Why Michael Jordan SHOULD be the NBA LOGO!

Nov 11, 2016
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Why Michael Jordan SHOULD be the NBA LOGO!
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  • Cuz is white ! All NBA super star's be Black player's.. The sport most dominant for black raze..

    Aguilera atlAguilera atl2 months ago
  • The NBA owe jordan more than that.

    Tj NjieTj Njie4 months ago

    jeanne xienajeanne xiena8 months ago
  • Kobe

    Aidan BachimAidan Bachim9 months ago
  • Mj

    Aidan BachimAidan Bachim9 months ago
  • I feel Kobe should be on the logo. RIP.

    kzartkzart10 months ago
  • Michael Jordan’s rookie year:25 points Kobe’s mvp year: 24 points

    Veronica VillaVeronica Villa11 months ago
    • Veronica Villa 28 to 28 actually

      J-Man ProductionsJ-Man Productions3 months ago

    Neo SmithNeo SmithYear ago
  • Fuck steven a smith

  • If LeBron gets 4 championships in L.A., it should be LeBron.

    Michael ZapienMichael Zapien2 years ago
  • Change the logo to Michael Jordan

    Boondocks 1310Boondocks 13102 years ago
  • A Logo of Lebron Flopping

    lloganmusiclloganmusic2 years ago
  • MJ the undisputed GOAT.

    lloganmusiclloganmusic2 years ago
  • Yeah scalbrine

    Tyler Talks a lotTyler Talks a lot2 years ago
  • NO IT SHOULD NOT BE MJ. His Jordan Brand logo is far more iconic than the NBA logo anyway. Prime example of when having to much of a good thing can be bad. It would hurt the Jordan brand when the NBA would start pumping out product with MJ all over it.

    Adam AssmusAdam Assmus2 years ago
  • mj is the definition of basketball

    Mj23 ThegoatperiodMj23 Thegoatperiod2 years ago
  • How about Kobe bryant being the logo

    Eventos [Sociedad Gastronómica]Eventos [Sociedad Gastronómica]3 years ago
  • White mamba should me the logo

    Adrian SnyderAdrian Snyder3 years ago
  • hahahahhaha you see it everyday *looks at feet* yup

    Marko RakMarko Rak3 years ago
  • Wilt should be logo

    Edison LEdison L3 years ago
  • U meant Lavar ball the best player of all time?

    委誕Trap委誕Trap3 years ago
  • Jordan?...... YES!!?

    Black Caps LancoBlack Caps Lanco3 years ago
  • Mike should be the logo

    Rushil MotamarriRushil Motamarri3 years ago
  • change the logo

    Malcolm FloydMalcolm Floyd3 years ago
  • cuz he's the greatest

    BandzXGrizzlyBandzXGrizzly3 years ago
  • not the white mamba

    Frederick OngcapinFrederick Ongcapin3 years ago
  • great logo place it or keep it

    Frederick OngcapinFrederick Ongcapin3 years ago
  • I like the logo now it's fine no need to changes

    adam dawgadam dawg3 years ago
  • I totally agree with you since young people like me don't even know the logo was jerry west lol

    Khoa NguyenKhoa Nguyen3 years ago
  • Lebron

    Lance fortnite And moreLance fortnite And more3 years ago
  • 100% agree with you. Change it to JORDON.

    Lady JLady J3 years ago
  • dominant force? that belongs to shaq bruh great video!! u got a fan ;9

    Guenade SilvaGuenade Silva3 years ago
  • Lebron should be the NBA logo

    MillenniumMillennium3 years ago
    • GoatyLox Good Idea a logo of Lebron Flopping

      lloganmusiclloganmusic2 years ago
  • LeBron and Kobe is better than him get off his tip

    Unsettled TomUnsettled Tom3 years ago
  • he is a Jordan d rider

    Unsettled TomUnsettled Tom3 years ago
  • 6 championships, 6 tries, 6 Mvps mmmmm 666

    John_ 22John_ 223 years ago
  • The logo should be somebody doing a sky hook

    BigHõmie MałikBigHõmie Małik3 years ago
  • Michael Jordan shouldn't be the logo at all

    BigHõmie MałikBigHõmie Małik3 years ago
  • James Naismith should be the logo science he invented basketball

    BigHõmie MałikBigHõmie Małik3 years ago
  • jordan doesnt deserve to be a logo cause of his life off the court search it ☺,it should be bill Russel or wilt or Larry Legend

    Fatmir BecovicFatmir Becovic3 years ago
  • the reason they won't make MJ the logo is because if they make a logo used from MJ they will need it licensed by MJ himself there is a reason the NBA doesn't openly say that it's logo is Jerry west because they could get sued and I think Micheal Jordans moments are much more iconic than any of Jerry West's moments y'all feel me

    Farmer with shotgunFarmer with shotgun3 years ago
  • should they change the logo every 40 or so years?

    Kipple 1998Kipple 19983 years ago
    • THE MATREX no

      Bob RossBob Ross3 years ago
    • THE MATREX maybe every 50

      Coleworld_ HighlightsColeworld_ Highlights3 years ago
  • they should change it to brian scalabrine

    Supreme ATSupreme AT3 years ago
  • My mom should be the NBA Logo.

    DanksterDankster3 years ago
    • @Jamarion Tard Im sad...

      DanksterDankster3 years ago
    • Jamarion Tard lol

      Zaynba 101Zaynba 1013 years ago
    • Dankster I'm sorry, but we want our logo to look good

      Coleworld_ HighlightsColeworld_ Highlights3 years ago
  • it would be great in all having jordan as the logo but lets face it jerry west needs some fame for how great he was

    Cory PerryCory Perry4 years ago
    • Who gaf

      hall of jameshall of james9 months ago
  • mj

    biggmarkobiggmarko4 years ago
  • I like Jerry West on the NBA logo, it would suck to see a new one but I too wouldn't mind a change. Let's make it happen!

    K-Field IsaacK-Field Isaac4 years ago
  • what about Kareem as the New NBA Logo have him doing the sky hook as a Lakers fan i think Kareem should be the logo

    Franklin ClintonFranklin Clinton4 years ago
    • Franklin Clinton nah

      CarltonCarlton3 years ago
  • how did jerry west ended up as being the logo in the first place???

    wornoutshoes11wornoutshoes114 years ago
    • Idfk

      hall of jameshall of james9 months ago
  • fock all of you Jordan bandwagons, I'm having Brian Scalabrine for new NBA logo

    Earl RosopaEarl Rosopa4 years ago
    • Elias Rafael Rosopa Nah.... ALLEN IVERSON

      IStanLonzoIStanLonzo4 years ago
  • Allen Iverson would be cool

    Ben FrikBen Frik4 years ago
  • I hate the robot voice

    mr. cuddlesmr. cuddles4 years ago

    -vLxcky-vLxcky4 years ago

    -vLxcky-vLxcky4 years ago

    -vLxcky-vLxcky4 years ago
  • Change it

    Jerome RickabyJerome Rickaby4 years ago
  • Sam Bowie?

    DloweDlowe4 years ago
  • yeah

    dragon killerdragon killer4 years ago
  • lebron should be the new logo

    Iman DavisIman Davis4 years ago
    • Iman Davis of him flopping😂

      YT SmokesYT Smokes4 years ago
  • the NBA logo won't be changed to MJ because the NBA has never admitted that it is Jerry West to avoid a lawsuit and billions of dollars in compensation

    McPoppinMcPoppin4 years ago
  • no. just big no no. if it aint broke, dont fix it.

    ugie88ugie884 years ago
    • ugie88 2k16 bro?!

      BiblicalBiblical4 years ago
  • LEAVE the NBA LOGO alone

    Tiffany JanelleTiffany Janelle4 years ago
  • can we make a petition?

    KingHiemKingHiem4 years ago
  • MJ should be the NBA logo because he is the GOAT

    ItzyaboiTorresItzyaboiTorres4 years ago
    • thank you he is lebron Kobe and every body else no mj is basketball

      Jeffery StanleyJeffery Stanley4 years ago
  • Brain Schalabine Should Be The Logo

    Taine BartlettTaine Bartlett4 years ago
    • Yeah!

      NKA Trick ShotsNKA Trick Shots3 years ago
    • Taine 69 yup

      Estra FTWEstra FTW4 years ago
  • Michael jackson? he doesnt even play ball

    James CatanaJames Catana4 years ago
    • ._.

      Thor G.Thor G.3 years ago
  • mj

    Kinglabj3 0Kinglabj3 04 years ago
  • Lilard

    liban cusmanliban cusman4 years ago
  • that's great michael jordan logo of nba.

    Yael ZoneTvYael ZoneTv4 years ago
  • that's great michael jordan logo of nba.

    Yael ZoneTvYael ZoneTv4 years ago
  • that's great michael jordan logo of nba.

    Yael ZoneTvYael ZoneTv4 years ago
  • That is the smartest idea ever

    KrampusSwag 123KrampusSwag 1234 years ago
  • curry and mj at the same time

    kenny _swaykenny _sway4 years ago
  • javale mcgee for nba logo

    Hürdoğan ÇavuşHürdoğan Çavuş4 years ago
  • so true and how is jerry west the nba logo and not the goat

    Hassan DakroubHassan Dakroub4 years ago
  • I actually have no problem with jerry west as the logo, I do wish that they named the finals mvp after jordan who is the benchmark record holder of the award at 6.I mean no disrespect to Bill russell of course but I think the defensive player of the year award is more appropriately named after him since he revolutionized that style of play

    s4xtts4xtt4 years ago
  • Crying Jordan Logo anyone?

    MahinMahin4 years ago
  • Let's make logo MJ chewing, chewingum

    pubg noobpubg noob4 years ago
    • lol yeah

      sal gsal g4 years ago
  • This is dumb. It should stay the same

    Luis RamirezLuis Ramirez4 years ago
  • curry

    Eric EvanEric Evan4 years ago
  • good idea

    Lit girl so cute LitLit girl so cute Lit4 years ago
  • it should never change he is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever would be jerry west is a legend a superstar the NBA

    Andres felipe Grizales bermudezAndres felipe Grizales bermudez4 years ago
    • Nah Jerry West wouldn’t even be an all star in today’s game he’s overrated

      John MarstonJohn MarstonYear ago
  • He needs to be the new logo

    robnrobn4 years ago
    • Hello Spooderman your profile picture should be the new logo

      Adi KancharlaAdi Kancharla4 years ago
    • Giving u like for ur profile picture.

      pubg noobpubg noob4 years ago
  • put Micheal Jordan as logo!

    TheLmr316TheLmr3164 years ago
  • Michael most likely wants to get paid for it, and I guess not a small amount. And changing it will have an affect for the future. Changing it once will mean probably mean changing it again. After another larger than life legend. Like a LeBron or somebody else in another generation. Nobody wants a change every 20 years.

    ArjanArjan4 years ago
    • @Uriah Cansler That doesn't even make sense lol. I meant changing it every time somebody better comes around. MJ is the GOAT now but LeBron has a very good chance to surpass him. Should we change the logo again and make it LeBron? And after somebody better than LBJ comes around in the future, should we change it again to that player? Kobe is not in the GOAT conversation and he's retired so he can't make his case any better than it is right now. LeBron still can.

      ArjanArjan4 years ago
    • Jay Jay LeBron dick riders they should keep it the way it is and if they change it then it should stay Jordan and if you say change it a again it would be kobe

      Uriah CanslerUriah Cansler4 years ago
  • It will be lebron soon

    Andreijoshua OrfanelAndreijoshua Orfanel4 years ago
    • Legend Is cool lebron is way worse than mj

      Inderpal AtwalInderpal Atwal4 years ago
    • Legend Is cool no it will never

      Uriah CanslerUriah Cansler4 years ago
  • Westbrook should be the logo💯

    Brian GPBrian GP4 years ago
  • Scalabrine Logo

    ncsidhu hincsidhu hi4 years ago
    • ncsidhu 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

      Nickthegamer 25Nickthegamer 253 years ago
  • great vid keep it up

  • Brain saclbrain should be the nba logo

    Random KidRandom Kid4 years ago
  • what about LeBron James logo??????????????

    Lenin LeninLenin Lenin4 years ago
    • Lenin Lenin Good Idea, a logo of Lebron flopping

      lloganmusiclloganmusic2 years ago
    • his flop picture😂

      YT SmokesYT Smokes4 years ago
    • Lenin Lenin 11 rings doesn't make Bill Russell the greatest of all time. Bill Russell was a player during the start of the NBA, which had not that much teams that we have today. Which made it easier for him to get rings since their wasn't really that much teams that would make it a challenge for him.

      rosenliarosenlia4 years ago
    • When you think of the logo you don't think of anyone you just think of a random player

      God The real oneGod The real one4 years ago
    • Bill Russell has 11 rings

      Lenin LeninLenin Lenin4 years ago
  • idek jerry west was the logo lmao

    your mom's midnight snackyour mom's midnight snack4 years ago
  • thank god no one suggesting putting James or Curry as the NBA logo just because they're popular and they can score a lot

    ShooterdashShooterdash4 years ago
  • MJ is the legend guys, the NBA should change the logo

    Benhar AliBenhar Ali4 years ago
  • Stephen A Smith that's disrespectful what you said about Jerry West

    Adi KancharlaAdi Kancharla4 years ago
    • Adi Kancharla Sometimes stating facts is being disrespectful to others.

      rosenliarosenlia4 years ago
  • go mj

    Cullen PeeleCullen Peele4 years ago
  • if you sub to me I'll sub to you

    Jesse The DabberJesse The Dabber4 years ago