When People Have WILD Encounters with NBA Players!

Mar 31, 2020
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When People Have WILD Encounters with NBA Players!
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  • Sorry guys, I had to Edit and Re-upload once again. Hope you understand. Thanks for the support!

    Cosgrove Prod.Cosgrove Prod.8 months ago
    • my grandma was at a pacers game in the reggie miller days they were playing against the bulls and she was courtside and michael jordan had a loose ball and michael jordan steps on her foot and broke it she was surrounded by news reporters

      Greyson BrownGreyson Brown2 months ago
    • 0:20 For the moment like this by who please??

      Jordan LamSamJordan LamSam4 months ago
    • USworlds

      FistChicken65FistChicken654 months ago
    • Should have had the one where the cop was called on the kids playing basketball and he played with them for a bit. Then a few days later he came out with other officers and then out of a car steeped Shaq.

      Lucas NeuhausLucas Neuhaus5 months ago
    • @Wilt Chamberlain GOD of NBA don't insult me with marriage

      jdlock00jdlock005 months ago
  • Part 2!!!

    Seb PapilleroSeb Papillero5 minutes ago
  • Natalie bitch get it right next time....or Lebron might put a foot up yo ass

    NoLimit GangNoLimit GangHour ago
  • I saw and met Delonte West at a resort in like, 2014

    Brock BurganBrock BurganDay ago
  • I need to adopt Eugene Amos's hustle tactics😂

    Adam FrancisAdam Francis5 days ago
  • lol that last guy kinda got me mad bc he didn’t know who lebron was

    stefano gasasirastefano gasasira7 days ago
  • we now know that the balls are magnetized or the ball itself is the magnet..

    Edward DechausayEdward Dechausay10 days ago
  • Coach cheeks great dude for that

    theman2k7theman2k711 days ago
  • Dude at the end tweaked, how do you not know Lebron 😂

    Mixii DinerooMixii Dineroo11 days ago
  • Don’t mess with cameraman

    AJ FallsAJ Falls14 days ago
  • Watch King Superman Videos for the Pure Truth!!!

    King Superman Christ LordsKing Superman Christ Lords14 days ago
  • the lebron mentions was really good also.. i dont mind

    Ryan Mitchel YuRyan Mitchel Yu19 days ago
  • Eugene Amos is my real nigga.

    Tyrell JohnsonTyrell Johnson22 days ago
  • dude, lebron isnt near my favorite player but that made me smile man

    _Itz_Biscuit__Itz_Biscuit_23 days ago
  • U forgot when a fan threw a grenade on the court and the security guy had to save everyone

    FATAL MatrixFATAL Matrix29 days ago
  • my dad meat Hakeem in a mosque in Arizona during the 1994 playoffs

    スパムスパムMonth ago
  • the real estate agent has an attitude. wanna be nice only to selected people. see how it backfired.

    Wills TolingWills TolingMonth ago
  • The Adrian Peterson interview

    jermel reidjermel reidMonth ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/j6Zon4uvgmF1d5U

    Believe in Baltimore ProductionsBelieve in Baltimore ProductionsMonth ago
  • Wtf is John Stockton great ball player not famous one bit

    H.O.O.D. Recording and management Myyke bH.O.O.D. Recording and management Myyke bMonth ago
  • No Karl Malone?

    ogkyle6ogkyle6Month ago
  • Only an NBA player would pay a camera man 200k just so people would shut up LOL

    Param ThakkarParam ThakkarMonth ago
  • Lucky as hell how mind blowing that your grandpa met Bill Watson

    Jason WilliamsJason WilliamsMonth ago
  • Rip will Smith

    Daniel_KicksDaniel_KicksMonth ago
  • crazy i live close to the intersection that’s in the transition during the AI story.

    LeziousLeziousMonth ago
  • Fuck that dude on the subway. Tried to use the video for clout even though he was bitching up

    aaron4094 _aaron4094 _Month ago
  • Eugene just hustled him 😂

    NorwoodNorwoodMonth ago
  • Anyone wanna mention how my guy Eugene got 200 grand and Denis net worth 500 grand?

    phunkassassin 2231phunkassassin 2231Month ago
  • U guys are gonna see me in the nba 1 day

    agya jattagya jattMonth ago
  • You forgot about Lou Williams

    SinSamaaaSinSamaaaMonth ago
  • Chris Paul 🤣🤣🤣

    AJ FrancissAJ FrancissMonth ago
  • I met Doug chistie on Venice beach in la walking by himself and he gave me and my friend handshakes it was cool meeting a nba legend

    BlackPantherSRT4BlackPantherSRT4Month ago
  • That last dudes a comedian and doesn’t make jokes on current events; makes sense why we don’t know him

    TheRyTheRyMonth ago
  • Gerald Huston 😂😂

    Young YoliiYoung YoliiMonth ago
  • Man, mo cheeks coming in with the save for that girl was so nice

    Good Brother Of EveryoneGood Brother Of EveryoneMonth ago
  • Love how he says the A.I thing in my hometown was random that wasn't really super random meaning he's from Newport news lol I've seen him at basketball games, bethel football games. Him and Mike Vick,

    Arty StarksArty StarksMonth ago
  • Allen iverson really is the truth.

    Getoff ThetipGetoff ThetipMonth ago
  • 6:01 step brothers

    Andres GutierrezAndres GutierrezMonth ago
  • Man, I don’t like your voice. Put some energy into it. You make it feel like I’m watching some sort of internet rabbit hole shit.

    WillisOnThaBeatWillisOnThaBeat2 months ago
  • Eugene Amos... The real hustler 😂😂😂

    Joseph SenaJoseph Sena2 months ago
  • Lmao those people putting their phone right in Westbrook’s face and then acting astonished that he would be upset. Hate people like that.

    Lil ChromosomeLil Chromosome2 months ago
  • The blazers coach stepping up for that girl was truly a blessing for her

    jesus cagejesus cage2 months ago
  • Imagine sitting next to lebron on a subway and not even knowing who he is

    YUNG FLAREYUNG FLARE2 months ago
  • lakers won anthony davis a god

    doubleabattery 2doubleabattery 22 months ago
  • Bruh that grampa story was fake and I checked the day you posted this and it was April fools

    Masterp123 787Masterp123 7872 months ago
  • NBA players or so nice

    Devin ArmentaDevin Armenta2 months ago
  • How can you not be giddy as shit sitting next to lebron on a train 😂😂

    Jayden GravelleJayden Gravelle2 months ago
  • Why are there so many blazer relate incidents

    3 In the key with Ian3 In the key with Ian2 months ago
  • 14:12 wtf is that

    vidooks HDvidooks HD2 months ago
  • Lebron had a lot of moments from fans.

    Spade Haze 08Spade Haze 082 months ago
  • funny story i was at a lakers game, i was wearing a Lebron James Cleveland jersey and i told lebron to sign it and he didnt know i was also wearing his miami and his los angles jersey too so when he signed it i said wait i got one more and pulled out the heat jersey and he signed that too he looked like he was a bout to leave so i said again, one more he laughed and signed my lakers jersey too best day of my life i got all 3 signatures for LEBRON JAMES.

    Shahe NBAShahe NBA2 months ago
  • I'm pretty sure Evan Turner's house was the same one in GTA V lol

    Andrew SandbergAndrew Sandberg2 months ago
  • I don’t watch basketball but I watch soccer i would way rather watch these videos tho

    0 SUBS WITH 0 VIDEOS0 SUBS WITH 0 VIDEOS2 months ago
  • Wat

    sebastin cortezsebastin cortez2 months ago
  • Nba players clowns. But basketball is entertaining

    Skate UpSkate Up2 months ago
  • getting plowed by lebron 😂

    Nazz_23Nazz_233 months ago
  • Let’s go

    J SmooveJ Smoove3 months ago
  • He just want to buddy money busted

    J SmooveJ Smoove3 months ago
  • Seeing nba player in public is like seeing an angel in person

    Marcus CruzMarcus Cruz3 months ago
  • When I was eleven I was playing at a friend's house and we were running around and acting wild in the yard. I ran blindly around the corner of the house and straight into defensive player of the year (Mark Eaton- Utah Jazz). He sets a strong screen. same year I met a new friend playing tennis and basketball. Me and him played 2 on 1 against his dad and he smoked us over and over. No Shame though. I was only 12 and his dad was an old teammate of Pistol Pete and 7 time Nba All-Star Sweet Lou Hudson.

    bryan jensenbryan jensen3 months ago
  • Virginia? I64? That was a shot of US 75 in Dallas.

    bobbycone2bobbycone23 months ago
  • Ha

    Maurice TateMaurice Tate3 months ago
  • When I see Natalie sing the national anthem, and the arena join in. It reminds me what America is all about

    Eric GrimesEric Grimes3 months ago
  • 10:00 for some reason that picture is absolutely perfect, 😑

    sid lopessid lopes3 months ago
  • Nice video bro, keep it up

    M SM S3 months ago
  • Great video

    Ricky ProxrdRicky Proxrd3 months ago
  • When Kobe met those kids I think these kids are still crying because of Kobe. Even now we all are 😭 rip mamba

    Coolcow645 YtCoolcow645 Yt3 months ago
  • Maurice Cheeks is another awesome guy was like an angel to that young girl.

    Narciso RiveroNarciso Rivero3 months ago
  • Allen Iverson is such a good guy.

    Narciso RiveroNarciso Rivero3 months ago
  • How big was his Christmas tree to confuse it with a garbage truck

    Elie HarbElie Harb3 months ago
  • Anybody else see lebron's tiny arm in the thumbnail

    TruSnickerzzTruSnickerzz3 months ago
  • You know the risk sitting court side 🤷‍♂️

    Rigoberto AvilaRigoberto Avila3 months ago
  • lovely

    The WorldThe World3 months ago
  • How are there no Kobe one’s?

    Nate DoggNate Dogg3 months ago
  • 9:43 Well i know the truck fell down cause i saw an open bush area at the top

    Micheal Corbin IlIMicheal Corbin IlI3 months ago
  • Lebron is an truck

    Babino’s TV EntertainmentBabino’s TV Entertainment4 months ago
  • 7:05 “being tackled by that large man” awkward Mr. Day.

    Manuel DuenezManuel Duenez4 months ago
  • Lol I met John Stockton.

    Donovan NungasakDonovan Nungasak4 months ago
  • anyone tryna kick me in the leg for 200k? shit ill take $200

    0 Subs and 0 Videos0 Subs and 0 Videos4 months ago
  • My brother when he was at his appointment for his prosthetic leg and he met magic Johnson in an elevator and he got to have lunch with him he also was saved by a women who found him and she was a nurse that's how he lost his leg

    pewdiepie Nationpewdiepie Nation4 months ago
  • A wild NBA player appeared!

    Jim B. WalkenJim B. Walken4 months ago
  • That dude made made 200,000 dollars that is a pretty penny for getting kicked.

    antwan1357antwan13574 months ago
  • Would be so much better of a video if your shitty voice wasnt in it every 15 seconds

    dellordellor4 months ago
  • Lebron can really play in the nfl he is strong asf

    woozie kwoozie k4 months ago
  • I need more basketball videos like this

    Chum Calm DownChum Calm Down4 months ago
  • not everyone can say there grandpa got woken up by Bill Walton

    Jayden JohnsonJayden Johnson4 months ago
  • Eugene said run me my check😂😂

    mike wazoskimike wazoski4 months ago
  • The guy on the subway train seems like a good comedian. He made a complete joke of himself.

    AlMasloolAlMaslool4 months ago
  • R.I.P eugene Amos nuts

    Soull TakerSoull Taker4 months ago
  • I sound like saga the yugin

    Robert StillRobert Still4 months ago
  • 12:54 and 13:05 got me weak af💀💀

    650_Juan_100650_Juan_1004 months ago
  • I live in Newport news and my mom went to school with Allen Iverson

    _ void __ void _4 months ago
  • I just discovered you today, keep up the good content

    Aldrick YalungAldrick Yalung4 months ago
  • What’s the name of the song you used in the background of this video?

    Magd AlkhatibMagd Alkhatib4 months ago
  • This guy gives information

    Jeffrey BamfoJeffrey Bamfo4 months ago
  • Dude the one that made the video your from Dallas right? Lol that scene of the high way when talking about Allen Iverson is 75 passing 635 lmao coming from Plano to Dallas lol

    Fortino ValdezFortino Valdez4 months ago
  • 8:26 who the heck counted how many flips the car did?

    Killer WolfKiller Wolf4 months ago

    Matt2IceyyMatt2Iceyy4 months ago
  • Dude on subway messed up lol

    Surraka SurovecSurraka Surovec4 months ago
  • Boul ain't even try to save his wife🤦🏾‍♂️

    Zaire HerculesZaire Hercules4 months ago