When Meeting Michael Jordan was Too Good to be True...

Nov 14, 2020
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When Meeting Michael Jordan was Too Good to be True...
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  • Sorry for the Re-upload! I had to correct a couple of things, like audio issues and little things like that. Thanks for the support! and Enjoy!

    Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.12 days ago
    • When are you gonna post a other video your good

      Trxgic JillaTrxgic Jilla8 days ago
    • Oh

      Gabriel PlutaGabriel Pluta9 days ago
    • its okay bro! still amazing

      Jred Nordam BalbalosaJred Nordam Balbalosa11 days ago
    • oh ok 👌🏾 😂

      Spicy GamerSpicy Gamer12 days ago
    • Ok that makes sense now

      Ugo OkekeUgo Okeke12 days ago
  • Or they could have made it seem like MJ pussed out

    C DC D20 minutes ago
  • Its sad they didnt make this happen for the fans

    C DC D20 minutes ago

    Miguel PazMiguel Paz6 hours ago
  • Biden campaign started early.

    YajYaj10 hours ago
  • This stunt could hav turned out a whole lot different

    XtremeXtreme11 hours ago
  • Jordan is savaged. Not even responding to the challenge is disrespectful

    XtremeXtreme11 hours ago
  • I love your videos of MJ

    XtremeXtreme11 hours ago
  • www.sahlute.com

    XtremeXtreme11 hours ago
  • So Much CAP .......................................

    Handeezy SpeakseasyHandeezy Speakseasy11 hours ago
  • Bryon russel is just mad because hé has that wierd scar on his head

    the Silent Furythe Silent Fury12 hours ago
  • He siced the whole State of Utah up.

    The Realest dude I knowThe Realest dude I knowDay ago
  • I'm amazed Jordan didn't sue that team owner to teach him, Jordan is extremely protective of his name!!!

    Bobby DigitalBobby Digital4 days ago
  • Cmon it was Jordans brother though

    Funny CommentsFunny Comments4 days ago
  • sounds more like a ticket sale tactick

    Sangtea PachuauSangtea Pachuau4 days ago
  • 4:27-Im sure we all know that this video is staged too!

    HereIsWisdom 1318HereIsWisdom 13185 days ago
  • Anybody else think the girl at 7:28 cute or just me

    Chris BerryChris Berry5 days ago
  • That was pathetic... Best quote ever!

    Reagan HeathReagan Heath5 days ago
  • You're awesome

    Akin LawrenceAkin Lawrence6 days ago
  • Pointless video

    T JohnsonT Johnson6 days ago
  • The Devil Himself!!!

    Rhylin GriffithRhylin Griffith6 days ago
  • This was to sell tickets.. period.. the center should be embarrassed. And mj

    VeRsSaTiLe BEATZVeRsSaTiLe BEATZ6 days ago
  • Upload cosgrove

    Donovan GittensDonovan Gittens7 days ago
  • Rip to everyone who fell for that

    Random HighlightzRandom Highlightz8 days ago
  • ¨there is an impostor among us¨

    Khayrudin OumarouKhayrudin Oumarou8 days ago
  • I really like Cosgrove videos

    hjohnfinneyhjohnfinney8 days ago
  • I cringed for 9 minutes

    Paul BajarPaul Bajar8 days ago
  • Hey Cosgrove, here is some music for your videos: usworlds.info/slow/video/ha6srJ_bhXx-i2I usworlds.info/slow/video/mqmui2nbrXRhhXs usworlds.info/slow/video/qKitgYG5nXSga3s usworlds.info/slow/video/qJR-bIDaoYmEgpk usworlds.info/slow/video/a3pprI6UcXiInJU usworlds.info/slow/video/amtqhoi-oHyInoc usworlds.info/slow/video/aK12nn2momWhdn8 usworlds.info/slow/video/qYyApq_djGZ5ioc usworlds.info/slow/video/iI2kp2WmnZl-rWo

    Lucas DavenportLucas Davenport9 days ago
  • Bruh they really hired a walmart Micheal Jordan that was a foot shorter compared to the security guards

    Markell B. GreatMarkell B. Great9 days ago
    • 😂😂😂

      Okeythegoat 23Okeythegoat 234 days ago
  • More urban legends?

    Noah VeraNoah Vera10 days ago
  • Do toni kukoc video. He so underrated, guy 3peated with best european team eevr than came to nba and 3peated again

    M MM M10 days ago
  • The utah flash fr conned everyone to buying tickets

    Jacob WrightJacob Wright10 days ago

      MiͥkeͣyͫMiͥkeͣyͫ2 days ago
  • Just imagine how cool this would have been rip 😭

    Hunter WallaceHunter Wallace11 days ago
  • i love ur videos bro keep it up

    HeanosHeanos11 days ago
  • 0:26 I quit my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Jakir HossainJakir Hossain11 days ago
  • Repost ¿ im still watchin it wym

    kaaam1kkaaam1k11 days ago
  • I did this in nba blacktop to make up for it Bryan russel vs Michael Jordan and Bryan was a challenge but I won

    DD08’s Game BoxDD08’s Game Box11 days ago
  • How have I never herd of this before

    Frank MillerzFrank Millerz11 days ago
  • Big fan here 👀👌🇵🇭

    Kenneth JohnsonKenneth Johnson11 days ago
  • even do u re-uploaded it, i still watched it.

    Jred Nordam BalbalosaJred Nordam Balbalosa11 days ago
  • It’s a reason why I don’t like this man 🙂

    Mike MurrayMike Murray11 days ago
    • Which man

      itanimulliitanimulli6 days ago
  • I do not mind watching this video on a reupload!

    BangpaulxuBangpaulxu11 days ago
  • Wassup Cosgrove

    Brock BurganBrock Burgan11 days ago
  • Hello fellow prod

    light 30 prodlight 30 prod11 days ago
  • This would lowkey be funny asl tho

    future hoferfuture hofer11 days ago
  • I wouldn't have believed even though Its Jordan vs lebron. I would believe if lebron post that on his twitter and Jordan post it on twitter.

    Cesar OrozcoCesar Orozco11 days ago
  • How come nobody talk about that Mj and Russell were teammates with the wizards

    No left LeftyNo left Lefty11 days ago
  • cosgrove number one 🔥

    dean espinosadean espinosa11 days ago
  • Real ones know this a repost

    Vault SportsVault Sports12 days ago
    • Bro you want a fucking detective badge or something?. Real real ones dont care

      C DC D17 minutes ago
  • I like ur vids

    Takeshi AlegriaTakeshi Alegria12 days ago
  • thx for reupload you actually care about your fans

    Big boi eats big thingsBig boi eats big things12 days ago
  • Ya know, the betrayal was disappointing, but not this video

    daniel whitworthdaniel whitworth12 days ago
  • Ive been watching crosgrove with scary song at the start at the video

    MAsTeR CeZMAsTeR CeZ12 days ago
  • unsure what American laws are but perhaps a lawsuit for misleading and falsely advertising to people should be brought.

    AaronAaron12 days ago
  • Russell never talked shit behind Jordan’s back..

    massdagodmassdagod12 days ago
  • Bryon Russell like Jordan. They were actually good friends. They were competitive. Jordan even signed Russell to the Wizards and played with him in his last year.

    massdagodmassdagod12 days ago
    • Right. Jordan even signed Charles Oakley to the Wizards for that short period. MJ almost took em to the playoffs but father time caught up.

      Kashif KelleyKashif Kelley11 days ago
  • Your the best crosgrove

  • I thought you posted a brand new video but it's a reposted but I wish you could post everyday

    Raymart CereraRaymart Cerera12 days ago
  • Cosgrove idk if it’s reouploaded imma still what but the whole thing Bc imma OG

    J_ 2kJ_ 2k12 days ago
  • still appreciated bro.

    Mark Mhacoy DimacaliMark Mhacoy Dimacali12 days ago
  • Russell set this all up for a money grab. Why would MJ play Byron Russell one on one? Russell had no offensive game, was just a decent defender and spot up shooter. MJ even torched Russell as an old Wizard lol. 11-0 MJ, game.

    Weber 562Weber 56212 days ago
  • Once again another banger 🔥🔥

    CJ McCollumCJ McCollum12 days ago
  • The real question/disappointment is knowing MJ is so competitive why didn’t he respond and show up to begin with

    M-PakM-Pak12 days ago
    • Because he’s busy?

      Raejay VillarlRaejay Villarl19 minutes ago
  • Sounds like a lawsuit

    Henry GHenry G12 days ago
  • it's alright if you repost the video because your such a good USworldsr

    Killer X SingerKiller X Singer12 days ago
  • I’m here to count how many people said it’s a repost

    KnodaKnoda12 days ago
    • @2real always a lot

      KnodaKnoda3 days ago
    • How many was it

      2real always2real always3 days ago
  • Correct me if im wrong but they actually became team mates in washington wizards?

    kenneth ramoskenneth ramos12 days ago
  • Bro I re watch your videos anyways so I don't care lol.

    celli 21celli 2112 days ago
  • No wonder jazz fans are crazy

    ToxfuryToxfury12 days ago
  • Idc watching your videos are still entertaining

    Ram SureshvaranRam Sureshvaran12 days ago
  • Wowzers this is crazy

    Showbiz GwoponeseShowbiz Gwoponese12 days ago
  • where did you get the footage?

    Chris SuarezChris Suarez12 days ago
  • love the vid hope you post more often

    Jonathan GuzmanJonathan Guzman12 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/iIigoX2Vj5uMqX8

    EduardoEduardo12 days ago
  • I LOVE YOU!!!!

    Shahe NBAShahe NBA12 days ago
  • Bro honestly, he changed his uploading time just to keep us enterained. We need this channel to blow up 🖒

    MariaMaria12 days ago
  • 0:52 awesome-girls24.online

    Евгений АрхаровЕвгений Архаров12 days ago
  • U ta goat

    kaithebest:D 1kaithebest:D 112 days ago
  • Wow. As you know mj doesn't plan his one on one mtgs. He shows up until announced if you dare say anytime anywhere he will find you... And he will win

    creative thinkercreative thinker12 days ago
  • That's F"*'up! An Byron knew dat s"*"t!

    Michael WilliamsMichael Williams12 days ago
  • I didn't know bryon Russell and Michael Jordan had a rivalry Russell poked the bear.

    Noah JonesNoah Jones12 days ago
    • @Slaytanica666 The fan were angry for sure

      Noah JonesNoah Jones12 days ago
    • Michael Jordan always had bryon Russell number

      Noah JonesNoah Jones12 days ago
    • Not much of a rivalry, Jordan just took shits all over Bryon Russell to the point that Russell is pretty much known less for the rest of his career and pretty much just as “Just the guy that Michael Jordan hit one of the most famous shots in NBA history and had one of the biggest moments of sports history on” and this didn’t help him save any face 11 years in the future at the time. It just came off as a corny action by a weak dude that couldn’t get over the past and challenged someone to a fight that he knew wasn’t going to show. Bryon Russell came off as a complete ass and should have stayed out of the thing.

      Slaytanica666Slaytanica66612 days ago
  • lebron is still the goat

    Slim Solo 13Slim Solo 1312 days ago
    • @Danny Pom better passer, rebounder, defender, scorer, what else can he be better at

      Slim Solo 13Slim Solo 1311 days ago
  • Deja vo from yesterday 🤔

    andrew eastandrew east12 days ago
  • #NotiGang

    Aiden ReyesAiden Reyes12 days ago
  • How is your day cosgrove

    KlapsKlaps12 days ago
  • That could have started a riot . he is very lucky. Brant Anderson can't fool people like that.

    mcronn 100mcronn 10012 days ago
  • 0:49 chat-adult18.online

    Андрей РазразАндрей Разраз12 days ago
  • I'm here before a thousand view so keep them notifications on and cosgrove might like

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  • 0:43 dirk-girl.com

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  • Early squad YES SIRRR

  • cosgrove with the back to back uploads

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  • Good content man! Creator to creator , you’re one of my favorite YT channels.

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  • This is why you shouldnt trust the media, and btw, good reupload

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  • can yall check out my lamelo ball mixtape on my channel

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  • How’s you’re day going Cosgrove?

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    • @Cosgrove Prod. GOAT

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    • Great! Thanks for asking!

      Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.12 days ago
  • I See A Repost No prob man. Ma watch it again

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  • Boo

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  • Cosgrove is my goat 🐐

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  • 🍪🍪🍪Oink my dude we love facts about MJ

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  • bro don't worry abt uploading. Tbh I like this one better

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