 days ago