Why We Should All THANK Stephen Curry!

Oct 22, 2017
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Why We Should ALL THANK Stephen Curry!
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  • I'm more than 20 years older than 17 and I always rooted for guys like Glen Rice, Jamals Mashburn, Reggie Miller, Steve Kerr, etc...

    Domi DarkoDomi DarkoMonth ago
  • Nice intro

    Vivaan KVivaan KMonth ago
  • look at curry man

    Youngfro112Youngfro1123 months ago
  • Had to comment here instead. Love the channel but the stuff you're saying about lebrons mom in the last video is so fucked up.

    QWERTburneracctQWERTburneracct4 months ago
  • Why did he turn comment off last video

    mastercarlos 28mastercarlos 285 months ago
  • why hate on Steph?

    Nathan ChinguwoNathan Chinguwo6 months ago
  • and i like him as a player and a shooter

    Watery Exoticgamer16Watery Exoticgamer167 months ago
  • Steph is the Greatest shooter of all time

    Watery Exoticgamer16Watery Exoticgamer167 months ago
  • wtf is a foot fetish

    Derrick MeiDerrick Mei2 years ago
  • Stephen curry is the best player

    JoPro3011JoPro30112 years ago
  • These are the commons arguments -He recruited KD No Draymond recruited KD. Steph had little to do with that. - All he does is shoot. No he passes the ball and passes it well I might add. He passes more than Kyrie so say something else. Also what do you want him to do...not shoot a shot he could easily make?

    Heartbeat KickingHeartbeat Kicking2 years ago
  • I don’t know how you can love Westbrook and Hate Curry. Westbrook has an awful attitude forces plays and takes forces the team to play around him. I’m not taking anything away from how good he is but Curry proved more to me than Westbrook has.

    Heartbeat KickingHeartbeat Kicking2 years ago
  • Thank you finally coming to my seeing!!!🤗

    Brody’s dumb LiVe StReAmsBrody’s dumb LiVe StReAms2 years ago
  • You have no proof for any of these comments made by these players against curry. You may just be telling your viewers random statements that support your case. I say this because lebron has always had respect for steph and its just not in his character to say shit like that. He even defended steph agaisnt trump. Lebron always dabs him up after losses or wins. To be convincing you have to provide valid proof within your video.

    Savage OpressSavage Opress2 years ago
  • Bandwagon haters

    Game PlayGame Play2 years ago
  • HAAA HAA welcome to the 2017-18 season almost look like a season ending injury

    Glizzy Gladiator350Glizzy Gladiator3502 years ago
  • I do not hate stephen curry but I hate his fans.They only shoot three because of steph but they do not know the fundamental of steph

    Gta WalkthroughGta Walkthrough2 years ago
  • I think the cavs are the villains

    Philip MatulacPhilip Matulac2 years ago
  • I don't hate Stephen curry

    Philip MatulacPhilip Matulac2 years ago
  • Awesome video! Thank you for this!

    Kobena Arthur, Jr.Kobena Arthur, Jr.2 years ago
  • xD "And all I wanted to do was strangle him"

    AnimatorBLAnimatorBL2 years ago
  • The Only 5 people i dont hate on the Warriors are Steph, Klay, McGee, Agoudala, And Nick Young

    OKCFAN #1OKCFAN #13 years ago
  • Fuck.... Curry

    Conor HalmConor Halm3 years ago
  • Stephen curry is the best

    King DuceKing Duce3 years ago
  • Golden State warriors is a Christian team

    VINCE tvVINCE tv3 years ago
  • cp3, rb, lbj insecure mofos

    Edcar BatacEdcar Batac3 years ago
  • Anyone who knows basketball knows curry and Westbrook don’t have beef they might show it on the court but that’s just them being competitive

    Jack RobsonJack Robson3 years ago
  • Does this dumbass really think nba views went up because of steph curry

    Nathan BannisterNathan Bannister3 years ago
  • I love him as a person but his play style ruined youth basketball

    Joshua OsborneJoshua Osborne3 years ago
  • Thank him for what?? He almost ruined the game! Every young kid wants ONLY to shoot 3s because of him... Now it's freaking run and gun, no defense, shoot only game..

    Kobe BryantKobe Bryant3 years ago
    • yea but without him, the three ball wouldn't be as big as it is today.

      Energy ZapEnergy Zap2 years ago
    • Kobe Bryant yeah and because of kobe 75 percent of kids dont know how to pass the ball

      amdustamdust3 years ago
  • "stephen curry is a butt plug"

    LightzyNLLightzyNL3 years ago
  • He chokes at 2016 but every NBA legend has those moments Kobe, Westbrook, and KD blew a 3-1 lead as well. Tim Duncan misses a game winner that could of give the Spurs the championship. MJ is like 1-9. Lebron got 11 points in the finals. So Curry should be mentioned to all time greats like West and Magic.

    Eiichiro OdaEiichiro Oda3 years ago
    • Thank you! Everybody criticizes him and the the rest of that team for that. Every warrior hater or Steph hater always brings up that one moment and that’s why they say he shouldn’t be in the hall of fame. He has won 3 championships(at the time this video was made 2) and has won 2 mvp’s and one was unanimous. He is a great player and deserves everything he’s one and maybe more. He should be in the hall of fame people!

      Jonathan AguilarJonathan Aguilar3 months ago
  • i started watching the nba again, after i heard from curry... so you are 100 % right :)

    Emanuil AgaronovEmanuil Agaronov3 years ago
  • and because of him in 10 years every team is gonna attempt 70 3s a game

    justin idlejustin idle3 years ago
  • 3:49 I'm really brain fucked how did you get that 2017/2018 play vs grizz cause you made this video on Oct 22 I don't even think the season started or did it idk

    JasellJasell3 years ago
    • Pre season

      ツGxvinツGxvin2 years ago
    • It's not an edit they actually played each other

      Brendan SomBrendan Som2 years ago
    • Ds#ssss

      Young MetroYoung Metro2 years ago
    • he edit it i think

      Clever CakeClever Cake2 years ago
    • Jasell 379 it is probably the summer league

      More Tjeff 148More Tjeff 1483 years ago
  • Ive been a fan of Logic ever since his bet cypher in 2014 lol

    Sinatra XDSinatra XD3 years ago
  • Curry isn’t 30....... He is 29

    Otaku GuyOtaku Guy3 years ago
    • Wardell Stephen Curry he is 30 my mom is 2 weeks and 2 day older then Stephen curry

      Mobile Legend RookieMobile Legend Rookie3 years ago
  • He the reason I play basketball and enjoy basketball and want to become better

    Salim MohamedSalim Mohamed3 years ago
    • that's sad.

      iomughchiomughch3 years ago
  • Nawl This the Reason I Hate steph, This Bitch Got Everyone thinking that they can shoot Threes, Thats why i cant play pick up basketball with no one . Blew the biggest 3-1 lead in finals , then got help from KD snake ahh

    Cali HendrixCali Hendrix3 years ago
    • Cali Hendrix What do you want him to do... not shoot a shot he could easily make. And he’s not the one who even recruited KD.

      Heartbeat KickingHeartbeat Kicking2 years ago
  • Curry Blocked by james!!!

    KingAnonymous 18KingAnonymous 183 years ago
  • Curry is amazing

    seanniquaseanniqua3 years ago
    • I swr

      George ChristopherGeorge Christopher4 months ago
  • *FUCK YOU* I was about to subscribe, but then I saw this video.

    iomughchiomughch3 years ago
    • good point it's just one subscriber

      iomughchiomughch3 years ago
    • Ryan A he was about to care, but then he realised he didn't

      ItsPanosItsPanos3 years ago
  • I have a suggestion, we should include Steve Kerr for what he has done to make plays and improve Steph's shooting and ball handling skills started from 2015 season, the year they hve won the first championship since 1975. Thanks man.

    Seanandre27Seanandre273 years ago
  • das true but i will thank lebron more - kd fan

    waddy mrwaddy mr3 years ago
  • Nba superstars hate him because a freaking 6'1 PG from lossing warriors team surpasses them like nothing.... Now they are a freaking champions too.. I hate him a lot but respect to him because all of his success is from his hardwork

    Jade Yuri LumabiJade Yuri Lumabi3 years ago

    Cedrick Nell GarciaCedrick Nell Garcia3 years ago
  • Steph curry is the opposite of cocky, how u think that? He's chill at all times, his "cockiness" is more funny than anything to me. It ain't like being in yo face after hitting a shot for curry but being hype from it

    gordon hayward's broken leggordon hayward's broken leg3 years ago
  • ive just been an nba fan since last yr when i started to know who steph is. from gsw, im now also a fan of timberwolves and lakers just this season because of kuzma. so, thanks steph, thanks golden state!

    Briniel AceBriniel Ace3 years ago
  • im 18 years old and i love steph

    ChrisChris3 years ago
  • I'm 11 and I don't hate curry cause he plays so smooth handles and shooting is always nice to people but I don't cheer for the golden state warriors I'm loyal to OKC

    Ryan_lulu_bucketsRyan_lulu_buckets3 years ago
  • When you think that you're the only Blazers fan and then you realize he likes the too. #Ripcity16

    Tyson FindersTyson Finders3 years ago
  • Let’s go blazers.

    6 DAMAGE!6 DAMAGE!3 years ago
  • I have never liked Curry as of his cockiness and that he recruited KD and that he changed the game a long time ago people never used to shoot threes but now everyone shoots them because he does plus I hate the bandwagon fans he’s brought to gsw and how all the kids look up to him like a god it pisses me of man

    Dec TomineyDec Tominey3 years ago
    • i bet you woudnt say this if your favorite player was like him

      Forb1ddenForb1dden3 years ago
    • gordon hayward's broken leg You know nobody can shoot like Curry. He was already the best shooter in college by a great margin. I'm not sure if anybody else can develop shooting like he did

      Justin NamucoJustin Namuco3 years ago
    • Declan Tominey ray allen was before curry. 3pt attempts per game rose every year before curry was drafted. if curry didn't exist in this world, some other player may have been impersonated shooting threes, klay thompson for example. And should he play bad to not attarct bandwagons?

      gordon hayward's broken leggordon hayward's broken leg3 years ago
    • Declan Tominey Perfect example of a hater

      Justin NamucoJustin Namuco3 years ago
    • Declan Tominey GT

      Stanley 18Stanley 183 years ago
  • The Warriors lost to the Cavs in the finals almost exclusively because he didn't step up when his team needed him most. He had some, by his standards, some pretty horrible games in the finals. Still, he's a likable guy, and I don't understand where the hate for his character comes from.

    TonytheArtistTonytheArtist3 years ago
    • mrtony80 TBH you guys keep bring up that bad finals he had he redeemed himself in last year's I think he was averaging like 26 points a game and outplayed kyrie

      JasellJasell3 years ago
    • mrtony80 he was fighting injuries that series

      amdustamdust3 years ago
    • mrtony80 he was injured in that finals

      X02OverdoseX02Overdose3 years ago
    • mrtony80 true

      Artūrs KArtūrs K3 years ago
  • Hell no

    The W CollectorThe W Collector3 years ago
  • Steph curry is my favorite nba player and I am going to be sad when he retires because he is fun to watch cause he is a great nba player and does great plays

    Brisa GutierrezBrisa Gutierrez3 years ago
    • Yo wtf is ur problem. The man is just enjoying greatness and u gotta be a buzzkill and call him a bandwagon.

      Energy ZapEnergy Zap2 years ago
    • Brisa Gutierrez welp looks like we've got another bandwagon

      matsu_tatsumatsu_tatsu3 years ago
  • Including KD

    ZaRc ViperRainZaRc ViperRain3 years ago
  • Curry is my idol! Because I Literally love him!

    ZaRc ViperRainZaRc ViperRain3 years ago
  • You know what my problem with Curry is? It's the fact that he has had VERY little playoff moments. Never had that moment, that game or series where we all realized, OK this guy is an all time great. Even a guy like Reggie Miller has had WAY more playoff moments and Miller isn't even in my top 50 of all time. Of course Curry has been winning, winning a lot actually. Him coming back from 3-1 against OKC is the one and only time he finally had some great playoff moments, but he blew it all away in the Finals by having one of the worst choking performances by a superstar ever. And after that, he and his team were so shook, that they recruited the best player of the ONLY team that was in their way in the West. That way they eliminated all competition in their conference and in the entire league. But to sum it all up, I don't dislike or like Curry. Maybe if he proves himself, I will respect him some more.

    ArjanArjan3 years ago
    • Jay 2 time MVP and 2 time champ and he has to prove himself? 2016 he deserves a pass. I believe that if Steph didn't get hurt, gsw would have swept Cleveland. It is foolish for people to hold that against him when wasn't 100%. And yes it is a legit excuse. With his size and how much his game relies on lateral movement, of course his knee troubled him. And he did prove himself in 2015. It was when he redound his scoring touch against Cleveland that got gsw the chip, not Iggy's defense. Check the stats. The finals MVP went to the wrong person. Look at how the team does without him. He has more than proved himself.

      Paul McGillPaul McGill3 years ago
  • II didn't really hate the guy, I really just hated his fans and riders. But yeah Steph is already a Top 5 PG of all time. We need to appreciate him more.

    Ankle Breaking LegendAnkle Breaking Legend3 years ago
  • fuck dahintay jones

    Maximal GamingMaximal Gaming3 years ago
    • Crestie Sabroso facts

      ReanimatedDloReanimatedDlo3 years ago
  • your voice is so sexy.

    fash1rfash1r3 years ago

    Michael JMichael J3 years ago
  • Woa I didn’t know your were a blazer fun that’s cool cuz I am I like this Channel a lot more now!! Lol

    Justin RistickJustin Ristick3 years ago
  • I have no reason why everyone hates the man, he is not just a great person on the court but off the court he is a man of God and a family man who is quick to help someone and slow to anger

    Kush WeedKush Weed3 years ago
    • Because he's on the warriors, a super stacked team that seemingly no one can win against...

      JAB GamingJAB Gaming2 years ago
    • Minecraft Gamerz I’m not forcing anyone to believe in what I believe in, I’m just telling you who Steph Curry is and I’m trying to figure out why someone would hate the man

      Kush WeedKush Weed3 years ago
    • but im right, cus i9 have facts and so bias towards y beliefs. and don't support, a frauds and pedo's

      j ggj gg3 years ago
    • you have your own beliefs and we have our own beliefs and i respect that so please also learn to respect the beliefs of others

      Forb1ddenForb1dden3 years ago
    • god aint real tho

      j ggj gg3 years ago
  • I’m 14, I’ve been a fan of logic since 2011, and I’ve been hating Steph curry since I’ve been knowing him 😂

    Kompa JoshKompa Josh3 years ago
  • Stop meat eating Nigga

    Gabe HooverGabe Hoover3 years ago
  • And Unsubbed. Miss me with this Steph curry bullshit

    BenBen3 years ago
    • same

      iomughchiomughch2 years ago
    • DangleSnipeandCelly He not gonna miss you he ain't need you 😢

      Justin NamucoJustin Namuco3 years ago
  • 0:20 8-10 he is in his 10th season dont say that

    Detroit CJDetroit CJ3 years ago
    • STOVE C nope 9th

      Stephen CurryStephen Curry3 years ago
  • all the dislikes are Ali's highlights!

    The King MansplainerThe King Mansplainer3 years ago
    • Fuck you

      Xaji_ culXaji_ cul2 years ago
    • Ryan A ali trash talks so there is like 1k dislikes below on his vid

      GoldenGamerGoldenGamer3 years ago
    • stfu ali's highlights is a better channel than this one will ever be in fact i used to like this channel but then i saw this video

      iomughchiomughch3 years ago
    • You right

      AkamosAkamos3 years ago
  • 1:27 not cool.... smh

    YuYu HakyohoeYuYu Hakyohoe3 years ago
  • I'm not necessarily a Curry fan but I still have respect for the man. A *SELFLESS* two-time MVP and a scoring champ? Wow!

    AkamosAkamos3 years ago
    • cry all you want about me being a cavs fan, im a raptors fan

      iomughchiomughch2 years ago
    • Ryan A sure Bandwagon stfu u barley have subs

      Revize EcohRevize Ecoh2 years ago
    • fyi rbw2 is a 2k ripoff lol accuse me of being a cavs fan all you want, im a raptors fan and lmao you say you don't care to most of my points cause you can't counter them

      iomughchiomughch2 years ago
    • Ryan A 1. i dont care 2. why roblox that game is gay 3. idc 4.idc .5 fuck u cavs fans

      Revize EcohRevize Ecoh2 years ago
    • 1. think about all the people who actually have autism they can't control it 2. look at when those videos were uploaded all i play now is rb world 2 cause i can't afford 2k 3. i uploaded those videos just for fun i wasn't expecting any subs 4. im not a cavs fan 5. have a good day

      iomughchiomughch2 years ago
  • 3rd

    YuYu HakyohoeYuYu Hakyohoe3 years ago
  • Although I dont like Steph's character at times, he is a best role model the NBA has ever seen. The best role model in the way as he demonstrates that you can succeed through fundamentals and not pure athleticism. Sadly though, some kids are straight up retarded and see Steph as an excuse to only shoot and do nothing else.

    NoOtherIdeasNoOtherIdeas3 years ago
    • Kyrie Irving You’re Basketball IQ is in the negatives.

      Heartbeat KickingHeartbeat Kicking2 years ago
    • Kyrie Irving I'm with you and I'm not even a very big Kyrie or celtics or cavs fan but I do not dislike celtics, cavs or Kyrie

      iomughchiomughch3 years ago
    • Kyrie Irving what Kyrie finally learn to play the game? He still ain't on Steph's level.

      Paul McGillPaul McGill3 years ago
    • Alvaro Anton Have you been watching Kyrie this year? The dudes been dropping no look dimes like 5 times a game. The reason Kyrie doesn't get alot of assists is because the Celtics system is all about ball movement and he doesn't get the chance to get a bunch of assists. Also he's playing with a shit ton of defensive rookies who can't shoot while Curry has Klay, KD, and Draymond Green.

      Robert WilliamsRobert Williams3 years ago
    • Kyrie Irving bro his like 10 times better passer than kyrie wtf, and he has the scond of the league

      alvaro salvaro s3 years ago